Maxwell Lewis Gunn

April  1st, 1991 May  10th, 2024
Sarina Beach, QLD
Maxwell Lewis Gunn

Max, you were the embodiment of playfulness, mischief, and joy, fearlessly embracing life, loving passionately, and working tirelessly. We love you and will miss you.


It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Maxwell Lewis Gunn, a beloved son, father, brother, and friend. Born on April 1, 1991, Max passed away on May 10, 2024, at the age of 33, leaving behind a legacy of love and laughter.

Max was a mischievous and funny soul who could light up any room with his cheeky grin. He was a devoted father who loved his son, Hudson deeply and worked hard through every job he had. Despite facing many challenges in life, Max always remained positive and determined to overcome any obstacle in his path. He found peace again and had begun a new life, purchasing his first home in Sarina Beach.

Max will be remembered for his big smile, cheeky personality, infectious laughter, kind heart and unwavering strength. His spirit remains alive in our treasured memories and in the love he gave to us.

We invite all family and friends to share a special memory, photo or video of Max below.

Rest in peace, Max. Your light will continue to shine bright in our hearts forever.



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May 26, 2024
I will always cherish our childhood together and remember all the fun and mischief we, mainly you got up to from ride on mower races, poly pipe wars, building forts, chasing each other, and other adventures on the farm. There were many arguments and squabbles but you were by definition the big brother, you looked out for me, protected me, and you showed me what not to do. You were my first best friend. Growing up you loved to torment me, and even though almost every joke made was at my expense I look back and am so thankful for our time together. We spent the first 20 years of our lives together, lived together as teens, had so many adventures together and had great friends together - not all siblings get that chance.

Your big cheeky grin and quick wit seemed to get you both into trouble and out of it particularly on our nights out on the town. You were the life of the party and you lived with no fear. And although life threw many challenges your way and It may have taken some time but you worked on yourself, you bettered yourself and had finally found some peace again. You started your new life, you brought your first home and you were so proud, I was so proud of how far you’d came.

Your love for Hudson never wavered. He was what kept you going in life. He has your beautiful big heart and kind soul and we are lucky to get to share that part of you still.

I had so many wishes for you and it breaks my heart to know they won’t come true. I wish I could have one more conversation with you, to tell you I love you my brother and to tell you again how proud I am of you.
Your Sister
May 26, 2024

The meaning of Max: “Greatest”.

Everything about you was the Greatest. You were the Greatest Son, Brother, Dad and Friend. You had the Greatest heart, laugh and smile. You had this amazing ability to light up a room just within that laugh or big cheeky grin of yours. You were the Greatest listener and your kindness and how much you cared was limitless. Throughout all your trials and tribulations, you still checked on and showed up for others. Times spent with you and the boys were the Greatest, so much fun was had and they will always be cherished memories.

Hudson, to Max/Dad, you were the Greatest! His Greatest love in life, Greatest happiness and Greatest pride.

The Greatest of lights gone way too soon. You will be forever missed and always loved.
Rest Easy Maxxy, one day we will meet again xo
May 23, 2024
Oh mate, where do we even begin.
We were only chatting a few days before, and we were organising a long overdue catch up. When the phone rang out, Blake naturally assumed you were just working or busy and you'd give us a call back when you were free. It wasn't until a few days later that we learned that that call would never come.

I remember, in the middle of one of our profound stories of wisdom that you and I somehow always managed to have, you told me around the campfire that you were here for a good time, not a long time, and that the universe determines our fate from our struggles and our peace. Well, you were right bud, but I don't think you meant this soon, or just as you found your place in this world. Nothing was ever too much, and you just took each day as it had come. I can't even remember how much shit we all spoke whether around the Bam table, camping, or the random pub catchup - let alone what you guys all got up to on shift. You were sitting right beside Blake the night he and I first met, and even the stories I've heard from the rest of that night were gold.

You definitely made your mark, and to say this has shocked everyone is an understatement. Sending your family our condolences, Maxxie - this one's for you🍻
M & B
Melanie Arnold-Stemm
May 23, 2024
Back when I was ages 6-12, I remember so well how much I was obsessed with you cus. You were so good at sport, so cheeky, such a fast runner and could tackle the Currawong kids with confidence. You were such a cheeky little smartass and I thought the world of you. You were my closest cousin as a kid at that age. As we got older we lost touch and we were separated by distance, with you in Gympie and me in Brisbane. But I'll always treasure those times together as kids at Hervey Bay. You'll stay in our hearts cousin, divine 33 forever. X
Henry Close
May 22, 2024
Max you had definitely found your happy place that Birthday photo and the Australia day photo with your mum are the best I have ever seen you look so happy of course other then the ones with your beautiful huddy your memory will live on in him. Condolences to your family and friends.
Debbie Kettle
May 20, 2024

Lets rewind the clock back to the start of one of my most treasured friendships.

The days where I'd come over and we would just sit in the car across the road smoking and just talking about anything and everything for hours.

Then to the groundwater road days living together I still remember you would come and hit me up to set my alarm so that I could come wake you up in the mornings for work which I would always do but also having to come and double check that you had hoped up which half the time you hadn't 😂.

You where always there when I needed you through some of my harder days and you would always tell me what I needed to hear to get me back on my feet I hope that over the years I helped you in some of your hard times.

I am truly proud of how far you had come in life I know the journey to your peace wasn't easy but you took it on in leaps and bounds.

I know everything you did over the last 11years was for your pride and joy huddy he is your no1 achievement and the stories of you will live on through your friends and family.

It hurts knowing that I'll never get to talk to you again but just know you will always be my brother and that I'll always strive to be a better man because you tought me to always be better and want to be better.

This is not the end brother this is just a good bye for now till we meet again rest easy up there.
May 20, 2024
Max, big cuz - the beautiful memories we shared in Hervey Bay as kids, mainly looking up to you as a big cousin and being jealous of you and Henry's cousin friendship - you two going for walks together to go get pineapples for shell st, being the cool older cousin. Rest in Peace Maxie
julietta close
May 20, 2024

From innocent beings in primary school where you were always my senior I idealised. Our friendship began with common friends out in sexton and your desire to be half the soccer player I was. 🤣

To finding each other again years later when I turned 18 at the races. Soon following our years living together where you introduced me to your mates that I now call my best mates. The nights living together, my memory of you saying good night to us individually then taking both hearing aid’s out onto your bedside till someone informed you they were making a lot of noise being too close. (but we knew you were aware of this)

Our many many years of partying together I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else by my side. You were always there for me even if we both knew It was a bad idea 🤣

Although over the years the distance grew in km’s we were always still just as close. What I will miss the most is our calls, talking about how cool we were in our younger years and reminiscing on memories.

I’m devastated you’re gone bro, but i take so much happiness upon having you in my life, you were and always will be such a big part of my life. You shaped me into man I am today. Till next time bro give them hell up there Gunny
May 19, 2024

I marked it my Calendar, just like you told me to. The day I met you. I didn’t yet know it, but you knew innately my life would never be the same from that very moment. You possessed a sacred kind of magick that could beautifully impact and incite incredible change upon those whose hearts you touched. And in an instant, my heart was touched indeed. Thank you for teaching me the truth of unconditional love and for sharing your light when I couldn’t find my own. You’ll forever remain the brightest star and exist eternally in the hearts of everyone who loves you.

Vibe high beautiful Maxwell. 💫💕
Sari Wynne
May 18, 2024
Your infectious smile will always be in my heart, your love will always be with me, your essance will never be forgotten, you took your journey in this life with no fear and i will always admire you for that, Your humour matched mine and will always be cherished.
The time we shared together in this lifetime was magical for me and I kindly thank you for that experience, Rest easy now Gunny, see you on the flip side x
Your Maori Gurl Tayla
May 18, 2024
In loving memory of Max, taken from us far too soon. The cherished times we spent at Hervey Bay will forever remain in our hearts. Seeing Max with his son Hudson, their smiles and laughter, encapsulated the purest joy and love. Those moments are my fondest memories, a testament to Max's spirit and the beautiful bond he shared with his family. Rest in peace, dear Maxie xx
Lonnie Martin
May 17, 2024
Little cuz,
As we got older I didn't see you as much as we all grow up and had our own lives. But gee you grow up into a wonderful young man. Fabulous dad to one wonderful little/big boy now. You had finally found your peace on a place to call your own. We had some amazing times growing up. One of my favorite memories was teaching you and you little sister how to swim. I remember the time you were playing in our pool and nanna asked you to hop out you turned to her and said me can't hear you nan I don't have my ears turned on lol you totally heard what she said lol. Rest in peace little cuz you were so loved and you will be missed so so much. You will forever live on in our memories love you Max xoxoxox 💗
May 16, 2024
It was only last Friday we were amusing each other with our usual antics, Max you’ve been the best person & most supportive friend. I can’t imagine ending my weeks without our quality little chats, your outnumbered acts of Kindness & love, Holding our memories close to my heart, There will never be a day that I don’t miss you, but I’ll carry your love wherever I go, and your boy Huddy will never stop hearing stories about his hero Dad. 🤍✨

I hope you are dancing Flamboyance style in the sky, until we meet again & when we do, I hope you have some new stories to tell, Till then give heaven some hell. Rest easy Maxwell, love you. x x o x
Christy Brandt
May 16, 2024
Although our friendship was so new, in that short time you brightened up my world. Your ability to find beauty in everything and everyone was rare... but oh so precious. Every sunrise and sunset I'll remember you and smile at the time we shared.
My heart breaks for your mum and Huddy but they are so lucky to have been loved by a heart as full as yours! Fly high Maxwell. Xo
Keri Webster
May 16, 2024
You were always a blast to spend holidays with, stranded out at Nan’s property with no contact with the outside world. I was always glad when you arrived, and I knew you’d keep us laughing the whole time. Sad to know you’re gone, mate.
May 16, 2024
I’ll spend a lifetime remembering you Maxi. The stars will shine brighter with you among them.

We’ve spent a whole life time, at a distance, with our friendship remaining a solid, and constant in my life. I can’t imagine a world without your beautiful, contagious, cheeky smile in it.

Your messages always put the biggest smile on my face - whether it was a simple “how’s motherhood going?” or a reminder of our time in primary school together. A lifetime ago, and yet feels like just yesterday.

I will truly miss you so much Maxi, and your presence leaves a big hole.

I love you beyond words mate and I feel privileged to have spent the last 27 years calling you “My Maxi”. 🖤


We will come together to remember and pay tribute to Max. While we mourn the loss of him, we also aim to cherish the moments shared and the joy he brought into our lives.
The Palms Restaurant
1pm Thursday 23 May

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