Mrs Nyarko-Sefah

September  1st, 1966 May  16th, 2024
Accra -Ghana
Mrs Nyarko-Sefah

Welcome to this online tribute celebrating the life and love of  Monica, a remarkable woman whose warmth, strength, and unwavering dedication touched all who were fortunate to know her. Today, we gather here in this virtual space to honor her


Biography of Mrs Nyarko-Sefah (Monica Adjei)

‘‘I Know my Redeemer lives at that in the end, He will stand upon the earth And after my skin is destroyed, yet in my flesh I will see God I myself will See him with my own eyes" Job 19: 25-27

It is said that birth marks entry of mankind into the world and death marks her exit. Monica was born on 1st September 1966 and raised in the vibrant town of Asamang to the late Micheal Kofi Kusi Adjie and late Madam Felicia Ama Pokuaa. She was the second born among her mother’s children. Her educational journey started at Wenchi Methodist School, where she and her siblings would travel miles to school together, forging a strong and loving bond among them. She later continued her education at the local Roman Catholic primary school in Asamang, where she laid a strong academic foundation. With a passion for learning and a determination to succeed, Monica continued her education at the prestigious sixth form in Koforidua.

Upon completing her studies in Koforidua, Monica returned to Asamang, where she began a new chapter in her life. She married Emmanuel Paa Chris, and together they built a family, welcoming three wonderful children: Sally, Sandra, and Krobea.
She eventually made her way to Kumasi from Asamang, where she initially settled in the vibrant neighbourhood of Ade3beba. Her journey later took her to Accra, specifically to Santa Maria, in the early 2000s. In Santa Maria, she became both the gateway and cornerstone for her family, providing a home and caring for many of her relatives. Her move from Kumasi to Accra marked a significant phase in her life, showcasing her adaptability and resilient spirit.

Despite the joys of family life, Monica and Emmanuel Krobea Asante (Paa Chris) eventually went their separate ways. In April 2012, Monica found love again and married Nana Yaw Nyarko-Sefah a General Manager (Manufacturing) at Ernest Chemist.This union brought her immense happiness and the blessing of uniting their families, further expanding her loving family to five children.

Obaa Yaa was a devout Christian and a dedicated member of the Presbyterian Church in Afiaman until her passing. She was a loyal member of Kwashieman Presby Church for many years until her move to Pokuase prompted her to transfer to Afiaman Presby in 2022, as the commute to her previous church became too lengthy. Her faith and love for God were evident throughout her life. She often said, "It is better to believe and live as if there is a God than to live as if there is no God and find out upon death that God exists."

She had a profound love for the things of God, which was evident in her life through her unwavering faith, compassion, and purpose rooted in spiritual values. Her commitment was reflected in her regular participation in prayer, church meetings, and a deep engagement with the study of the word. This spiritual devotion influenced every aspect of her life, guiding her steps and uplifting those around her. Obaa Yaa's faith was so integral to her being that she would even pray over her medication before taking it, entrusting every part of her life to divine.

Monica was not only a devoted mother and wife but also a successful businesswoman. She owned and operated a shop at Atico Junction, where she became a well-known and respected member of the community. She often travelled to the UK to source items for her customers, ensuring they received the best quality products. Her entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with kindness and generosity, left an ineffaceable mark on those who knew her and dedication to her family were evident in all aspects of her

Beyond her business acumen, Monica was a remarkable leader who founded a group called Ahema Fekuo. Through this organization, she demonstrated kindness and a deep commitment to serving the needy and humanity. Under her guidance, Ahema became a beacon of hope, consistently providing for the needy and engaging in various charitable activities. Monica's leadership was characterized by empathy, integrity, justice, and honesty. She inspired others through her actions and words, always putting the well-being of others before her own.

In addition to this, she was a prominent figure in the Abrakaso Asona Family, leading efforts to renovate the family home and fostering a sense of unity among its members. Her love for harmony was evident as she consistently promoted peaceful coexistence. Known as a peacemaker, she was also principled, a strict disciplinarian, and always truthful.

Monica's life was a testament to her resilience, love, and unwavering commitment to her family and community. Her legacy of strength, compassion, and dedication lives on through her children and the countless lives she touched. Though she has passed away, her spirit continues to inspire and guide those who were fortunate enough to know her.

Monica will always be remembered for her boundless love, her unwavering strength, and her incredible ability to bring joy and comfort to those around her. Though her time with us was brief, she will forever remain in our hearts as a shining example of a life well-lived.



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July 11, 2024
Your calm but firm smile speaks volume. Your beauty and fashion showed that you were full of life. This life may seemed ended here on earth without your body. But we take consolation in the fact and faith that your spirit lives on, where we will all meet one day with Christ.
To the family, may the spirit of the Lord carry you through this hard and and difficult time and may you receive comfort and peace that surpasses all understanding. Amen.
The Legebdzes
July 9, 2024
The shock I felt when I heard of Mummy's passing cannot be described. My momentary silence was a reflection of the beautiful soul we have lost and the immense impact she had on our lives.

Mummy was by my side to comfort me when I lost my dad, speaking words of comfort and wisdom that brought me hope and solace.

From the moment we got to know her, we quickly discovered her loving heart, selflessness, generosity, and immense care for others. Her presence was a blessing to all who knew her.

It's a great shame that death has denied us the opportunity to continue enjoying your presence here on earth as a mother, auntie, friend, counselor, and peacemaker. Mummy's ability to touch hearts and bring peace will be profoundly missed. However, we find solace in knowing that we will see you again in heaven, where death has no power or jurisdiction.

In these difficult times, we take comfort in the words of Revelation 21:4: "He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away."

Rest well, Mummy. You will be forever missed, but your spirit and love will continue to live in our hearts.

The Nelson Family
July 6, 2024
Mummy will always be remembered as loving, compassionate, selfless, generous and God-fearing. As the saying goes, "the fruit does not fall far from the tree." In knowing mummy, we see this saying come to life, for her virtues are beautifully reflected in her children.

Mummy was a part of Mustard Seed Chapel International in Coventry whenever she visited Sally and the family in the UK. Although she was much older than most of us in Church she seemed to get on very well with us. Mummy’s sense of fashion and style was admirable.

Mummy had so much admiration for our efforts in church and always had words of encouragement to spur us on. She consistently offered godly counsel and prayed for God’s blessings. Mummy was very grateful and appreciative of very little things that most people would take for granted.

When Sally told us of your illness, we held onto hope and prayed fervently for your recovery but God had a different plan. We find comfort in the words of 2 Corinthians 5:8: "We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord."

Rest in the loving embrace of the Lord, at peace and at home.

Rest well Mummy!

Rev Patrick & Gloria
July 6, 2024
Today, we gather to honor the memory of a remarkable woman, whose loving and caring spirit touched the hearts of all who knew her. She was a beacon of kindness and compassion, always ready with a warm smile and an open heart. Her generosity knew no bounds, and she had an incredible ability to make everyone feel cherished and valued.

I will never forget the time I stayed at Sally’s, and she took me in with such grace and warmth. Her home was a haven of comfort, and she made sure I felt like one of her own. 🤗🫂🥰 Whether it was a comforting meal or a listening ear, she always knew exactly what was needed during the short time I stayed at Sally’s. Her nurturing nature and selfless love left an indelible mark on my heart, which is reflected in her children.

She was more than just the mother of my friend/sister Sally, she was also a mum to me; she was a true guardian angel to all of us. Her legacy of love and care will live on in the memories we share and the stories we tell. Though she may no longer be with us in person, her spirit will continue to inspire and guide us.🕊️🕊️

As we say goodbye, let us remember the joy she brought into our lives and strive to carry forward her legacy of kindness. She will be deeply missed, but her love will forever remain in our hearts. I love you mummy and may your soul rest in peace. 🙏🏾❤️🤍
Rafiat Sule
July 6, 2024
My dearest Aunty😪May God give you eternal and peaceful rest🙏We will all miss you😢Is sooo sad that you left this early😢but we all know you are resting with our heavenly father and he knows best❤️🙏Please continue to protect my cousins❤️🙏U are a beautiful angel now watching over everyone❤️I love you and I will miss you
Awurama Sika
July 6, 2024
Dearest mummy,

I learned how to be gracious & elegant from you. Whenever you came round to the UK, you always did everything with such grace.
You were such a beautiful & pure soul. Inside & out. Thank you for touching so many lives & for raising even more loving children. We will miss you dearly ma.

May your soul rest in perfect peace .. till we meet again. Morayo Ola 🥰♥️
Morayo Ola
July 6, 2024
To our dearest Aunty Monica,

Gone way too soon…. I first met you in the UK when visiting Sally. You were so welcoming and so lovely. I will forever cherish your Godly advice and counsel you gave me. So many beautiful memories were made everytime you visited.
Mummy we will miss you. Thank you for having such a beautiful impact on us all and we find peace in knowing that you are now with The Lord.

Sleep on until we meet again
Lots of love
July 6, 2024
May your soul rest in perfect peace.

You always bring a joyous presence with you where you are.

You took us in as your own children and showered us with countless advice.

We remember clearly when you said we should try and get at least one more child into the family😀

Oh mummy why 😭😭😭

This is so unbearable and could never in a million years see this coming.

Until we meet again rest in heavenly peace mummy.

We love you and will forever miss you. 💕💕💕

Rich and Liz
Richmond & Lizzy
July 5, 2024
Ohh, dear Mummy, our hearts grieve.🌹

Mummy filled our hearts with boundless joy. Her presence brought us not only many precious gifts and light-hearted cackle but also godly counsel and prayers. Mummy was a dedicated person filled with energy, excitement,enthusiasm,elegance, hardwork, and will always pursue the finest in her endeavours.
If Mummy were involved in any agenda, her mark would easily be recognised because she would always choose excellence. Mummy truly had a way of touching the hearts of people around her.

Mummy's goodwill, strength, and resilience inspire us. Even when times were challenging, Mummy will show grace and kindness.

Knowing Mummy and her wonderful children that she raised, full of the fear of God, is a blessing beyond words that we cherish endlessly ❤️ .

May the Good Lord keep her soul.

Much honour and love from Bernice, Papa and
Bernice UK
July 5, 2024
I only met you once when you visited Sally and her family, I saw how you were with your grandkids and I remember taking a picture with you not knowing that was the last time, I know you are smiling down on Sally and her Family especially your grandkids, rest well 🙏🏿🙏🏿
Olawale Olasunkanmi Junior
July 5, 2024
It was first time meeting mummy. I had been introduced to her by Sally, who is a friend to my sister. Mummy never knew me but welcome me like her own. This warm welcome stays with me even till now. I will never forget your warmth mum. Nante yie.
July 5, 2024
Aunty Monica ❤️🕊️

The news of your passing remains unbelievable to me to this day. How could someone so beautiful, vibrant and full of life be taken away so soon? But who are we to question God? The Lord gives and takes. We take solace in Philippians 1:21 which says “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain". Indeed, heaven couldn’t wait for you! Rest in God’s peace, Aunty Monica.

To my sisters Sandra and Sally, and my kid brother Junior, you and the entire family remain in my thoughts and prayers. May God hold you all in the palms of His hands. May He wipe away your tears, and grant you divine peace; knowing that mummy is in a better place and we shall all be reunited someday in the presence of the Lord 🙏🏾

Sending my deepest condolences with lots of love 🫶🏽💕❤️💐

Naana Tiwaah Asare
July 4, 2024
Mummy such a wonderful person with a heart of gold 💛 . A mother to everyone who comes around her, my second mummy ❤️. Mummy I first met you when Joseph Asher was born and since then you’ve always been there, giving life advice, encouragement, support and prayers. Always reminding us of who God is and that we should always take everything in prayer. We laughed, ate and can chat saaaa, ooh mummy! 😭😭. As painful as it is, I sincerely give the Almighty God thanksgiving that you went on knowing Him. It settles my heart that you are with you Maker and that you are resting in the bosom of father Abraham 💐💐💐 Until we meet again, rest well obaa pa ❤️❤️💕💕💖
Revelation 14:13
And I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write this down: Blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on. Yes, says the Spirit, they are blessed indeed, for they will rest from their hard work; for their good deeds follow them!”
Janet Impraim
July 3, 2024
From the Mardisin family in the UK

Our deepest condolences goes out to the entire family of Mrs. Monica Nyarko Sefah, especially to the grandchildren, Joe- Joe, Christabel, and Gaby. May the Lord wipe your tears and replace them with smiles, comforting your hearts during this difficult time.

Sister Monica was more than a family friend to us—she was a beloved mother and sister. In the few precious years we had the honor of knowing her, we witnessed her unwavering dedication, honesty, hard work, and profound faith in God. Her generosity knew no bounds; she would fly across continents without hesitation to care for her beloved grandchildren whenever they needed her most.

Personally, I (Lordina) am deeply missing the morning Bible sermons from Sofo Manucre Acheampong that Sister Monica shared with me every day through WhatsApp. For nearly a year, those messages were a source of daily inspiration and spiritual nourishment. The last three sermons she sent remain unread, as they arrived just when the heartbreaking news of her passing shattered our hearts.

Oh, Sister Monica, our hearts ache with the void your absence has left. May the angels of God gently guide you to eternal rest in the bosom of the Lord. Your memory will forever be etched in our hearts.

Da yie, Aunty Monica. Rest in perfect peace.
Lordina Hayford
July 3, 2024
Aunty Monica, we’re dreading this weekend! We’re trying so hard to stay strong, but it’s so difficult. however, we take consolation in the fact that you’re resting peacefully in heaven🕊️✨, and we shall reunite one day. You ran a good race, and your crown definitely awaits you.
July 2, 2024
Mummy we still can’t believe this is real. All we can do is appreciate the moments we shared with you on your visits to the UK. I will never forget the day I cried with laughter in Sallys kitchen as you were sharing your funny stories with me whilst trying not to switch to twi - it is my favourite memory of you and I will treasure it forever.

Thank you for always showing us love, speaking to us, visiting us at church, always looking stylishly dressed. You have left an eternal imprint on our lives mummy and we will never forget all you done for us but we take hope knowing that you ran your race well and one day we will meet again.

May your precious soul rest in perfect peace 🤍
Henry & Cynthia
July 2, 2024
Monica It’s your sister in law, Nana Yaa. When i heard the news it was so painful i couldn’t believe what i heard. But sister God knows best Im very gutted i couldn’t meet you. I remember the first time i met you in Ghana you were such a good sister in law to me i’ll never forget how you welcomed me to Accra. I remember couple of months ago i called you, you spoke your mind to me and i liked that because you didn’t keep things to yourself so you were really a sister in law. I don’t think i’ll ever meet someone like you again. Sister in law sleep well and i know one day we will meet in heaven. Your name will never be forgotten. You still remain in our hearts we love you so much. Rest in perfect peace Monica❤️🕊️
Nana Yaa
July 2, 2024
Auntie Monica❤️,

It’s such a shame to hear the news and that I never had a chance to meet you. However, my father told me you were a strong woman who had strong beliefs, believed in herself always and was very wise. It was very sad news for me to take in. My plans were to come and meet you but God knows the best. But i hope to meet you in heaven and that you rest in perfect peace auntie🕊️❤️

May God bless your soul❤️
Princess & Priscilla
July 2, 2024
To my beloved godmother Mummy Monica.

Words often fall short when trying to capture the memories shared together. You have been a beacon of love, wisdom, and unwavering support in my life. Your gentle guidance and endless compassion have shaped me in more ways than I can express. Your support was my pillars of strength.

Your presence brings a sense of comfort and warmth, like a cherished memory on a cold day. The way you listen with your heart, offering solace and understanding, makes every challenge feel conquerable. You have a unique way of turning ordinary moments into treasured memories with your kindness and love.

Thank you for being my confidante, cheerleader, and second mother. I am forever grateful for your presence in my life.

With love and gratitude - Abena
Paulina Roland Agbo
July 2, 2024
Auntie Monica a.k.a Lady Shashasha and for shagee reason when in her elements are some of the slogans we chanted I have known Monica well over two decades and must say she had been a friend, sister and auntie to me personally.
Lady Shashasha which I affectionately called her would make us laugh with her jokes, facial expressions at the shop and whatever gathering we have..Above all accompanied it with her charming smiles.
Indeed she was a delight to be with. Her mothering and caring love to all around her is simply amazing.
I remembered one time we went to Auntie Esi's house to swim,which we all don't know how to swim though and holding her son junior,then less than a year old closed to the pool. She came out from the room and scream for the son. It shows how dear she loved her family.
Auntie Monica, words can't explain how generous you were. We say thank you. May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Jacob Boadu
July 1, 2024
Today, we celebrate the life of a remarkable woman, a cherished mother, and a mentor to many. Words cannot fully capture the essence of her spirit, but we shall try to honor her memory by reflecting on the love and warmth she brought into our lives.

Mummy was the embodiment of kindness and generosity. Her heart was as vast as the sky, always open and welcoming to everyone who crossed her path. She had an extraordinary gift for making people feel at home, no matter where they came from or what they were going through. Her support was unwavering, a constant source of strength and comfort that everyone could always rely on.

My final memory of her was when she invited me to share a delicious meal of “fufu and abunabunu.” It wasn’t just the food that made it special, but the atmosphere she created with her presence—the laughter and stories that filled the kitchen and dining room.

Mummy’s legacy is one of love, compassion, and unwavering supports. She epitomised the true meaning of hospitality and the importance of caring for one another. While we will miss her dearly, we are all comforted by the countless beautiful memories she left behind. Her spirit lives on in each of us, in the way we treat others, and in the love we share.

Rest in peace, dear Mum. Your love continues to guide us, and your memory will forever be a blessing in our hearts.

Fare thee well. Till we meet again…
July 1, 2024
Ma Monica ❤️
I know you can’t see this by my heart will definitely communicate to you.
When I saw the post on Sally’s status, for a while I couldn’t wrap my head around it so I had to confirm from Sandra and junior .
Mummy you have been more than a mum to me. When I’m counting people who have been a blessing to me I count you twice!!
I recount the days you called me and we prayed together for over 3 hours because I was new in Christ and you also wanted me to establish a strong relationship with God.
You gave me a chance to the tertiary, paid my fees, gave me provisions from time to time.
I saw a loving mother who genuinely cared for me.
I may not be able to put out all you did for me here but all I’d say is you are a good woman and what I’m not able to reconcile is the fact that i won’t be able to pay back all your investments in my life.

You contributed to my life grately ma ❤️
Because of you I’m a Pastor today and actively involved in the things of God !!

I love you mum
You’re forever in my heart because left an indelible mark in my life !!

Till we meet again ❤️
Collins Boateng
July 1, 2024
Goodbye Sister.
You are now in God's arms.I hope my sister feels at peace just like she always made me feel.A little bit of my sister will always live in me.Thank you.
You have given me all I need.My sister Monica lifted me up all my life, Now it's my turn to lift her.My sister Monica help me feel good myself.
Gone yet not forgotten, although we are apart, your memories lives with in me,forever in my heart. I love you sister Monica. Rest until the day our fates align.
"Da yei na otan hunu ye ya".Nana Ofori. UK.
Nana Ofori
July 1, 2024
Mummy, thank you for the love you shared with us, your kind gestures towards my kids, Ahh 3na pa m3 ni agye na wo❤️.

Wa fotuo ne wa Hu Fama,3na pa y3 ma ni agyena wo, ma ni agyena wa do y3, MA ne agyena wo k)MO, MA ne agyena wo s3nkwa ( your smiles) Ahh 3na pa Akua 3ni agyena wo wai.

Mummy, you showed me how to love others and also how to stand for myself as in person your passion of love for me was imaginable, I remember when they left the towel in my stomach hmm... owo wa ha me ooo. How you always make sure I have bought everything the baby and I need before due, my early morning momo to buy chicken after birth, fighting and laughter at the end of the fight 😭.

Obaa yaa bofopa me daase me na,)woo me3, me daase. Nante ye me na, Nante ye Bofopa🕊

I will forever miss you Mummy❤️ and thanks So much my love.

July 1, 2024
Mummy as I called her, I knew her through Sally , Sally was my school mother in St . Monica’s Secondary School . Her constant call to check on me if I’m ok.

Mummy was a mother to all , Thank you for the love you shown to all.

May your gentle soul rest in peace.
Beatrice Nyarkoaa Cidic-Alhassan
July 1, 2024
We got to know Monica when her daughter Sally was at KNUST. Her late lecturer Mr. Ansah "adopted" her as a daughter, then, and the rest of the Ansah family got to know both mother and daughter. From then on,
Monica became very dear to the Ansah family. Our kitchen is full of gadgets and cooking items from her shop.
She used to joke that since late Mr . Ansah was Sally's father, then ,she was my rival. So used to call each other " rival" She would say ,"can't you see l am younger and fairer than you are; just go to the back of the car and let me brighten the front" then we would all burst into laughter.
You were a great source of comfort when "our husband" passed away almost 3 years ago.
Fare thee well, "my rival" Rest in the arms of the Lord.
The boys and I bid you farewell
Mrs. Grace Ansah & The boys
Mrs Grace Ansah
July 1, 2024

Maa Monica!
From the moment we met, I knew you were someone special. Your kindness, warmth, and unwavering support have been a constant in my life.

You were my rock through thick and thin, always ready with a listening ear, a comforting word, or a burst of laughter. It breaks my heart to think of those memories without you.

Your strength and resilience always inspired me, and your generous spirit touched everyone who knew you. Thank you for lifting me up and for all the love you gave so freely.

I will forever cherish our friendship and hold you in my heart.
Rest in perfect peace 😭
Marian Amoako
June 30, 2024
Maa Monica as we always affectionately called was indeed a mother to each and everyone who encountered her. Your love, support, prayers and laughter will forever remain in our hearts. Thank you for a lifetime of memories shared in our lives. Can’t forget our trips to Abrankese, the days you were there during my junior high school graduation and how you dragged Afia and I through the streets of Kantamanto to shop for us when we were entering Senior high school.You made sure we had everything we needed to be comfortable. Your love and support was unmatched. All these memories are forever irked in our hearts and we pray for eternal rest with the Lord. Rest well mummy!!! Till we meet again.
June 30, 2024

Mummy, you were so good and kind to us. You embodied the spirit of a mother and your compassion was next to none. You were always happy for us and celebrated us in unforgettable ways.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude because you taught us to be there for each other. Our homes are full of things that remind us of you everyday. We are still enjoying the fruits of your prayers. The joy we have now in the midst of all the pain and void is knowing you are in a better place and still living your best life slaying and stunting on them!!!

Thank you for sharing your heart with us and for making an impact in our lives. Yaa and your troublesome classmate Juliet are proud of your journey and how hard you fought mummy. You fought a good fight, you have finished your race and you kept the faith till the very end mummy.

Continue to rest in the bosom of your Maker mummy.
Until we meet again…….
Yaa & Juliet
June 30, 2024
Mummy, ma Monica...this name will forever invoke strong feelings of a deep loss. Every friend of your children automatically became your child and your ability to discipline all of us regardless of age or height was remarkable.
Despite being a beacon of discipline, you fought for each one of us as if we were your own. Praying for us, the advice sessions, encouragements, how you transacted business with us...
You will forever be missed mummy. Mummy Da Yie
Nana F. Frimpomaa
June 29, 2024
Lady Shashasha, thank you for everything, your love and light will continue to shine in our hearts forever 💕💕
Afia Asare Condua-Lutterodt
June 25, 2024
Forever cherished, Aunty Monica, your wisdom, warmth, and laughter will live in our hearts eternally. Rest in Peace


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