Governor Ruth Watmai

February  4th, 1959 May  31st, 2024
Governor Ruth Watmai

In honor of a life that left footprints of love.


Governor Ruth Watmai, fondly known as Ma or Gov passed away on May 31, 2024. Born on February 4, 1959, Ruth lived a life of profound dedication to her faith, family, and community. Known for her Christian values, she was an ardent believer and a radical Christian, her warmth, love, and care radiating in every action she undertook.

Survived by her children, Ruth's life lessons of giving, following the Lord Jesus, being passionate about God's word, and evangelising to share God's word have been a guiding beacon for her family. Her children hold these teachings close and will continue their mother's legacy.

Ruth's life was studded with remarkable achievements, stemming from her strong conviction that the gospel must be bankrolled. Distinguished in this feat, Ruth recieved innumerable high ranking and coveted recognition awards for being a stalwart and outstanding financial partner with the ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSc. DD.

Ruth's impact was most vibrant in her dedication to spreading God's word in the most radical and impactful ways. She was effective in every task she undertook, leaving behind a spiritual legacy that extends beyond her immediate family. Her tireless efforts have shaped her community's spiritual landscape and she played an instrumental role in spreading Christian teachings.

Ruth will be profoundly missed by her children, all family members, the church, and the entire community. Her enduring influence reflects her tireless dedication to her faith and community, and her legacy will continue to inspire those she has left behind. We take comfort in knowing that her spirit lives on through the many lives she has touched


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July 6, 2024
It was truly an honour knowing you my dear Governor Ruth. I remember when you joined Christ Embassy Cardiff, years ago. You have always been full of love for the gospel and the Lord’s people. Thank you and well done fellow soldier for all you did in our great kingdom. I take solace in the fact that the scriptures confirm we would meet again. Love you always. Pastor Gbemi Adelowore
Pastor Gbemi Adelowore
June 24, 2024
Mummy it's hard to come to terms that I can no longer receive your daily prayer meditation messages, your random calls, your frequent catch-ups and your flamboyant laughs.
In spite of the void I feel in my life, the impact you left in me lives on. That impact of true fellowship with God, love for all and passion for spreading the good news of Christ.
Thank you mum for showing us how a true Christian should live.
Love you mummy,till we meet again. You remain my overall best
Lechuidem Germaine
June 12, 2024
Today, I honour and remember my mother, Ma, a woman of remarkable determination and resilience. I want to start by acknowledging the profound and positive impact she had on my life.

Looking back on my childhood, I treasure the precious times we celebrated Christmas together. Although these moments were few, they highlighted the true essence of family and the joy of giving. I remember us exchanging gifts; the warmth and togetherness of those moments creating cherished memories that I hold close to my heart.

When my children were born, Ma was there, offering her unwavering support and care. Her presence during those days was a blessing, showing a depth of love and tenderness. Those moments of her nurturing and support will forever remain etched in my heart, a testament to her enduring love.

Despite the challenges in our relationship, I am deeply grateful for the lessons she imparted, both through her words and our shared struggles. Her perseverance in the face of adversity taught me the power of resilience and the importance of hard work. These invaluable lessons have profoundly shaped who I am today, and for that, I am eternally thankful.

In her memory, I hope we can all find peace and understanding, acknowledging the complexities of our relationships and the enduring love that can exist despite difficulties.

Rest in peace, Ma. Your legacy of strength and resilience will continue to inspire me.
Your First Daughter.
Belinda Zuh
June 12, 2024
Ma, you slept too soon. Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that you've transitioned. Even as grief threatens to overwhelm me, I am consoled you lived a life filled with love and devotion to Christ. I'm grateful for your words of encouragement and biblical insights every time we spoke. Your legacy lives on in our hearts. Sleep peacefully.

Your son, Buh Melvin
Buh Melvin
June 12, 2024
Ma, Ma, Ma. it's hard to believe you are no more. But we take comfort knowing you are in a better place. It's been a long time since you left to settle in the UK, but my childhood memories feels like it was yesterday.

I remember as a child we came for holidays and we used to talk a lot while eating. To change that you smiled and said the first person to finish his/her breakfast has a prize. The way we started rushing our meals (those were wonderful moments).

Rest in glory Ma. Until we meet again.

Your son
Buh Newton
June 10, 2024
Thank you Ma, for being loving and self less. For opening your home to me and teaching me to have a personal relationship with the lord. Our rides home from church were the best, You always gave me sound advice which I will hold dear. I'll remember your smile and laughter, your favourite coat and your favourite oat biscuits. Best of all I'll remember what you taught me and that you won. I'll always treasure the memories.
Tivwa Nyirenda
June 7, 2024
You can shed tears that is gone,or you smile because she lived,You can close your eyes and pray that she will come back,or you can open your eyes and see all that she has left.
Governor Ruth hard to say Rest well till we meet again🙏
Helen Che
June 7, 2024
Dear big Sis,

You have always been like a mother to all as I always referred to you as my other mother .
The love you showed me was unbounded and if there's one thing I regret , is the fact that when I visited you last November. I told you I won't stay for long without coming back especially as our meetings were often characterized by stories of the past and how you wanted me to be more committed with God .

Man can say it's sudden for you to go but I think your assignment was completed here on earth as a person and it was just the right time for you to meet our Almighty Creator .
I will miss you till we meet again.

Farewell Mommy Ruth

Edwin Abang
June 7, 2024
Ma thank you for always teaching, talking about the love of Christ and who He is!
Anyone who knows you, knows how passionate you were for the things of Christ . Whenever, I had to see you, I had to mentally prepare my church clothes lol, because we all knew that you’ll ask why we were not going to church.
For some of us who lived and grew up with you, our first introduction into the church & walking the Christian walk was because you were steadfast in your walk and love for the things of God.

Thank you for your love and guidance, in this time of grief, we are consoled by the fact that you’re resting with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Melanie Mehzie
June 5, 2024
Dear Sister!
Our matriarch, and Soldier .
I have known you as a Woman of God, a woman on Fire for God. A woman of Faith and Valour that lives her life not only by words but by good works for the kingdom of God.

All through your life you stood as a firm anchor and raised many people to their God-driven purpose. I stand here today as one of the many people you raised.

Your ever joyful and radiating personality brought light and life to anyone that came in contact with you.

Heaven received an Angel;you lived a life of unshakable faith and paved the way of how every Christian
should live.

You sparked our lives in many beautiful ways. Your spirit will continue to live in us as we carry on your legacy.

Transient is our stay here on earth but eternal life with Christ is the goal. We will meet again to depart no more

Meh Deborah
June 4, 2024
In loving memory of Governor Ruth Watmai, a beacon of faith, love, and service, whose life was a testament to the power of unwavering dedication to God.
Ruth's journey was marked by a deep commitment to her Christian faith, a commitment that was not just in words but in action. Her life was a living sermon, radiating warmth, love, and care to all she encountered. Ruth's dedication to spreading God's word was unparalleled, and her passion for evangelism was a guiding light for her family and community.
Her achievements were many, not just in accolades but in the lives she touched. Ruth's recognition in Haven, her standing as a top partner and her titles at CE UK Zone 4, are all testaments to her dedication and impact. Yet, her greatest legacy was not in awards, but in the spiritual transformation she inspired in others.
Ruth's daughters, who carry forward her teachings of giving, serving in ministry, and being passionate about God's word, are a testament to her enduring influence. Her family, church, and community will deeply miss her, but her spirit lives on in the hearts of those she inspired.
As we mourn the loss of Ruth, we also celebrate her life and the profound impact she had on us all. Her dedication to her faith and community has left an indelible mark, and her legacy will continue to inspire us to live lives of purpose, service, and love.
Rest in peace, Ruth. Your light will forever shine in our hearts.
Chris Osagie

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