Nora Eva Lee

March  20th, 1940 October  16th, 2023
Calgary, Alberta
Nora Eva Lee

Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on Mt. Rundle’s snow. Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there. I did not die.


Nora Lee left us peacefully and with her daughters at her side on October 16, 2023. Nora had made it clear to all who would listen that she had no interest in leaving so soon, but apparently the universe decided that 83 times around the sun was perfect for her.

Nora was strong, she was resilient… stubborn (just ask us), resourceful. Kind-hearted. And missed terribly.

She was a Canmore baby – she grew up seeing the famed ‘3 Sisters’ outside her door every morning when leaving for school. But her need for adventure soon exceeded her desire to stay in her small, coal mining hometown – and she left to discover the bigger world while she was still in her teens… and discover she did! She travelled to the west coast, to the Yukon, and eventually she set about raising her 3 daughters – the ‘3 sisters’ – in Toronto. A stay-at-home mom dedicated to her girls, and a good friend to so many that stayed connected with her for decades…

Nora was a gambler too - picking racehorses by the color of the rider’s silks, hoping for ‘B14’ at bingo! An avid reader, a published poet, a crochet wizard. A curler and a dart player and the partner you wanted to have at crib.

Yes, Mom’s talents were many, not the least of which were her culinary skills. She left with the secret of her trifle, her cheesecake, and those damn good cabbage rolls to be forever known to only her. Her famous not-to-be-missed Grey Cup parties and the Christmas feasts – always open to all that cared to join - were legendary. And her green thumb was such that she could bring any plant her daughters were annihilating back to life in short order!

Nora’s love of people was evident in the way she interacted with her coworkers and her customers throughout her careers. She had so much fun and had so many memories as a cocktail waitress in the Yukon and then in Calgary, she was a successful co-owner of a trendy nightclub in Vancouver, and ultimately she found her true calling with Canada Post in Calgary. For 20 years she worked hard, and had the love and respect of her beloved posties… and so many of them have reached out to us to tell us so. Thank you all for that. That has given us great pride and solace too…

But more than anything – she was a truly loving Nana, an irreplaceable GG … one that was always supportive of them and made lemon zest pancakes for them and took their inquisitive minds to the Glenbow. And she got 7 precious years with her beloved great-granddaughter, and Maysa got 7 precious years with her GG…

Nora is survived by her daughters Pam, Terry and Tracy (August), her grandchildren Alicia (Chris) and Chase, and her great granddaughter, Maysa. She also leaves her sister-in-law, Joyce and many many nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her mother, Alice; father, Leonard and her brother, Jim.

Mom wanted no service… she wanted no Celebration of her Life. And we will respect that. But she probably never realized how many of the people she touched would celebrate her anyway…
Rest well Mom.


March 20th
Born in Edmonton Alberta
Nora was immediately adopted by Alice and Leonard Moss of Canmore Alberta and became the little sister to big brother Jim
August 1st
Moved to Vancouver
When the small town life of Canmore didn’t give her any challenges anymore she made her way though the mountains to the big city on the coast!
Vancouver, BC
August 1st
Birth of daughter number one
Pamela Michelle
Vancouver, BC
June 1st
Moved to the Yukon
Being the fiercely independent women she always was - and now that she was a brand new mom - Nora went looking for a job in the ‘Land of Plenty’
Whitehorse, Yukon
June 10th
Married Gordon Lee
Pam was flower girl!
Whitehorse, Yukon
July 1st
Moved to Toronto with her new Air Force husband
Packed up the kid and the house and off they went!
Toronto, Ontario
July 10th
Birth of daughter number two
Theresa Dawn
Toronto, Ontario
July 23rd
Birth of daughter number three
Tracy Lynn
Toronto, Ontario
September 1st
Moved back to Whitehorse with her husband and now 3 daughters!
Loaded up the car after Gord’s newest posting in a great big hulk of a station wagon - and off they went!
Whitehorse, Yukon
March 1st
Started her career as a cocktail waitress at the famous 202 Club in downtown Whitehorse
Worked with Liz and Chris Van Overan alongside the legendary Tippy Mah
Whitehorse, Yukon
July 1st
Moved with the family to Calgary,Alberta
Dad’s last posting -finally!
Calgary, Alberta
January 15th
Started working for Canada Post
Started out at the sorting plant on the midnight shift! Definitely worked her way up that corporate ladder over the years.
Calgary, Alberta 
September 14th
Birth of her granddaughter Alicia Dawn Myles
Born to Tracy and August Myles
April 11th
Birth of her grandson Chase Andrew Myles
Born to Tracy and August Myles
Calgary, Alberta
March 7th
Retired from Canada Post after 29 years
She was a much loved registration clerk in the downtown Post Office when she decided to call it a day and relax!
Calgary, Alberta
April 8th
She became a Great Grandmother!!
Darling Maysa was born to her granddaughter Alicia and was the love of her life til the last day of her life!
Calgary Alberta 
October 16th
Nora left the world for the next adventure
Our Mom passed away at Bow View Manor, situated on the beautiful banks of the Bow River, the same river she grew up beside in her childhood years in Canmore
Calgary, Alberta
June 15th
Nora's ashes went home to Mount Rundle
Nora's family gathered at the EEOR trailhead (East End of Rundle), driving up what we have always called the 'Spray Lakes Road' to get there. We did our 'mini-scramble' on the lower part of the mountain and laid her ashes to rest - her wish was to be there for eternity and so she is. We left a small memorial plaque on the mountain to let the world know that she IS there... and anyone that took a quick shot of the QR code we had placed on her plaque will now be reading this memorial to our mother. Nora's earthly story is now over with her spirit looking down from the mountain she looked up to in her childhood. Her celestial story continues forever....
Canmore, Alberta


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June 4, 2024
Ma - the relationships you had throughout your lifetime went from steadfast and easygoing to complex and complicated. But when I read this I thought of you...

"If every single person who has liked you in your lifetime were to light up on a map, it would create an amazingly beautiful network to see. Throw in the strangers you've been kind to, the people you've made laugh, the people you have inspired along the way and that star-bright network of you would be an impressive sight to behold. You were so much more than you thought you were. You have done so much more than you realized. You created a bright pathway that you didn't even know about."

And that? What a thing. What a thing indeed.

Adapted from the writing of Donna Ashworth
Pam - daughter number one

Family tree

Caleb Jones
Frances Eva Jones nee Aldridge
James John Moss
Charlotte Moss nee Lack
Alice Elizabeth Eva
Leonard James Moss
James Stanley Moss
Pamela Michelle Webber
Terry Lee Fife 
Tracy Lynne Myles
James Stanley Moss
Pamela Michelle Webber
Terry Lee Fife 
Tracy Lynne Myles
Nora Lee


Nora was a kitchen magician!!
Mom was the consummate cook! Her cabbage rolls, her perogies, her boozy trifle (yikes it was so good!!), she had a flair in the kitchen that none of us have ever matched…
Mom had fascinating hobbies all her life...
Besides being a voracious reader, Nora was an expert at everything you can possibly do with needles. She made her daughters so many of their beautiful clothes when we all lived in Toronto (see some of them in the photos section!)… she knitted and crocheted blankets for friends newborns, she made any number of fancy doilies and fruit baskets and everything you could imagine with her needles and her magic touch!
Mom was a music lover and she loved to dance to it all too!
Nora was a capable piano player - she admitted she was never great but to learn it made her father so proud...She learned on the piano that was an integral part of the famed Canmore Opera House, as her father was the pianist there for may years. Music was a love all of her life thereafter - if you were late getting out of bed on a Saturday morning in our house you could expect to be awakened to Mario Lanza at ear shattering volume! Mom loved him and all things classical and opera. She also thought Elvis Presley was the greatest singer of her generation. And she was always up for, and grateful to go to, any shows at our Jubilee Auditorium, the 3 Tenors, the 5 Tenors, any opera or musical show delighted her!
Nora was a gamer!
The legendary card games that always followed the exquisite meals she had friends and family to her home for were an event all by themselves! The games of ‘guts’ and progressive rummy and poker and blackjack - and always for real money cos she was no coward 😊😊… every one of us has a story to tell about those days 😳!
Such a green thumb :)
Nora could grow a cactus in a snowbank, she grew avocado trees and her violets were stunning. Plants and flowers were just one of her passions… and if she couldn’t grow her own she’d come to her daughters homes and tend to their gardens as well! She loved growing Pam’s out-of-control rhubarb so that she could make her jam for us all - and her pies!!… And she’d nurture those darn plants to get that elusive second cutting in the fall and do it all over again! We are all lucky enough to have at least one of her plants in all of our homes today 🙂
Thank goodness for Swiss Chalet!
Nora had a lot of favorites over the years when it came to the food someone else was cooking for her! She loved the King Crab that was so easily available up north, she loved her good friend Doris's Ukrainian dishes, her passion for Tom's House of Pizza’s mushroom and pepperoni was known to everybody...but life didn't really begin until she tasted Swiss Chalet chicken and ribs! Her last birthday outing was of course at Swiss Chalet - it was all that much better because she had all of her loved ones there to share! She had the chicken and ribs:)…
Nora got on a plane as often as she could!
Nora loved Las Vegas and would travel at the drop of a hat if someone was looking for a travel companion! She ventured to Lake Haveseau with friends, Vancouver was a big destination for her for much of her younger life, she experienced Hawaii with her daughters- and she was so thrilled to travel to Canberra Australia to visit her daughter Terry in the late 80s… she loved the whole travel experience no matter what the destination was. She loved visiting her friends on Salt Spring Island and Nova Scotia too! Even trips to see old friends in Edmonton and Canmore - and always with the 'roof down' - were a delight for her in her later years :)
Nora wasn't much of an athlete, but....
Mom was always keen for team sports that involved less sport and more social time with her cronies! She loved to curl in Whitehorse and then Calgary, her friends Doris and Gord were often with her and Dad at the rink...She was an avid dart player at the Richmond (Calgary) Legion for many years with her friends Libby and Margie and all number of fun people that enjoyed throwing sharp things and drinking a pint or two! She was an awesome spectator too - one of the highlights of her life was seeing the 2 'Brians' skate in the finals of the Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988.
Nora was fascinated with her genealogy.
Having been adopted as a newborn, Nora was always curious to find out more about her actual bloodlines, and she spent an enormous amount of time after she retired researching who her 'genetic' family might be. While she loved her Canmore family very much she had a strong inner push to find out more, and after years of work she discovered so many relatives in Edmonton and beyond. While she was never able to meet her birth mother she was so overwhelmed by the acceptance from all of the others that it filled a hole in her soul that had been there since she was young. The whole family is so grateful to all of them for filling her with such happiness...

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