Patrick Akim Toyloy

April  15th, 1940 April  29th, 2024
Croydon, UK
Patrick Akim Toyloy

Pat was an Engineering and Investment Genius,
Dedicated Husband, Wonderful Father, Loving Grandfather and a Kind Friend to many….. He is missed….


Patrick Akim Toyloy "Pat" was an amazing man.

He was born in Spalding, Clarendon, Jamaica on 15 April 1940 to Kitty “Violet” Lyons and Tekel Toyloy-Chen.

Patrick had many fond memories of his early years in Jamaica. He had a good education and developed his love of planting from the school gardens. After school, he then turned to driving everything! Trucks, cars, motorbikes - anything with wheels! He would transport goods around the whole Island, often whilst eating huge patties!

Pat travelled to England by ship on the SS Montserrat - it took two weeks and he arrived in Southampton, England on 15 September 1961 at the tender age of 21.

Patrick was married to the love of his life - Ethlyn Beatrice Toyloy (formerly Mitchell).  It is said that he spotted her in Jamaica - fell in love at first sight and followed her to the UK! They married on 27 March 1967. Pat loved Ethlyn and was a totally devoted husband - demonstrated by growing her favourite roses throughout the entire duration of their 52 year marriage.

Patrick and Ethlyn had one child - Nicolina - She was a bright child and indeed, she grew up to be an outstanding Solicitor and Non-Executive Director. They were very proud of her and became even prouder after she gifted them 2 grandchildren - Xavier & Theo.  They raised and cared for those two little boys over many years. Endless school pickups and lots of play.  They were the most dedicated of grandparents.

Patrick worked hard at many jobs until he settled as an Aircraft Engineer at “Fields” where he worked in the workshop with his many friends - "Alf" in particular who shares the same birthday and remained his friend until the end. Pat was so proud to receive a 40 year long service award; he loved that job (and his work-mates) and was known to be an outstanding brilliant engineer.  Pat could figure out the toughest engineering problem without ever referring to a single manual.  

Patrick had a fabulous life in the UK - always living in and about the Croydon Area. From enjoying music and dancing, to fixing up houses, to tinkering with cars, making contraptions, cooking and GROWING anything and everything.  Pat had a very full life.
Patrick & Ethlyn developed a love of travel in the 80s and over the course of their marriage - visited over 40 countries - and even owned a property in Spain for many years!

I think we can all agree - Pat was an engineering and investment genius, dedicated husband, wonderful father, loving grandfather and a kind friend to many.

Patrick died in Croydon, UK on 29 April 2024 - He lived to see his 84th birthday!  I take a moment to thank “Beverley” for her loving dedication to caring for both Pat and Ethlyn over the last 5 years.

Let us remember the many happy memories we have of Pat and ALWAYS celebrate his life rather than mourn his death.

Patrick is survived by his daughter (Nicolina), his two grandchildren (Xavier and Theo) and his brother (Buster / Fraley Toyloy).


Memory Wall

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June 13, 2024
My memory about Patrick, your beloved dad, Nicolina was when he and your mum used to pick up your boys from Regina Coeli school. I thought how dedicated and lucky the boys were. What I know about him was mostly from you and how much of a creator and fixer he was. He was active till the end. May his memories continue to live in all hearts he's touched. RIP! Nikki
Nikki Buamah
June 11, 2024
In loving memories of a life well lived (PAT) gone but never forgotten yours spirit lives on in my memories filled with love and laughter rest for a while because you have a lots of hands shake to do up there. ( Then you can do what you love best like finish the CLOCK)🕰️🕰️🤣
June 10, 2024
Patrick was a good man. He always treated me with respect and he was kind too. He always treated me like one of the family and it was a great honour to know him.
He will be missed in every way and time could never heal the hurt and pain of his loss R. I. P. All my love to the family.
Michael Martin
June 9, 2024
My darling Nicolina, I know that the strength and courage you have shown throughout the time I have known you stems from the deep love of your parents. Having met both your mum and dad, I was welcomed and embraced as if I were their own child. That is the power of love and warmth experienced in your home. Over the years, this was more and more evident in my visits with you and your family. Although both mum and dad have now taken their place with the Lord, their legacy of love and generosity will be remembered always. Rest in the Lord Mr Toyloy.
Petula Thomas-Jones
June 9, 2024
Thank you for sharing these beautiful memories, Nicolina. Your father was deeply loved by those who knew him, and his kind and caring spirit was evident from the stories you shared about him. My love and thoughts are with you and your family, and I pray that Patrick rests in perfect peace.
Lara Muazu
June 7, 2024
Uncle Pat was a Gentleman with so much Wisdom and Love for his Family.
He will be sorely missed by all who
associated with him young and old.
Lots of Love to Uncle Pat, may your Soul rest in peace
Gary Mitchell
May 14, 2024
Patrick was a lovely man, pat was always outside in Knighton close working on his cars or gardening.
Sleep tight pat xx
Claire brixey
May 13, 2024
Dear Mr Toyloy.
I enjoyed many an insightful discussion with you. You were so full of knowledge and wisdom, I always received a life nugget to take away with me. I enjoyed your witty sense of humour.
It was inspiring to watch you play your part as a husband, father and. grandfather admirably. You were a great source of encouragement and support to all of your family and to me.
With consistent hard work, you ensured your family, were protected and enjoyed the best. Your intuitive and intelligent foresight created investments that will keep your lineage comfortable.
You had outstanding abilities and skills that shone bright in your chosen careers. This caused you to be a source of admiration and respect at work, many were privileged to work with you.
A man of few words yet a man of action. Never a man to be idle, you kept yourself busy with your agriculture, horticulture, travelling and engineering inventions until it was no longer possible.
A life lived to its fullest that should be celebrated not mourned. Well done! Rest in perfect peace.
Theresa McFarlane
May 12, 2024
What a loving tribute to your dad, Nicolina. Thank you for sharing these loving memories and beautiful collage of photos of your family with us. They have been put together with a lot of love and careful thought. It is special. May your dad rest in perfect peace, Amen. 🙏🏽 Best wishes, Annabel
Annabel Tagoe- Bannerman
May 12, 2024
I met Mr Toyloy in 1994 when I came from Jamaica to joined my mum and sisters in the UK. Mr Toyloy was our Landlord for many years. I got on with him very well, he often took me to The Red Deer Pub with him. His friends used to mistake me for his daughter Nicolina. I use to correct them saying no, "I am not Nicolina, I wished". I heard so many lovely and amazing things about Nicolina from her dad. I was happy for her and wished that I had her opportunities in life. So sometimes I was very proud and happy when his friends mistakes me for Nicolina. He is a very clever and wise man. I would discuss my college coursework with him. He goes on for hages before getting to the conclusion. I used to get so annoyed and upset and asked myself why did I asked him? But I away seek his opinions because I knew that he is a wealth of knowledge. Thanks Mr Toyloy for having time for my family and in particularly me. I appreciated your guidance and advice. RIP Petal 😢
Petal Ramsay
May 12, 2024
Uncle Pat will be fondly remembered for his easy going nature & the laughter he brought to so many. May his soul rest in peace.
C. Racquel-Ann Hillin

Celebration of Life Service

Many thanks to those of you who were able to join us for the "Celebration of Life" service and burial on Monday 10 June at Mitcham Road Cemetery, Croydon - it was a lovely event.  

The audio file on this page is dad's musings of his early life that we recorded from a few years before he passed (there is an audio button at the top of this page - press to listen).  It is heart warming to hear his voice again.

A short video of his burial is available on this page.  He is at peace now and at rest alongside his beloved wife, Ethlyn who passed away in 2019.  She was lovely.

Please do feel free to take a look around this page because its my honour to share just how amazing my father really was.

ANY QUERIES - please reach out to Nicolina on 07951 743426

Mitcham Road Cemetery Chapel
Mitcham Road
Croydon, CR9 3AT

Reception at "The Ravensbury"
260 Croydon Road
Mitcham, CR4 4JA
Monday 10 June 2024
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