Tony Williams

July  20th, 1946 July  3rd, 2024
Tony Williams


Tony Williams passed away peacefully on Wednesday 3rd July 2024. He was surrounded by his beloved family and they worshipped together as Tony went home to be with Jesus.

Tony came to CLM Church in Coventry as a toddler (with his parents!) and never left. He served Jesus and the people of the church tirelessly and was an elder of the church for over forty years, right up to the time of his passing. His passion for his faith and the local church remained undimmed throughout his life. He had an extra special love for children and young people and was always on the lookout to welcome new people.

This tribute page is especially (but not exclusively) for members of CLM to express their love and appreciation of Tony and a space to share any particular memories.

July 14, 2024
I first met Tony at Royal Rangers (CLM childrens group) about 20 years ago.I relocated and then came back to Coventry + CLM with family early last year. I saw Tony at the door flashed right back to Royal Rangers.

Upon seeing the joy in his eyes ~ smiling and laughing taking time with everyone with such warmth his name flashed right back to me and so many memories.

I re-introduced myself and we had a little catch up, he was so just as lovely as always. Can’t believe he is no longer with us but so grateful to God for choosing him and using him and giving him such a faithful servant heart that loved as he does.
July 14, 2024
Tony was the first person to welcome me as I entered CLM Church! He has always been such a welcoming person to myself and my family he always had a joyful smile and shared a positive word, very complimentary and will be dearly missed by us all!
Dian Schumacher
July 13, 2024
Ah Tony! I can't believe he's no longer with us! Our heart truly goes out to Julie and the family at this difficult time! From the day I walked into CLM in my final year at University in 1994, Tony and his beautiful family welcomed me and looked out for me as they did so many people in their lives. I had the privilege of seeing him in so many different settings, from church, his home and the honour of serving alongside him on team for a season. He was always the same.

I have so many precious memories. Too many to mention here. However I do remember writing many emails on his behalf as he was a bit of a technophobe trying to avoid having to use technology. Then in 2012, Tony finally went online!!! CLM bought him his first iPad...then there was no going back!

3 words for me describe our brother in Christ and friend Tony:
1. Servant: As you will read from the comments, Tony was a servant. I remember chatting to his daughter Sarah years ago about how we are all different parts of the body. She described her Dad as being the blood, as he didn't just do one thing, he was everywhere, serving in so many ways. I agree.

2. Sacrifice: Tony and July sacrificed so much. Time, money, energy..all for the Kingdom and for the local Church. We always used to say, that if you cut Tony in half, like a stick of rock, you would see the letters C.L.M.

3. Selflessness: Tony was selfless to the core, always putting people and others before himself. Even after we'd been sent out from CLM to lead in Leamington, Tony attended Leanne's Dad's funeral. Tony and July went to Mattersey when I received ministry status with AoG. They were always thinking about others, including us.

In Philippians 1:21 Paul wrote, "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.". That is our brother Tony. To live on was fruitful for so many 100s of people and now he has his reward in the presence of Jesus his Saviour. Well done Tony! A life well lived. Selah.
Dave Bolton
July 13, 2024
What a lovely man Tony was!! I’ll never forget when I first came to CLM, how he made me feel so welcome. He had a huge beaming smile and just radiated warmth and love. He always asked how I was and enquired about my family. He had a genuine care and interest in people. He was a constant at CLM, you always felt brighter after encountering Tony. I’ll miss seeing your smiley face Tony xx ♥️

Sending so much love and prayers to Julie and all the family ♥️ xx
Anna Maunder
July 12, 2024
Tony has been an incredible encouragement to me. Most recently he sent me a lovely card marking a significant occasion in my life. He has cheered me on, listened and given encouragement during times that he could relate to. His life and walk with Godly has been inspiration.
Tony clearly has loved the Lord with all of his heart. He and Julie have been an amazing example of living a God centred life where family, ministry, community have all had God at the centre.
In the past I have been asked who is an inspiration to me in ministry. Tony is someone I have named for many reasons. His faith to see things established, his faithfulness in each journey, his dependancy on God and his incredible love for others.
Grandad Tony to many, including our children, you will be dearly missed.
Well done good and faithful servant.
Love to the Williams family from the Hopley’s.
Matthew Hopley
July 12, 2024
I’ll miss the beautiful soul that was Tony Williams! The light of Christ just emanated through him so effortlessly! His cheerful, fun-loving character made him one of CLM’s favourites across all generations from the youngest to the eldest.

Tony was kind, humble, easy-going and a great smiler! He never took himself too seriously, nor regard himself too highly. Everyone could approach Tony and have a laugh with him or ask him anything- no topic was off limits! Whether he was making you giggle through lighthearted banter, dishing out sweet treats after Church service, or giving a powerful word of prayer and encouragement, Tony loved ministering to all who encountered him. To put it quite simply, Tony was everyone’s friend!

Tony, you were a wonderful servant of Christ and a friend to all. It has been a privielege to serve and smile with you. Rest well, dear friend. We'll see you later.

My deepest condolesences to Julie and all the family. Standing with you in prayer as you navigate this testing season of life. May your hearts be comforted in the knowledge that Tony is resting in the peaceful company and Presence of our Lord Jesus .

With love and condolesences,
Nana Mensah-Brown
July 11, 2024
Tony was such a lovely man who would always ask me how I was. I have lovely memories drawing with him whilst on holiday in the Lake District and will always remember your joyous laughs. I will miss you Tony xx 🩵
Chloe Froggett
July 11, 2024
I met Tony when interning at Enjoy Church Portishead (with Sarah his daughter and her husband Chris) I was so loved and welcomed at Enjoy but meeting Tony was a real highlight! He was so enthusiastic and encouraging of me, his passion for Jesus, the church, and young people was contagious. We had a good few things in common with this zeal and passion.Tony send me cards and tokens of encouragement throughout my time with Enjoy and told me he was praying for me. I seriously believed him. What an amazing man, a legend, literally the definition of ‘oak of righteousness’. He was so proud of his grandchildren. The last time I saw Tony was this Christmas time, when I with my new husband visited Enjoy for the Carol Service. He beamed with pride and was physically glowing as watching his grandchildren leading worship and singing praise to Jesus. What an incredible man, now he rests safely with the Lord, where he willl hear the words, Welldone my good and faithful servant. I pray we all seek the Lord as passionately and earnestly as Tony did, in the little time I knew him. God bless you all and comfort you all in your grief, and special prayers and heartfelt sorrow for the family ❤️ May you be showered with Gods love, grace and comfort at this time.

My upmost regards.

Chloe Campbell Roussel.
Chloe Campbell Roussel
July 11, 2024
So sorry for your loss Sarah your Dad was a good man who touched the lives of many. You did not have to spend a long time with him, to know you were in the presence of a man of God. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, for Tony to live was Christ and to die is now his gain.
God bless you all
Cliff and Olwyn.
Cliff Henderson
July 11, 2024
Tony was always welcoming and he had a heart of Gold, when I sat in his Sunday class no matter what we did he just continued and he demonstrated the love of God. When I returned years later he was just the same, so much care for people and a real love of the lord.
Thank you Tony for all that you have given to so many.

You will be greatly missed by al.
July 11, 2024
Uncle Tony,
Yours was a heart full of God's love for everyone that came your way. You showed how the love of Jesus Christ should be and you lived it.

When we came as new members to join CLM Church, Uncle Tony did

not miss our first Sunday
in the church. He warmly welcomed us, with hugs and big smile.

That was the good
beginning of our membership of CLM,
which was a lasting memory.

Uncle Tony, thank you for your warmth, care and show of Christ like love, ever since our first day and contact with you ❤️

Your humility was unparalleled. Regardless of been a leader, you lived to serve all in the church.

Uncle Tony, hmm. We will really miss you.
Our solace is in the words of God in 1Tim 6: 22. Which is your portion in Jesus's name.

We pray that the peace of God, will be with Aunty Julie, the family and CLM Church generally in Jesus's mighty name Amen.

Akin and Nike Sesan.
Uncle Tony, thank you for your warmth, care and show of Christ like love, ever since our first day and contact with you.

Your humility was unparalleled. Regardless of been a leader, you lived to serve all in the church.
Y. Adenike Sesan
July 11, 2024
Dearest Tony❤️

Always with a warm, cheerful smile,
A heart full of love and compassion for others,
A willingness to serve,
Acts of kindness,
Helping hands,
Sacrificial giving of your time, gifts and skills,
With an unique way of making everyone feel valued and special,
You touched our lives,❤️

You were a vessel overflowing with the fruits of the Holy Spirit!

Thank you Tony, for being such a blessing to us.
We love you and we will truly miss you!

Our love and deepest condolences to Julie and family. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.❤️

Sonia, Lee and family ❤️

We love you Tony!

Sonia Hart
July 10, 2024
I only new Tony for a few years but they were impactful. I learnt what a truly godly man looks like, learnt what a heart dedicated to service looks like just by watching him.

His family is a reflection of the said things above.
Till we meet again Tony!
Fiston Joshua buteriteri
July 10, 2024
Welcoming smile. That's my first memory of entering the CLM Church building for the first time back in 2015 as a guest minister, and that warm welcoming smile was on the face of a man that I came to know as Tony Williams.

I have never forgotten that greeting, and I think that's because Tony somehow encapsulated the welcoming spirit of the CLM church family that I have come to know, love, and now have the privilege of serving as Worship Pastor.

Tony was always smiling and was always ready to lend a hand whenever needed. He would sometimes send me encouraging text messages to let me know how much he appreciated my ministry at CLM. He made time for people.

My father recently passed away a few years ago and the pain of his loss still remains, so I can only imagine the deep loss and pain that so many of us will carry at the home going of Tony.

I am going to miss you Tony, but I know that you are enjoying the presence of your Lord and God whom you served so well for so long.

Sending heartfelt prayers and condolences to Julie and the rest of the Williams Family at this most painful time - much love, Mark & Simone Beswick xx
Mark beswick
July 10, 2024
I have known Tony for many years. There was always a beautiful smile on his face . In fact I am sure it got broader as the years went on.
Tony was always willing to help . I don't Ever remember him saying no . He touched so many lives
He was God's man,serving him all his life . Tony -i will miss seeing you.we will always miss you.
Julie and family - we love you. You are in our prayers and in our hearts
Sue ward
July 10, 2024
We were very sad and shocked to hear of Tony’s passing. When we think of Tony we not only think of the very jolly and smiley person but it also makes us think about what Jesus said about Nathaniel, a person in whom there was no guile. Tony was always pleased to see you, always warm and welcoming and when we think of him he was a person in whom there was no guile. Sending you all our heartfelt condolences.
Ellen and Richard Pollard
July 10, 2024
I am very sorry to hear the news of Tony’s passing.
My heart feels your pain Julie and my prayers for comfort and strength to all the family.

Tony was a great friend of my husband Graham and later on to me.
I first met Tony in 1972 when I visited The Assembly of God church as a non believer, Within couple of weeks I gave my life to the Lord and
Tony was the one who led me in prayer, February 1972.
Regularly we used to go to his parents house on Sunday evening for supper, Tony and Julie, Graham and me having fun and lots laughter.
He was a great man of God, caring, kind and open hearted.
His infectious laughter and kindness were so unique.
He will be greatly missed not only by his family but by everyone who knew him.
He is in the presence of the Lord now rejoicing and enjoying abundant life. Tony you have been promoted to Glory
Soulla Pollard
July 10, 2024
If ever the immortal words ’well done good and faithful servant’ were to be uttered from on High, and be appropriate, it would be now, for you, Tony Williams! However, I just can’t help but wonder if you delayed your arrival through the ‘pearly gates’, be it ever so slightly, with an exclamation... ‘oh hang on, just a minute, I just need to........ ‘. Such was your heart to serve and to put others first!

What a joy and a pleasure it has been to work and serve alongside you (and Julie) this last decade. For a season alongside each other on the CLM Board, and for the duration on the CLME (conference) Board. From both vantage points, the charitable and the commercial, your heart and love for people was clear, and undiminished to the very end, much of it unseen. Whilst often I would have my head down in detail and numbers (I love Excel… you didn’t 😊), in your gentle way, you would challenge me to look up and see the people around...... thank you for helping me to keep a Kingdom mindset and to love for God’s people.

Thank you also for your love and kindness to the Davis family over the years. In our early days when the girls were still young and finding their feet at CLM, your reassuring presence, tender-heartedness and bag of sweets were often a highlight to our girls (and me!).

Tony – thank you… and enjoy your great reward in heaven!

Matthew, Katie, Emily, Abigail and the Pesky Rabbits
Matthew Davis
July 10, 2024
Precious memories
Chris Spicer
July 10, 2024
We often refer to that comforting phrase in the bible .. well done good and faithful servant.. but Tony exemplified this in his life totally and with huge zeal and love .. well done Tony .. yours is the joy and our is the sorrow of loss .. we’re thankful for your ‘footsteps in our sand’ xx
Chris and Tina Spicer
July 10, 2024
Mr. Tony Williams was a genuine personality in all aspects of his life.
His sense of duty was genuine.
His smile was genuine.
His laughter was genuine.
His love for God and people was genuine.
His words and speech were genuine.
He was altogether an epitome of a Christlike life on earth, he was unassuming in service and leadership so much so that his presence created a deep sense of love and belongingness among those around him.

We met Mr Williams when we joined CLM on arriving Coventry in 2010.
Our first impression of him was that of a man who was committed to the service of God and people. As time went on we noticed his great love for people and particularly children.

His involvement with the kids program (Royal Rangers and youth camp) contributed greatly to making the church a place of welcome for young children and contributed to their spiritual well-being.

Tony, your passing has come to us as a rude shock. We are however consoled that you have gone to be with the Lord whom you loved so much and lived for (so well).

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to find and live so close to a faithful soldier of the Lord, Your life was truly beautiful and beautifully lived.

May the life you lived make and encourage us to believe and trust the Lord steadfastly until we meet to part no more.

Truly, heaven must be a beautiful place because of people like you.

Adieu Good man, God’s soldier, Warrior and Saint! You will remain ever fresh in our hearts and memories.

Much love to Julie and family xx.

Agbor and Stella (for The Orims)
Agbor and Stella Orim
July 10, 2024
Tony Williams, an amazing man. Your love for God and human beings was genuine and crowned with humility, warmth and service. You were love personified. Always wearing a smile, always full of a good sense of humour, always welcoming with open arms, always there for others as if you had no challenges of your own, yet hard working and full of joy.
You made a real difference and touched our lives, and many more lives alike. In all things, we thank God for your life and family. You have run your race, your work on earth is done. Your struggles and pains have ceased. You have left behind a legacy and worthy example for others to follow. Here on earth you are sorely missed, but God loves you more. Rest in perfect peace.
Our condolences to Julie and Williams family. Always in our thoughts and prayers.
Daniel and Rachel Adikpe
July 10, 2024
What a blessing to have been part of Tony's incredible journey. I can't think back on my childhood without thinking about my journey through church with the William's family. Tony was fully committed to what God was doing in Coventry, memories of Sunday school on Saturday afternoon and the important minibus journey to pick up the kids from the local area to get them into church. Committed, loving and fun are the words that come to mind when thinking of Tony. It was such a joy to see him from time to time when visiting the church throughout my adulthood. The only photo's I have of the old church days is from one of the carnivals we were involved in. Still can't believe they put us kids on the back of a truck and people use to throw coins at us (you wouldn't be able to do that now). Lots of love to the family and thank you all for such lovely memories. Cheryl x
Cheryl Shepherd (Whitehead)
July 10, 2024
Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.
Tony, a true and faithful servant, who we had the honour to call friend and brother in Christ.
Thank you for all you have done.
Rest in His welcoming arms.
Much love to Julie and family.
Gaynor and John ❤️🙏
Gaynor and John Malone
July 10, 2024
“The deeds you do for yourself are gone when you pass away, but the deeds you do for others remain as your legacy.”

Tony, you were the absolute greatest!! Pure love flowed from you and into everyone that you met.

Tony reflected Jesus in everything he did. From his infectious laugh to his professional chair formations!! He was the ultimate servant and a hero to everyone who met him

The massive hole that you have left is something we all need to try and fill by being a little more like you and continuing your amazing legacy!

As I go about my day to day, I will continue to ask myself “what would Tony do”

Enjoy your much deserved treasures!
Jamie Crosby
July 10, 2024
We were saddened to hear first of your illness, and then of your passing a very short while after. You were such an epitome of joy and liveliness. One of our most welcoming experiences when we joined CLM about 3 years ago was having you regularly hand out sweets to our kids with the warmest grandad-type of smile and asking how we were doing. You were never without a warm smile, a tease or an infectious laughter. We were also greatly inspired by the little you shared with us during a few brief chats.

We join others to say thank you for being a true representation of the Father's love on this side of eternity.

We may not have known you for so long or too closely but we will definitely miss you greatly. Rest on.

Our prayers are with your family at this time.
Toyin and Oby Ogundele
July 9, 2024
I am deeply saddened to hear of Tony's passing. Tony was an inspiring leader who brought joy to everyone he met. Tony always greeted me with a warm smile and a heartfelt hello at the church entrance, making each encounter memorable. His sudden departure has left a void in our hearts and within our church community. May his soul rest in peace, and may we all find comfort in the hope of meeting him again in heaven.
July 9, 2024
Tony was an incredible man of God, known for his infectious smile and welcoming nature. Tony's warm and friendly smile greeted us every time we walked into church, making us feel welcome and loved. He was always encouraging and uplifting, touching and inspiring many lives. He had such an incredible sense of humour! The positive impact he had on everyone he met was immense. Tony will be remembered and greatly missed.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Julie and the entire family during this difficult time. We pray for the Lord's comfort; may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times …

Tony, you were a selfless and obedient lover of Christ and your love will forever remain in our hearts.

With love and prayers,

The Sagulas

The Sagulas
July 8, 2024
I am completely lost for words and don't even know where to start talking about Tony. What a man! What a legacy he has left!

Tony was always charismatic, humorous and always wearing a beautiful smile. He was very cheeky as well and always joking with myself and Mary. Whenever we are talking to somebody in church, he would sneak in from behind and tell the person, "Don't believe anything these two are telling you," and before I even respond, he would turn around and walk away with a cheeky laughter while we are left feeling a bit cringe but Tony didn't even care for a moment.

Other times, he would just sneak behind us and say, "I don't mind Jack, its the wife I can't stand." I would then respond, "Tony be nice, we are in church." Again he would just burst into a laughter and walk away without any explanation.

I will never forget how he wrote a card to us during the first lockdown at Covid and was just checking on us. He was also kind enough to share a link to watch his grandsons (Ben's) wedding photos which had taken place a few weeks ago.

Tony was a perfect example of Christ and he lived his life to the fulness. He reached out to all people from all backgrounds, demographic, gender and age group and had a way of living a huge impact on someone.

To Julie and the Williams family at large, may you find solace in the one who never fails. May he give you peace and grace to bear the pain 😢

And to our good friend, Elder and uncle Tony, may you rest well in the eternal arms of Jesus until we meet again.
Jack Mungai
July 8, 2024
Grandad Tony.. the most kind hearted, funny and talented person I have had the honour of knowing.
From running around your flat as a toddler to you praying over me and Sam at our wedding - you have always been there.
I am so grateful that I have so many beautiful memories of you. Holidays to the Lakes with my family, watering the hanging baskets at the old CLM building together and so many chats and laughter whilst having cups of tea at your house alongside Julie’s millionaire shortbread.
I am so going to miss our little phonecall catch ups (even if some of them were accidental pocket dials and 10 minutes voicemails of Coventry City playing on the radio).
I absolutely loved emailing each other photos of the latest painting we were working on throughout lockdown. I have been looking over one of those paintings lots this week where you had written “through the storm, we see Gods promise”.
Through everything, you would talk of Gods goodness and you have been an incredible example of how to live a life for God.
Thank you for everything.
Mollie Carter (Froggett)
July 8, 2024
My Uncle Tone. Not blood related, but you didn’t need to be to feel the warmth of Tony’s love. This heartbreaking news is incredibly difficult to come to terms with because a world without Tony Williams just doesn’t feel right. I will never ever forget his smile; the only thing right now that might help ease the pain. I’ll also never forget that he was happiest with his family and his tremendous wife, Julie. My auntie Ju. My heart hurts for you.
I want to thank Tony for always being yourself. I never felt safer than when I was surrounded by the love and kindness of you and Julie, from when I was two pottering around your flat above church, to just months ago when you would come round and help jump start my (yet again) dead car battery.
You’d help someone in a heartbeat with nothing to gain other than the satisfaction of helping. I’ll try my best to carry the kindness on in my day to day, that you so effortlessly poured out. You’d fill a room with such joy and I’m sad I won’t feel that in a room again, there is no one else like you.
There’s so much more I could say. And almost no other words to say either, if that makes sense. I love you Tony, Uncle Tone. Thank you for being you, always.
July 8, 2024
Tony…Amazing man of God with infectious great smile, always welcoming, encouraging and uplifting. Tony has touched and inspired many lives. He will be always be remembered and greatly missed.
Silvia Gill
July 8, 2024
So I have trying to put into words how I feel about tony not being here anymore and like most have already said the word to sum it up is heartbroken. Although I know tony is in a better place and I am sure he will be rejoicing in being there I will miss him more then I can say .

I will forever be grateful for all you did for Martin . I could never say thank you enough. and I know he will be rejoicing to see you again up there

I have so many memories over the 30 years I have known tony and Julie from many a kids camp and children event not to mention meals and many lovely conversations when he drove me home
however when I thing of special memories . The beautiful messages at our wedding and Martin funeral will always been in my mind . I will cherish these forever .

Sending lots of love ,hugs and prayers to Julie,Mark and Jo and Sarah and Chris and all the amazing children.

Till I see you again tony . Thank you for being you .
Clare Jackson
July 8, 2024
Tony, what a incredible servant to God.

Their are fantastic memories of Tony. I first met him at Christmas time 1987. His greeting were so enthusiastic and you could see his love for the church. He had a really good sense of humor and we would often be laughing together. Often visited Tony's parents which also had the same loving and caring attitude.

The love of children was his forte and was a joy to watch him with them. He cared so much for the children and it was reciprocated by the love they showed to him. Tony was so quietly spoken and never heard a harsh word from him. At one time he said can you give me a hand getting the children to church, this i happily did as you could not refuse such a nice man. From then for eight years I was still giving a lift to the children plus my own children's group. This man was remarkable in having a wonderful gift with the children.

Tony used to work at Mattersons in Hale Street and when the premises closed somehow managed to have permission to remove the carpet tiles so they could be put down in the church. Everything he did was for the church. He was relentless in what he did and achieve, and his love of art showed what he liked to do. Never for himself but for others. I always remember on day trips out whilst everyone went sightseeing Tony would in a chair doing his drawing/sketches of which i now have one in my living room.

I always remember the 3rd April 1988 which was a Easter Sunday, Tony was preaching. After his preach I gave my self to the Lord. I will never forget this date and the selfless man he was.

Their are so many things you can say about Tony, he was a legend in his own right and will never be forgotten.

Thank you Tony for so much. What a Great, Great Man...

Condolences to Julie and the all the family at this time.

God Bless all of you. .
Mick Keatley
July 8, 2024
A lot to say but I'll leave it at the bare minimum.

Our first day in CLM, you welcomed me and my then 'little girls' with your infectious and affectionate smiles. The smiles also came with sweets. We immediately felt at home.
You never failed to remind me that I am not a child whenever I come for my own share of the sweets and I never failed to remind you that I am a child of God. Therefore, I will get my sweets.
In my difficult moments, you prayed for me without me saying a word to you.
Any day you join the Treasure Kids is always additional blessings.
You are a selfless and obedient lover of Christ.
You are loved and forever will be missed.

Sending prayers to your family.
Chichi Ogbonnaya
July 8, 2024
So much to say in Honour of you Tony my very dear and treasured friend, and yet so hard to encapsulate in just a few sentences.
Tony I had the absolute Joy of working alongside you and Julie for many wonderful years. The Conferences at the Welcome Centre were not so much a business or providing a room to hold a meeting but much more. It was a Ministry, your unique way of connecting with people from all ages and walks of life.
Julie preparing the most incredible buffets in the early hours of the morning sometimes at a few minutes notice, whilst you were setting up the rooms and getting everything ready to welcome all who came; nothing ever too much trouble.
You effortlessly made everyone feel special and at ease, any stress they had simply melted away and instead left a lasting impression of the kindness and care that you so naturally showed.
That beauty of your character and joyful smile will always remain in our memories of you.
Tony you have sprinkled so much happiness with your beautiful paintings which many of us cherish in our homes. As I look out of my kitchen window each day I see the lovely plaque you made for me and the bible text that attracted one of my neighbours to give their heart to the Lord.
I so enjoyed the times you and Julie would come for afternoon tea in the garden with Lee and Sonia and we’d share stories and have a wonderful time together.
My deepest love to Julie, Mark, Jo, Chris and, Sarah and their amazing families. May the Lord comfort and carry them in His loving arms.
You are so deeply loved and missed, yet we’re comforted knowing you’re with Jesus whom you loved and served faithfully.
Rest in His love and peace until we meet again.
Anita and family.
Anita Fox
July 8, 2024
I always wondered if Elder Tony ever had a bad day. It didn't matter whether he sat at the reception desk at the Welcome Centre, was leading a Treasure Kids session or a child dedication service, he always had an affectionate smile on his face and an encouraging word to share.

He had a unique way of connecting with people, irrespective of age or background.

Did i mention that he also had a seemingly endless supply of sweets for children? Such a doting grandad!

His towering figure and warm presence will be sorely missed at CLM. So will his positive demeanor.

Our deepest condolences to the Willams gang! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Adieu, Elder Tony!
Evans Aneke
July 7, 2024
Tony always greeted us with a lovely friendly smile when we came into church. He really shone out for Jesus and always made time to chat with us. We will miss that special greeting.

Tony always encouraged and supported. Nothing was too much trouble. An example was the lavender that he collected up for us from outside church last year when we mentioned we were planning to make some lavender bags for church friends from lavender from our own garden. We were so touched by the help he gave.

We are thinking of Julie and Tony’s family and all are in our prayers 🙏

Julie Booth and Pat Bishop
July 7, 2024
Dear Tony,
It is with deepest sorrow and sadness I write this tribute to you. We love you but God loves you more and I know that he has you resting comfortably in his everlasting arms. Rest Well Dear Tony. Rest in Perfect Peace.

We did not expect it and wish we had more time to continue to appreciate you. God in his infinite wisdom knows the best.

For me, You have been a good soldier of Christ Jesus, a hero. You have fought the good fight, you have finished the race, and kept the faith, there is laid up for you the crown of righteousness.

I thank God for your life, your impact, and legacy of Christian service, love, commitment, good counsel, and faithfulness to the church is indelible and will forever remain in our hearts until we meet again.

May Our Lord comfort and sustain your family, your wife, children, grand children and great grand children now and always. Rest in perfect peace till resurrection day. Amen!
David S Raj Kalakonda
July 7, 2024
The memory of the righteous(Tony) is blessed. Proverbs 10:7
David S Raj Kalakonda
July 7, 2024
Words cannot express the sorrow all our family feel on the loss of Tony. Gary and i loved him and looked forward to our chats at church.Even though all our family dont attend CLM they all met Tony.He had the big smile and welcome only he could give. Tony and Julie have both been my encouragers and friends. Memories of time spent on kids camp where Tony shone being surrounded by children worshipping God it never lost its awe and wonder year after year. Tony was the light in our church anyone who came through the doors at CLM knew Tony he reflected Gods love and open arms for all. Thank you Tony for being the lovely man of God you are love you loads Julie Mabbett grandchildren loved you Lewis Charlie Savannah xx
Julie mabbett
July 7, 2024
Our highest calling as a Christian is to be like Christ, and that is exactly what you were. The pure of example of love, grace and acceptance. We both can tell stories of how you made us feel welcome and loved, and saw the vast impact of this upon all those you came in to contact with. Your example as one who welcomes was an inspiration to myself (Steve) that empowered me to try and emulate something of what you were in my time at CLM. And you saying hello, with your wonderful smile made settling at CLM that much easier (Sarah).

You have stored up treasures in heaven which you enjoy now and so well deserved!

We pray for the Lord's comfort for family and friends at this time, may the peace that comes from Jesus be so real right now.
Steve and Sarah Gibbins
July 7, 2024
Hmmm, Elder Tony! Grandad Tony! What a Legend! A man who lived all of his life serving the Lord and His people.

A one of a kind lover of Jesus who showed and demonstrated this love by being absolutely sold out to serving God's people in so many ways!!

Having been a CLMite for over 18 years now, and seeing the Church go from everyone knowing everyone, to a congregation of over 1500 members across both congregations, Elder Tony was always a familiar face that brought joy and reassurance.

I will never forget his constant words of encouragement at the times I have served in Church. He says to me that it is such a joy seeing me still up there singing my heart out and serving the Lord.

He was such a role model in service to the Lord and His people, always serving with a huge smile on his face.

His love for children and young people was unparalleled. His ability to influence and relate with different generations was beautiful. He always had sweets for some, played match maker for others and had a laugh with so many more.

Elder Tony had a huge heart. The first dining set we ever had in our home was given to us by Elder Tony.

Elder Tony's love and support for his family is a beauty to behold and the way He has raised a family of Jesus lovers, is so admirable.

I felt so sad and heart-broken when I learned of his home-going as I was believing for healing, but God always knows and does what is best.

As sad as it is for us here on earth whose lives he touched so deeply, I know there is a sweet welcome in heaven for him as God’s good and faithful servant.

Adieu, one of God's finest! Our Elder Tony😭
Gift Evans-Aneke
July 7, 2024
Tony the man with a big heart and a smile to match. Tirelessly worked to see children and young people find Jesus. Kids camps and bell green youth and myself well remember the mission at Willenhall. I know without a shadow of a doubt my boys and cousins tom and callum would not be where they are today without Tony's input. Him and julie spent so much time in the kitchens at camp and clm.tired but always smiling.i look on those times with much fondness and gratitude. Never saw tony preach and when on stage it was to move a microphone or lead. He would then suddenly appear in another part of the building pouring tea.. We did so much as churches together.Heavens gates and hells flames production there was tony teaching lines to the kids. You deserve your rest Tony in the presence of our wonderful saviour Jesus. And altho heaven is perfect i do imagine you polishing those streets of gold .xx
Pat Townend (boyle)
July 7, 2024
Dear Tony, we will miss you!

I can't remember ever seeing you without a jovial grin, always so happy to see me and my sister - marvelling at how much we'd grown.

One of my fondest church memories is when you would come up to take over Treasure Kids (equipped with a baggie of maoams!!)

I'll never forget the song you taught us along to the accordion which went like this:

When I get to Heaven I will walk all around,
Have everlasting life,
I'm going to sit by my saviour,
Put on my crown,
Have everlasting life!

I have no doubt that you're enjoying that everlasting life right now, so excited to finally meet the Lord, whose example of love you so clearly followed.

Love to Julie and the family, you're all in my prayers
Ane Okonofua
July 7, 2024
Tony, a beautiful soul who showered my family and me with kindness and love. Your presence brought so much gladness to our hearts, and we'll cherish those memories forever.
Satnam & Mani
July 7, 2024
I agree with every beautiful tribute in honour of Tony, he is a beautiful soul with a beautiful smile; he showed friendliness and kindness to everyone he met. If he was talking to someone when you walked by, he would always turn and say “how are you” . Thank you Tony for introducing mum to AOG when she worked for you at Mattersons, hence I followed and then my family, including granddaughters Holly Daisy and Gracie. Thank you for singing Away in a Manger with Holly when she was four years old and had just been healed from cancer through the prayers of the church and the Goodness of God. Thank you for giving me a lift to and from church every Sunday.. Thank you for the beautiful painting you did for me of the parakeets that visited my garden and thank you for being such fun to work alongside at Royal Rangers. I pray for peace and comfort to Julie and the family. Tony Williams, SIMPLY THE BEST

Thelma Gabriel and family
Thelma Gabriel
July 7, 2024
If there's one word I can think of to describe Tony it's "authentic". In a world full of fake he was the real deal! Genuine heart for people. Genuinely following after Jesus with everything. Welcome home God's soldier🙏🏻

Love Megan x
Megan Saunders
July 7, 2024
On behalf of Late Ps Younas family, I would like to express my deepest condolences to our brother in Christ Tony's family. I pray that may the Lord Almighty anoint the family with his eternal peace. Amen.✝️🙏✝️
Surgeill Younas Gill
July 7, 2024
My deepest condolences and prayers to Julie and all the family during this difficult time.
Shapil Chaponda
July 7, 2024
I will miss you so so much Tony. Thank you for everything. Love, Jessica
Jessica Walker
July 7, 2024
Thank You Lord

I will not forget these words in Uncle Tony's Voice. 95% of your prayers was this and that's what I've learnt to say in my prayers. This is really painful news but Thank You Lord Jesus for the gift of Uncle Tony. Your Love, gentleness, humility, kindness, smiles and so much more would remain a lesson to our generations. I would miss you dearly
Joshua Waziri Mairafi
July 6, 2024
Thank you Julie and family for sharing this one in a billion man with our family, our sons and grandchildren.

The gift of making someone feel like they are the only person in the room is one we have rarely seen. Tony had that gift - to make a longstanding visitor feel like family. A treasure in our hearts. Your legacy is wide Tony - and the splash and ripple impact goes on…. Much love, deepest joy that you have now met our King face to face.
Love A & K xxxx
Karen and Andy Hart
July 6, 2024
The first day we entered CLM church building in 2005, Tony was one of the first people who welcomed us with his usual loving smile. Tony has always been such a blessing to all those who personally encountered him and was always with candy for the kids hence the kids called him “the candy man”.
We believe Tony has run his race well and his loss is immeasurable, but so is the love he left behind. Tony, your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, and we missed you beyond measure.
Goodbyes are not forever, Goodbyes are not the end, they simply mean we miss you, until we meet again in the bosom of the Lord.
Wisdom & Caroline
July 6, 2024
When you think about Tony or when someone mentions him, you always find yourself smiling. As we can see from all these tributes, this was the same for everyone.
We had heard of Tony of course before we came to CLM, but it was wonderful to get to know him better. He made us so welcome when we arrived about 5 years ago. It felt so good when you had a chat with him.
There is so much more to say of course , but summing it up, we would like to say, what a wonderful example of a Christian Tony was.
I am sure many who are in heaven will say, "I am here because of Tony".
We do look forward to meeting him again there, together worshiping our matchless Saviour.
Much love to Julie and family - thinking of you very much.
Carol Hillier
July 6, 2024
Tony Williams, thank you for sharing your love of art with me.

I'll never forget how you not only encouraged me to keep painting but went the extra mile and gifted me some art supplies about a year ago and told me to let you know how I got on. I'm so sad that you're not here to see the fruit of your encouragement. To see how I've gained confidence in my artistic expression because you believed in me. Thank you for being such a blessing and an inspiration. I will miss you terribly, but find comfort knowing that you're in the loving arms of our father.

You may never know the magnitude of your impact, but heaven does, and I pray that God in his faithfulness will keep his covenant of love to a thousand of your generations (Deut 7:9)
Joy Massa
July 6, 2024
Wow, what can I say.
Tony you have been a big part of my life. From Sunday School,youth camps which I'm sure each year we made you
grow greyer with all the antics we got up
to. Even then you never got cross with us when we never went to bed till the early hours of the morning.
Then I had the privilege of working with you at Mattersons for many years. One year it snowed so bad we couldn't get the cars out the car park and you said I could stay at with you Julie Mark and Sarah. Dad managed to get over to yours with clothes for me but I couldn't go home with dad I wanted to stay at yours.
My boys have memories of you and always described you as the man that's always smiling and has sweets in his pockets.
Tony you just oozed love and grace and you have left a big whole in clm. You are now in heaven with my dad. To not see you again hurts but I'm grateful for all the encouragement you have given me over the years. Xx
Julie Hemming
July 6, 2024
My Grandad 🤍

My most favourite person- he was an incredible man. My Taxi, My supporter, My homework buddy, My encourager, My advisor, My friend.
Thank you for always pointing me to the outlook of Jesus.

Thank you for spending hours on end on FaceTime with me, asking me about the ins and outs of my life, listening intently to the answers and teaching me the olden goldies for youth ministry-
“If I was a butterfly, I’d Thankyou God for giving me wings…”
“Now listen to my tale…”
“God’s love is like a circle….”

He was an inspiration to many and I am so privileged to be of his heritage. A heritage that serves others willingly, of humbleness, of care and one which shines the fruits of the spirit.

We all love you Grandad and will continue to strive to be more like you. A willing servant prepared and eager to say “Yes” to the asks of the Lord.

I will continue to sing all your hymns on the ukulele and continuously challenge myself to be loving towards others and welcoming others just as half as good as you did.

Forever your granddaughter - Gracie xx
Gracie Williams
July 6, 2024
Tony was one of the first people to greet us when we joined clm all those years ago. He welcomed us openly and took our family under his wings, we never had a grandad growing up and Tony definitely became the closest person we had to one. He was always smiling, full of joy and a pocket full of sweets. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us Tony from behalf of me and my family thank you for always being there for us, we love you so much.
Jessica murray
July 6, 2024

Tony aka The Sweetie Man was full of good humour showed great compassion, lived a Christ Centre Life. When Tony Preached the Sermon was always fun watch and listen. Tony had the ability to connect with People.. That Warm Smile and Hello left its mark on so many. Tony You Served Clm Church in Good Times and Bad planting the Seed that became the New Church Building.. Mr Sweetie Man the Children in Heaven await Your Sweets.
Tony, known to many as The Sweetie Man, was a beacon of good humour and compassion, living a life centered on Christ. His sermons were not just messages but experiences, filled with warmth and joy, making them a delight to watch and listen to. Tony had a unique gift for connecting with people, his warm smile and friendly hello leaving a lasting impression on everyone he met.

Tony's service to CLM Church was unwavering, through both good times and bad. He played a crucial role in planting the seeds that eventually grew into the new church building. His legacy of kindness and dedication will continue to inspire those who knew him.

Mr. Sweetie Man, your generous spirit and the sweets you shared with children are now awaited in Heaven. The children there are ready to welcome you with open arms.
July 6, 2024
We will miss your smile Tony, I personally cannot forget the time and effort you put, reaching out to different people and searching through the internet to help me find a right gardener when I asked for. You have been an amazing cheerful soul with a smile always on your face.
You have been my children’s favourite at church as you always carried sweets for them and they enjoyed lingering round you for sweets. Lovely moments for them and for us.
You will be deeply missed. Praying for peace in the family.
Timothy & Parimala
July 6, 2024
Tony was the first person I recall welcoming me when first visiting CLM in 1965 (which was at that time the Assembly of God, where my wife Jenny and I were also married).
The welcome I received from Tony never changed throughout all these years, as I saw him welcome others over the years.
Tony had a gift of supporting and self giving to others. His life is an example to all of us in self sacrifice for others. And I was one of the recipients of his guidance and support over many years; his smile was infections and he always had a word of encouragement.
Although I don’t attend CLM now, the teachings and guidance received over the many years that I did attend, still remain with me to this day.
My love goes out to Julie, Mark, Sarah and all the family and may God be with you and cover you with his wings at this sad time.
Love, Stewart, Jenny and David Edris
July 6, 2024
What can one say about a man who has left behind a huge hole! Because he loved so much, and was part of all we did because he cared and he was interested, the missing is going to be tough!

When we read in the bible that Jesus came not to be served but to serve, I think of Marks dad.
Who served his Jesus faithfully in all his life and in all areas of his life! Not just in excellence in all he put his hand to; but by loving us his family, and by loving all who he encountered.

To live out a life knowing that his treasures were to be stored up for in heaven.
Served by his faithful wife and our mom to be released to serve the church, who we know is the people!
And so proud, that his family all know Jesus and love and serve Jesus, that was all he wanted in life.
And so as our friend said; ‘Tony you are a rich man’.
For me to live, in Christ to die is gain. There is no peace, no joy, no thrill, like walking in his will, for me to live, in Christ, to die is gain.

Personally, never a daughter in law. There is no in law about it I have been told and shown for years!

I love you grandad.
Jo Williams
July 6, 2024
My grandad was not only a loved one in my family but he was everyone’s friend, everyone’s hero and an amazing example of someone who served Jesus. He was always dedicated, giving 100% in everything he did, and his commitment to his faith was truly inspiring. He welcomed everyone to church with open arms, making each person feel valued and loved. As the best grandad, his warmth and kindness touched many lives, and his presence will be deeply missed by all who knew him. His legacy of love and devotion will always be remembered.
Anna williams
July 6, 2024
MY DAD, my hero, my best mate.
What a privilege and an absolute honour to call you my DAD, always serving people with the love of God. Everything you did was with excellence whether big or small you put 100% of yourself into it. So from being an only child from grandma and grandad to having me and Sarah to then twelve beautiful grandchildren to now having 2 amazing great grandsons and a great grand daughter on the way these are your legacy and will do our very best to live our lives as you did putting God at the centre of everything and putting others before yourself. Thankyou everyone for your amazing tributes they will be cherished and will continue to strengthen my mum and our family. I told my dad last week that ‘Gods not finished with him yet’ and now I know that the reflection of his life will send ripples through years to come causing flames to be rekindled and more souls being saved. Thankyou Jesus
Mark williams
July 6, 2024
Tony, or Grandad Tony as I knew him, was the most Jesus-filled man of God I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.

I met Grandad Tony some years ago now when I was invited to a family Boxing Day get together here in Portishead. With his beaming smile, he asked me about my background and showed an interest in my journey. When he heard I was a teenager who recently came to Christ from a non-Christian family and had no grandfathers in my life, he treated me like one of his own grandchildren from that day onwards. The family have been so hospitable to me over the years, and I am so honoured to have been able to spend a lot of time with them and Grandad Tony at family gatherings, and be treated and loved as one of their own. Tony and Julie even referred to me as their ‘adopted grandson’ - how lucky am I.

I am so heart broken for Julie and the entire family, and they are all at the forefront of my prayers. We have lost a mighty champion for God here on Earth, but Grandad Tony now stands forever in glory alongside his Lord and Saviour that he loved and spent his whole life living for. Although I will miss him deeply, I praise God that I was considered family to such a good and faithful servant.

May you rest easy Grandad Tony as you stand in glory ❤️
Charlie Gazzard
July 6, 2024
A servant heart! Never seen him on stage, preaching, he was the mechanics behind it all. Always smiling. Always invested in people. He took me on my first camp and many after, his passion you young people was what kept me engaged for many years as a kid. Much love and a legacy he leaves. Thanks Tony x
Paddy Boyle
July 6, 2024
Tony William, what a legend. I met Tony 19 years ago. I worked for the Welcome centre. Tony was my first ever manager in the UK, I loved his caring and humble heart.
He made all welcome centre staff feel loved and appreciated. I always felt that going to work was like home to home. I never saw Tony without a smile.
Tony & Julie impacted my life so much. Some days the door bell rang and It was tony who brought some freshly baked cookies that Julie made and sent for my children. We have so many lovely memories with Tony.
A Great Man Of God. Heaven is pleased to have there faithful servant.
You will be forever missed, especially your lovely smile.

Tony rest in eternal peace.

Praying for Julie and the rest of the family.

Nabeela Gill
July 6, 2024
A truly remarkable man who has now taken his place in heaven. Tony was a man of integrity, kindness, and unwavering strength, whose presence enriched the lives of all who knew him, his smile lit up any room he entered. We as a family have such fond memories especially of our time living in Coventry and CLM being our home church.

Tony's journey on earth was marked by a dedication to his family, friends, and children's ministry. The years spent at kids camp and other childrens ministries, how he equipped other churches with his famous art work in order to share the gospel, he was truly an incredible man. He was a beacon of light, always ready to lend a helping hand, offer a word of encouragement, or share a moment of joy. His laughter was contagious, his wisdom profound, and his love unconditional. When my daughters were growing up, he became their adopted grandad, always a loving embrace for them.

He leaves behind a legacy of love, compassion, and generosity and what a family to leave this legacy too. A family firm in faith.

While we mourn his loss, we also celebrate the incredible life he lived and the eternal peace he has now found.

Rest in peace, dear Tony. You certainly would have have the words from our Father saying "Well done my good and faithful servant " Enjoy paradise and will see you in the morning. Love Clare, Kerrigan, Helena and Sofia xx
Clare Pritchard
July 6, 2024
Tony a very special man. Even though I’m no longer in the church, I still carry the values and teachings that the church gave me. I first started going in 1965 Tony was the first to welcome me in, always an infectious smile, that always portrayed a genuine happiness within his heart.He
never let people down always ready to help.
A big loss to his Family, friends and church. Heaven is celebrating his arrival. Love to you all it’s hard to loose someone you love. Loved Tony to bits bless him. xx
Cliff Mazey
July 6, 2024
Tribute to Tony

The very first day I decided to go visit the church building at Christian Life ministries just to check out on the notice board the service times. I came across a man with a radiant smile who was the epitome of warmth and hospitality. This was Tony Williams. Tony was living in the church building at this point with Julie his wife. Tony as the guardian of Christian Life ministries in so many ways. Not only the care taker of the physical building for so many years, but a man who God had chosen to be a beacon of joy and enthusiasm for God’s work.
I decided to attend Sunday service the next Sunday, and true to form Tony was again there to greet me he had remembered me from visiting to check out the service time, although I was there very briefly the first time and just looked at the times of service board. Tony remembered me and greeted me like a family member. Over many years I know Tony made the same profound impression on many people who visited Christian Life ministries. With his countenance and his manner that exuded the Holy Spirit.
I know not only people who visited the church received the blessing of Tony’s warmth, due to the fact that I heard testimonies from many people who visited the welcome centre for meetings and conferences religious or secular congregations. Who all reported that the one definable thing that made their visit to the Welcome centre a warm and hospitable experience, was the welcome afforded to them by Tony Williams.
For the last twelve years of my life since I have been attending Christian Life ministries the beauty of Tony Williams faithfulness to commitment. longevity to service and love for family and mankind has been an inspiration to a community of people in Coventry.
So I thank God for you and say Hallelujah you were like an angel in the form of a man and now God takes you back, I will grieve for my loss and say Hallelujah your home
Simeon Walker
July 6, 2024
An amazing man with great relationship with all generations and people. He poured it out for people. May he rest in the bosom of Our Father in peace. We pray for the family and close friends 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽
George & Lordina
July 6, 2024
'Isn't it wonderful!?'
These are the words that immediately spring to mind when I think of Tony Williams, along with that fantastic giggle and friendly smile. Tony had a way of making you feel better, just by being in the room. He radiated the love of Jesus and he had that joy down in his heart, as does Julie. I used to love getting a sweet from him right into my 20's (if he had any left over)! I have never met and don't believe I ever will meet, a man who is as servant hearted, kind, faithful and loyal as Tony.

I have many fond memories with Tony and Julie such as Kid's Camps, Cornwall holidays and Tony marrying myself and Alex. Not only did he marry us, he spent hours at church making it look absolutely beautiful and the day would not have been what it was if Tony hadn't been involved. He helped us decorate our first home too and was one of the first to meet our little boy, Donny.

He was also there in the sad times. When my mom passed away, he painted the most beautiful picture for me with 3 blue tits in it, knowing that these were important to my family.

Tony, you will always be an inspiration to those who knew you and we strive to love people in the way that you did.

Well done, good and faithful servant Tony. Welcome home.
Joanna Hart
July 5, 2024
Sending my condolences to the family.

I see Tony every Sunday and he says hi every time. I’ll never forget him because he welcomed me ever since I started going to this church in June 2023. I also remember how much he enjoyed the cupcake I made. He’s with Jesus now and he’s singing to him ❤️

God bless you,
Elaine Chan
July 5, 2024
Firstly I’d like to pass my deepest condolences to Julie and the family.

I was shocked and saddened to hear about Tony’s passing. In my 10 years at CLM Tony has been a wonderful example of warmth, generosity and hospitality. Tony always welcomed me with a bright smile and a funny joke to match, from Sunday services to our lunch time chats during my mid-week volunteering at church back in 2016. His passion for Jesus was infectious and his presence at CLM will truly be missed.

My thoughts and prayers are with Julie and the family.
Rumbi Muchemwa
July 5, 2024
I can't remember my first memory of meeting Tony back in 1990 as a student at Coventry University, but I'll always remember a man who smiled and laughed so liberally and so often. It was a hallmark of his life, just bright and joyful. I'm sure I did antagonise him on occasion with my somewhat invidious humour - but, if I did, he never held it against me.

What a wonderful legacy Tony has through his children and many grandchildren. You finished the race, your fought the good fight Tony, and I can see your beaming face in my mind's eye right now.

All my love to Mark (even though he pulled my tracksuit bottoms down in front of the girls in Emma's kitchen) and his family. It was satisfying that you got banned from Youth by Froggy for a while - being an Elder's son and all. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Julie and Sarah at this time.

God bless, Love, Tim, Mary, Daniel, Esther, Rebekah and Susannah.
Tim Hamilton
July 5, 2024
Firstly I just want to express my condolences to the family and anyone else who was close to him. He was a kind and generous man who cared for others and was a very loving man who was always there for the kids. Tony will always be missed in the church and will pray that Gods angels will welcome him in heaven with open arms. May your soul rest in peace.
Adama Bangura
July 5, 2024
Such sad news. What a selfless man of God Tony was. His legacy will live on through his family and everyone he ever met. Always smiling and laughing which was contagious whenever I spoke to him.

Tony and Julie have given so much to Church and he will be missed across all generations of CLM.

He always asked me how the family was and how was business and when I replied he always listened.

Gentleman is a word that is used quite flippantly sometimes but when I think of Tony he epitomises the word Gentleman. God bless you Tony and the Baldwins send all our love and prayers to his wonderful family.
Lee Baldwin
July 5, 2024
Uncle Tony drove the minibus that brought me to CLM for the first time. A seemingly small act of service that had huge value.

In a church where it can be hard to see the same people twice, Tony was always there.
He saw everyone who came in the doors.

As if we didn't know it already, all these messages show how loved he is. I am comforted that Tony knew an even greater Love.
He championed, encouraged, and quietly blessed - a titan of faith, a humble servant of Christ. A fixture of this community, a loyal friend. Uncle Tony.
Elizabeth H
July 5, 2024
My Saturday and Sunday afternoons at the Williams’ home were some of my most precious teenage memories. I loved Tony’s joy and laughter! Tony would be painting something for church on the dining table and Julie would be making food and endless cups of tea for the stream of visitors they would welcome in to their home.
Tony was the same man in his home and on the pulpit. He was funny, open-hearted, generous, deeply loving and cared for people so very much. He lit up the room when he walked in and it was clear he loved his family so very much.
When he and Julie visited me at Saints last year, I felt so overwhelmed by the fact they cared and took the time to still encourage me as an adult. When they did, I felt like that teenager all over again and the love they gave me in one visit was very moving.
Tony, we love you, thank you for the years you poured into my life and my family. You will be so deeply missed. X
Jet Jones (Jenette Bonner)

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