Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Obasola Olojo

April  10th, 1943 June  9th, 2024
Lagos, Nigeria
Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Obasola Olojo

Your legacy of love will forever light our way


Chief Mrs. Yetunde Obasola Olojo, a beacon of grace and wisdom, was born on April 10, 1943, in Ilorin. She entered this world embraced by the warmth of the Fadahunsi and Apantaku families. Her father, the late Sir Joseph Odeleye Fadahunsi was a reputable businessman, a seasoned politician, a Knight of the British Empire and the last civilian Governor of the Western Region of Nigeria. He imparted wisdom and integrity in her. Her mother, the late Subuola Fadahunsi (nee Apantaku), an entrepreneur and a businesswoman in her own right, filled her life with boundless love. Raised by her grandmother, Madam Elizabeth Oyehunmi Apantaku (Iya mi), she was pampered yet nurtured with kindness and gentleness from a young age.


Her educational journey began at St. Barnabas School, Ilorin, in 1949, where she displayed promise early on and a love for Shakespeare. While in Standard two, she joined her seniors to stage a play with dancing and she was awarded the book “The Merchant of Venice”.

Her secondary schooling at Methodist High School, Ilesha, instilled in her the values of independence, self-reliance, and resilience. She furthered her education at Olunloyo College of Education, Ibadan, and the University of Lagos, solidifying her commitment to lifelong learning.


Armed with her National Certificate in Education, she embarked on a distinguished 33-year teaching career. From Ahmadiyya Grammar School, Ibadan, to Jubril Martins Memorial College, Lagos, she left an indelible mark. Her leadership as the founding Principal of Ijero Girls High School, Ebute-Metta, later at Western College, Yaba, and Eletu Odibo High School, Abule Oja showcased her love and passion for imparting knowledge. Her pursuit of excellence led her to attend the University of Manchester in 1985 to enhance her teaching skills. She retired as a Director of Education in 1999.

Marriage and Family Life

On September 28, 1968, she married her beloved childhood companion, Chief Tunde Olojo. Their union blossomed into a family filled with love, warmth, and enduring friendships, spanning generations and creating cherished memories. The marriage is blessed with four children and eight grandchildren who were the joy of her life. Her bond with both the Fadahunsi and Olojo families was unbreakable.

Christian Life

A devout Methodist, her faith was her foundation. At an early age, she embarked on a spiritual journey marked by unwavering devotion. Chief Mrs. Yetunde Obasola Olojo was a pioneering member of the Methodist Church, Ilorin and was also a member of the choir. She later joined the Methodist Church Otapete in Ilesha where she had her wedding in September of 1968. In Lagos, she attended the Methodist Church, Folawiyo, Surulere.

Then, in 1974, she joined the congregation of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Ijeshatedo, Lagos, where she served with distinction, leaving a lasting impact as an integral member of Ifelodun Society and Matron of the Rising Star Society until her transition to Glory. She also served the Lagos Mainland Diocese as a representative member of the Lagos Schools Education Management Board, inaugurated in June 2006.


Chief Mrs. Yetunde Obasola Olojo's life was a tapestry woven with love, laughter, and an unwavering commitment to education and faith. She was a member of Ijesha Olive Club, and Sweet Mothers of Ilesa. Her legacy lives on through the countless lives she touched and the hearts she enriched. She will forever be remembered for her kindness, resilience, and profound love for her family, friends, and community.

🌹 A funeral service to honor her life will be held at Ilesa, Osun State, on July 27, 2024. She leaves behind a legacy that will be cherished for generations to come.


April 10th
Birth in Ilorin
Kwara, Nigeria
Began Educational Journey 
She attended
- St. Barnabas School, Ilorin
- Olunloyo College of Education, Ibadan,
- University of Lagos.
September 28th
she married her beloved childhood companion, Chief Tunde Olojo
January 31st
Birth of Ololade
Birth of Ololade, their first child and only daughter
January 8th
Birth of Gbolahan
Birth of Gbolahan, their second child
June 21st
Birth of Olukayode
Birth of Olukayode, their third child
July 15th
Birth of Oluyemi
Birth of Oluyemi, their fourth child
May 15th
Became a Grandparent
Became a Grandparent for the first time and had many more grandkids 
- Oluwanimiilo
- Oluwatoni
- Toluwalase
- Oluwanifemi
- Oluwasetemi
- Isabelle
- Folarin
- Oyintaladewurafinseunbabaralayemidunke
June 9th
Passed away peacefully
Lagos, Nigeria




"To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die."
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July 14, 2024
Thank you for being a loving and caring mother to all your nieces and nephew's, the love you passionately transferred to the grandchildren, I'll miss your voice telling me "maa jo lò kee òmò mi, òni inu re ba dun lee jo"
Bukola segun-ojo
July 13, 2024
Precisely, on̈ the 20th September 1982, we met at the Lagos State School Management Office in Igbobi College Compound to see the Secretary of the S.M.C. in charge of our Schols in the Mainland.
We had both been made Pioneering Principals of the new Secondary Schools derogatory called 'Poultry Sheds'.
The myriad of problems we encountered iwere virtually the same . We et there not nnoteveryday seeking solutions to our 'twin' problems thereby becoming earthly 'twin' sisters.
Our names rang in our different homes as we carried over our problem solving discussions to the house, depriving others of the use of the landline phone then.
We had been together since then as our sister's keeper in all things.
Despite all constraints, she visited me in April to bid me farewell as I was going to be away from home for some months.
''Then, my text messages were not responded to. While I kept wondering what happened, the shattering news came to me, she passed on.
I had no premonition that was her last visit to me.
She was a loving, soft spoken, caring woman of Inestimable Value.
My children are greatly saddened of her death.
I now understand clearly William Shakespeare in saying ' Life is a tale told by an Idiot signifying nothing'.
You lived well and died well, my sister. There is laid for you, a crown in Heaven.
Mrs Tutuola.A. Dawodu
July 13, 2024
Tribute to a Caring and Loving Sister

My dearest sister,

The news of your sudden departure to glory in the early hours of Sunday 9th of June 2024 caught us all unawares. I was shocked, devastated, and in total disbelief, but was also full of praises to God Almighty.You were not ill for a second,hence very unexpected. It was a peaceful exit, just like our maternal grandmother, our father, and our mother.

I miss you, my confidant, my pathfinder, my mentor, sister, and friend. Ifeoluwa and the children all miss you deeply, but take solace in your motherly affection and love for God.
We wish you eternal rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your love and care were a beacon of light in our lives, guiding us through every challenge and celebrating every joy. Your memory will continue to inspire us and your spirit will always be a part of us. We will forever cherish the moments we shared and the love you so generously gave.

Rest in peace, dear sister. You will always be in our hearts.

With love and eternal remembrance,

Tunde and Ife Fadahunsi
Babatunde and Ifeoluwa Fadahunsi
July 12, 2024
Mayok… the sweet melody of your voice calling my name echoes through the chambers of my heart. Your love was a warm, embracing sunbeam that painted my world with tone of joy and security. The cherished poster of my first birthday, proudly displayed on your door, was a testament to the endless love you showered upon me from the dawn of my life.
Every year, without fail, your voice would be the first to ring with birthday wishes, a flood of affection that washed over me like a gentle tide. You celebrated every milestone, every victory, as if they were your own. Your heart, a boundless ocean of love, cradled me as a child and guided me as I blossomed into an adult. You nurtured me with a mother’s devotion, shaping me into the person I am today.
I cherish the memory of our last long conversation, because it was filled with anticipation and excitement. Returning from the film set, I shared the news of “Ajosepo” hitting the cinemas on your birthday. Your eyes lit up, you were almost dancing, a radiant reflection of your pride. “Ama we gele ati aso ebi lo wo film e o” – the promise of a shared celebration, was a testament to your endless belief in me. You were my fiercest supporter, always rooting for my success.
Countless nights, as I poured over film projects, your home was my sanctuary. You welcomed my friends with open arms, your laughter and warmth creating an atmosphere of comfort and belonging. In those moments, you were more than a grandmother; you were a confidante, a cheerleader, a beacon of love.
The weight of carrying you in my arms for the last time is a burden I bear with a heavy heart. The silence that replaced your vibrant spirit is a void that aches to be filled. I yearn for the days when your words were a comforting lullaby, a source of wisdom and encouragement.
Grandma, you were a gift, not only to me but to all who were fortunate enough to know you. Your legacy lives on in the love we carry for you. I will cherish your memory forever.
With eternal love, Your grandson, Tosin Mayokun Jones
Tosin Mayokun Jones
July 11, 2024
Nana, we never had the fortune of meeting in person but you were such a beautiful woman of Christ. Rest in blessed peace and paradise. You are missed here but never forgotten.
Ayobami Olojo
July 3, 2024

Mama Lolade's death came to me as a rude shock coming barely a month after paying a felicitation visit to my brother in Lagos on his natal day. On the day in question she was in high spirits with no hint of any illness. She looked very healthy and full of life. Three days after she called to express appreciation for my visit.
Mama Lolly as I usually called her was a no nonsense lady who did not have time for frivolity. Her love for her husband was exemplary. She guarded my over generous brother like a mother hen would guard her chicks against predators. She died the death of a saint. While sincerely commiserating with my brother and the children left behind I pray that her great soul will find rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ amen.

Boladale Olojo
Boladale Olojo
July 3, 2024

The Kajola KLUB,of which your illustrious father is the vice-president ,commiserate with you on the sudden demise of your loving,caring and amiable wife/mother, Chf(mrs) Yetunde Olojo who is also an associate member of the Klub.
We pray that the Lord's immovable mantle of peace,love,joy, good health,long life and prosperity will rest perpetually on each and all of you IJN.

May the gentle, loving and caring soul of your sweet mother rest in perfect peace.
Olatunde Ojofeitimi,
Secretary KK.
K Klub Members
July 3, 2024
Mrs Teju Olamiju
June 30, 2024
Ruminating on what/how to pay a tribute,all that came to my mind were the wonderful memories of the time spent write you and your family as a youngster.
I remember traveling to Lagos with my step mother - the late mama Subuola fadahunsi in the early 70s in the company of BK and Lara to your house at Godwin Okigbo street, and later Iman shuaib Street at Ijesatedo.
I remember the trips to the Bar Beach,at Marina and Apapa Amusement park with you and the rest of the family and other family members.
I remember the visits to the Dada family home at Lawanson.
I remember the memorable family bus ride from Ilesha to Ifaki Ekiti in honor of the family head on the conferment of knighthood on him by the Methodist Church of Nigeria on the 1st of October,2022.
I remember the last time we were together at Ilesha for the celebration of our sister 's 80th birthday on the 25th of April,2024. You were full of life in the company of your beloved husband and other family members without any form of weakness or illness whatsoever, only to hear the news of your passing to the great beyond. But God knows best.
You might no longer be with us,but your memory will forever live with us

Adieu- Woye Fadahunsi
Fadahunsi Olawoye
June 30, 2024
Dear Mummy Olojo,
Your love, gentleness, and generosity have been a constant in our family. When our parents returned from the UK, you opened your home to us, ensuring our comfort and stability. We always remember your fondness for our late parents.

We love and appreciate you, and your absence will leave a void in our hearts. Yet, your memories will live on forever.

As Daddy used to say, "Toluwa ni ase" (God's will be done). While we may not understand why, we're grateful to God for blessing you with a life well-lived and the wonderful families you nurtured.

We celebrate your life and the beautiful memories you've left behind. We love you and will miss you always.

E sunn re o! Rest in peace.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

From the Children of Late Elder Olayinka and Late Chief Mrs Anne Olajumoke Fadahunsi
Dapo Oluwadahunsi
June 28, 2024
My dear friend - words can't express how distraught I was when I heard however God knows best. I cherish the day I met you, your kindness and love will forever stay with me . You were a shining light to everyone who knew you. A pillar of support to everyone around you. You were graceful and fun loving. Rest in peace with the lord. I miss you dearly my sister.
Mrs Titilade Margaret Abioye
June 28, 2024
Tribute to my sister,
My lovely sister, the 9th of June 2024 has been the saddest day of my life not for your demise but the sudden occurrence like a lightening.

The only consolation I have is that each time we met, it seems your wish and prayer that "Ilorin ma Nso pe Olorun maje ki a se aisan kia to ku" and that to me was what happened to you. I know that wherever your spirit is, will pray for
your lovely husband and children.

I assure myself that we shall meet with the Lord to part no more.
Taiwo Fadahunsi and Family
June 28, 2024
Chief Mrs Yetunde Obashola Olojo your passage was shocking to the whole Olojo Family you took care of our beloved brother you were so nice to all of us we shall always remember you as a good sister and wife of.our beloved brother
Akinnigbagbe Abosede graceAA
June 28, 2024
It's just like a dream when your death was announced and it's still unbelievable to me, but the Bible says we should give thanks in all situation. You were a loving and caring mother, extended love to so many people. You never treated me as a stranger or outsider, rather you took me and treated me as a daughter from day one. Our dear mummy, although you've gone but the legacy you left behind will live on forever. I will miss you dearly, I will miss your advice, prayers, the impact and love of a mother to daughter. You have fought the good fight, you have finished the race, you have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7. Mummy may your soul rest in perfect peace.
Pastor Eyinade Adesola
Pst Eyinade Adesola
June 28, 2024
Chief Mrs Yetunde Obasola Olojo was more than my brother's wife,she was a sister indeed. Always there for me.At the weddings of my children even at the naming ceremonies of my grandchildren.At their own wedding l was one of her bridesmaid.Alas on that glorious Sunday,no known sickness she went to be with the Lord.She left behind a big vacuum in our family.God said He called her to rest.What a glorious exit.
Rev Mrs Olasunkanmi
June 28, 2024
Mama continue to rest in the bosom of almighty God. You made impact to this generation especially to those around you. You were a great mother, grandmother who selflessly and genuinely cared for people around you. Though your sudden death was shocking but you lived a fulfilled life and left a legacy for all of us behind you to follow. You shall be missed but we are consoled that you are resting in peace. Adieu Mama rere.
Akin Adesola
June 28, 2024
An amiable sister and mother you are to me. It was shocking to me that I will write this so soon. Your demise left a great space in my heart, I have become so attached to you that I couldn't even imagine this could happen in years. You were my benefactor, and I am eternally grateful . You were very active in your approach to things. Everything I knew today about the families, I learnt from you, as I would ask you how is this and that person related to us, and you would made it clear.
Thank you for preparing me for life, not tired but always there for me through my studentship sourjourn. You are a lover of your family, always there for everybody.
To say you would be missed is an understatement, but I pray the Lord will grant us the fortitude to bear this great loss. You will forever be in my heart. Thank you for a life well lived, rest on dear mummy until we meet at Jesus's feet to part no more.
Goodnight beloved sister and mother.
Eniola Olatunde ( sister)
June 28, 2024
Chief Mrs. Yetunde Obasola Olojo, nee Fadahunsi. Well grown and advanced in age but your death is still a rude shock.

The fragile nature of life's path.

She was stylish. (I was her stylist 🙂).
She was my senior colleague. She studied English and I did too.
She was in vogue.
She knew about the new trends.
She cared for my family.
She loved me. No caps!
She loved my family.
She prayed for my children.
She never forgot our birthdays.
She gave me Elubo (yam flour) from the time I married her nephew and I have never had to buy. (Who will give me elubo bayi???😭)

Oh, how I miss you mummy! A true mother in every sense of the word.
Continue to rest in the bosom of your maker.
Olayinka 'Wale Dada
June 28, 2024
I am writing this tribute with tears filled eyes and a heavy heart because I have lost a very important person, sister, mentor, and a guiding light who has helped to shade my life. You have provided immeasurable assistance and advice to me during my time of need. Your early departure to the world beyond is a big blow to all your beloved ones, but the Lord comforts me with thoughts of the life you lived, which is worthy of emulations. I would forever cherish our moments together. Rest in peace in the bosom of our Lord till we shall meet again.
Mrs Ibironke Bose
June 28, 2024
She was accommodating, nice and kind. It was an honor to have known a grandma like her in my lifetime.
Simeon( Grandson's Friend )
Simeon Adewole
June 28, 2024

My siblings & I knew aunty since our primary school days in the 60s in Ibadan through our late mum Mrs Folake Adetowun Olowu.
They met as students at Olunloyo College of Education in 1966.
Our mum was married with children whilst aunty was a spinster then.
Our mum fondly called her "YEYE".

They had a very close bond. This relationship lasted their lifetime and extended to their spouses, as Uncle Tunde Olojo became a younger brother to our late Dad Emmanuel Olajide Olowu.
This bond was further cemented by the fact that both husbands hailed from Ilesa.

I was one of the flower girls at aunty & uncle's wedding in Ilesha in 1968. As they say history repeats itself and Lolade was one my flower girls when I got married in 1984.

It was a rude shock to hear of aunty's sudden call to glory as she had visited us at our family house and also attended our mum's funeral services in February of this year.
Even after our mother's death she was constantly in touch with us.

Aunty will always be deeply appreciated and loved.
She will be sorely missed by us.
May her loving and gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
The Lord comfort Uncle, the children and the entire family.

Bolanle Kester
for the children of late Folake Adetowun Olowu.
Mrs Bolanle Kester
June 28, 2024
I am greatly devastated and greatly pained by your demise. I now know that there's no step between life and death. I spoke to you on the Saturday before your death not knowing that was the last time I would hear your voice. I shall miss your love and kindness to my family. Your are truly one of those who made me welcome to Ilesha. You were such an amiable person ,reliable ,friendly and trustworthy. All our staff at the medical center join me in sending their condolences to your family. We shall all solely miss you. May the Lord take care of your family left behind. May your good and loving soul find eternal in the bosom of God almighty. We shall never forget you, as you will live in our hearts forever. Rest in peace my good and lovely cousin in law.
Doctor (Mrs) Morayo Apantaku
June 25, 2024
Above all other virtues,she was lover of family She will be missed as the perfect co ordination of family activities Your sudden death was a rude shock Who are we to question God Rest in perfect peace in the bosom of your Lord
Mofoluke Adelekun
June 24, 2024
Adieu Ma. The news was shocking but the memories are comforting. I knew you all my life and I am grateful for you. Thank you for been a mother to my father. Thank you for all the support and gifts. May the Lord comfort and strengthen the families left behind. Good night Ma.
June 24, 2024
Tribute to Mrs Yetunde Olojo from The Sweet Mothers.

The news of your death came to us as a rude shock on Sunday 9th of June. We were completely devastated. We asked God why, but can we query Him? He made you and He has taken you back to Himself.
You were such a caring and loving member of this group. Although you were living in Lagos and have been taking care of your sick husband, you nevertheless flowed with us in all decisions taken by the group. We shall surely miss your jokes whenever you were around.
We love you, but God loves you more, our dear sister.
May God console your husband, children and grandchildren and the family at large.
As we believe in the resurrection , we know we shall meet on the last day.
Sleep on our beloved sister in the bosom of The Almighty.
The Sweet Mothers of Ilesa
June 22, 2024
My mummy you left us unexpected time truly we love you but God love you most sun re o my Sweet mum Funlola Iya Muyiwa
Funlola Odeyemi

Family tree

Chief Tunde Olojo
Kayode Olojo
Gbolahan Olojo
Yemi Olojo
Lolade Ogunwole
Chief Tunde Olojo
Kayode Olojo
Gbolahan Olojo
Yemi Olojo
Lolade Ogunwole
Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Olojo


What was Chief Mrs. Yetunde Obasola Olojo's favorite Quote or Saying?
"We are doing ok"
"To God be the glory for all things he has done"
What was her favorite Bible passage?
Psalm 121 - she knew it by heart
What was her favorite Book?
Merchant of Venice - Shakespeare
What was her favorite Travel destination?
What was her favorite Color?
green and brown
What was her favorite hymn?
"A f'ope f'olorun" - Yoruba Hymn
Fun fact about Yetunde:
She was a humorist and fun maker


Please join us to pay a last tribute.
We will come together to remember and pay tribute to the wonderful person.
While we mourn the loss of our dear Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Olojo, we also aim to cherish the moments shared and the joy brought into our lives.
Your presence would mean a great deal to us during this time of remembrance and reflection.

Service Of Songs

Victoria Children School
39 Imam Shuaib Street
Ijeshatedo, Lagos.

Wake Keep

Fadahunsi Avenue
Imo Ilesha

Funeral Service

Otapete Methodist Church


Sambeatz Arena
Omi Asoro, ilesha

Service Of Songs
Wednesday 24th July 2024 at 4pm

Wake Keep
Friday 26th July 2024 at 5pm

Funeral Service
Saturday 27th July 2024 at 10am

Reception Afterwards
Sambeatz Arena

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