Wayne A White Jr.

November  23rd, 1978 January  27th, 2024
Anchorage, Alaska
Wayne A White Jr.

May the Force be with You... ❤️
The force will be with you always...

In honor of Wayne and his love for various Arts, we've donated and will continue to donate annually in Wayne's name to Alaska Performing Arts Center. (Look for his name in the lobby)
Anchorage Concert Association (Look for his name in the show program). He's on the waiting list to have his name entered on a building brick wall for the Anchorage musuem. We're establishing a barbering scholarship program in Wayne's name as well as a track and field scholarship. We will purchase a memorial bench by the inlet (AK) for Wayne and possibly in the Bay (CA).


Wayne Ananias White Jr.
On Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd, 1978, God blessed a loving couple, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Naomi White Sr. with their first child, a happy handsome baby boy named Wayne Ananias White Jr. He was born on a military base in Alaska in the presence of his maternal grandmother, this was surely a blessing to be thankful for…
                 Psalms 100:1-5
The White family grew to four members within 3.5 years with the birth of their only daughter. Wayne lovingly and jokingly called the close-knit family “The Fantastic Four”. As a military child, Wayne easily made friends with little to no effort. Due to his energetic, playful, curious, loving, helpful, funny, and thoughtful personality, he was able to remain friends with many friends from childhood… some he deemed family…
Wayne enjoyed various hobbies/sports. In middle school, he began barbering in his neighborhood in Harvey, Louisiana for money to take his sister to the “candy lady” and going to the mall to splurge on a slice of pizza and the latest cassette tape. While attending John Ehret High School in Marrero, Louisiana and East Anchorage High School in Anchorage, Alaska, he made the basketball teams and played for 3 out of 4 years. He made many friends and barbering clients along the way. Although Wayne had a lot of love for the sport of basketball, he particularly excelled in track and field, so he quit basketball his senior year to solely focus on track and field and his job at the movie theatre. He set many records in 1995-1997 in the long jump and triple jump. He consistently made the regionals and state competitions while shining bright in the sports section of the local newspaper weekly. Wayne received a track and field scholarship to Sam Houston State University but decided to stay in Anchorage, Alaska.
Wayne graduated high school in 1997 and briefly attended the University of Alaska Anchorage for an Associate’s in business administration. He ultimately chose to continue his pursuit of becoming a licensed barber so he attended, mastered, and graduated from the Academy of Hair Design in 1999. As most of you know, Wayne touched many lives through his art of barbering for over 25+ years in Alaska. He was more than a Master Barber and Entrepreneur… he was a teacher, a shoulder, an ear, and a friend to many clients… a few he lovingly called family. Wayne loved to teach but most importantly, he loved to learn. Wayne enjoyed connecting with the community of Anchorage and touched countless lives in various ways… even when he was going through tough times.
Wayne loved God. Wayne loved his family. Wayne loved his music (listening and creating). Wayne was a Star Wars fanatic!!! He loved Transformers as well. Wayne loved the New Orleans Saints. These were a few of his passions throughout life. He wanted people to hear his voice whether through talking, praying, or his music. He simply wanted to be heard…Wayne shared his love for music with his only child, his daughter, Nahla White. She was his heart!!! He was a proud doting father.
In 2019, Wayne lost his father to cancer and strived to heal from the loss of his best friend and best man while keeping close watch over his mother and sister who were also grieving. Wayne grew even closer to God during this time and sought peace and comfort. Wayne was baptized in 2003 in Jesus’ name (Acts 2:38) and pursued the mission of receiving the gift of the holy ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
Wayne brought so much love, joy, and peace to others and deserved it in return. Not only was he humble and giving, but he was the first to tell you that he was not perfect… because that’s impossible. Wayne perfected being his own person and remained a consistent source of love and comfort for those that knew him and accepted him unconditionally.
Wayne Ananias White Jr. was born on Thanksgiving and his last birthday (45th) was on Thanksgiving…he spent that birthday and Thanksgiving with his mom (Naomi), sister (Atiya), brother in love (Otis), 3 nephews (Deonte, Elijah, Pierre). The visit was full of love, laughter, and appreciation for one another.
We believe Wayne passed away peacefully yet unexpectedly in his sleep in the late night of 1/27/24-early morning of 1/28/24. The void will never be filled because God made him unique, and he had a purpose to fulfil. Wayne believed that his purpose was to bring love, truth, hope, and healing to others. Our prayer is that Wayne Jr. has found his place in heaven with his dad and ultimately with God… as well as many others that loved him. May we continue to do God’s will while we have breath… Let us be there for one another wholeheartedly. God bless those that seek love, healing, and the truth of God. Amen!
In honor of Wayne…”May the Force be with you…”


Wayne's favorite songs/videos

Wayne's Memory Wall

He was my first best friend before I knew what a friend was...
Love u Mayne... my big brother💔 

May 5, 2024
Tears fall looking at all the pics of you. Your Strong voice which you inherited from your dad will truly be missed. I spoke with you on the phone the last time you were here in the city and regret immensely not being able to see you. For that reason I hate time! Now I will have to look at all our family videos of you making funny faces in the camera just to see you. I love you Handsome and I rest in knowing you are resting in the bosom of Yahweh. Kiss my uncle for me.💔

Ps. May the force be with you...that force is LOVE and that you are and will ALWAYS be. Till next time.
Courtney White-Hammond
May 4, 2024
My dude, my brother, my friend. We met in 7th grade and been click tight ever since. Our love for Movies, food(poboys), basketball (Dunking) and The Saints remains unbroken. I salute you for your continuous contribution to my life and all the advice. Truly my Best Friend and Brother. Will miss the crazy hours talks. (Time differences) I dedicate all my basketball games with Lil man to you! Love you and miss you! 💪🏾🖤❤️🩶
Darius Sonia
May 4, 2024
We love and miss you bro… I’m going to keep you alive in this 3rd dimension. Energy lives on infinitely. Chef
Odibba Nyheem Mydindai
May 4, 2024
Cousin, I didn’t see you often but I have very vivid memories of each time we linked up. I’ll never forget you bringing your daughter and wife to my parents house in New Orleans. I was so happy to meet my baby girl cousin ❤️. The last time I saw you, you gave my husband and I amazing words of wisdom that will never be forgotten. It was nice to talk to you as an adult rather than a child. The adult me thought you were so handsome. Rest well and peacefully. You definitely left your mark in this life time.
Kristin Fordyce
May 4, 2024
We celebrate you not only today but forever! Man I miss our conversations, watching sports just doesn't hit like it used to. I know you got the best view in the house from up there though with your pops. Kind of ironic your favorite colors are black and red yet you’re a saints fan haha. It’s all love you know our Falcons x Saints rivalry will go on until the end of time. Jerr graduates next week I got an invitation with your name on it. I love and miss you bro I don’t even have to ask you to look out for us down here because it’s always been in your nature to do so even when you were here with us physically. Until we meet again. Peace.
Brian Hurn
May 4, 2024
You were an amazing guy. Knowing you for 30 years and never did you change who you were. You were a good friend to me and a mentor and barber to my sons and husband. We loved everything about you Wayne. We miss you and you will never be forgotten. I kept all the music you sent to me and I will always cherish it as long as I live. Watch over us.
Rest Easy 💙
Sophia Metters
May 4, 2024
Miss you big bro ! Family are definitely in our prayers !!
Orin Hughes
May 4, 2024
Wayne, my Fam! It’s still feels so unreal. You are definitely missed bro. Every time I fly into Anchorage you immediately pop in my head. You were my go to Guy for my last minute haircuts. Lol! Always came through for me. I’m definitely gonna miss us going over to the Mexican bar having a shot of crown and catching up. RIL Fam🙏🏾🕊️🕊️🕊️
Lazette Jackson
May 4, 2024
I still can't believe you're gone. You always had a kind word but wouldn't have been afraid to tell someone the hard truth. You will be sorely missed. Rest well brotha....
Dennis Williams Sr.
May 4, 2024
Wayne you will truly be missed, 😇 always could put a smile on someone’s face or give a good laugh.


Wayne's favorite places to travel...
Anywhere to visit family... New Orleans, California, Atlanta, etc. 
What was Wayne's favorite Food or Dish?
Seafood,  gumbo, hot sausage po- boys 
What was Wayne's favorite Color?
Black, red, gray
What was Wayne's favorite Sports Team?
New Orleans Saints 
What was Wayne's favorite Movie?
A Christmas Story, Star Wars, Transformers etc 
What was Wayne's favorite Music / Song?
Can you Stand the Rain, Spread my Wings, MF Doom, etc
What was Wayne's favorite Book?
Comics, Book of Psalm
Fun fact about Wayne:
Star Wars and Transformers fanatic, track and field athlete, master Barber, artist in many ways, etc
What was Wayne's favorite Sport?
What cause was important to Wayne?
Helping and encouraging others...

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