Lady Evang / Apostolic Mother Dorcas Olusade Olugbemi (JP)

January  3rd, 1964 February  12th, 2024
Lady Evang / Apostolic Mother Dorcas Olusade Olugbemi (JP)

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.


Lady Evang/Apostolic Mother Dorcas Olusade Olugbemi JP (née Adekoya), born on January 3, 1964, to the esteemed family of late Chief James Adenuga Adekoya and late Mrs. Alaba Olufunke Adekoya in Ijebu East, Ogun State, has concluded her earthly journey on February 12, 2024. A woman of profound faith and resilience, Dorcas charted a path of academic and professional excellence, from her early education in Ibadan to her graduation from the University of Ibadan with a B.Sc in Psychology. Her life was a testament to her dedication to her career and spiritual calling, which saw her establish and nurture religious communities alongside her beloved husband, Pastor (Engr) Gabriel Oludare Olugbemi.

Following their marriage in 1990, Dorcas embraced entrepreneurship and her calling in the ministry with unmatched zeal. In Benin City, she founded Peju Nigeria Enterprises and was instrumental in establishing the Christ Apostolic Church, Redemption Center. Her unwavering commitment to evangelism led her to undertake missionary journeys, notably to Jara village in Borno State, leaving an indelible mark on many lives through her ministry and acts of kindness.

Relocating to Lagos in 1999, Dorcas continued to impact the community through DNL Communications Ltd, and her involvement in the Cherubim and Seraphim Unification Church, "The Lord is Good". Her dedication to service was recognized with numerous ordinations, culminating in her being named an Apostolic Mother in late 2023. Beyond her religious commitments, she actively participated in cultural and social groups, influencing many through her leadership and compassion.

Her final moments came after a brief illness, departing peacefully on a Monday night, leaving behind a legacy of faith, love, and community service. Her life's journey from a cherished daughter and dedicated student to a revered religious leader and community pillar was marked by her passion for the gospel and service to humanity. As we mourn her loss, we celebrate a well-lived life, embodying grace, strength, and unwavering faith. May Lady Evang/Apostolic Mother Dorcas Olusade Olugbemi JP rest in eternal peace, leaving behind memories that will forever inspire and uplift.


January 3rd
Kaduna State, Nigeria
Graduated from primary education
St John, Anglican Church
Molete, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
Started high school
At Eyinni High School
Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
Completed her A levels
St Annes Anglican High School
Molete, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
Gained admission into university of Ibadan
To study Pyschology
Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
Graduated from the university of Ibadan
Bsc (Hons) Pyschology
Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
Met her husband
...for the first time
Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
Completed her NYSC
National Youth Service Corps
Daura, Kastina State, Nigeria
Got employed as an Administrative Officer
Elizade Nigeria Limited
Lagos State, Nigeria
Got Married
Ikeja Local Govt. Registry
Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
Moved to Benin City
To join her Husband
Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
Started Peju Nigeria Enterprises
Became an entrepreneu. Fashion and tailoring
Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
Started a CAC Redemption centre with her husband
While in Benin, in line with God’s calling under the Christ Apostolic Church ( Worldwide) mission
Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
Became a Lady Evangelist
...under the Christ Apostolic Church ( Worldwide) mission
Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
Did and Evangelism Course
The burden of evangelism in her prompted her to attend a Missionary Course at the All Nations For Christ Bible Institute International in 1997.
Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
Missionary journey
She had a revelation that she found herself in a village called Jara in Borno State. She began to enquire about it. whether such exists, she was led to a missionary outfit called Missionary Aids For Africa, MAFA who now confirmed her dream to be true and provided information on the particular Jara village. She then undertook a two-week missionary journey there with her friend from Benin City in 1997.
Jara Village, Borno State, Nigeria
Relocated to Lagos with her Family
In pursuit of life goals and visions
Lagos State, Nigeria
Started DNL Communications Limited
The company she managed profitably dealing in import and sales of telephone handsets and accessories she also added colour laboratory and cybercafé to her chain of businesses.
Lagos State, Nigeria
Joined C&S Unification (The Lord is good)
Religiously, Lady Evang/Apostolic Mother D O Olugbemi was a woman of many parts, despite her membership in CAC, she combines other assignments by revelation with God’s guidance. She was directed to join Cherubim and Seraphim Unification Church aka, The Lord is Good founded by Baba Aladura, Hon Dave Salako located at Kayode Street.
Ogba, Lagos State, Nigeria
Became a Jerusalem Pilgrim (JP)
The Lord used her in various departments of the church in an outstanding manner her dedication and commitment to the course of the gospel and development of the church got her sponsorship to Jerusalem in 2013 among others by the founder of the church.
Jerusalem, Israel
Ordained as Apostolic Mother
Among few ordinations received the latest was the Apostolic Mother she got late 2023.
Ogba, Lagos State, Nigeria
February 12th
Passed away peacefully
At the hospital
Lagos State, Nigeria


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April 10, 2024

A gentle soul, a loving heart, forever missed, never forgotten. You brought light and warmth to all who knew you. Your kindness, grace, and strength were a source of inspiration to us all.

Your love for life, family, and friends was boundless. You touched our lives in ways that words cannot fully express. Though you may no longer be with us in person, your spirit lives on in the memories we hold dear.

May we find solace in the love you shared, the laughter you brought, and the beauty you added to our lives.
As we mourn your passing, we also celebrate the gift of having known you

So glad our paths crossed in your lifetime and I can candidly attest to your simplicity, tenacity and fortitude too, in the face of myriad of challenges that would have dampened the spirit of many; but your love for Christ and His teachings saw you through them all.

You were a devoted and loving wife to Dare, and you shared his dreams and aspirations unconditionally. You also cared for his inner circle of friends like me & my wife when we visited your home.

One of your evangelical experiences in Northern Nigeria still rings a bell; when you told me how you once had to drink dirty water from the same water-hole where cows flocked for water: To this day, that story reinforced my faith to care for others and to bring others to the knowledge of Christ.

Rest in peace, dear ‘Sade. You will always hold a special place in our hearts."

(Gbenga & Tosan Terebo)
Gbenga & Tosan Terebo
April 7, 2024
Factually, the rising and setting of the sun depict the inevitable journey of humans on earth from birth to death. Mummy was a woman who practically demonstrated the spirit of selflessness, love and affection for the growth and development of churches, most especially Christ Apostolic Church, Redemption District. The unforgettable marks you left will continue to speak in life, that you truly was a great Woman of God. You lived a life of simplicity, too loaded to be forgotten so easily. I will always remember how you used to call me “My Deaconess, My Women Leader.” Nevertheless, I hate to say goodbye because you left when you would have felt our presence the most, but we cannot question God. Goodbye Mummy, rest in peace till we meet again.

By Deaconess L. Yaya
Deaconess L. Yaya
April 7, 2024

Late Apostolic mother Dorcas Olusade Olugbemi was a rare gem, a staunch and devoted daughter of the most high, she was an active member of the visioners' band of the church.

Mummy Olugbemi loved and revered God and it showed in her attitude, as she dealt with people and situations with utmost candour.

She was a vessel unto honour who did not shy away from the works of God, a well schooled sunday school teacher, an evangelist who was well versed in the word she taught effortlessly and made the scriptures easy to understand. Mummy Olugbemi was a virtuous woman, an exemplary Christian, with the most admirable temperament. Ever smiling, she was never one to frown or get angry. We take solace in the word that says "the Lord takes the righteous away to spared from evil...." Isaiah 57:1-2.

We pray for you, her family, that God will comfort you, God will keep you, give you beauty for ashes, give you all the fortitude to bear this great loss and give you peace in Jesus name, Amen.

Adieu our dear dear mother, Apostolic Mother Olusade Olugbemi JP(AKA MUMMY RUTH), you will be greatly missed we love you but God loves you more, till we meet to part no more, rest on in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Visioners Band - C&S Unification Church
April 7, 2024
On behalf of King David Band The Lord is Good, we thank God for a life well spent by Apostolic Mother Dorcse Olusade Olugbemi JP. She was an Epitome of Love, Faith and Preacher of the End Time (Rapture), A Woman that show absolute love to her husband (MD).

May her Soul Rest in Peace
King David Band - C&S Unification Church
April 7, 2024
Revelation 14:13, The Bible says "Blessed are the dead who died in the Lord"
On behalf of Martha and Dorcas band of our church. We commiserate with the families of Adekoya and OLUGBEMI for the sudden departure of our mother in the Lord, APOSTOLIC MOTHER, lady Evangelist, DORCAS OLUSADE OLUGBEMI JP, She was a Christian warrior and staunch believer. We pray the Holy spirit will comfort the church and the entire families in Jesus mighty name.May her soul rest in peace .

Dorcas & Martha Band - C&S Unification Church
April 7, 2024
In honour of our beloved Apostolic mother Dorcas Olusade Olugbemi, Death is inevitable!
Our amiable, humble, meek and easy going woman, who are we to query or challenge on your death in taking you away so soon from this sinful planet.
The strife is over, the battle done, the victory of life is won......... HALLELUJAH!
May the Mighty Father grant your departed soul Eternity and uphold all you left behind.
WE ALL BID YOU FAREWELL JOURNEY BACK TO YOUR CREATOR, we shall see you again in that beautiful city on the resurrection morning, where we part no more.
Sleep on the bossom of the Lord Jesus Christ till Eternity!

The Goodwomen, C&S Unification Church.
Good Women - C&S Unification Church
April 7, 2024
Oh death where is thy sting, oh grave where is thy victory.
Mummy OLUSADE OLUGBEMI was an awesome Christian within all bands in the church, including Queen Sheba band within Cherubim and Seraphim unification church ,The Lord is good .
She was a friend, a mother, a sister during her beautiful but short journey on the face of the earth. She was equally a good worker.
The entire Queen Sheba band will greatly miss you.
Queen Sheba Band - C&S Unification Church
April 5, 2024
Wow I never knew it will end this way but I know God knows best in every ones life.
Thanks for all the love, kindness, protection, correction and so many other things that you shown towards me . You are not just a aunty to me you have been a mother and a role model to me ,you are just the best no one else like you. I miss you and I love you
Eternal rest grant unto you,O Lord,and let perpetual light shine upon you. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen
Shokoya oluwadamilola
April 5, 2024
I don’t know what to say neither do I know what to feel. Should have come see you when I had the chance it hurt to realize you are not here with us again, you should have waited a bit longer to enjoy all the seed you’ve planted I wish I could take care of you like you did to me you’ve been there since day and never gave up. Thank you big mummy and rest well ma. I said this when you are alive I will say it again .. I love you ma 😞 Adieu ma
April 4, 2024
It's so sad that on your birthday, you won't be there to be celebrated.
It saddens my heart to write this and It is so disheartening that you only remain in our memories,
Your voice and laughter can't be heard and you hand-made soup can't be eaten anymore, all heart kept, without a choice.
I miss you so much and my heart heavy but I am happy knowing that you are at peace.
Your legacy shall be kept and it would be passed on BIG MUMMY.

Oluwaferanmi remember you always.
Okubanjo Oluwaferanmi
April 4, 2024
Growing in you warm embrace is a gift I cherish a lot and it remains in my heart.
Our fights and quarrels, though they would test us, were signs of affection that I won't forget.
You always wanted to make it known you were older and being your younger sister, I felt so blessed.
Having you raising me, correcting me and being my mother is so precious.
I wish you could stay a bit longer but I believe you're in a better place filled with peace.
You would forever remain in my heart Aunty mi.

Olajumoke loves you.
Olajumoke adebisi
April 4, 2024
I can't put into words, how I feel
A mother to all and my best advisor
Your endless prayers and your kind soul
More than a protection to us as a whole
For all the insults and corrections,
We knew it was for our own good
All the good times we spent together and all your meals
Will forever be in our hearts
Your advice and care led us to where we are
You're more than an aunt and a mum, you're my best friend
I still find it hard to believe you're gone
But I pray your humble soul abide in the arms of the angels, and rest in perfect peace.
I love you big mummy
From your dearest Ireoluwa
Okubanjo Ireoluwa
April 4, 2024
Sade ore mi. It's hard to believe you're no longer here, your sudden death was really painful and shocking. I thought we will grow old together, who are we to question God.
I remember many times when you travelled from lbadan to ljebu-ode to spent the weekend with me and we enjoyed being together.
Whenever Sade came to London she would prefer to stay at my house. We would talk all night long about the good old times.
Sade you have always been a kind and thoughful friend. I will miss you ore mi, and you will never be forgotten.
May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace

Fausat Saka.
Kemi Odubanjo
April 3, 2024
My sister as a good mother to me and my daughter, more words are not enough to describe your humanity to everyone both near and far to you in as much they cross your path in life. You will remain to remember in my heart forever. Rest on in the Lord. I love you but God loves you more.
Shokoya Foluke
April 3, 2024
I grew up with my sister & I remembered how I will not allow anybody feed me except her, she love singing for me while feeding me, I feel the mother love around her....I will greatly my darling sister whom I respect and love for her caring attitude toward us her siblings and always ready to help when the need arise. I wish we will be sisters or mother-daughter if a there's opportunity to choose.
Adieu my darling sister 😭😭😭
Olufunmilayo Adekoya
April 3, 2024
In 1987, on a fateful day in Ibadan, I first laid eyes on Sade, standing on the balcony of her father's house. This moment marked the beginning of a divine chapter in my life. Despite the warnings about her father's strictness, my heart was drawn to her innate beauty, humility, and the virtuous family she came from. Our relationship blossomed from that point, leading to our marriage in 1990—a union that would be blessed with love, mutual respect, and unwavering partnership.

Sade embodied the essence of a virtuous woman, demonstrating profound care, compassion, and an unparalleled ability to juggle the demands of family life with grace. Her commitment to our home was evident in every meal prepared, every challenge navigated, and every sacrifice made. Her support and encouragement were my stronghold, reflecting the depth of her love and the strength of her character. She not only managed to keep our family united but also endeared herself to my family and friends with her respect, humility, and the warmth of her presence.

Adopting my hometown as her own, Sade seamlessly integrated into the community, earning admiration and respect as an "Obinrin Ile" (good housewife) in the Otuoko family. Her extraordinary care for my parents in their twilight years and her unwavering participation in family matters left an indelible mark on our hearts. Sade's departure has left a void that cannot be filled, a testament to the profound impact she had on all who knew her.

As we bid farewell to my beloved wife, Dorcas Amoke Olusade Olugbemi, I take solace in the memories of the love we shared and the life we built together. Her legacy of love, unity, and faith remains a beacon of light for us all. Though she has laid down her earthly burdens to join the saints in triumphant song, her spirit continues to guide and inspire us. Rest in peace, my darling wife, until we meet again and part no more.

Engr. Oludare Olugbemi(Husband)
Oludare Olugbemi
April 3, 2024
In remembrance of my beloved mother, her grace, strength, and warmth profoundly influenced who I have become. She was our family's beacon of love and resilience, illuminating our lives with her presence from my earliest memories. Through her example, she instilled in me the values of hard work, perseverance, and the importance of finding joy in life's simple pleasures. Her wisdom guided me, and her unwavering faith served as my foundation. Mummy was more than a mother; she was a confidante, a champion, and our guiding light, versatile in her understanding and an irreplaceable partner in conversation. Her loss has left a void, but her love and the lessons she taught remain with us.

Though she has departed from this world, the legacy of my dear mother lives on through the memories we cherish and the impact of her teachings. Her spirit continues to comfort and guide us, felt in moments of silence and reflection, as vivid as the sunrise. We are eternally grateful for the love she shared, the sacrifices she made, and the remarkable person she was. As we move forward without her physical presence, we take solace in the enduring essence of her spirit, which remains an integral part of our lives. Rest in peace, beloved Mummy, forever cherished and fondly remembered by all who knew you.

Ifeoluwa (Son)
Ifeoluwa Olugbemi


What was Lady Evang /'s favorite bible passage?
You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free - John 8:32
What was Olusade's favorite Sports Team?
Arsenal FC
What was Olusade's favorite Color?

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We will come together to remember and pay tribute to the wonderful person. While we mourn the loss of our dear, we also aim to cherish the moments shared and the joy brought into our lives. Your presence would mean a great deal to us during this time of remembrance and reflection.
C&S Unification Church (The Lord is good)
8 Kayode Street, Caterpillar Bust stop, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria
April 04, 2024 at 4:00pm
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