Molemo Molefe

March  20th, 2006 May  6th, 2023
Molemo Molefe

Molemo, a Sesotho name meaning purpose, goodness,  kindness and advantage — attributes she embodied fully...
Your legacy will forever resonate.


Molemo Molefe, a bright shining light left us far too soon on 6 May 2023 at the age of 17.
Molemo was born in Johannesburg on 20 March 2006 and was truly a beloved member of her community and family.

Molemo was a dedicated student at St Anne's Diocese College in Hilton, KwaZulu Natal. Her infectious sense of humor, coupled with her kind and caring nature, made Molemo an unforgettable presence. She was known for her kindness, selflessness and her unwavering commitment to justice, always ready to stand up for what was right.
Molemo's beautiful smile and laughter could light up any room, making her the go-to friend and confidante for many. She was a great listener and a loyal friend, someone everyone could rely on.

As a talented musician, Molemo's passion for music was unmistakable. She played the piano with grace, the cello with depth, and the marimba with joy. Her talents shone brightly in the school orchestra, where she was a cherished member. Molemo was also an accomplished athlete, excelling in netball. Her dedication to her music and sports showcased her multifaceted capabilities and her drive to bring joy and excellence into every activity she pursued.

Molemo was the loving middle child of her family. She is survived by her devoted parents, Steve and Tshidi, her older brother, Motheo, and her younger sister, Masego. Her extended family, including her aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents, will forever hold her memory close to their hearts.

Molemo's life, though brief, was filled with purpose and positivity, leaving an indelible impact on everyone who had the honor of knowing her. She will be deeply missed and fondly remembered by all who were blessed to have her in their lives.

Rest in peace, dear Molemo. Your legacy of love, kindness, and joy will continue to inspire us.


March 20th
January 15th
Primary School: Grade R
Marist Brothers Lynmeyer
January 13th
High School: Grade 8
St Anne's Dioceasan College
January 17th
High School Grade 11
St Anne's Dioceasan College
May 6th
Called to Heaven
May 11th
Laid to rest



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July 11, 2024
My beautiful Lemi,
The greatest gift I have ever known was having you in my life. I will miss laughing with you until our stomachs hurt, talking about everything and nothing all at once, being the weirdest people in each other’s presence and our infamous side-eyes.

Most of all, I will miss the sound of your laugh - a laugh that truly shook the room in all its glory. Although our journey ended far too soon, I am eternally grateful for the privilege of loving you. Through all areas of life, I am overwhelmed by your vibrant energy.
I hope we are making you proud! I will always love you, my lemi-pop

Rhandzu Mkhari
July 8, 2024
This is our journey…
it all began in 2013, you stood out to me. i never knew why but i would find out soon enough.
2014, we went from friends to best friends, to family. spending most of our time in the garden that created a friendship rooted in foolishness and fun.
2016, i still to this day cannot comprehend how i convinced you to join me at day care. where we created memories of a lifetime, memories that i won’t mention out loud because then we’ll both look bad.
2018, after a series of chaos and getting in trouble way too much for our own good we managed to leave day care. it felt like a new adventure every day. waiting for our crushes to walk past from the high school side, running to the high school side during rush hour as an excuse to use the tap because it was “nicer”. i think i laughed more that year than i ever had in my entire life. making any excuse not to swim in PE and seeking left over lunch boxes at 4pm because we ran out of food.
2019, out favourite year. new friendships developed but at the end of the day it was always me and you. it was what we thought would be our last year in the same school so we made the most of it. never missing a chance to make more memories. memories like our grade 7 camp, our first fight. that lasted approximately 2 hours and ended because i couldn’t stay mad at you for longer than that.
2020, i came to visit you before you left for st anne’s and that was when the separation anxiety first hit me. it was hard because there were moments were i would wait for you to come home just so i could see you and catch up. the laughter remained the same even though we were in different provinces.
2021, the start of most of our bad choices but we next regretted any of it because we experienced it together. for some reason life was horrible for both of us at that point and we came to the conclusion that it was because we were too far from one another so you convinced me to join you, and i did.
2022, i relocated my entire life just for you. that way life would be a bit better for the both of us because we had each other. it was the year that topped our grade 7 year. we celebrated 16 together, you let me into the life you already created and i’m so glad i continuously reminded you of how much that meant to me.
2023, at the beginning of the year we would laugh about how horrible the year already was because of how much pressure we had on our backs. i don’t think i’ll be able to handle that pressure without you. i never thought i’d lose you so soon. i feel calm knowing you’re at peace and that you get to stay that way. this isn’t goodbye, this is see you later.

God had a plan for you and it may not seem ideal on a personal level. but it’s God’s plan and that’s the plan i believe in. i love you forever and i’ll miss you always. this celebration of life and the next and the next will be just for you and your beloved side eye. the impact you made is larger than life and i just want you to know that.
forever the nate to my cassie
p.s we’ll always have family ties
love, ramz
Rea Manaka
June 30, 2024
Lemo, how hard and sad to have to write this.
You and I would be in hysterics watching Motheo dance around your room with your ballet shoes on. Everytime you got into my car you would ask for the song Cotton Eye Joe and you would sing along happily. From swimming, to netball, dancing and piano lessons you did it all with ease. You were so young but definitely had an old soul!

I was your au pair for many years but you and your siblings made a big impact on my heart.

I will always remember you and think of you little girl. May you sing loudly with the Angels

Until we meet again, all my love Kirsty
Kirsty-Ann Strike
June 30, 2024
Lemo, how incrediblely difficult it is to write this.

You were such a huge part of my life for many years and I am so grateful to have known you. I was never just your au pair you were my special little friend, my soul sister. 😢❤️ thank you for all the giggles and little jokes we shared. I remember so clearly dancing in your room and your infections laugh.

You had the kindest heart, Lemo. 😭❤️

I am so grateful to have known you and I will cherish every memory we shared for the rest of my life.

We will miss you forever.

I love you lots

Holly Petersen
June 29, 2024
Sleep well nana
We’ll meet when Jesus Christ comes back to take us home 💝
Pontsho Monwametsi
June 28, 2024
Life will never be the same in our family. Too soon and too young for you to leave us. We are trying to keep your memory alive however the thought that we will never see you again hurts so bad.

Rest in Power Lemo
Lerato Pooe
June 3, 2024
With love

Morning everyone, my name is Kendra and I was in Andrews House with Molemo.
Andrews house is truly privileged to have had such a vibrant and enthusiastic person
as a part of our family. Molemo you always had a beautiful smile, and your laughter was contagious. Everyone knows that we all have fun, but the videos, the pictures, and the TikTok’s show you how much fun we truly have together. Molemo when you
walked into a room, it would light up. You will always be the light of our house.

Molemo’s mom said I can speak for 2 – 3 minutes, but I’d like to share some heartfelt messages to show the impact which you had on all our lives. So, bear with me,
our home from home have a LOT to say about this wonderful soul.

With love from Thando, Dear Molemo, my blue-eyed queen. I love you so much. You
truly are a dear friend of mine. Time really wasn’t in our favour but the time I did have
with you were the best years of my life. I miss you more than anything.
Molemo had convinced us all that late at night, her eyes changed to blue.

From Lisa, I will never forget the times we shared rooms - where we would laugh until
we cried and stayed up late talking about life and the most random things. I will never forget that laugh and your precious smile my Lemi. It was an honour to be your first and last roommate.

From Esami, Molems you always knew how to make us all laugh. From our long shower
talks to suppressing our laughter after lights out. I will miss you more than you know and I can’t ever imagine ever making warcries for Andrews with anyone but you. I love you so much and you will be with us in the house forever.

From Hannah, my best memories with you were the many nights we shared together, talking about anything and everything, and we would end up laughing uncontrollably. It was a time of such happiness, that I wish I could relive for the rest of my life.

From Leah, my fondest memory with molemo is going downstairs to make coffees during prep, having the biggest energy bursts where we go to top floor and bothering the unsuspecting grade 8s and 9s, only to run back downstairs laughing
when we heard someone coming

From Charmaine, Molemo was an absolute inspiration in my life: not just for her talent and love for music but also for her spirit in Andrew’s house.
Her uplifting jokes and contagious laughter will always warm my heart and be sorely missed. We love you, Molemo. Until we meet again.

From Bella, I am going to miss Molemo incredibly. she was amazing at everything she did and i am so grateful for the time we had together. I cannot imagine life at st anne’s without her.

From Lily, when I felt sad the first person, I thought about seeing you Molemo because
as soon as I saw your smile, I couldn’t help but smile too.

From Ella, I will never forget the time Molemo was my Secret santa and she left me kind,
encouraging notes every week during exams.
These truly made me smile and will always be something that I will cherish.

From Mia Raw, Molemo was always laughing with that laugh we all know so well, she will be in our hearts forever, we love her. We will forever miss making TikToks with her.

From Jemma, my favourite memory of Molemo was our interhouse choir audition in grade 10. I remember still laughing at the one line of the song that we used to perform all the time to this day even.

From Rachel, When we shared a room together, we would always have the most meaningful conversations. You were so wise with your words. We would always
sit together having our tea and rusks in the common room, and you never failed make my day better.

From Mia Collins, Molemo loved to be a part everything, whether it was singing in the common room or having a conversation over tea.

From Nicci, Molemo you had a way of making everyone around you feel heard and special. Your singing in the common room never failed to make me and everyone laugh.
Andrew’s house will not be the same without you but your legacy wil.
Andrews House Girls


Molemo's favourite music instrument.
What was Molemo's favorite Sport?
What was Molemo's favorite Quote or Saying?
"Tough times never last, tough people do"
"Uzoba strong"
"Jesus is coming"

Fun fact about Molemo:
She would turn a sad/difficult moment by loughing hard...
She would start singing out out of nowhere
What was Molemo's favorite Game to play?
ROBLOX with her sister 
WWE with her brother
Basket ball - 21 with her siblings
30 Seconds in Andrews 
What was Molemo's favorite Food or Dish?
Paddle pops ice lolly
What was Molemo's favorite Drink?
Ice coffee
Colatonic lemonade
What was Molemo's favorite Restaurant?
Dopio Zero
What was Molemo's favourite prank
"Siya Kolisi is my uncle"

"My eyes turn blue at night"

“ why are you telling me this in front of my husband, you are being totally disrespectful” from Young African and Famous, esculator deculator “: Nigerian TikTok ”

What are names given by her friends and family
What was Molemo's favorite Music / Song?
Lovely: Billie Ellish 
Breakfast in Soweto: Prince


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