Rose Ann Hayes

August  29th, 1962 June  4th, 2024
Belmont, North Carolina
Rose Ann Hayes

That was her magic—
she could still see the sunset even on the darkest days.
― Atticus 

Celebrating the Life of Roseann

With joyful memories and gratitude, we celebrate the life of Roseann, who brought light and love to everyone she met. Roseann was a vibrant, loving soul who appreciated every moment and embraced life with an unwavering enthusiasm.

A true nurturer at heart, she was a beacon of positivity, always seeing the good in people and making everyone feel like family. Roseann was always willing to help a person in need. She listened to people and really heard them, no matter what they looked like. She never judged a book by its cover; she always looked for the good in someone. She impacted so many lives in a positive way and was a light for anyone that met her.

She leaves behind an incredible legacy through her three children, whom she raised to be loving and compassionate individuals. Ethan, a talented multi-certified welder and now an accomplished pilot with certifications in Instrument, Commercial, and currently working on his CFI, continues to soar to new heights. Ashley, a seasoned Creative Director with experience at multiple Fortune 500 companies, has reached millions through her impactful work in print and digital marketing. She has now brought her expertise to Northstone, one of the largest luxury landscaping construction companies in Canada. William, who received a Navy Achievement Medal and served actively aboard the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77), is now a private contracted welder for nuclear submarines, dedicated to his craft. Roseann's unwavering support and guidance helped shape their remarkable paths, and her spirit lives on through them.

Roseann had a zest for life that was evident in everything she did. She loved live music and would start dancing the moment she heard it. Her artistic spirit shone through in her eye for design, her talent for playing the cello, and her skill in floral arrangements and interior design. Her meatballs were legendary, and she could strike up a conversation with anyone, making them feel at ease with her warm smile.

She had a unique ability to find joy in the simplest things, whether it was literally stopping to smell the lilacs, effortlessly doing cartwheels at 60, or enjoying yoga sessions and bike rides. She loved the outdoors, finding peace in nature through kayaking and hiking. Her love for nature was profound, and she cherished the tranquility it brought her.

Roseann adored her grandkids, Caden, Everett, and William, and she cherished her daughter-in-laws and son-in-laws, Matthew, Kathy, and Sara. She was incredibly proud to see Kathy become a flight attendant, Sara serve as an Aviation Ordnanceman in the Navy, and Matthew grow his landscaping construction company to what it is today. She also loved her grand fur babies, Hairy and Nimbus, as well as her pet fish named "Fish Fry."

In celebrating her life, we remember her not with sadness but with the hope and joy she brought into our lives. Her legacy of love, laughter, and boundless energy will continue to inspire us all. We invite you to join us in honoring her memory by living life to the fullest, just as she did every single day."


You will forever be remembered mom, in every smile and laugh we share  ❤   We are because you were.
-- Ethan, William & Ashley


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July 8, 2024
You always showed such kind love and always treated me as your own. You always had a glow around you and always lit up a room with your laugh. I’ll never forget how hard you loved. Forever in my heart, love you Rose ❤️
Georgia Kirkland
July 5, 2024
Ashley, William and Ethan,
I have so many fond memories of the time we spent together as neighbors in Deerfield. Your mom's spirit and enthusiasm for life were as contagious as her warm smile and laughter. I am glad we reconnected for the 2 years I lived in Belmont.
I am so sorry you lost her so soon but her bright light will shine in all of you.
Sherry Coley
Sherry Coley
July 1, 2024
Dear Family,
Roseann was as special to me as anyone in my life. Even though I ran into her and we chatted and promised each other we would have dinner one night. It truly saddens my heart that that day never happened. I was literally beyond grateful that we were going to pick up where we left off. God Speed my precious friend ♥️. Brandy’s mom ♥️
Karen Davis Edsel
June 30, 2024
My thoughts and prayers are with you
Nivine Elliott
June 30, 2024
Roseann was as big as Texas!
Gloria Kim Peeling
June 28, 2024
You are fondly remembered.
Andrea Serpe
June 28, 2024
Thank you Ashley for your strength and perseverance to fight thru such a loss and continue her magic in your own way. William your actions will forever serve the nation in ways they’ll never fully realize, Ethan you are much like your Mom and a hoot to be around. Your mom left her gift to you each to share with us all.
Joseph Pagani
June 28, 2024
She was an entertaining human being the world will never understand her magic for weaving so many diverse stories people and objects into her magical cloak, I enjoyed referring to as Hurricane Ro. There was no way to keep up with her as that was not her way. She simply lived to experience it all with no apologies needed. To get into a disagreement was nothing more than an opportunity to poke fun at each other and laugh. I'll miss her. .
Joe Pagani
June 27, 2024
I’ll never forget when Paul and I lived in Austin… going out and meeting up with you and your mom on 6th street. Was a great memory of such a wonderful, fun, and vibrant woman! May her memory be a blessing. My heart is with you, Ashley, and your entire family.
Allison Terrell
June 27, 2024
Ashley & Family....for the short time I knew your mom & the moments we did spend together I can say I was blessed to have meet her. Roseann was a beautiful person who loved & enjoyed life, leaving heartfelt memories that will last forever.
Sylvia Drover
June 27, 2024
“Live yourself as a light, for you do not know who will come out of the darkness by your light.”

This quote is Roseann. She shined her brilliant, big, beautiful light living on earth. One of a kind! She took in strangers, always looked to be a helper, her love was enormous! I am so grateful and continue to be blessed because Roseann came into my life and stayed awhile. Life lessons, adventures like saving a baby, and tremendous amounts of love and laughter. My dearest friend and soul sister, Roseann, I will carry you in my heart forever.

"Let your light so shine before others, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."
Gloria Kim Peeling
June 27, 2024
Roseann was one of my closest and dearest childhood friends. We grew up together living 2 houses away. We laughed, loved and cried. We had many great adventures mostly riding our bikes to the Pixley Superette and Amiels. We made clay pots in the creek, played with Barbies and cartwheeled our way down the hill in your yard. I will miss you dearly. Your light will shine bright in our hearts and memories of you.
Cheryl Keller Pohlman
June 27, 2024
Ashley…. I’m so sorry to hear of the passing of your mom… what beautiful tributes everyone has posted. Sending you positive vibes as you try to heal❤️
Stephanie Clark
June 27, 2024
Rose Ann is one of the most positive people I have ever met. It truly was an honour to be able to enjoy so many beautiful moments and holidays with her where we were always surrounded by good family, food, laughs and love.
Rose Ann had a way of showing people how to enjoy the moment and live in the present and she will always be remembered for that special ability.

Luke Elliott
June 27, 2024
She was a very sweet person the last time I saw her was at one of the reunions- ironically her father made my suit- I’ve been missing you & I’ll miss u more - te AMO
Gregory T jones
June 26, 2024
Ashley, Will, Ethan & family,
I am so sorry to hear about Roseann, when I read this tribute it brought tears to my eyes and the memories just flooded me. We grew up together in Deerfield and those are some of my fondest memories, Roseann was always so welcoming to us, her food was the best but most of all her personality - she was just an amazing person! Praying for you all during this time! 🩷
Stephanie McAndrew
June 26, 2024
Rose Ann moved in and out of my life, with kids and her businesses being the intersections where we would meet. I loved having those long conversations with her about family, life and God’s amazing love. I always left her presence feeling lifted up. Rose Ann was like sunshine dancing on the water. She just sparkled.
Brenda Wilson
June 26, 2024
I grew up with Roseann. Her family were neighbors on Floralton. All the kids played outside together. Red Rover, Man Hunt. Our backyards were all connected. No fences. Everyone looked out for each other. Thankyou for sharing her life with us. Such a lovely and loving tribute. My deepest sympathy to you all.
Karen Keller Pankow
June 26, 2024
I can still remember the first day I met you and I told myself she is going to be a great friend to me. You introduced me to North Carolina with so many wonderful adventures. We shared so many wonderful stories and you really appreciated my uniqueness. Your smile was contagious and your spirit was infectious. My friend I miss you already but knowing you and your spirit you want everyone just to be happy. I will always celebrate you. Thank you for your friendship, thank you for your kindness, thank you for being a part of my life. Shine your light my beautiful friend.
Wendy Collins
June 24, 2024
From San Francisco trolley cars to our long driveway talks, from countless cups of coffee to our cherished nail visits, I am deeply grateful for all the fun and joy we shared. Rose, you brought so much light into my life, and your spirit was a constant source of warmth and happiness. Our adventures were many martinis, motorcycles, laughter and love. Making each moment special and unforgettable. You truly are “practically perfect in every way.” Your friendship was a gift, and the memories we created will forever be in my heart. Thank you my Bella for being the incredible person you were. Always and forever .. C
Christine Rutherford

Remembering Roseann | A Celebration Of Life

Please join us for a celebration of life at the Duke Mansion. Due to limited space, this event is by invitation only. If you would like to attend, please contact Roseann's daughter Ashley at (514) 795-4663.
400 Hermitage Rd, Charlotte, NC 28207, United States
July, 14 2024

Donate In Her Name

$ 725
Raised by 10 people
Catherine's House held a special place in Roseann's heart because it embodied the principles of mercy, love, and empowerment that she deeply cherished. Known for her selflessness and unwavering belief in the goodness of people, Roseann dedicated countless hours volunteering at Catherine’s House. She was inspired by its mission to provide safe housing and support for women and children in need. Donations made in her honor will directly contribute to these life-changing services, helping residents build self-sufficiency and break free from cycles of abuse and hardship. Your generosity will continue her legacy of compassion and ensure that the light of hope she brought to so many lives will continue to shine brightly. Thank you for supporting a cause that meant so much to her.

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