Neville Keith Robinson

October  19th, 1940 January  25th, 2024
Cleveland, OH
Neville Keith Robinson

For thou art the resurrection, the life, and the repose of the servants who have fallen asleep.


Neville (NK) was born during World War II in Georgetown, Guyana, and passed away at age 83, in Cleveland, Ohio, on January 25, 2024. He was a beloved father, caring grandfather, and cherished brother. Born on October 19, 1940, to Albert, a Government Schools’ Inspector, and Beryl Robinson, a homemaker, Neville had fond childhood memories of his two brothers, Alan and Leslie, and sister, Myrna biking back and forth to and from school.
     Neville was an outstanding student who attended Queen’s College in Georgetown, Guyana; and later pursued his tertiary education at the University College of the West Indies (UCWI). He was unyielding in his pursuit of knowledge and higher education, which he achieved at the Universities of London and Papua New Guinea.
     Inspired by his quest to impart his knowledge and love for learning, Neville was an educator for over 40 years. After graduation from the UCWI in 1963, he began his teaching career at his alma mater, Queens College, where he taught for a few years. In 1971, he accepted a job as Principal at a Teachers’ Training College in Papua New Guinea. He also served as a lecturer on Social Studies and Education at Port Moresby Teachers’ College, Australia in 1972, and was elevated to Senior Lecturer, Deputy Principal, and later Principal. His career as an educator ended after he taught ESL to new immigrants to the United States, and helped them to move one step closer to the American Dream.
     Neville was a published author. In 1979, he published his book “Villagers at War” a history of Papua New Guinea as a theater of War during the 1940s. Over the years, Neville wrote several articles including ‘The Reality of Rural Practice Teaching’ in the Australian Book “Meeting the Challenge”.
     Neville had many hobbies including travel, photography, reading, writing, and viewing independent films. He was also an avid giver to charity. An active member of the Toronto Chapter of the Guyana Queen’s College Alumni Association a post-graduate community, he stayed abreast of all the developments of members of his alma mater. He treasured his alliances with friends from his youth and colleagues and treasured his “meetups” at the Toronto Carnival for the “Last Lap Lime”. Neville’s signature line in all his communications was “Greetings from Ohio where…”, then he would share the weather for that day. This memory will live vividly in the hearts of his friends and colleagues with whom he stayed in touch.
     Neville is survived by his daughter Noelle from a union with ex-spouse Norma, a grandchild Erol, loving sister, Myrna Robinson-Walters and her family, several nieces and nephews, and his dearest friends in Ohio, Dr. Howard Simon, Beth Simon, and Dr. Susan Lohwater. He was preceded in death by his loving father and mother, brothers, Leslie Robinson and Alan Robinson, and partner Pamela A Quartermaine.
     His cherished memory will continue in the hearts of his family and close friends who knew and loved him. We love you, Neville, our hearts are broken, but we pray for your peaceful reunion with Our Lord and Savior, and all the beautiful souls that preceded you, from this earthly life.
     A Memorial event for our beloved Neville is detailed below, Donations in his memory can be sent to the Queen’s College Association of Guyana. On behalf of our family, kindly accept sincere thanks for your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.


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Please share your tributes to Neville and messages for our family.

February 5, 2024
Neville taught the entering group of refugees and immigrants at International Services Center in Cleveland. He was a calm, warm , welcoming teacher to people who were disoriented newcomers. The students could read body language even though they couldn’t read English. They understood they were in safe hands. Neville gave them the gift of literacy …a superb legacy. He also taught citizenship and driver training. Rest in peace, Neville.
Beth Simon, colleague at NSC
Beth Simon
February 4, 2024
To Neville, thank you for the laughter, the lessons, and the love. You were more than a father-in-law; you were a role model, a friend, and an integral part of our lives. Your memory will forever be a beacon of light in our hearts. Rest in peace, dear Neville
February 4, 2024
When I visited my sister’s home as a teenager, I was always fascinated by the wealth of knowledge that Neville possessed. I learned a lot from him, and I would always cherish those memories. My sincere condolences to my dear niece Noelle, Norma, Erol and to Neville’s other family members.
Sylvia Dash
February 3, 2024
Neville was my cousin, but I think he was really a brother disguised as a cousin. As an only child, I sometimes wished for at least one sibling, a sister, or a brother. But that was not in the cards. Given the great geographical distance between us, it was not possible to make frequent visits. But whenever Neville was passing through New York, he made a point to contact me and arrange a time when we could get together.

What I will miss most about Neville is our phone conversations, which we had every couple of weeks during the latter part of his life when he was living in Cleveland. What was supposed to be only a 15-minute chat grew to become a two-hour discussion: politics, education, the issues Black “females” (he never used the word “women”) would bring to him when he was teaching underserved communities in Cleveland, his beloved Caribana festival, as well as his equally beloved and annual film festival. He was a voracious reader, and he always impressed me with the new titles he would buy when he traveled somewhere. He lived for books. And his also beloved C-Span, where he got most if not all of his news about global goings-on. Books and C-Span made Neville interesting.

Yet, for all his well-informed self, Neville was unfailingly humble and self-effacing. He never bludgeoned you with what he knew, at least not to me. Good conversationalists are often good listeners, and he was both. He always gave me the time to get my statement out before offering his own.

Like his big brother Alan, Neville had a hearty laugh, though less robust than his older sibling. Nonetheless, he knew when to laugh and laughed heartily.

So, rest in peace, dear cousin. Please give my love to my mom, your mom, Aunt May, our dads, and to all from our family whom you are meeting for the first time, and with whom I hope you have reunited.

Pamela A. Lewis
February 3, 2024
My dear niece, Noelle, kindly accept deepest sympathy to you and Erol on the death of Neville, your beloved Dad and grandfather, from our extended Daniels family. We pray that you will be comforted by the beautiful memories of your Dad.

Neville was my former brother- in- law. I have fond memories of Neville who was jovial and affable, He was knowledgeable about world affairs, and this was no surprise because he was an historian. He was always with his camera, and captured many images of relatives, friends, and interesting places.

I extend condolences to other surviving relatives, his sister Myrna, his nieces and nephews, and his kind friends in Cleveland, Ohio. May his Soul Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory.
Urmia Daniels - Johnson.
Urmia E Johnson
February 3, 2024
Neville and I were married in our twenties after meeting at the University of the West Indies. In our spare time while at University, and especially during the summer vacation, we travelled the length and breadth of the island of Jamaica.

Often, it was hiking or travels to festivals and to the countryside so he could indulge in one what was one of his favorite hobbies, photography.

A hike up to the Blue Mountain stands out as did visits to relevant towns , to learn about the Maroons. Apart from being his major,, History remained one of his passions .

Thank you for our daughter Noelle. I watched you grow closer. You enjoyed your visits to Southern California getting to know and love your grandson Erol patiently listening to his sports statistics, even on phone calls .

My prayer is that you rest in peace, with the immediate family who proceeded you..
Norma Daniels-Lewis
February 2, 2024
Dear Dad words cannot express my sadness that we have no more tomorrows. I will cherish the yesterdays and keep you and the memories in my heart forever. Thank you, Dad, for your love and caring. Love everlasting Noelle.


Please join us for Neville's Memorial service in Washington, DC:  Services will be presided over by Reverend Lisa Ahuja Sanders.

Please do not contact the church with inquiries regarding this event.  Instead, contact Noelle Lewis at to RSVP or ask questions.
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
1517 18th St NW,
Washington, DC 20036
Saturday, March 23rd, 2024 - 1:00 pm Service. Repast at 2:00 pm at the reception hall.
Virtual event 


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