Tina Dawn Tyler

March  16th, 1961 January  20th, 2024
Uckfield, East Sussex
Tina Dawn Tyler

A mother holds her children's hands for a while, and their hearts forever.

If there is one word that can sum up what Tina was about, it is family. She loved her family beyond all else and to the end always put her children, Sam, Matt and Rob and her husband, me, first. Our health and happiness was everything to her. She was quite simply the most wonderful wife, mother and grandmother and will be missed so much.

Tina was born in Guildford, Surrey on 16 March 1961, the fourth of five children. Her childhood was very happy and whilst the family was not wealthy she never felt they wanted for anything. She had particularly fond memories of Christmases which, with that many children, were wonderfully chaotic and always fun. This love of Christmas continued into her married life with the Tyler family Christmas being the absolute highlight of every year.

She had a lifelong passion for dressmaking having first been taught to sew and knit by her mother. On leaving school in 1977 she joined a haute couture design studio in Worplesdon, Surrey, to start to learn the profession. Unfortunately the business closed a couple of years later and Tina, needing to find a job, joined Boots in Guildford where she had been a Saturday girl when at school. Things happen for a reason though; it was there, in 1983, she was given the job of managing a temporary Christmas porter, a fresh faced student (me!) who had just completed his legal studies. The rest, as they say, is history.

It was a true case of love at first sight and only 6 months later, in June 1984, we were married in Crowborough, where we were both working, and we lived there for 37 years before moving to what we thought would be our retirement base in Uckfield, in 2021.
In 1986 we were blessed with the birth of our daughter Sam and without hesitation Tina decided to be a stay at home mum/homemaker, with Matt adding to the family in 1988 and Rob in 1993. She dedicated her life to us and was there for them every step of the way through the early years, school, university, health challenges, hospital visits, meeting their husbands/wives/partners (she loved Neil, Sam and Sophie so much), and the birth of our three wonderful granddaughters, Mia, Chloe & Holly.

While I focused on my work, building my career, and providing financially for the family, Tina ran the ‘family office’. Everything happened seamlessly. She never missed a birthday, an anniversary or any other important event. She mastered interior design, decorating, minor building works, garden design, project management for larger works, holiday and wedding planning, house moving and a myriad of other things; all the rest of the family had to do was turn up and everything would be done and would be perfect. She put her organisation skills to great effect in the 1990’s when she ran the catering operation for Crowborough mini-rugby for a number of years while and the boys and I ran around outside.

We loved Menorca, from our first visit in 1987 with my parents. From 1997 until 2018 we went there at least once a year, nearly always staying in the same villa. The children all have wonderful memories of enjoying the sunshine and the pool and eating pizza! It was proper family time, which continued after they grew up and they would often join us out there, even if it was only for a long weekend.

In 2018 we started to plan for our retirement. Following my reckless and silly idea to buy a motorhome, Tina found a holiday lodge for sale on the beach in Selsey on the West Sussex coast. As soon as we saw it we fell in love with it and over the last five years spent every free moment down there. Tina enjoyed simple pleasures. Sitting on the deck looking out to sea towards the Isle of Wight (another popular holiday destination when the children were small) was her idea of paradise. Our last visit together was in early December 2023. As we left she burst into tears and told me that she feared she might not ever go there again. She knew something was happening to her.

Everyone faces challenges in life. Tina’s biggest one came in March 2019 when she was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Typically her first concern was for the children and how it would affect them. Whilst she was often scared of what the future might hold she was always so brave and strong and comforting the rest of the family. Following a stem cell transplant in 2020 she went into remission, albeit knowing the cancer would return at some point, and enjoyed two good years until late 2022 when, if having cancer wasn’t enough, she was found to also be suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. The combination of the two conditions seriously weakened her immune system and it was this inability to fight infection that saw her health suddenly decline at the end of 2023.
Her last weeks and days were so hard on her and yet her only concern was her family and how it was affecting them. She was the Tina, the mum, the grandma, and friends that we knew so well.



March 16th
Fourth child to Leonard and Pauline.
Guildford, Surrey
June 29th
Marriage of Tina & Gavin
It was love at first sight.
Crowborough, East Sussex
July 30th
Samantha Tyler is born
Gavin and Tina celebrate the birth of their first child, and only daughter, Sam.
Crowborough, East Sussex
August 22nd
Matthew Tyler is born
Gavin and Tina celebrate the birth of their second child, and first son, Matt.
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
January 17th
Robert Tyler is born
Gavin and Tina celebrate the birth of their third child, and second son, Rob.
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Family home
Tina, Gavin, and the three children move into their family home in Crowborough where they lived until 2021.
Crowborough, East Sussex
June 29th
Tina and Gavin celebrate their silver wedding anniversary
Garden celebrations with Champagne Pimms!
Crowborough, East Sussex
October 30th
Sam gets married
Sam marries Neil Adams.
Buxted, East Sussex
December 6th
Mia Tyler is born
Gavin and Tina celebrate the arrival of their first grandchild, Mia (on Gavin's birthday!).
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
March 28th
Chloe Tyler is born
Gavin and Tina celebrate the arrival of their second grandchild, Chloe.
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
August 28th
Matt gets engaged
Matt is engaged to be married to Sam Clevett.
Selsey, West Sussex
April 11th
Holly Tyler is born
Gavin and Tina celebrate the arrival of their third grandchild, Holly.
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
October 1st
Rob gets married
Rob marries Sophie Jones.
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
January 20th
Tina passes
Surrounded by her family, Tina passes peacefully.
Tunbridge Wells, Kent

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February 12, 2024
Dear Gavin, it was so good to see so many people today, and Rob and Matt were first class in their touching and funny tribute to their Mum. Credit to you and Tina for raising such fine children.
Let's get cycling when that awful weather breaks!

With very best wishes and my deep heartfelt condolences.
Olivier Morel
February 12, 2024
So sorry that I am unable to join you today. I will be thinking of you all.

I worked with Tina at Louisa Lawrenson in the mid 70’s. We kept in touch over the years, I was so sad to hear of her passing , my thoughts are with you all.
Lynette Maton
February 11, 2024
So sad to hear about Tina. I lost Françoise 3 years ago to cancer. I waist you and the Tyler family well.
From your neighbour across the road for 20 years. Martin
Martin Nash
February 9, 2024
Hi lovely lady. We have had a long time apart, but thankfully you came back into my life again. You are the funnist loving person I know. Love our chats and putting the world to rights. God how I miss you Teen and that beautiful smile . Love you baby sis. Lou
Lou. Linda Heuer
February 3, 2024
Iam so very saddened to hear lovely Tina has passed. I have such fond memories of Tina, playgroup and school days . What fun we all had. Please accept our sincere condolences to you all and may all your precious memories and love help you through the days ahead. Xxx love from Jayne and Rachel Page
Jayne Page
February 3, 2024
We first met working in Boots together then not long after we shared our wonderful news we were both pregnant at the same and gave birth to our Beautiful girls in 1986. Both the girls became great friends as they were growing and we made such fond memories over the years.
Tina I will miss you but you will be in my heart forever !
Sue x
Sue Holford
February 1, 2024
I am so saddened to hear this news and send deepest condolences to you All.
Tina & I spent time together when Sammy & my Daughter Lauren became friends from primary school age.
I remember her smile so vividly, it was the warmest & prettiest of smiles which lit up her whole face, you couldn’t help but smile back.🥰. We were the Mums behind the scenes, accompanying our shy girls to Birthday parties, school pick ups & summer play dates in the park & our gardens.. Always full of life, love & open arms..
Our lives took us on separate paths as our children grew into Adults, and I’m sorely disappointed about that; we could’ve been Super Grans together!! Hearing your story, your love for your family & becoming a Grandmother, I relate to that Love & how deep your absence will be felt..
Life is so cruel… I pray that your suffering was minimal, for you certainly wouldn’t deserve that.
Rest a while… x
Maria Bonnet
February 1, 2024
Dear teen
Rob is so right when he says there isn't enough space to remember u.
I know we had along separation in our lives, but the last 3yrs have bought me so much fun/laughter and tears. It will never be the same not being able to pick up the phone and talk shite for 2hrs smoke 10 fags and listen to the microwave ping when gav's dinner was ready. The one thing she was so proud of was her husband/ children and grand children. You all got slatted for various things, but after pointing out that nobody is perfect we would chuckle again about certain things and then she was back in love with you all.
You take care colonel.
Love and miss you millions.
Sweet dreams. Xxx
Trevor voice
February 1, 2024
Tina was such a lovely kind person. We lived next door and was always there with that beautiful smile. She was amazing when my daughter in law was struggling to fit the bridesmaids dresses. Tina saved the day sorted them out and spent hours cutting and trimming using her much needed sewing skills. She is a big loss to me. I will think of her with very fond memories. RIP beautiful you were truly loved.
Alison Cantwell
February 1, 2024

To sum up what you meant to me in a box is really really hard. It's been less than two weeks and in a lot of ways I still can’t really believe you have gone.

You have been the most brilliant mum, confidant, grandmother , wife and best friend. You will always be my biggest cheerleader and I can’t thank you enough for the life you have given me.

I am going to miss you so so much and I promise I will look out for the boys and Gav(why have you left me with them?). I will tell Holly, Chloe and Mia all about their Grandma and how much you loved them.

So for now bye Muma “I’ll meet you at the lift.”
(Nobody is going to get that!)

Lots of love
Sammy xx
Sam Adams
February 1, 2024
Tina was one of those friends who would always have a laugh and a smile. Always helpful and kind. She loved her family so much. There will always be a place in my heart for Tina. We shared each others lives at very special and significant times. Much love to all the family.
Tina Gould
January 31, 2024
Thank you. Thank you for being more than I could have ever asked for. Thank you for being more than I ever knew I needed.

You’re going to be, and already are, so missed by us all. I am so sad that you will not be able to continuously share the copious amounts of love you have for your grandchildren with them into their teenage years (as I feel that’s when I’m going to need the most help). But we will continue to chat to you, and look up to you, and know that you’re smiling whilst watching the chaos unfold.

Knock knock…
Who’s there?
Isabelle who?
Isabelle necessary on your bike.

Just to clarify mum, that isn’t even the correct punch line, but it’s the best version, because that’s what you always thought.

Love you x
Matt Tyler
January 31, 2024
Mum, there is not a text box large enough to hold what I could ever say about you. Thanks for everything you have ever done for all of us, welcoming everyone into your family, and always making time for me.

It is a privilege to have so many memories to choose from, what is amusing me right now is the memory of how you would always say "I will be the first person to hold my hands up when I'm wrong." -lies. I'm still waiting!

All my love
Rob Tyler


We are holding a private family cremation on Monday 12 February but we would love to see all who are able to come to celebrate the life of Tina, and to share our memories at The Spa Hotel.
The Spa Hotel
Mount Ephraim
Royal Tunbridge Wells
14:30 12/02/2024


Since Tina was first diagnosed with Myeloma in 2019 we have already raised over £30,000 for Myeloma UK and we would ask that any contributions you would like to make are made via this JustGiving page: https://justgiving.com/page/tinadawntyler-tribute

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