Margaret Rose Nicholas

August  31st, 1944 June  15th, 2024
Montagu, Western Cape
Margaret Rose Nicholas

What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.


We honour the life and memory of Margaret Nicholas, a remarkable woman whose presence graced this world for 79 beautiful years. Born in the town of Springs, South Africa, Margaret’s journey through life was filled with friends, Christian fellowship and wonderful family.

Margaret was the loving mother of Angela and Sheryl, two remarkable daughters who carry forward her legacy of kindness and strength. Loving grandmother to Louise, Winston, Kelvin, Brandon, and Rowan and Great Grandmother to Henry and Hugo. 

Margaret was the epitome of an independent woman, with strong views and unwavering opinions. Although her relationships with her daughters were not always perfect, there was never a doubt about the depth of her love for them. Her independence and strong will, shaped her interactions, though Angela and Sheryl were always in her heart, cherished and loved.

Margaret and Edward went on to build their martial home at Pitcairn Road, in the seaside city of Durban. Margaret was very house proud and enjoyed decorating and organising her home. Her daughters were raised here, and enjoyed many family occasions, especially as her family kept growing with the marriage of both daughters, and proud arrival of her 5 grandchildren. She filled her days with a love of music, knitting and sewing, as well as working and immersing herself in the Durban Church Life. She established communities of friends in the city and enjoyed outings with them.

In 2019, Margaret moved to the quaint dorp of Montagu, leaving behind the bustling city of Durban. It was here in Montagu that Margaret truly found a second home. Despite the suddenness of her passing, it brings some comfort to know that she left us peacefully, surrounded by the serene beauty of the place she had come to love.

In Montagu, Margaret became more than just a resident, she became a cherished friend to many. Her warm smile, her genuine kindness, and her willingness to lend a helping hand endeared her to all who had the pleasure of knowing her. Margaret had an incredible ability to connect with people, to listen, and to make everyone feel valued and cherished. Her friendships were deep and sincere, and her absence will be profoundly felt by the community she had touched.

Margaret’s life was also defined by her faith. She was a dedicated Christian, profoundly religious, and always in search of God’s wisdom. Through every joy and every challenge, she trusted in the Lord, and sought refuge in His love. Her faith was a cornerstone of her existence, providing her with strength and solace, especially through some very difficult health-related challenges. Her unwavering belief in God’s plan, and her constant pursuit of His guidance, inspired likeminded around her. Her spiritual journey was a testament to her deep and abiding faith.

Margaret shared a very special bond with her brother, Ronnie Lee. Their relationship was one of mutual respect, affection, and unwavering support. Throughout their lives, Ronnie was not just a brother, but a confidant and a steadfast companion. They shared countless memories, from their childhood in Springs, to their later years, always finding joy in each other's company. Ronnie’s presence in Margaret’s life was a source of great comfort and strength, and their bond remained strong through all the ups and downs. 

Margaret was married to Edward Nicholas for 36 years, a union that brought forth many cherished memories and two wonderful daughters, Angela and Sheryl. Sadly, after Angela and Sheryl were married, Margaret and Edward found themselves growing apart and eventually divorced. Despite this, it was evident that Margaret never stopped caring for Edward. They were both deeply religious individuals, bound by their faith, but life's complexities led them down different paths. Their separation was a difficult chapter, yet Margaret held onto the respect she had for Edward, carrying with her the positive aspects of their shared journey.

Margaret’s life was a testament to the strength of the human spirit. She faced challenges with grace and courage, always finding a way to bring joy and positivity to those around her. Her legacy is one of compassion, and an unyielding belief in the goodness of people, fortified by her faith.

As we remember Margaret, let us celebrate the incredible woman she was. Let us honor her memory by carrying forward her kindness, her warmth, and her unwavering love for friends and family. Margaret Nicholas may have left this world, but her memory lives on in the hearts of all who knew her.

Rest in peace, mother. You will be dearly missed, but never forgotten. May your testimony, Mom, of the ‘Joy of Your Heavenly Salvation’ live on and comfort all on your sudden passing. May you have found your true Heavenly Beauty, love always.
‘To bestow on you a crown of Beauty’ Isaiah 61:3. Your legacy of love, faith, and friendship will continue to inspire us all.


August 31st
Father : Hugh Lee, Mother : Phyliss 
Springs, South Africa
December 31st
Graduated Kingsway High School
Amanzimtoti, Kingsway, KwaZulu Natal
June 1st
Started Working Career
SAICCOR Limited Paper Pulp Mill - Comptometer Operator - Wages Calculations, Pricing of Stores, Cost Accounting
KwaZulu Natal, South Coast
July 1st
Brown Davis & Pratt
Printers & Stationery Importers : Comptometer Operator, Costing & Wages
Smith Street, Durban, South Africa
July 20th
Marriage of Margaret Rose Lee to Edward Leslie Nicholas
Edward Leslie Nicholas and Margaret Rose Lee exchange vows in a heartfelt ceremony, marking the beginning of their journey together. Margaret, a radiant and beautiful bride, walked down the aisle to meet Edward, a dapper and beaming groom. The couple, filled with wonderful expectations and dreams for their future, embarked on their new life together with love and joy.
November 1st
Natal Motor Industries
Automotive Group - Comptometer Operator, Wages Administrator weekly wages
Durban, South Africa
October 1st
George McKeurtan Inc.
Auditors : Comptometer Operator
Durban, KwaZulu Natal
October 10th
Angela is Born
Addington Hospital, Durban
January 11th
Sheryl is Born
Addington Hospital, Durban
Lambs Calculating
Comptometer Services : Comptometer Operator
Durban, KwazuluNatal
Comptometer Services
Comptometer Operator : Stock Sheets, Bills Of Quantities, Invoices, Ledgers, Quote Checking : LTA, Group Five, Stevensons, Wimpy etc.
Durban, KwaZulu Natal
Granddaughter Louise Mercer is Born
First child to Angela & Ian Mercer
Grandson Kelvin Mercer is Born
Second child to Angela & Ian Mercer
Grandson Winston Watkins is Born
First child to Sheryl & Philip Watkins 
Grandson Brandon Watkins is Born
Second child to Sheryl & Philip Watkins
August 17th
Achieved a Certificate of Completion : Pastoral Care & Counselling, Bible Studies #1, Eschatology - The End Times, Soteriology - The doctrine of salvation.
A.C.T.S Bible College, Durban
November 29th
Completion of: Systematic Theology, The Doctrines of the Bible, Christian Apologetics - The Evidences
A.C.T.S Bible College, Durban
August 13th
Completion of Leadership Deliverance Course
Eagle Ministries International, Mobeni, Durban)
August 17th
5 Year recognition at Full Gospel Tabernacle Currie Rd Durban
Member of the intercessory prayer group and part of the team to serve tea at fellowship time and after morning services. Attended many training courses at the Bible College. 
Full Gospel Tabernacle, Currie Rd, Durban
Grandson Rowan Watkins is Born
Third child to Sheryl & Philip Watkins
March 3rd
Completion of 7 week intensive training course : Building In The Spirit 
Durban Christian Centre
June 3rd
Dissolution of the Bond of Marriage
After 36 cherished years together, Margaret and Edward made the difficult decision to part ways as their individual paths led them in different directions. During their time together, they were blessed with two wonderful daughters, Angela and Sheryl. Despite their separation, they treasured the good times they had shared and continued to support each other and their daughters as they embarked on this new chapter in their lives.
January 15th
Sale of the Family Home
The beloved family home, meticulously designed and built by Edward and Margaret, was sadly sold. This cherished house, where they raised their two daughters, Angela and Sheryl, holds countless fond family memories. The sale marked a deeply nostalgic moment for the entire family, as they bode farewell to a place that had been the heart of their family life.
86 Pitcairn Rd, Carrington Heights, Durban
September 2nd
Immanuel Lighthouse International Certification
Certification : Foundations For Christian Living
Durban, South Africa
February 16th
Edward Leslie Nicholas passes away
Edward, Margaret's divorced husband, passes away after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Despite their separation, Edward loved and cared for Margaret. His passing had a profound impact on their daughters, Angela and Sheryl, who loved their father deeply. This poignant moment brought the family closer, reminding them of the enduring strength of love and the importance of cherishing every relationship.
Move to Montagu
Not wanting to be without her family close, Margaret moved with Sheryl & her family to start the next chapter of her life in Montagu.
June 15th
Margaret Passes Away
Her sudden passing came as a shock to friends and family. May she rest in peace, free from suffering. We cherish her contribution to our lives. 



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July 21, 2024
Dearest Aunty Margaret in heaven above you must be the the sweetest smelling and most beautiful in Our Lord's garden. We will forever miss your grace, gentleness and
the steadfastness in God that you showed us. I have great admiration for how you made a second home in Montagu and a set of friends that love you dearly. Your accomplishment in building such a solid foundation in Christ is very inspiring
Thank you for sharing the life albums and details of your Mom's life. Your family home made a big impression on us Nicholas girls and your contemporary furniture was ahead of time. We loved the huge family gatherings.
I pray Ang and Sheryl that you continue your tradition of taking time out for a cup of tea and cake. It must be a Nicholas thing indeed. Much love Ang and Sheryl. Col, Darryl and Lulu xxx
Colleen Nicholas Bardsleyley
July 3, 2024
Since I only met Margaret in
Montagu not so long ago, she was an inspiration to all her friends. We both had physical issues and Margaret had the nack of helping through the days
Margaret often came to me in Huis Uitvlucht to chat and I would always feel ready to face the world again!!
I miss Margie so more pain, go well Margie
Margaret stewart
July 3, 2024
I met Margaret when she came into Nedbank Robertson. Always a smile on her face and glad to see me. The feeling was mutual.
Going to miss your visits to the branch.
Suzy Willemse
July 3, 2024
My dear friend, we met in Dec 2019 at a Newcomer's evening at the Montagu Country Hotel where we exchanged numbers. At that time I did not forsee that you would become such an important part of my life here in Montagu. Over the years we spend more and more time together and you became part of my daily life. I really miss you, my days are empty without you. I admired your positive outlook on life, enjoyed your sense of humour and caring nature. You always looked so beautiful and well kept. I will miss our times together, drinking coffee, sharing a toasted chicken mayo at Cape Dry, having breakfast at the Super Spar in Robertson as well as roaming the streets afterwards. I will miss playing Rummikub with you, our little roadtrips as well as our Bible study....I am sure your prayers kept me afloat! I know you are at peace now and free from any pain and frustration. I picture you talking all the time! Lots of love until we meet again. Riana. 💕
Riana Meyer
July 3, 2024
To our dearest precious Auntie Margaret, it is so hard to believe you are no longer with us. We know you have passed to your 'Joy of heavenly salvation,'but you leave a huge gap and void in our family. I treasure the visits to you, Uncle Ed and my cousin's Sheryl and Angela. Your gentle, kind and quiet yet confident presence always made a huge impression in my life, as it spoke louder than any words, and your love of your Saviour Jesus Christ helped me in my own journey. Thank you Auntie Margaret for being such a strong yet gentle presence in our lives. I truly looked up to you and was looking so forward to seeing you in Montague where you settled with Sheryl. I am so sorry I never got to see you for our chats over cups of tea. Auntie Margaret, I promise to still come see where you lived in your last years and have those chats and tea with your beloved daughters. Although we know this is just an interruption until we meet again, know that things will never be the same without you. You will continue to be an inspiration and blessing to me and all your family and we long for the time when we see you again. Thank you Auntie Margaret for everything. We miss you sooo much. We will continue to love you into eternity. Xxx (3 kisses from Eric).
Janine Lesley Ann Raaff
June 30, 2024
Granny Margaret always used to fetch me after school on a Friday from Penzance Primary, and would take me to the Wimpy at the Umbilo Centre. That was my favourite day of the week and she would let me get anything on the kiddies menu.
Rowan Watkins
June 30, 2024
Dear Mom, Thank you for all you have done for me over the years. I will cherish our Sunday afternoon tea catchups every week, over some nice fresh banana bread you always had ready for my visit. It forced me to slow down and relax over a few cups of tea. You were constantly checking up on me to see all was okay, which was comforting that you always had my well-being in mind, despite your own daily health challenges. You would listen to all my news, along with the moans and groans, and always offer words of encouragement, helping me build strength of character. I took comfort in knowing you where just down the road from me if we needed each other. My one regret was not making it to you to say goodbye…… Thank you for the time we shared, and it is comforting to know that you do not have to endure any more suffering with your health, but can now rest in peace. All my love, your daughter Sheryl.
Sheryl Watkins

Family tree

Hugh Lee
Phyliss Mona Grindley-Ferris
Edward Leslie Nicholas
Ronnie Lee
Ronnie Lee
Edward Leslie Nicholas
Margaret Nicholas


Favourite Meal.
Tong-Lok and Maan Hing Chinese food was her go to. She also loved the Spur and Wimpy breakfasts. On special occasions home cooked meals were her favorite - slow cooked meat, lots of roast potatoes, and then some roast potatoes.
Favourite Pudding
Philips home-made Cheesecake - actually cake or anything sweet was welcomed.
Favorite Drink
Appeltizer, ooh, yes please
Margaret loved potato crisps, something her daughters seem to have inherited also :-)   

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