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Frequently Asked Questions

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Need help using Online-Tribute? Find the most frequent questions / answers below.
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What is an "Online Memorial"?

An Online Memorial is a tribute website dedicated to the life and memory of someone who has passed away. It allows to preserve and share your loved ones' legacy with friends and family.
Memorial sites usually include an Obituary and Timeline, telling the life story of your loved ones. It can include photos and video galleries to keep memories alive.
It is also a community space where friends and relatives can callaborate and share memories.

It is a space for legacy where life stories live forever.

Do you display ads on Memorial pages?

Never. relies solely on the "activation fee" ($5 / month or $70 one-off) to cover our costs: hosting, customer service, developers... We don't display any ad on your page and won't ever do it.
We pride ourselves on providing the most elegant Online Memorial webites - thus without any Coffins, Crocs or other disgraceful advertising.

Why do I have to pay - whereas other websites propose Memorials for free?

The websites proposing "free service" often rely on advertising or sell their consumer data.
They place ads on your Memorial page or use your data for commercial / marketing purposes.
Besides, they propose a "fake free service": limited features, maximum 5 photos in the gallery, no videos… You have to upgrade to a 'premium account' to use their service properly.
More importantly, they charge your contributors for various "widgets" when they posts: virtual flowers, candles, "lovekits", etc. is ad-free, every user is premium, everything is included: all the features, all the designs, with unlimited content.
We have to pay our developers to add new features, our designers to create new designs, our customer service agents - but also pay for hosting, photography rights, etc.

According to a study by the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost of a funeral in the US was $7,848 in 2023. That is why we try to keep our fee ($5 / month or $70 one-off) as low as possible.

What is included in the $5 / month or $70 one-off fee?

All features, dozens of design templates, professional backgrounds, etc.
Unlimited content: photos, videos, memory wall contributions, etc.
We won't ever ask you to pay any extra for premium features, additional content, add-on services, etc.
We also provide the best support to all users: we answer all requests within 24 hours.

Is there a limit to the number of Photos / Videos / Memories on the page?

After activating your website, the Photos / Videos / Memories, but also Timeline events, Donations, etc. are unlimited. Simply.

How/when can I stop the "Monthly subscription"?

Any time, with 2 clicks.
You can change or cancel your subscription within 2 clicks - directly from your Dashboard page.
You can choose to upgrade to the "one-off option", your page will remain active forever.
You can also cancel your subscription anytime. In this case, your Credit Card won't be charged when the next subscription renewal date comes.

Can I edit my Memorial page after activating it?

You can update your Memorial site anytime, even after activating it: changing or customizing the design, editing the info, adding/removing modules, etc.

How long will the Memorial website stay online?

Forever, with the $70 "one-off" option.
We are committed to keep your page forever and won't ever discontinue it.
In case our company stops its activity in a distant future, we have planned a fund to keep paying for Hosting even after the company ceases to exist.

If you choose the "monthly" option ($5 / month), your Memorial page will stay online for as long as your subscription is active.
Please note that you can also close your site anytime if you want to, from your Dashboard page.

Do contributors need to register to post?

They don't need to register, create an account or anything like this. It takes less than 2 minutes for them to publish on the "Memory Wall".
We won't ever use their contact to send them Commercial or Marketing messages, we won't ever communicate their info to any Partner.

How can I share the Memorial page with others?

When you register your page, you can a unique address - something like
We have buttons to share this via Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp or e-mail.
We also provide a QR code to print or display on different websites if you want to.

Is my data secure?

All data is transferred through Secure SSL connection, and stored on Secure server.
Besides, we will never sell your data nor your visiors' - unlike competitors proposing "free Online Memorials". We rely solely on the "activation fee" ($5 / month or $70 one-off) to cover all our costs.

Can you do a custom design?

If you have special request or can't find the right image among our dozens of templates, don't hesitate to drop us a message
Our team will assist and help create a customised website design. For free.

How long does it take to build my Memorial?

3-5 mins
It takes only 3 to 5 minutes to choose a design, upload a photo and populate your loved one's key information.
However, the best Online Tributes are community ones where friends and family keep posting photos and memories. Your page may be always evolving, getting more content... to keep memories alive.

There is a feature I need...

Please ask us! is in constant evolution - we keep adding new features, every week.
Ask us for the functionality you need (contact us) we will prioritize requests and implement them for free.

Can I use my own domain name?

Of course!
You can use your own domain name, then redirect to or point to your custom domain on
Our Customer Support team can help you with the setup should you need to.

Can I collect donations on my page?

You can collect payments directly on your Memorial page - for a funeral fund or charity donations, for example.
Easy for you: manage your Memorial page and payments easily, all in 1 place.
Easy for your guests: they don't need to create any account - only need to fill their Credit Card info to proceed to payment.

There are small fees occurring for all online payments. We work hard to keep our fees very low:
- Credit card processing fee: 2.9% + 0.3$ for US
- Service fee: 2.0%
The average payment on our platform is $161. For a such a transaction, you will thus receive $161 minus $8.19 fees = $152.81 (fees = 5.1%)

Fees are different for each currency, find more details here or contact us

Can I download the list of Donations?

Yes, Excel or (Mac) Number format.
You can view the list of Donations (with full name of the donator, e-mail, amount) from your Dashboard page - or download the list (Excel / Numbers format).