Wayne Allen Ricketts

June  12th, 1955 March  8th, 2024
North Vancouver BC
Wayne Allen Ricketts

“Always a smile, instead of a frown, always a hand, when one is down. Always true, thoughtful and kind, wonderful memories he left behind.”


Two Poems written by Patti Ricketts in 2022 & 2023

My home is where you are
My husband and best friend
Our lives that meshed together
In love until the end
It’s messy it’s conflicted,
We confused the masses
I know that we see ourselves
Through rose tinted glasses
We have the deepest love
That I ever have known
We started out so young
Together we have grown
We have fooled the others
Endurance was not expected
We have stayed together
With love that we protected
Who would have ever guessed
In more than 40 years
We’d weathered all our storms
Through heartache pain and tears
I’d do it all again my love
I’d be your loving wife
For you have been my everything
My heart and soul my life
Love Patti 2022

Our Poem of how it began
My friend had the cutest boy next door.
He sat on the couch we sat on the floor
All my friends liked, to talk to him
Where are you going-where have you been
Never did I think he would notice me
I babysat the kids across the street
To my surprise, he caught my eye
Said “go get ready I am coming by”
And that was it at seventeen
I was with the man of my dreams
We married young and had little ones
Life was busy but also fun
We worked and travelled and worked some more
Two beautiful kids we still adore
Soon they grew up big and strong
Got married and their kids came along
At this point now they number three
Ethan and Logan and our girl Kenzi
So long ago feels like forever
Our love endures and we’re happy together.
Love Patti 2023


Memory wall

Post your condolences or share your Memories.

June 7, 2024
I’ve been trying to find a good picture of me and Uncle Wayne. Looking through photos keeps making me cry, which is good.

I will try to paint a picture with words, for now. He was a fabulous uncle. Like, if you were overwhelmed at a family gathering you could find him and chat with him and he would always feel safe and calming to be with, beaming love. Lisa, my late sister, and I both often sought him out. He was always supportive and kind. He was great at hugging. He wasn’t afraid to tease my dad, (who dishes out a lot of teasing and definitely deserved it. 🤣)

I babysat Michelle and Braden after school in the mid/late 80s. He would give me the rundown on who needed what, before heading off to work. Just the way he spoke about the kids and each of their preferences was oozing with love, careful observation and affection.

The thing that keeps breaking me to pieces for some reason is the memory of lying in my room as a kid when all the uncles and aunts were over and we kids had been sent to bed, hearing his voice cracking jokes and laughing from down the hall. Probably because his voice was part of the soundtrack of my life that I took for granted. Maybe because as that party on the other side of the veil grows, as more family pass from here to there, I feel a similar feeling. There they are. I’m still here. I can hear them. I know they’re having fun, but I can’t hug them now. Probably another day I’ll get to be at the party too, but not yet. I miss him already.
❤️🙏 RIP Unc.
Deanna Partridge-David
June 4, 2024
Wayne is fondly remembered for his continuous smile and positive attitude and helpful nature.
I have the most wonderful memory of the canoe trip we took together through the BowronLakes circuit Which remains one of the greatest vacations of my life.. Wayne knew that making memories was the most important thing you could do in life and boy did he make lots of memories. These will be remembered by all who shared those memories and provide comfort, and knowing Wayne he will reside in your heart forever. Done too soon He will always be fondly remembered by his beautiful family and many friends. we will miss you Wayne , rest peacefully until we meet again
Gerry McElheron
June 4, 2024
Words no longer come easily or
flow from my heart or mind but as long as possible I will miss my beautiful brother Wayne. I got to hold his hand in the first hour of his life and my mother told me he was a special gift for me and whenever I teased him I would be reminded of this. In his last hours I got to be with him and hold his arm and hand in mine like it was in his beginning. I always felt blessed to have him as a brother and I am unable to properly express my feelings of loss. We went full circle together during his lifetime and I thank God for letting me share life with this extraordinary man. He will never leave me nor I him. It will remain this way for all time.
Robert Ricketts
May 17, 2024
I first met Wayne when he walked into my Office, at North Shore Auto Mall, like he was Home. I'd never met Wayne before! I wanted to place an Ad in the Coffee News. He made it Seamless, because he knew the Business. He had Sold Cars before! We instantly Connected, on so many Levels. I had Worked with his Brother-In-Law, Gordy Partridge, at Eaton's Coquitlam Centre, when it opened 45 years ago. Wayne also introduced me to the Prospect of Driving School Buses, into my Sixties. Ever Resourceful & Respectful, You Will Be Remembered for Your Relaxed & Easy-Going Manner! A Rarity Today! You Will Be Missed, Because You Were Always There! The Fond Memories Will Live On in All Of Us! That's a Great Legacy of Impression, Wayne! Farewell, For Now!
Patrick G Comey
March 16, 2024
At First Student, we warmly remember our beloved trainer and driver, Wayne. Renowned for his laissez faire attitude, contagious smile, and ever present Timmy’s tea, Wayne was a cherished individual whose kindness fostered camaraderie with all those he mentored and worked with. We'll miss our friend and colleague, Wayne, dearly!

Sending all our love to Patti and the family. May Wayne’s smile warm your heart and give you strength during this difficult time!
First Student
March 14, 2024
I speak not only on behalf of the West Vancouver School District, but also personally, how sad we are to hear the loss of Wayne. For many, many years, Wayne was an outstanding bus driver for our district's sports academies and special programs. We cannot express enough our appreciation for his hard work and how much we valued him. Wayne was an important member of our Academy team. We thank Wayne for all his years of service. We honour him for all he did for us consistently showing up with his never-ending smile and passion to help others. Wayne was one very special human being. We will miss him dearly. Our condolences Patti, to you and to your entire beautiful family. Diane Nelson. Director of Instruction, West Vancouver Schools
Diane Nelson
March 14, 2024
I am so sorry that you and your family lost Wayne way too early:(
Thinking of you all during this time of sadness.
Linda Talbot
March 13, 2024
Memories are timeless and for that I am very grateful for the memories we all shared can never be erased from our hearts ♥️ love Clayton and Kim
Kim chitty
March 13, 2024
Remembering Wayne
Reinhard and Betsy
March 13, 2024
We will miss you Dad xo
Michelle Abraham
March 12, 2024
Patti and family

We share in your grief and sadness. Wayne was a loved and respected member of our Co-op who will be greatly missed. Your love story was clear for all to see ❤️. We send love and strength to you all. Treasure all your wonderful memories. Diane & Jim xx.
Diane Bennett

Family tree

William Henry  Ricketts
Lady Cecilia Elizabeth Ricketts (Reeve) 
Israel Adrian Clement
Blanche Elise Clement 
Walter Robert Ricketts
Adrienne Lea Ricketts (Clement) 
Patricia Maureen Ricketts (Partridge)
Brian Edward Ricketts
Robert Walter Ricketts
Braden Joshua Ricketts 
Michelle Elise Abraham (Ricketts)
Brian Edward Ricketts
Robert Walter Ricketts
Patricia Maureen Ricketts (Partridge)
Braden Joshua Ricketts 
Michelle Elise Abraham (Ricketts)
Wayne Ricketts


What was Wayne's favorite Quote or Saying?
“I’m the luckiest man in love and life.” Wayne Ricketts
What was Wayne's favorite Drink?
Timmy's Large Steeped Tea Black
What was Wayne's favorite Sport?
Watching his Kids Play Soccer & Baseball
What was Wayne's favorite Travel destination?
Maui, Hawaii
What was Wayne's favorite Restaurant?
Indian Fusion,The Keg, Whitespot, Bubba Gumps  
What was Wayne's favorite Food or Dish?
His own cooking! 
What was Wayne's favorite Local spot?
Maplewood Mudflats, Cates Park, Ambleside, Waterfront Park, Cleveland Dam 
What was Wayne's favorite Quote or Saying?
"I'm not trying to be the boss I just have better ideas"
What was Wayne's favorite Travel destination?
Ruby Lake to see the Abrahams
What was Wayne's favorite Quote or Saying?
Careful!!! - Wayne's favourite word other than Fuck 


Please join us at Wayne's Celebration of Life 

Thursday June 6th 2024 12-2pm

We will come together to remember and pay tribute to the wonderful big hearted guy we all loved. While we are deeply saddened by him leaving this world and getting his angel wings, we also aim to cherish the moments shared and the joy brought into our lives.

You are welcome to join us during this time of remembrance and reflection.
Deep Cove Yacht Club
Thursday June 6th 12-2pm


Wayne loved taking walks at Maplewood Mud Flats. Patti and Wayne would often spot deer as they strolled the trails this was one of their local favourites. In the Gallery there are a few photos of him on their walks and a photo of a bird that landed on his hand one day. Wayne loved to be in nature and we would like to have a bench in his honour created. The Wild Bird Sanctuary (The Maplewood Mud Flats) dedicated giving program is organized by the Wild Bird Trust. Here is some more info about it. 
Please send Donations by etransfer to bcricketts@gmail.com Thank you! 

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