June  12th, 1949 May  16th, 2024
Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria

I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.
JOHN 14:3


June 12th
Birth of a legend
Started elementary school
He attended Methodist Primary School, King's Terrace and finished in December 1960, after passing his Western Region Primary School leaving Examinations.
Started high school
He attended St Thomas Aquinas College and finished in November, 1966.
Graduated from University
BSc. Botany
University of Ife
Forest Officer
He started working at Ondo state Forestry in 1976 and voluntarily retired as Chief Forest Officer in 1991.
Ondo State
Graduated from University
MSc. Forest Res. Management
University of Ibadan
Agricultural Commodity Exporter
He started his personal business of agricultural commodity export of raw cocoa beans and cashew nuts in shell to Europe (UK), Asia (Singapore and India) and North America.
Europe and Asia
Warehousing business
He started his warehousing business and expanded this to a bigger space at Ijora-Lagos.
Apapa, Lagos
January 6th
Conferment as Knight
He was given the award of Knight of John Wesley (KJW) by the Conference of the Methodist Church Nigeria. After which his prefix became 'Sir'.
September 10th
NNPC Mega Station Dealer
One of the First 12 Dealers (2005-2020) and relinquished it voluntary when he went on voluntary retirement at age 70 years (12th June 2019).
He personally trained all his 6 biological children over the years, up to MSc Level in Scotland. 
Scotland, UK
May 16th
Passed away
Scotland, UK


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July 12, 2024
Say not in grief 'He is no more' but in thankfulness that He was.

Thanks for all Padico☆
Fatokun Babatola
June 22, 2024
It was so sad to hear of your passing, Daddy Funke Aisida, I grew up knowing you as a very good friend to my late dad and a brother to my late mum as well. You were always there for the people you called your own. You always spoke in loving tones to everyone young and old. We will surely miss you. May your soul rest in perfect peace sir.
Toyin James Oladimeji
June 16, 2024
I mourn the passing of a distinguished Aquinarian; a fellow towns- folk of noble Owo parentage; a stalwart of Methodist Church Nigeria, Cathedral of Faith,Owo; a knight of John Wesley;a Patriot; a classmate;a friend ; the co-ordinator of my set - 62/66 and above all a man of integrity and a man of impeccable character .
I called him up when I arrived UK last week and followed up with a text. No reply. Leaving UK for US yesterday, I repeated the call. No reply.
It was in the middle of the night in NY that another distinguished Aquinarian with contacts in UK called me to pass on the sad news. I needed to cross check. Sadly it is true.
I will miss him tremendously.
May the soul of Padico, our Padico , find favour with the Lord and rest in perfect peace in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.

Aqr.Hon. Justice (Dr) Adesuyi Olateru-Olagbegi, JP
Aqr.Hon. Justice (Dr) Adesuyi Olateru-Olagbeg
June 16, 2024
Daddy Padico, we thank God for the life well spent. You came, did your part and left.
As one legend singer once said, "This world is not my own, I'm just passing through..."
Your cheerfulness and words of encouragement shall be missed forever. Continue to rest in the blossom of the lord. The Lord Almighty will console and be with the family you left behind.
Mrs. Alonge
June 15, 2024
Today (June 12) could have been your Birthday.
06 - 12, of every Year's always your Birthday.
But, death has done its worst!.
Who're we to question the Authority of our Maker?
We were warming up for the Birthday ceremony, but now all is Story.
Owo/Ekusi has lost a Gem.
In Ekusi Street, where you were Born, Grew & Became what you were before death calling,
You made a huge impact on our lives, both Young, Old, Family & Friends with your selflessness, kindness, generosity, wisdom and your infectious jokes.
Your lifelong legacies continue to inspire us and your loving memory will live on forever in our hearts till we meet again.

What a life!.
Padico, a Man of Culture and Tradition.
A Man of Integrity and Value.
A gentle Man everyone which to have in a Family either as an Inlaw or as a Father.
A General amongst Generals you can always identify with.
A Man of influence & Highly connected.
A Man you can always be proud of, who doesn't discriminate whether Tribe or Religion.
An Illustrious Son of Owo Kingdom.
Oma Oluso ba uso.
Oma Ajinri.
Oma yenoke, yenodo.
Oma Elekusi Ajinri.
Oma Elekusi Arepo.
Big Daddy, Goodnight Sir.
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace, Ameeeeen.
June 15, 2024
Sir Patrick Tayo Adedapo_Aisida was one of the prominent members of Akure_based Owo indigenes of Methodist Church Akure.He was a Colossus who exhibited love to all and sundry while he was with us .He was not only a proud Methodist but ardent Owo indigene too.
He was one of the proponents for the Creation of Owo as a Diocese out of the defunct Owo Diocese whose headquarters was in Akure.To the glory of God this materialised before his home call.Without being immodest he contributed immensely to Methodist Church Akure and this is an established fact which any member could attest to.However,we commeserate with Lady Aisida, children, family and the household of God for this irreparable loss.Our prayer is that God shall give us all the fortitude to bear this great loss.Adiue! Sir Tayo Aisida.
Akure_ based Owo Methodist Church Members.
Akure- Owo Based Indigenes of Methodist Nigeria
June 14, 2024
Sir Tayo was such a caring and thoughtful man. He was always willing to help. He was full of words of wisdom and encouragement. I will surely miss him.
I pray that God will grant the family the fortitude to bear this loss. And may Sir Tayo's soul rest in peace. Amen.
Dr Okunrinboye Iyabo
June 14, 2024

It is surreal and difficult to process, digest and accept but that is it, the finality of death.

Our Special Person has journeyed home to join the saints triumphant, his demise was unexpected and really stung us.

Our last physical encounter was in 1st & 2nd December 2024 where we as usual exchanged banters, jokes and laughter with my elder brother and the wife in attendance. He did not complain about any serious health issues but what went wrong?

Padico as you are fondly called, you have done your dandy-most best in the space fate allotted but you will remain as our big brother, a stepping stone to our success and the memory of the Tree we shall never forget.

Padico, in you:
we have lost a relationship spanning about five (5) decades, a dynamic personality, mentor and an eagle-eyed man of conscience and probity.

But God knows best.
Sleep well in the night of your eternal tomorrows.
Enjoy the beautiful evenings of eternity.
Till Resurrection Day.
Your second birthday in Christ.

Olaniran & Bolanle OSHO
Olaniran Osho
June 13, 2024
Dearest Father,

I knew some day I’ll have to do this tribute as you’d always prayed for, but not as soon and sudden as it turned out to be.
Padico, like you were fondly called was a name that reverberated in my early youth days fresh from the university when you took myself and my late brother like your biological sons. You were there for us, two young boys brought up by a single mum, and you stepped in to help shape our lives at the most critical stage of our youth lives.
You deliberately stooped low to have us in your warm embrace. You taught me life lessons, shared life experiences and stories. You took me almost everywhere from the farmlands to markets, cocoa stores to cashew storages, villages and cities, and inculcated invaluable entrepreneurial skills, hard work values and I-can-do-it spirit in me. How will I forget the role you played starting out in my early job career, choice of my life partner, raising the kids, my journey into entrepreneurship etc, I could go on.. too numerous to mention.
I recall when my only brother passed away also in the UK few years ago, you were the very first person I called to break the news as his father, even though as broken as you were, but you still guided me all through this most difficult period of my life. You were there all through..
I also fondly recall every year, our family tradition was to spend every Christmas Eve with you in your house with such beautiful moments we always shared and longed for.
Your prayers and constant words of counsel to me has contributed to who I am today.
Your passing is a tragic loss for me.
Nevertheless, the memories of the beautiful moments we shared with you is a source of strength and courage. Your legacy lingers on in the hearts of many that bore testament of your good heart/works. Writing this is quite emotional for me, but you will forever remain in my/our heart, dearest Padico my guardian and father.
Rest well sir, till we meet again….
Your Son, Femi Olushakin
Femi Olushakin
June 12, 2024
Daddy adieu. You would have turned 75 today. There is no way to say happy birthday. We all have a race to run and there is always a finishing line. I spoke with you before you left to the UK and never knew that will be the last time!
Anytime I call you, you always call me with an accent ‘Funke Bawo ni, So wa, Lanre nko or oko e nko, then always a long conversation.
You are awesome, affectionate, amazing, loving, caring and always there for me!
Before I got married, when I got married, when my father died, when my mum passed, during my 60th birthday and when there was something to be done in the Olarinde family. My father always call you Iba(daddy) Funke and you took that role when he passed.
You always have a gift for me anytime I visit, even flip flops. We always talk for several hours with me lying or sitting on your bed with my husband and wife. I remembered a time that my husband was not around, you made to sleep on the same bed with you and your wife. You have so many pet names for me especially when I speak in Owo. You look gave me that and smile,
Daddy I can go on and on. I never knew the journey could end this way. I have good memories about you that I will remember for life. Holding me anytime we are leaving and praying for me inOwo dialect. I cherish every moment I spend with you, there was never a dull moment. So is the end of the journey? The last message when you were in the hospital was that you were not allowed to talk. I was looking towards a Thanksgiving celebration and my next trip to Owo. You lived a good life and touched so many lives. A good legacy. Daddy thank you so much for everything you did for me. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord! Sleep on till that resurrection day! Love you daddy.
Funke Osho
June 10, 2024
Rest in peace Aquinarian chief Sir Tayo Aisida

Adeusi Ezekiel Ayodele
June 9, 2024
My condolences... Keep resting in the blossom of the Lord. Oga oninuure, sunre o
Good night Padico
Engineer/Mrs. Olaoye Oluwadare
June 9, 2024
Olajugba Quarters Landlords Association Ilesha Road by Ayo Specialist Hospital Akure South B. Stop. Akure.

The call to glory of Sir P.O.Adedapo-Aisida was sudden. Padico was a bold and God fearing man. He was always cheerful and in good spirits. He never mince words or tried to please anyone, he was true to himself, his Association and God.
We thought he will be us for more years but death took him unaware.
Despite his affluence and popularity, he humbled himself to be of great help to the people around him.
Our Padico, you shall be greatly missed in our midst, Olajugba Quarters Landlords and landlady's association Ilesha Road Akure, rest in peace till we meet and part no more. We love you but God loves you more. Adieu..

Sir Timothy O. Moshood
For:Olajugba Quarters Landlords Association.
Sir Timothy Olanrewaju Moshood
June 9, 2024
My Dear Padico,

We give God all the glory because this is a celebration of life. You lived a full life!

Your business nuggets will ever remain with me.
One of my most valuable money lessons u taught me; Niji do not chase money, Niji chase value and money will come! As simple as that phrase was, as I grow older and more experienced that phrase remains invaluable.

A generous man( I remember when Funke brought my 21st birthday gift cheque for my 3 CD changer back then, Lol)

We give God the glory for a life well lived!

Rest in peace Padico!
Olaniji Adedapo- Aisida
June 9, 2024
Good night my Padico, our paddy of life...
Motunde Abiodun Fajuyi
June 6, 2024
Dear sir, hnnnnnnnm.
I am short of words to describe you, a man of many parts with hope of better future.
Thorough and fair, teachers to those willing to learn but pain to the lazy.
You taught and told me to work hard, not to take bribe as civil servant, I adhered to strictly and it pays. He didn't take or accept while in service of Ondo State. Very rear among his contemporaries, this he acknowledged always while alive.
Sir, you are a prophet and seer, because you say or tell about a thing, if diligently followed, do came as you have said it.
Padico, a detailed and thorough man, discipline and diligent.
Saying I missed you is not enough, your words of encouragement and advice is on marble. I lived with you since 1979 till you journey we were still together, ooooo.
You had lived, seen, fought, conquered, achieved and gone to rest.
Oloyerinde Gbenga Samuel
June 5, 2024
Writing a tribute for the irreplaceable man isn’t something I expected this early in his life & this year. I’m eternally grateful , appreciative & thankful that you were the one God placed to bring me to this world to nurture, lead in the right direction in this world. You lived an exemplary life which made everyone want to be a part of your radiating & radical brilliance. You touched a plethora of lives who have followed your guidance & hence, improved theirs. A great role model whose steps & quality should be followed & studied. A respectful, thoughtful & strategic man even till the end. A real superstar. I love you Daddy. Sir OMOTAYO PATRICK ADEDAPO-AISIDA aka PADICO. Gone but never forgotten & your influence lives on strongly.
June 4, 2024
I delayed writing this but figured I have to write it anyway. I wanted to write something profound but I figured it's better to write something genuine.

I remember my exciting visits to Akure and when I stayed at your house. I remember having to wake up on cold mornings and wondering what kind of weather is this? I remember you teaching me how to wash your cars so they will last longer. I used to think what kind of suffer head is this but they were life lessons. I think you're the reason I don't wash my cars with detergent and I ensure they always wash the tire region with detail. I remember loving the smell of wood because of your house. I remember loving staying in your room upstairs and you watching one of those financial channels (Bloomberg, I think). I remember catching those flies in water and frying them. A lot of exciting memories.

I guess when the ones you love leave, they don't take the memories with them. Thank you for the memories.

Niran Aisida
June 3, 2024
May his soul rest in perfect 🙏 peace 🕊️. Amen 🙏
Engr. Adewale Adeniran
May 31, 2024
Thank you uncle for always celebrating me . You were very supportive of my dad and we will never forget your generosity towards my family . You will be dearly missed uncle . Sleep well.
Dolapo Okpiabhele nee Aisida
May 29, 2024
Brother Tayo as we fondly called him lived an impactful life. Indeed he was a great man. He invested his time, resources, wisdom and knowledge in others.
He was not only a prominent son of Chief Jacob Adedapo Aisida, he was also an illustrious son of Owo. He worked tirelessly to establish himself in the business world. Despite the fact that God smiled on him, he had no airs. He was a down to earth and selfless person. He was an infectiously happy personality. He was a "son" of our dad who meant so much to him and to us as our big brother.
He left behind memories that can not be erased. We deeply loved him. He will be sorely missed.
Adieu, brother Tayo. Rest in peace.
Hon. Justice Olanrewaju Akeredolu (Rtd)
For the family of Rev. Canon & Mrs. Johnson Olajide Fagboyegun
May 28, 2024

Your memories lives on “BABA” as we profoundly always call you, you are a great man, a mentor, a father figure, a man of humor, bountiful knowledge with rich experience, very prudent person and you have lived a worthy life, course and carved your name in stone in the heart of many people that come along your path……..BABA, you are a good man with a large and huge heart to help the young guys and people alike that needs help. One thing I learnt from you is that, you say things the way it is and not call color white black and color black white. A great man has gone, you have touched many lives and impacted and shaped me in many ways as a man….”A GOOD MAN, A GOOD LIFE”,……..YOU ARE THE STANDARD THAT PEOPLE SHOULD EMULATE & EMBRACE…..Death - This price will be paid by everyone and you have gotten to your BUS-STOP AND FINAL DESTINATION, NO MORE SORROW, NO MORE WEEPING!!!!…..RIP…….MY CONDOLENCES TO THE AISIDA FAMILY………
Adeyemi Olubajo
May 28, 2024
Broda Toun (PadicoMcAisida)
Thank you ! Thank you!! Thank you!!!. Thank you for your unconditional love towards us all. Thank you for always being there for me and my siblings. Thank you for always opening your doors for us every time we knock on it. Thank you for loving our mum as your own sister (Sister Toun). Thank you for always there to help out and to ensure that every thing is done. How can I ever forget all the roles you played in our individual lives making sure we all turned out well. Is it the constant push or the advises. You are forever loved and missed. Sleep on the the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ till resurrection morning. Adieu Our Broda Toun till we meet to part no more
Temitope Bukoye
May 28, 2024
Humm,I always calling you my padi, but now you gone to rest,we miss a good man caring and loving heart person,I will never forget you, rest in peace sir.
Engr.Yomi Adediran
May 27, 2024
Tribute to an Icon

It is truly difficult to say this final goodbye. I am writing to pay tribute to an extraordinary man, Mr. Patrick Omotayo Adedapo Aisida. He embodied wisdom, kindness, and integrity. He passed away peacefully on the 16th may 2024, in Aberdeen, Scotland at the age of 74.

I spent many hours in Akure/Owo with him, sitting outside and listening intently as he shared stories rich with lessons about life, history, and the world around us. These moments are among my most treasured memories, times when his simple yet profound words seemed to make the world pause.

Brother Tayo lived a distinguished and fulfilling life. His achievements were numerous, yet he never sought the limelight. He dedicated his efforts to making a positive difference in the lives of others, whether through his professional pursuits, his community service, or the wisdom he imparted.

To the world, he was a respected and accomplished individual, a leader in his field. To me, he was much more. As a father, he was a mentor and unwavering supporter. As a patriarch, he was a source of pride and joy to his family.

As I reflect on his life and legacy today, I feel an immense sense of pride in having called him my brother-in-law.

Although his physical presence is no longer with us, may his spirit continue to guide and inspire us. His life's work, his values, and his love will live on in each of us. Let us honor his memory by living our lives with the same integrity, passion, and love that he demonstrated every day.

May your gentle soul rest in peace brother Tayo.

Funmilayo Aisida.
Funlayo Aisida
May 27, 2024
Some words are better kept unsaid ,You were an embodiment of every thing good ,you wanted to see me grow at all cost ,you always called me your first son ,you had personal love and personal interest in everything to make people aspire great in life ,a definition of a rare gem ,you loved humanity,you strived hard to make people smile irrespective of their background and belief , sir Patric tayo adedapo aisida may your soul rest in peace my dad ,for the first time in my life I cried for days ,you were built different my second dad ,I have items in my luggage for you,I never knew i would not be able to see you again but I owe your son ,,it is well ,my first appearance on national tv ,you came to owo to pick me way back in 1992, I ended up winning the debate,You had special love for my wife and always gave her something every single time you see her ,I will never forget you,imma hold it down for you and I will never disappoint you since you believed in me my dad.

Aruwajoye oluwakorede
Aruwajoye oluwakorede
May 24, 2024
A great soul has gone to rest.
Sir Tayo Aisida, father of boys!
An Elderstateman, a great Aquinarian (ACA). The patron of our club, Akure Primrose Club.
He was a great man of honor and integrity.

He loved the city of Akure and Aquinas College Akure, his Alma mater with passion, always ready to associate himself with us, the younger ones, and helped.
A retired Civil Servant per Excellent, A successful cocoa merchant and petroleum businessman.

Though he was very young to my dad, they related together as friends, he calls my dad awe mi, i.e., my friend. (Akure dialect) and jokes like mates.
He encouraged me to get married even when I had nothing. Apart from his financial support, he was at my engagement and wedding.
During my dad's burial, he traveled down from Owo to attend even when I forgot to send an invitation to him. He was with me throughout.

An Owo man who was always proud to call himself an Akure indigen.
His knowledge of Akure history was superb, and his control of Akure dialect was second to none. Always encouraging us to protect the culture and heritage of Akure City. He was indeed an Akure man.

Some of us who were privileged to be under his tutelage at Oluwatuyi Quarters Akure learnt a lot from him growing up. He trained us to always stand for the truth without fear, never to waste any opportunity, and be prudent with money.

No dull moment with him, a jolly good Uncle, always with one story or the other to tell us and learn from.
He was a strict and no nonsense Uncle.
He will surely be missed. His fashion (dress to kill), speaking styles, majestic walking steps, etc. won't be forgotten.

May God comfort the family he left behind, Amen!
Rest on our Padico.
-Sunday 'Tope Oluwasomi - New York
Sunday T Oluwasomi
May 23, 2024
TRIBUTE TO A GREAT MAN, "LATE MR DAPO AISIDA" Daddy Funke as i used to call U, Ur DEATH was a GREAT SHOCK nd so UNBELIVABLE. Ur death was a Great Loss to Us all nd to GREAT KLOB 20 Members nd Families. It was so SAD ND UNBELIEVABLE. We can not bt remember Ur Kindness, Concern nd Ur ever Smiling face. U ar so Frank nd a good DISCIPLINARIAN. Ur Free Mind nd Kindness can nt be forgotten. Daddy Funke, cont to Rest in d Bossom of GOD ALMIGHTY. MAY GOD GRANT U ETERNAL REST.

May 23, 2024
Baba Funke as I normally call you, you are such an amazing, trustworthy, free giver and so humorous a person. You are a friend in need and indeed. The house Akin Taylor your very good friend had in Owo today was your making . You got the land and put up the beautiful building for us I will forever be grateful to you and to God Almighty because some friends will collect such money and there will never be result but yours was not the case. You are very honest and loving. How can I forget your numerous gifts to me. All your efforts to give Akin your good friend a befitting burial will forever be remembered. Your exit was so painful but who are we to query God. You have come you have seen and you have conquered glory be to God Almighty. Ecc.8:8 says “There is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit; neither hath he power in the day of death” but our solace is that God will redeem your soul from the power of the grave and will receive your soul Ps.49:15. May his soul rest in peace IJCMN 🙏🏻
Dame Bola Taylor
May 22, 2024
Padico, Rest well Egbon mi

I woke up to a terrible news this Friday morning and I couldn't believe it until I put a call to Funmi in London who invariably confirmed that the Great Padico, my Egbon, My Elder and Senior at Aquinas College Old Students family, My Consultant on the history and affairs of our land Owo Kingdom, Sir Patrick Tayo Adedapo Aisida alias Padico is gone, gone the way of all Mortals and never to be seen again.

Broda Tayo will meticulously read any of my posts on our WhatsApp platform and fb and will put a call to me either to praise my writing or make correction or give me more information to educate me especially on the history of our land, Owo Kingdom.

Padico will always tell me ... Foluso, ka bere itan, get your facts clearly. He promised to availed me a copy of the recommendation of a panel set up by Aketi former Governor of Ondo State on Owo Polytechnic of which he was a Member.

Padico told me that Owo town was so Great during the first Republic Nigeria trailing behind Ibadan in infrastructure and prestige, far ahead of Akure and many towns in the Western Region.

Sir Tayo Aisida was a repository of knowledge on the history of Owo Kingdom. I am yet to meet an Owo Son that is so passionate, well versed in history of Owo Kingdom like Sir Tayo Aisida.

We have lost a torchlight in Owo Kingdom, we have lost an Elder that belongs to all. We have lost a true son of Owo land. We have lost one of the Engines that silently propels Owo Kingdom.

At our common Heritage, Aquinas College Akure, Padico was so proud of ACA, an Elder and a Senior Old Student that is always at home with any sets, either you are a youth or an Elder.

Egbon mi, my Padico, you have answered the ultimate call, taking a bow that all Mortals must take at one point or another. I attest that you have impacted greatly on humanity, you were an Adviser and a shoulder to many of us the younger Generation. I am a Beneficiary of your wisdom, your influence and advice.

Death is never a sin and not a crime but a debt that we all must pay. Rest well my Big Brother Rest well the Great Padico. My Wife Princess Defunke whom you were so fond of join me to wish you a safe passage. Farewell my Big Brother

Foluso Adebisi (Dobale 73/78 set)
King Terrace Nigeria Limited
Foluso Adebisi (Dobale 73/78 set)
May 21, 2024
Wahoo , what a great lost, to the entire families and ACAOSA in general SIR PATRICK OMOTAYO AISIDA (Padico) rest in perfect peace
For the short time i know him the man is so gentle, quit man but he hate shitten well no person can question God may your soul rest in perfect peace Amen Adieu Papa From Aqr Stephen Olajide 2002 set
Aqr Stephen Temidayo Olajide
May 21, 2024
ACA 67/71 CLASS.
Babatope Obilana
May 21, 2024
My dear brother Tayo Adedapo-Aisida, it is soooo unfortunate that death had decided to snatch you away from me. You will be greatly missed. I will expecially miss your humour While I leave you in the hands of the Almighty, continue to rest in peace my great brother PADICO
Lanke Afolabi Adebiyi
May 21, 2024
No words can describe the loss i feel for your death. My heartfelt condolences go to the entire family. Sir, You are gone, but you will never be forgotten.
Oluwatobi Adedapo-Aisida
May 21, 2024
A Rare gem is gone, uncle you, and one of the best people have ever met your words make lots and meaningful in my life which have never forgotten you in my life although I remember what my bible taught me romans 14 vis 8 if we live we live for the Lord and if we die we die for the Lord so whether we live or die we belong to the Lord sir tayo Aisida the good legacy your left are behind you are greatly missed omo elekusi tobi sun re o bami .......... Eruren o malekunsi ile arepo Asogere epi hobiren hojiji Asiketekete epo hobiren joli Ikoko jerele oma ajikara meerira so kumiariho beti yo mejimeji ama bodon ma jo o oo padico omalegbeje ubi
Mrs Olapeju Ibidapo
May 21, 2024
Padico {Brother Toun}
Thank you for everything!
Thank you for the gift of "you"
You stood by us/with us through everything, through the years.
Anyday, anytime, we could count on you.
Your doors were opened 247365.
Always ready to listen & help!
Padico, the go to "guy" since as far as I can remember !
This is very deep oo but we thank God.

Ayo Omoloja

Ayodeji Omoloja
May 21, 2024
I pray that God will bring peace and solace to your family. Rest in peace Sir.
You passed away because your body had served its purpose. Your soul had achieved what it came to do, learned what it came to learn, so you left a contented man.
You have left your footprint with glory on the sand of time Sir, your death is the longest parting there ever will be between us.
Your presence will forever be felt in our hearts.
Adieu Sir.
Dotun Adegbulu
May 21, 2024
I knew you as a young bank employee, your presence illuminated the banking hall anytime you came for transactions. Everyone must smile, laugh and ofcourse assurance of launch. You stylishly introduced fun into our boredom banking lifestyle being members of Ellan club. Regardless of the long age and social status differences, we address you as PADICO , the king of boys. Your uniqueness and good heart is so amazing.
Missing you is understatement, may the Almighty accept your soul.Rest on PADICO.
Olumide Akinwande
May 21, 2024
He was a great man. I knew him when I was little through my dad.

Coincidentally, he and the late Justice Falodun (also an ACA Alumni) encouraged my dad into bringing me to ACA.

How has the mighty fallen! Tell it on the streets of Akure. Publish it in every nooks and crannies of Ondo State. Let the children of Nigeria mourn for an icon has passed.

May your soul rest in peace sir
Peter Olusori
May 20, 2024
Rest in peace my lovely brother. God will gives your family the fortitude to bear the loss. Adieu Senior Padico. 76/81 Set
Abiodun Ajayi
May 20, 2024
My Senior & one of my mentors in ACA, may your soul rest in peace.
You and classmates including my late cousin Senior Fatula, collectively, donated your meals for two days to myself and few others during our interview examination in 1963 before we came-in in January, 1964. To God be the glory.
May God also console your wife and children and ACAOSA family.
Adieu my Senior.
From Dr Francis Abiodun Ogunji, 64-68 and 69-70 HSC set.
Dr. Francis Abiodun Ogunji
May 20, 2024
Oh Daddy Padico, What an amazing Father you are, you sponsored my academics when i was in the university, you took me like a son even though you are my father's friend and granted me access to you anytime i needed to see you. Your good heart is too amazing. I remember the values you impacted in me and telling me amazing stories about my late Father and how you always call him by His nickname, AGBO (RAM).

I chatted you just some weeks to your passing expressing how I was longing to see you again whenever I'm back in Nigeria and you told me we'd see at the right time, never knew you meant we'll see in paradise. God bless your soul and Thank you for all you do Daddy.
Oluwaseyi Adeberu
May 20, 2024
Both of attended the handover Ceremony of the New Laboratory to ACA by MTN.
It was then time to cut the tape at the entrance of the Laboratories.
We stayed together and when he saw the Official Photographer of MTN, he insisted that the Photographer should take the picture of myself and an Official of the MTN, introducimg as an Elder and Older Member of the Institution.
His respect for his Seniors, was unimaginable.
May his soul rest in peace.

Francis Oladunmoye
May 20, 2024
May God strengthen you and your family! Please Accept my Sincere Condolences for your great loss . REST IN PEACE UNCLE TAYO AISIDA
Adesola Ogunbodede
May 20, 2024
The passing of Our Uncle, an illustrious Son of EKUSI was a rude shock to Ekusi Community, entire Owo and Ondo State at large.

The smile you always put on people's face would forever miss, the lifes you have touched in our community can not be forgotten so soon, you are a man of integrity, hard working, eloquent and trustworthy Man.

You always promote our culture and heritage.

You came,
You saw,
And you Conquered.
You will forever be missed Uncle Padico.

..........Omalekusi Ile arepo,
Oma repo ko jefun
Oma soghere epo ghun Obinren gho jinjin,
Oma to supona ghun obiren soyun,
Omu ori olukun madin, Osese,
Ome me rerun, ome yo merun se teledegho,
Ole fan Omu iye adiye Porundunrun, Omu ugun Eye Derubadiye,
Oma soju hun gbe agban diye tore,
Oroiro Dagba kusi Nuyi, Oma soko Ogun suli anae,
keba ba ana hun dumu suku, keba ba ya hun dumu bi Arema Konren. Oma mabere gunyan dadogbegbe mama,
Oma muka Kan Yo'sun sun tore.....

Rest In Peace Padico.

Olanireti AKINOLA
May 20, 2024
On behalf of the Akure Primrose Club and In loving memory of our cherished patron, your unwavering support and boundless enthusiasm have been the heart of our club. Your legacy of kindness, dedication, and passion will forever inspire us. Though you are no longer with us, your spirit continues to guide and uplift our community. Rest in peace, dear friend. Your impact is eternal. RIP.
Kenny Olateju
May 20, 2024
On behalf of Oladipo Adedapo-Aisida’s family, we mourn the passing of our beloved Uncle Tayo. He was a pillar of the Aisida family and a beacon of light to the Owo community. His legacy of will forever be remembered. He touched the lives of many, and his absence will be deeply felt. We extend our condolences to his immediate family and all who knew him. May his soul rest in peace.
Woleola Adedapo-Aisida
May 20, 2024
Forever missed uncle. May your soul rest in peace
Leah fatokun
May 20, 2024
My Boda Toun!!!!!!!!!!!!


We invite you to join us as we come together to celebrate the life of our beloved PADICO.

Your presence would mean a great deal to us as we remember and honour the legacy of a remarkable Father, Grand Father, Husband, Brother and Friend.
In this moment of remembrance, let us come together to share our fond memories, offer our support to one another, and bid farewell to a truly exceptional individual.
Please join us in commemorating Padico's life and the positive impact he had on all of us.
Aberdeen Methodist Church
8 Crown Terrace, Aberdeen AB11 6HE, United Kingdom
Friday, 28th June 2024/ 10:30am BST

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