Michael Davis

June  26th, 1977 July  1st, 2024
Boerne, TX
Michael Davis


At 47 years old, Mike (AKA Butt Head, Zombie, Ox, and a few other names we can't mention here) decided to leave Midgard (Earth), Viking style, heading for Valhalla, but ended up in Helheim (where Vikings go when they die of natural causes) because he left chill and not in battle. 

He left behind innumerable women with broken hearts, his battle buddies and fellow nerds, many unpurchased motorcycles and a few iron steeds of his own, bikers with black eyes, and an unused Viking long ship. He is remembered for his gruff exterior and soft chewy nougat. Michael served in the U.S. Army as an Orkey Chirurgeon and wandered the West Coast of ‘Merka eventually migrating like so many others through underground tunnels into Texas where he just ran out of ‘ish and decided to leave. It’s believed he chose to stay in Helheim because he was just out of fux for Midgard and didn’t want to participate in Ragnorok. (may or may not be fabricated, fact checking on Snopes.com doesn’t bring up any records.)

While he was known to have a hard exterior, he had three types of people in his life. He loved you with everything, could care less as long as you left him alone, or stay the eff out of my sight or else. You always knew where you stood because he never minced words.

Mike is survived by his mother, Judy Mead, father, Jimmy Davis, siblings, and numerous nieces and nephews who all love him deeply and will miss him greatly...even when he had to have the last word! We got you this time, bro!

Written by Ram, brother-in-law and fellow nut case...he actually chose to marry into the family!

Translation to Vikings For Dummies by sisters, the “awesome” Tina, who knew more than him and is finally able to get the last word in “nuh uh”… is that actually a word? And “the breeder” Renee, who birthed his nephew and a ridiculous count of nieces because Renee couldn’t figure out what caused them, clue… it wasn’t the water.

Memorial Event - Texas

July 10th
Mike's Memorial
6pm - 9pm...ish
Drink Texas, Boerne


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July 8, 2024
Forgive the long message, for it’s not often that you get to remark about someone who you can say literally changed the course of your life.

We met in high school and spent oh so much time hanging out, watching movies, playing D&D, and all the things that young nerds do. It’s funny, being a part of my life during that time and due to his personality I never thought he would be anything so mundane as us getting old. However, time moved on as it always does and during a trip to Alaska while on break from college we caught up in the only way we knew how, over too much coffee at Village Inn.

I had recently come out to my friends and was enjoying my newish life not having to hide. During the course of our conversation he inquired as to how my family was taking the news, which was easy to talk about because I hadn’t told them yet. His response wasn’t what I expected, he said “I don’t know how you can do that… you’ve told all of us and we love you for who you are and I don’t understand how you can not share who you are with your family.” That night I wrote a letter to my family that I sent, via snail mail, coming out to everyone given the courage from a friend. The lesson was simple, you’re enough as you are, so be proud.

Years later we would reconnect in our late 30s and I would be able to tell him about what an impact he had on my life. He made a joke that it was easier to get me to do it rather than sending out lewd photos of me that may or may not be photoshopped. While he didn’t outright say it, I knew it meant he still had my back. So while I would never have expected him to grow old I know that I will owe my happiness as I grow old, at least in part, to that strange ogre of a man. Rest well my friend.
Chad Norris
July 5, 2024
I love you all. Our prayers are with you.
Connie Wilkinson
July 5, 2024
Your weren’t family but you felt like family! I grown to know u over the past 4 years. I’m greatly honored to have met such a giving genuine person. The most giving and lovable person you will ever meet! He didn’t have much but was always willing to do more for the next person. Always been a laid back low key person, just wanting to have a chill good time. Playing pool became a passion for him this past year. His birthday present to himself was a brand new pool stick that he glorified. I will cherish all the talks and memories that I had with you zombie! Ur presence is already missed and will be missed forever! It will never be the same without you! U will forever be in our hearts!
Alyssa De Leon
July 4, 2024
I can't believe you're not with us anymore my brother you will be forever missed. You will always be my battle buddy.
SGT Martinez... Hooah
July 4, 2024
Dude literally saved my life, when the world around us was waiting for authorization and approval, he just did, and I didn't die.
Never forget you, Ox.
July 4, 2024
I know it had been years since we spoke however, there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think of our last conversation or you. I remember how enthusiastic and excited you were to tell me about Valhalla and the Old Gods, and how more excited you become when you started teaching me different hand to hand combat skills that you felt I absolutely needed as a tiny little girl. I remember the knife you gave me and what you said when you handed it to me, “True warriors who wish to go home to Valhalla must never use their weapons or anyone else’s to harm themselves, promise me if I give you this weapon you won’t ever do something like this again?” I promised you that night and have kept my promise all these years with the knife you gave me. I love you very dearly Uncle Ox. Thank you for being one of my many teachers and great supporters, may Helheim welcome you with open arms and a great feast.
Kimber Teremy
July 4, 2024
Seems like not that long ago we were just chatting on FB, but then the years flew by. Dug around and found some old pictures of you with Grandpa. You will be missed.
July 4, 2024
Oh where Oh where are those little 4 soldiers who played in their Grandparent living room one Christmas Day? Life has surely moved on & many of us will miss you & those happy times together! RIP XO's
July 4, 2024
Mike, I hope you'll watch over me from where you are now, just like you did when we were married. I met you in Germany and loved you for who and what you were. You teached me how to play pool and how to be bad ass. Your favorite words: I mean what I say and I say what I mean will forever be in my heart and I still use them ❤️ Rest in peace 🙏
July 3, 2024
Stay golden Pony Boi. My heart is with you and your family, Tina.
Leah Gibson


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