'Sgt. Fish' Henry Allan Searles

September  13th, 1943 June  2nd, 2024
'Sgt. Fish' Henry Allan Searles

This memorial was created in honour of Henry "Sgt. Fish" Allan Searles of Tortola, BVI. Henry was born on September 13, 1943 in Grenada and passed on June 2, 2024 in Tortola.


Sgt. Fish was a well-loved member of the BVI community. He will mostly be remembered as a long-serving Police Officer, Chief Security Officer at the BVI Central Administration Complex, and an active member of the BVI Seventh-day Adventist church family.
 Stg. Fish is survived by his:
Wife - Rose Searles
Daughters - Sheron, Allana, Joyce (Sistah Joyce), Desery, Stephanie, Grace
Sons - Michael, Trevor (Skinny)
24 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.

Born on the island of Grenada, Sgt. Fish developed a love for the sea and fishing at a young age.
He was the first ever BVI Police Force (RVIPF) Marine Captain, skippering the Virgin Clipper, the BVIs first Police boat. He was also the first Captain of the newer vessel, the St. Ursula and remained her Captain for many years. He has had the honour and privilege of sailing with Princes, Princesses, Presidents, and many other government and social dignitaries throughout his career.
His love for FISHING though, is what got him tagged with the nickname 'Sgt. Fish'. All at the Police Headquarters knew that once Sgt. Fish was out on patrol, there would be FISH on his return.
Locals knew that he could be found anywhere along the coast of Tortola either casting a net or throwing a fishing line, be it early morning before the sun rises or evening time near sunset and well into the dark of night.
Anyone meeting Sgt. Fish could expect to be greeted with a smile that made them feel welcomed. Being born into a musical family, he developed a love for the harmonica and many listeners have been blessed by special renditions he performed on it during SDA church services. His music genes was passed on to his children (and grandchildren), and listeners have been wooed to the tones of his daughter 'Sistah Joyce' and the sounds of drums  in what is now the Advent Heartbeatz Drum Corp, started by his sons. He has left a lasting legacy and to say that his contribution to this world will live on is an understatement.
He will missed by many, and forgotten by none.



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June 15, 2024
It was in 2010, my husband and I met Mr. Allan Searles, but to us he was called Sergeant Fish.

We were on a business trip to Tortola in search of a boat. We did not know anyone there so a custom officer on the airport said that he will put us on to a gentleman who will be able to assist us because he was a boat man. So we agreed.

The next morning we contacted him and he decided to meet us by the hotel. At first glanced my husband said but wait, how he look like someone from Petite Martinique so. He was indeed one of us.

Sergeant Fish greeted us and said I will call a name tell me if you know him. He said Dennis Bethel, my husband repeated the name and said Dennis was my grandfather. Serg made a hearty laugh and said well boy I am your uncle. He said Dennis taught him how to fishing and so he fished with him for years.
God is so good.

I am saying all this to say that when you are in a difficult situation God always make a way by sending his angels to work things out for you. Indeed Sergeant Fish was a blessing.

So the short time we spent with him we will cherish the memories. He will be greatly missed but will not be forgotten.
RiP Sergeant Fish until we meet again.

Our sympathy to the rest of the family from the Bethel's family in Petite Martinique

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Saying Goodbye by Karina Long

Alric and Samantha Bethel
June 14, 2024
Tribute to Sgt Henry Searles.

1). The late Sergeant Henry Searles (Sgt. Fish) and I had our first interaction in March 1980. At that time, he was the Captain of the Police Boat, which used to be moored at the Treasure Isle Hotel Dock, before the Police Marine Base was constructed. He was a dedicated family man, and was very committed to his Church. Additionally, he was hard-working and very knowledgeable of the rules of the Sea. Oh! He handled the Police Launch with grace and exceptional ease!

2). Due to the nature of his duties, he was called out to sea at unsocial hours. He had to endure very long and difficult hours on turbulent seas! He always obeys when duty calls! During his tenure with the Police Department. I never saw him being upset. I never heard him swearing or being verbally abusive!

3). I shall remember him as a “Model of Patience”! Proverbs 14:29 reminds us: “He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding, but he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly”! Among the lessons that I learnt from Sgt. Fish are how to be calm, cool and collective when tempers are flaring up around you. How to wait and not be tired of waiting!

My sincerest condolences to his family, friends and love ones. May his soul continue to rest in eternal peace and rise in Paradise!

Vere Browne: C.P. A/L.L. B (Hons)/ L.L.M(Hons)/L.P.C. (Retired Commissioner of Police Antigua and Barbuda)

Vere Browne
June 13, 2024
For the first time, my ability to verbalize my words have failed me. While writing this tribute to one of my dear friends, it all feels so unreal. Although I'm aware we all have to leave our earthly home eventually in life, I still wasn't prepared for you to depart this soon. The relationship with you and family transitioned from neighbors to friends over the course of 40 years. We celebrated several wonderful milestones including raising our children together, as we famously called you daddy. Although we parted ways, we always kept in touch with each other. However, when Rose contacted me with the sad news of your passing, I was in shock.God doesn't give us more than you can bare and you're suffering is now over. As a strong believer in God, you have demonstrated the true definition as a child of the King. I can hear the trumpets sounding as God say, well done my Son. From the dedication to service to the love and empathy you showed towards your family and fellow men. You didn't just exist but lived life to the fullest.
It was surely a pleasure to share this journey with you, but I know you are now with the angels. You will deeply be missed daddy, but will forever remain in our hearts.
Rest in Eternal peace my friend until we meet again.

Your friend,
Janet Duplesis & Family
Janet Duplessis
June 12, 2024
To the family of Mr. Searles
Storyteller. Supporter. Fisherman. These are just a few words to describe Mr. Searles. We pay tribute to Mr. Henry “Sgt. Fish” Searles, a remarkable man who was skilled in many ways and someone who we will always remember for his genuine heart of gold. His unwavering strength, kindness, and selfless nature touched the hearts of all who knew him. He was a source of inspiration and a guiding light for many. He was an amazing role model to his sons who used his teachings to pave the way for many young persons through drumming.
Trevor “Skinny” and Michael “Bambo” made it possible for many young people to express themselves through rhythm and beats by establishing a safe and productive environment fostering a community of young people into what is known many years later as the Advent Heart Beatz drum corp. There were many nights Mr. Searles would keep a watchful eye on us as we practiced while he did his security duties around the Government Administration Complex. After practice, he would sit on the steps with us and tell stories. In his own subtle way imparting valuable life lessons to us. He was an excellent storyteller who genuinely loved the Heart Beatz family and overtime we learnt that he was also a great fisherman. We appreciated his support and always had a sense of security at practices when he was on duty. Our memories of those good times will always bring a lasting smile. As we reflect on his life and impact on the BVI, his legacy will forever live on with all of us and he will never be forgotten. Let us honor his life by carrying forward the values he stood for and the love he shared with all those around him.
From the members of the Advent Heart Beatz family under the leadership of Trevor we would like to express our deepest condolences to the entire family circle especially Trevor “Skinny” Searles. Though words may not be enough, know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. May God give you comfort and strength through this time of bereavement.
Rest in Eternal Peace Mr. Searles
From Advent Heart Beatz
Advent Heart Beats Drum Corps
June 11, 2024
Pops, I’m thankful to have met you. You was a very humble man, I’m sorry you’ve departed and leave us but I know you’re in a better place. Our last conversation was touching as you still accepted me as family and I felt that. Pops I’m just happy you don’t have to go through anymore pain or suffering, until we meet again RIEP.
June 10, 2024
My sincere condolences to Searles’ family. Brother Searles always greeted one with his beautiful smile which would brighten one’s day. I always admired and enjoyed his skillful playing of the harmonica at church. We often played together in the beginning of Sweet Redemptive Church. His gentle spirit coupled with his pleasant demeanor made it a pleasure to be around him. May God strengthen his family during this difficult time, and may they find comfort in the legacy he left us all.
Margie Webb
June 10, 2024
As a child, I spent a lot of time at the Searles home as Gracey and I were best friends and our mothers shared a friendship as well. I can remember Brother Searles (daddy) being such a strong presence. Even though he was a man of few words, you saw and felt the love he had for his family. I remember the evening worship where he would play his harmonica and the rest of family would harmonize, the delicious dinners prepared by mom, and us just playing around while Brother Searles did work in the yard. To Mom and family, even though he will be missed a great deal, find comfort in knowing that he lived a full and meaningful life and rest assured in the hope of seeing him again one day. Sleep in eternal peace daddy Searles.
Farrah OConnor
June 10, 2024
My Deepest condolences going out to the Searles Family. Hearing of the passing of “Sgt. Fish” was very heart breaking. He was a giant of man not only in stature but standard & attitude. I loved the stories he told us after DRUMCORPS practice. Those stories I still remember to this day as if were told yesterday. To Sis Searles and The Family; I’m praying for you and sending positive thoughts your ways. Let us all be faithful and await that day or the return of our Lord. Amen
Samuel C. Moses Jr
June 8, 2024
My dad,and I had a very close connection. As the youngest I could be seen with my parents practically all the time. After falling ill at 15 we became even closer.
I'll miss his smile, jokes, and hugs forever. Getting to celebrate his last birthday with him last year was great. God has blessed me with a husband with so many good qualities like he had.
I also remember how much he loved playing his harmonica, and how good he was at it.
When I was a young child , I was so excited to hear he would guard and escort Princess Diana on her visit to the Virgin Islands.To say he was iconic is an understatement,and he was loved by everyone who ever met him.
Gracelyn Bontiff (Searles)
June 7, 2024
A loving and devoted family man, a great believer in our creator God and one who strived to live by the word. That's what we remember Elder Searles as.

We pray Gods Devine presence be with the Searles family as they morn the loss of their loved one, may he give you strength and comfort you with his hands of love.
You are in our thoughts and prayers

Wade & Mandie Mckenzie
June 7, 2024
To My Loving Father

Sometimes in life there are losses, Losses that can never be replaced. Losing you has been one of the hardest thing I’ve ever had to live with. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye, I wasn’t ready to let you leave. I would give anything for just one more day just one more second, but I’ve learnt to trust in unconditional love. The one profound thing about death is that love never dies. Some bonds cannot be broken and ours as father and daughter would forever be untouched. Even though you are not physically here your heart is, it lives on within me. I carry your heart inside of mine. Some day we will meet again in glory and we will no longer be separated by time or space, but until that day I’ll find comfort in knowing that I got to spend time with you, I got to say I love you and I got to hold your hand daddy. I love you my dear father may your soul rest in eternal peace

Your loving daughter Stephanie
Stephanie Searles
June 7, 2024
Sgt. Searles aka Sgt. Fish was a great, humble and friendly man. Met Sgt Fish when I joined the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force way back then. He always had a smile on his face. Whenever I got the chance I would hop on the boat whenever they went out on patrol. Many times when I pass by his house he would be seen outside tending his crops that were planted in his yard and I would shout out to him Sgy. Fish and he would look to see who was hailing him when he would realise who it was he would say Vanterpool you alright and I would respond in the positive. I moved to Virgin Gorda and we didn't see as much. I was shocked to hear of his passing. May his soul rest in peace. May his wife Rose, his children and other family members find comfort in God as they go through this difficult time.
June 7, 2024
I met 'Sergeant Fish' a few years ago at my work place where I greeted him, as a customer service etiquette requires, when immediately we connected in conversation.
I got stories of him residing here in the BVI and how he acquired the name Sergeant Fish. He delivered his stories with a sense of accomplishment, pride and satisfaction. He also express his fear and love for God. He said that he was retired and enjoying the fruits of his labor.
After that meeting, I hailed him a few times while he was driving and we exchanged pleasantries as normal.
The last time that I saw him, he was entering a supermarket when I greeted him, as usual, where he looked at me strangely, so I reminded him of whom he was speaking to, then he smiled and said hello.
A good soul has gone to the great beyond. He will be missed by loved ones.
May he rest in peace.
Raymond Maloney
Raymond Maloney
June 6, 2024
To my grandpa
I never got to met you in person but every time my grandma Mira call she always let me talk to you am happy that I had to chance to video chat over the phone on Whatsapp I will miss you grandpa.
Your great grandson
Kamai Edwards
June 6, 2024
To My Grandfather. Thank You For The Memories. Thank You For The Laughs. Thank You For Always Allowing Me To Be The Goofy Person I Am. You Will Be Missed Soldier. May You Rest In Peace.💚
June 6, 2024
I met Mr Henry through the beautiful stories that his daughter Grace shared with me. I say I met him because of the love ,passion and vivid memories Grace shared of him with me. They were all a delight to hear. He was definitely a gem that extended his kindness, wisdom and grace to humanity. I really wish I was privileged enough to meet him physically in this life. His unwavering love for his family and children will forever transcend. His dash was beautifully lived and today we have his legacy to carry on. To the entire family my prayers are with you. May the beautiful memories you shared with Mr. Henry comfort your broken hearts and may you find peace in knowing that he is now with his Maker singing songs of melodies in a better place. Grace I’m here for you ❤️❤️
June 6, 2024
I did not get to meet Mr Searles, but from reading the obituary it is evident that he lived a full and productive life. He contributed significantly to society and leaves a rich legacy that his family can cherish for decades.
My sincere condolences to his lovely wife, Rose, and to all members of his immediate and extended families.
Anon Francis
June 6, 2024
To the entire Searles family,
Please accept my sincerest condolences on the passing of Bro. Searles. Bro Searles has always been someone I admired, and he always had a smile for you whenever you meet him. Even if your having a bad day, "sister Georgene how are you doing? with that smile of his" would just absolutely change your mood for the day. I was always blessed by his musical renditions on the harmonica. Boy, he could play that instrument and rocking and stamping his feet. It was truly a blessing. The last time I heard him play was at purcell church earlier this year. I will miss those renditions. Sleep on my brother until Jesus comes to call us home.
Georgene Henry
June 6, 2024
My family joins me in extending sympathy to Family Searles. Our Dear Brother Searles will be greatly missed. He was a Great and Kind Christian Gentleman and Servant. He was committed to his Lord, his family, his church, and his community. He was a faithful Deacon and member of the church. Mr. Harmonica, who blessed our hearts with his musical giftedness. Brother Searles was an encourager and a very pleasant person. He is resting but he will rise again at the sound of the trumpet when Jesus comes again. To Sister Searles and her children, grand children, loved ones and friends be comforted in knowing that it wont be long, for this too shall pass. Psalm 34:18; 1Corinthians 15:51-58
Dr. Vincent A. David, Pastor
June 5, 2024
My deepest condolences to the family of our dear brother elder searles may almighty God continue strengthen you in the time of bereavement the Bible reminds us in revelation blessed are the dead in christ for thy do rest from they labour's
Darrell Marsan
June 5, 2024
To my dearest dad
Fly, fly Sargent fish fly beyond imagining. The softest cloud, the whitest dove. Upon the wings of heaven's love past the planets and the stars leave this lonely world of ours escape the sorrow and the pain and fly again. Fly, fly precious one, your endless journey has begun take your gentle happiness far too beautiful for this cross over to the other shore there is peace forevermore but hold this memory, bittersweet until we meet. Fly, fly do not fear don't waste a breath, don't shed a tear your heart is pure , your soul is free be on your way don't wait for me above the universe you'll climb

beyond the hands of time the moon will rise the sun will set, but I will never forget. As I write my tribute and final goodbyes to my dearest dad, only God knows how my heart cries out for you oh, how I wish our love could have saved you. Dad there is no words that can express my heartache, my hurt, or my pain dad you were my teacher, my first love, my commander and chief, you were my provider, and protector, dad I will never forget you and you will forever live in my heart. The memories with you I will keep close to my heart and when I find myself missing you I will look back at them and smile I love and miss you daddy so I say. Fly, fly Sargent fish fly where only angels sing fly away the time is right go now to find the light.
Your loving daughter
Mira Desery Searles-Cadet.
Mira Desery Searles-Cadet
June 5, 2024
Dear Searles Family,

Please accept my deepest condolences during this time of sorrow. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you navigate through the loss of Mr. Searles. May God provide you with comfort and strength during this time.

With heartfelt sympathy,
Kia Henley
June 5, 2024
Condolences to the family of Sgt Searles. May God comfort you as you grieve.
Roylette Sutton
June 5, 2024

Your legacy I will carry forth; protecting it just as you’ve protected the shores of our Virgin Islands.

After all you have done for us your family and our Territory, oh how great is it to now see you in glory sitting with the Lord in the heavens of spirits! What a time of glory!

I can already feel you through me and with that, I am at peace.
Jahnai Caul
June 5, 2024
Dad, you were such a wonderful person, accepting me into your family, and taking me fishing every time I came to Tortola. Of your children that I know, you and Mom did a wonderful job raising them. Thank you for loving me and mine, and I will see you in ‘The Morning’.
Genevieve Heyliger
June 5, 2024
A Sweet Soul, A Great Mind, God’s Strongest Soldier, My Greatest Angel, Love You Granpa.
Rest In Eternal Peace My Love. ❤️
June 5, 2024
My dear brother Searles, Has been a faithful father and husband. His Smile is the first thing that greeted me every time we meet .As I prayed with him while I was there. I could see in his ayes how much He love the lord.
What ever He put his mind to do , He always did his best. My love for brother Searles and his wife will never die resurrection morning I plan to hold your hand going up my brother. May the peace of God rest up on the family in Jesus name.
Esther Allan
June 5, 2024
My sincerest condolences to the entire Searles family. I'm truly sorry for the loss of such an exceptional man. My memories of "Bro. Searles" playing his harmonica at Sweet Redemptive Church will remain special. May God's love surround you, and may He grant you comfort at this time...
Sandra Smith-Rhule
June 4, 2024
The Commissioner of Police and members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police are mourning the passing of former Sergeant Henry Searles.
Searles a native of Grenada joined the RVIPF in 1971. He was the organization first Marine engineer and captain. He also sailed the organization first Marine Vessel, "VIrgin Clipper."
In 1988, when the organization replaced the Virgin Clipper with "MV St. Ursula", Sgt. Searles became the main captain. He was afforded the opportunity of transporting Her Royal Highness Princess Diana to Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda and Anegada to commemorate the launch of St. Ursula.
Sgt. Searles during his tenure, transported members of the organization, government officials and other dignitaries across the Territory waters. And conducted numerous sea patrol and related operations. Sgt. Searles retired from the RVIPF in 1992.
The RVIPF extend deepest condolences to those left to mourn.
Royal Virgin Islands Police Force

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