Steven Douglas Meyers

January  29th, 1961 April  16th, 2024
133 Willow Brook Lane
Steven Douglas Meyers

I’d like the memory of me to be a happy one.
Of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days.

I’d like the tears of those who grieve, to dry before the sun;
Of happy memories that I leave when life is done.

-- Helen Marshall


Steven Douglas Meyers, “Steve”, passed away unexpectedly on April 16, 2024 at
UVM Medical Center. He was 63 years old, born in Omaha, Nebraska on January
29th, 1961 to Berniece and Elwyn Meyers. Steve was a loving father and devoted
husband. He truly enjoyed people and always brighten the days of those he
interacted with. His zest for life, dry sense of humor, and affectionate spirit created
an atmosphere that positively affected others.

Steve was an outdoor guy! He could often be found outside tending to yard work
where he meticulously curated his lawn and transplanted maple trees. He enjoyed
frequent walks around his property with his wife JoAnne. He was a dedicated
runner and would end his morning runs by refilling the bird feeders as it brought
him immense joy. He had a love for eagles and could spot them (as well as hawks)
with ease.

Steve worked as a Timing Methodology and Qualification Analyst at IBM for nearly 25 years.
He so enjoyed his coworkers, and the many meetings and truly missed going back to the office.

In 1978, Steve enlisted in the United States Air Force where he met his Best
Friend and future wife, JoAnne. They married in 1983 and nurtured a family that
would grow to include their 2 loving sons, Zachary and Benjamin. Steve’s legacy
is carried on through his family, whom he loved with every fiber of his being.

Each morning, Steve would hug and kiss JoAnne then smile and say “Let’s have a
GREAT day!”

For the last 2 years, Steve and JoAnne have been FT caregivers for their son Ben
who suffers from a brain tumor. Daily he exemplified true love, compassion, and

Predeceased by his father Elwyn and his younger brother David, Steve’s memory is
honored and kept alive by his loving wife, JoAnne, and his devoted sons, Zachary
and Benjamin, his mother Berniece of Texarkana TX, and his older brother Michael
of Orcutt, California as well as the many friends, family, coworkers and
neighbors his life touched.‍

A Celebration of Steve’s life will be scheduled at a future date. Meanwhile please
feel free to express condolences and share memories on this memorial page

In Memory of Steve “Have a great day!”


January 29th
Birth Day
Born on January 29th 1961 in Ohmaha, Nebraska to Elwyn and Berniece Meyers
July 30th
Wedding Day
Married JoAnne
Brunswick Maine


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June 6, 2024
I have had the opportunity to work with Steve in EDA, and I fondly remember his cheerful personality, the willingness and the acumen to get to the minuscule of technical details to solve customer issues, and most of all his friendliness, and the positive vibes he brought into the work environment ! Though we worked together virtually all these years as I am based in India, Steve always made sure as if we are sitting next to each other to solve the issues with his excellent communication, patience and positive outlook towards work.

I would often see him working very early in the morning by his online presence, and had always appreciated his commitment to the work, and now by going through the comments in this thread, I have come to admire him much more.

Please accept my condolences, and We will miss Steve dearly. May he rest in peace.
Karthik AR
May 17, 2024
I have worked with Steve for a long time in EDA. Had a great time and learnt a lot. He was so positive and ready to work on anything. Will miss him :( Please accept our condolences and praying for family in these difficult times!
Hemlata Gupta
May 13, 2024
JoAnn, Zach, and Ben:
We are so glad to have gotten to know Steve over the past several years. He was easy to get to know as he was so likable, enjoyed people, and loved to talk! He always lit up when speaking of his family, so proud of Zach and Ben, and admiring of JoAnn. Bob and I will certainly miss the occasional chats with Steve during our respective walks, whether he or we were solo or he was together with JoAnn. The neighborhood won’t be the same without him. We will be thinking of Steve fondly each time we go past the house. I was so glad to have had the chance to share condolences in person with JoAnn and Zach, but Bob and I wanted to send a note also to extend our deepest sympathies on your tremendous loss.
Wendy Goodrich and Bob Gugerty
St George, VT
Wendy Goodrich
April 30, 2024
I've worked with Steve on and off through the years, but being in Burlington, before we went remote, we'd see each other in the office. To me, his most noticeable attributes were his friendliness and his positivity. Even as an application engineer, where most of the time you just hear about the problems and the complaints, he was even keeled. He was a wonderful person, and I already miss hearing his voice on conference calls.
Mike Sitko
April 30, 2024
My dearest Joanne, my heartfelt sincerest condolences for the passing of Steve. Its so hard to believe that one minute you are here, vibrant, alive, active and the next, you are gone. While I didn't know Steve personally, I know you, and the caliber of person you are and those you surround yourself with. This tells me who Steve is. I have read these beautiful testaments of Steve and I smile, knowing he gave so much to all of those around him. And mostly to you and the boys, he was extraordinary. I'm sending you strength, courage, resilience and admiration as you move forward. I'm always here for you! Maria xo
Maria Bucci
April 28, 2024

My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Michael bender
April 26, 2024
I met Steve over 15 years ago in EDA. He was the easiest person to ask for help from and never made any question seem dumb. He often had to go back through reading a STAT report with me and never got frustrated. He was the most positive and up-beat person I have worked with at IBM. He was always volunteering to pick up any work-overflows from other teammates. He had a strong technical grasp on the work we did, but it was really always his 'we can get this done' attitude that made me want to work on tasks with him. My being remote for a long time, Steve was my connection to what was going on in the office for many years. Steve was a great listener who offered compassion and hope whenever there was a struggle in my life. His positiveness, dedication, and compassion will always be remembered. My condolences and prayers go out to his family - whom he loved, adored and spoke of often.
Christine Bautista
April 26, 2024
My heartfelt condolences to JoAnne, Ben and Zak on this loss. Steve was the most positive, most cheerful, most approachable, most kind and most helpful person I've known. It was my pleasure to call him a colleague! He was universally liked and admired. He will be sorely missed but I think what we learned from him about living life well will stay in our hearts forever. I am including photos from a get-together at "American Flatbread" in April 2013, where the timing gang gathered to celebrate my birthday which seemed to occur multiple times a year! :-)
Chandu Visweswariah
April 26, 2024
Steve was a cheerful and committed team player, always willing to pitch in when required. One quality I deeply admired in Steve was his constant appreciation and gratitude toward everyone. His radiant smile and positive energy were infectious, and his presence will be sorely missed. My heartfelt condolences go out to Steve's family. May he rest in peace.
Bharat Biyani
April 26, 2024
Steve was extremely dedicated, as a husband, father, and IBMer. He was very thorough in whatever he did, and always had an aura of smile in his face. JoAnne, Ben, and Zak, my sincere prayers for you all to get the strength required to bear his loss. May his soul rest in peace.
Natesan Venkateswaran
April 26, 2024
Steve was such a positive energy when he was a timing expert in our IBM organization. He enjoyed every challenge and worked so well with everyone. He was a kind spirit and a good person, through and through. May he rest in peace knowing his family felt his love.
Sue Bentlage
April 26, 2024
Steve was my colleague when I working on the Timing AE team at IBM. He was great to work with. He was always so positive and fun to talk to. He was the one who first taught me about timing back in the day when IBM had in-person training classes.
I was so sorry to learn that he had passed away. Peace and caring go out to his family. I feel very fortunate to have known Steve.
Deb Dyson
April 26, 2024
Steve and I first connected in the early 2000s, when I was helping develop a new timing engine, and he was teaching people how to use it. By far I had the easier job :-), but he had an innate ability to convey complex information in an approachable and easy to digest manner. He was a big part of the tool's success, and an enjoyable travel partner, I have many fond memories of traveling from BTV to Fishkill to update design teams on the latest features, sharing rides, meals and even hotel rooms with him (yes, this is not the first time budgets are tight). I count Steve as both a colleague and a friend, and he is deeply missed.
Jeff & Hester
April 26, 2024
Steve was an IBM basketball teammate. Regardless of how things went, Steve was always positive. He was a fun human to be around. He will be missed. The photo is Steve launching one from outside...I am sure he did not miss. RIP. Fred J.
Fred Jaquish
April 26, 2024
I first met Steve when he joined our IBM basketball team back in the 2000's and immediately grew to like him. He was a competitive soul, a total team player and yet still set an example of sportsmanslike behavior for all of us. Later, I became more familiar with Steve as a work colleague, He and I were usually the 1st to arrive at work early in the morning and we shared many an enjoyable conversation about work and the news of the day. Finally, and most recently, I was privileged to work with him on projects. During this all too brief time I came to respect his dedication, willingness to jump in and help and his valuable advice. He epitomized the type of colleague that I want to work with. Most of all, I appreciated and respected the way he cared for his family, in the same dedicated way he approached any challenge in his life. The shock of his sudden absence may lessen, but he will always be missed as a teammate, colleague, friend and human being. R.I.P. Steve, JoAnne and family, please know you all are in my prayers.
Jim Sundquist
April 26, 2024
I am a great admirer of Steve's technical skills and his positive attitude. During meetings everyone felt that positivity while talking to him. He will be immensely missed. My prayers for the entire family.
Manish Verma
April 25, 2024
My sincere condolences to Steve's family. I always enjoyed a good laugh whenever I needed his help at IBM. And his talents on the basketball court for our intramural team were indescribable (and best left that way). Bumped into Steve several times after our IBM careers were over and he was always so positive and joyful. Just a joy to be around, I will miss his terrific smile. Rest in peace Steve.
Bob Kilmartin
April 25, 2024
JoAnne and family -sorry to hear about your loss. May you be blessed with courage and peace.
Steve - May you rest in peace. Will cherish you being part of our journey.
Chaitra B
April 25, 2024
I am so sad to hear of Steve's passing. I so enjoyed (and was envious) of Steve's positive attitude, respect for everyone on the team and his overall kindness. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Deb Dean
April 25, 2024
With heartfelt sadness, I received the news of the passing of my dear friend and colleague, Steve Meyers. We have shared countless memories and laughter over the past two decades, working together on the IBM/EDA timing team. Steve was not only a talented engineer but also a kind, generous, and humble person who will be deeply missed. His contributions to our team and the industry will never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife JoAnne and their family during this difficult time. Rest in peace, my friend.
Kerim Kalafala
April 25, 2024
Steve was always such a nice guy. When Steve and i were in the same meeting, Steve would always be the first to join, and me soon after. It gave us a few minutes to chat about life, about Texas, Burlington, whatever. Just a pleasure to talk with and work with. i can say talking with Steve put a smile on my face and made my day a little better.
Will remember you, Steve....
Jack DILullo
April 25, 2024
Having worked with the timing methodology team for many years, I knew Steve pretty well. He was a wonderful person, a productive worker and we always wanted him to work on our projects. Condolences, prayers and blessings for all of Steve's family, friends and coworkers. ---JimG---
Jim Gregerson
April 25, 2024
Steve was one of the nicest people I've ever met -- always compassionate, patient, and fun to talk to. He was an absolute pleasure to work with because of his attention to detail, strong communication skills, and sharp technical abilities. Even in the face of challenging times, Steve always kept a positive attitude. He will truly be missed, and my condolences go out to his entire family.
Greg Schaeffer
April 25, 2024
Steve was the BEST. We are so fortunate to have had the life we had.
I am filled with sadness. Sadness for the future we had hoped for, but gratitude for the past we had.

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Michael Meyers
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JoAnne Meyers
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