Nikki Bateman

December  20th, 1968 May  8th, 2024
Nikki Bateman

In loving memory of Nikki Bateman

This is a space to come together and share memories. Please add your own photos, stories, or any other contributions. In loving memory of Nikki. Mum, Daughter, Sister, Friend. May we honour her wild and bold spirit in the sharing of our memories and remember her with love, always. This page will be open forever, for all.


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Please add your own stories, photos, or any other contributions..

June 14, 2024
I miss you Nikki 😔
June 2, 2024
Rest in Peace
Your with the Angels
But you were a rare one
🌹 Annmarie Fennessy
Annmarie Fennessy
May 31, 2024
I remember calling in to see nikki, with jos when we got back from holiday after she'd had her stoma operation. We called to the ward, to be told by the nurses that she been discharged that day, the look of sheer relief on their faces was priceless!
I hope you're at peace girl, because you had f#%# all of it when you were alive.
Mo cara
Michael Harley
May 30, 2024
Nikki was my very dear friend for many years, although post Covid we didn't get to meet face-to-face very often. We enjoyed many trips to the theatre, seeing over 50 west-end shows over the years; Chris De Burgh and also Bat Out of Hell being particular favourites of hers I seem to remember. We even braved a helicopter trip at one point when we were feeling more adventurous!
Nikki was a very private person, always determined to be in control of her own destiny and do things 'her way'. She was a totally devoted mother and talked often about Pol and Ciara with great proudness and love.
I will miss her immensely, but find comfort in the fact that she is now at peace. Nikki, you remain always in my thoughts, sleep well hun! Lots of love from Wendy xx
Wendy Parris
May 29, 2024
I am lost for words. All I can say (and Nikki will understand this without any need for explanation) I will ALWAYS be team Nikki. Rest now, darling friend. ❤️🫶🏽
Stella Sampson
May 27, 2024
I first met Nikki at the gym more than 20 years ago and we became friends pretty quickly – she was soooo sharp, always made me laugh! I got to know her a lot better when we found out we both loved reading and the theatre, we shared lots of books and discussions about them. And when Nikki was up to it we also had some great theatre trips, the National was always her favourite. I’ve just watched ‘Where the crawdads sing, on Netflix, beautiful film but even more beautiful, haunting book, Nikki loved it and gave me her copy….
I grew quite close to Nikki as she started opening up about her life. She could be difficult, and sometimes our relationship was strained, when I was at the receiving end of that sharpness! But she could also be so sweet and caring. She spoke about you all the time Ciara and Pol and thought the world of you. And always spoke so fondly of you too Bex.
I’m going to remember Nikki when I saw her at her very best – on a yoga holiday in Croatia, when we both bunked the meditation session in the morning and cycled to the beach instead! She was healthy and tanned and happy and laughing and full of life…. Will miss you Nikki xxxx
Jane Tumilty
May 20, 2024
I have known Nikki since 1986. I remember visiting her in hospital when Pol was born. He was a big baby and was able to lift and turn his head in the cot as a newborn which we laughed at. I remember Christy Moore in Tottenham Court Road, dancing in the White Swan into the early hours and long conversations in the Pig & Whistle. Pizza nights at Nikki’s on Saturdays. We hadn’t spoken in recent years. We couldn’t meet in the middle but I know you weren’t able to access the extensive professional support that you needed and deserved at that time. It wasn’t easy being you and you did your best. Your service is on my mum’s anniversary. I’m sure she is where you are now. I know you are finally at peace and nothing can hurt you anymore. Rest well my friend 💕
Trish Flood
May 20, 2024
I was so pleased and thankful to see Nikki very recently. It had been a long time and relationships had been difficult. The hours that Kerry and I spent with her were calm and relaxed. Yes, there were tears, but there was laughter too. Nikki asked me if I still had all my own teeth and said my hair was looking better than other times she had seen it. Despite her very obvious frailty, she was still very much Nikki!
She told us she was looking forward to seeing our Mum and Dad who died in 1973. She was very sure this would happen. I hope it has.
Rest in peace now Nikki, with lots of love xx
May 19, 2024
"From the moment we met Nikki, we adored her. On first hearing her refined 'estuary accent', to the Irish ear, we feared she might be aloof. But of course, that quickly disappeared as we relaxed and got to know her. She had the most radiant smile and playful sense of humour. It was clear that she was a kind and empathic person who wished to connect with us at a special level. It was obvious that she adored her children, Pol and Ciara. Our hearts are truly broken for them both, our grandchildren, in losing their dear mother. Rest in peace, dearest Nikki. Paddy and Mena 💔💔"
Paddy and Mena McDermott
May 19, 2024
I am Pol and Ciara’s step-mum. When I first met their dad I was 26 and rather terrified of becoming part of a ready made family - they were 7 and 8 at the time. I didn’t meet Nikki for some time initially and I was worried she would be resentful about my part in their lives. But she was always grateful and appreciative of my input and over the years we became friends and a blended family. Although there were some difficult times (particularly in teenage years!) I was never in any doubt about how much she loved them. She also loved Ruby and Tommy the children we went on to have. I remember her coming to meet each of them as newborns and how thrilled she was to have a cuddle with them. They would both run for a hug with Nikki whenever we saw her when they were little. I know Nikki was very proud of the strong, independent, kind and loving people Pol and Ciara have become. Rest in peace Nikki - you know I will always be here for them but you will always be missed and remembered. ❤️
Becky McDermott
May 18, 2024
So glad you made it to Brisbane for a visit. We had some great experiences and visited some Beautiful places. .One of which was Tangalooma on Moreton Island. On the boat over Nikki decided to go out on the deck to watch the Pacific Ocean.. While she was out there at the front.. the boat hit a wave.. Nikki got soaked. .Me and my wife Amanda saw her coming back inside. .Dripping wet.. We where in Stiches...Nikki after some persuading eventually saw the funny side.. When we where disembarking the Skipper was thanking everyone and wishing them a lovely time on the Island.. everyone was thanking him also.. Then in true Nikki fashion.. She cuts him in two with a look.... and says.. THANK YOU FOR SPLASHING ME !! What a Great Memory... Rest in Peace Nikki you will be missed by many.
Seanie Farrelly
May 18, 2024
We are Nikki's neighbours and friend. We used to enjoy Nik, coming up for a cup of fruit tea and a good old chat. We are already missing you. X ❤️
Litsa and Martin Worrall
May 18, 2024
I moved back to London from Navan in Ireland in early 1985, some of my friends & my brother were staying in a hostel called the Albert Hotel, which was situated on Queensgate, South Kensington, more or less directly behind the Royal Albert Hall.
To say it was a culture shock, would be an understatement of some magnitude; it was a completely different world, everything was new, and every day brought new and exciting experiences. The hostel where we were staying was a melting pot for young people from all over the world, it was an amazing time to be alive for all of us.
I had seen Nikki around the hostel, she would be hard to miss, a loud teenager dressed entirely in black. We shared a lot of mutual friends but had never actually spoken. We all used to frequent a pub on Gloucester Road called the Harrington and one night I was having a quiet beer, in fairness probably several quiet beers, when entirely out of the blue, she walked over to me and in a loud screechy Nikki voice declares “I know you!” At the same time twirling her finger about a half an inch in front of my face, bad idea, so I bit it. Nothing carnivorous, just a playful nip. She thought this was totally hilarious (I miss that laugh far beyond my ability to express in words).
That was the start of a friendship that spanned four decades and
took in life, love, loss and everything in between. The good times and the bad times. Nicola Louise Bateman, know that you were loved and know also that the world is a sadder place without your laughter.
John O'Sullivan
May 17, 2024
Very sad to hear of nikki's passing 😢 she was an old friend brought much laughter to my life in difficult times and gave me prospective,courage and hope RIP nikki 🙏
May 16, 2024
Nikki and I shared a bedroom when we were younger and every night we would hold hands across the gap between the beds and say ‘Clasp it’. When she couldn’t sleep, we would get under the duvet and I would sing Hushabye Mountain from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
My beautiful sister Nikki 💔xxx
Kerry Bateman


The cremation service will be on Monday 3rd June, 09:30am at New Southgate crematorium. It will be a short and non-religious ceremony as Nikki wished. She did not want a traditional funeral but this way, every one will still have a chance to attend and send their love if they wish.

For those who cannot attend the ceremony it will also be streamed live. Details below:  

Streaming details for the service of Nicola Bateman at 09:30 (BST) on Monday 3rd June, at New Southgate - Chapel, run by Harrison Funeral Home Winchmore Hill are as below.

Username neke8936
Password 080746

You can contact Ciara (Nikki’s daughter) via email if you don’t have Ciara or Paul’s phone numbers:

New Southgate Cemetery & Crematorium

Brunswick Park Rd, London N11 1JJ
Monday 3rd June 09.30am

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