Mamie Lloyd

January  17th, 1921 August  9th, 2023
St. Petersburg, Florida
Mamie Lloyd


Mamie Aiken was the eldest child born to Sarah Aiken in Allendale, South Carolina on January 17th, 1921. She gave her life to Christ at 12 years old. She was a child that was blessed with wisdom and a heart after God and serving others at Avery young age.She enjoyed dancing and playing basketball. She enjoyed wearing fashionable dresses and outfits adorned with beautiful hats, scarves, and high heeled shoes.Mamie later settled up north in Jersey City, New Jersey with other family members, where she gave birth to Wobena Winston and Betty Winston. She then moved to New York City, where married the love of her life,Gus Lloyd. They purchased their first home in Brooklyn, New York in theFlatbush neighborhood. Mamie later gave birth to two more children, her sons Carl Lloyd and Joseph Lloyd in 1957. She lead a life committed to serving her community and church.Mamie was a faithful wife and mother and lead a life committed to serving her community and church. She attended Berean BaptistChurch at 1635 Bergen St. where she served in multiple capacities and eventually became a deacon. She raised her children and persevered after the death of her husband, Gus. Mamie worked decades as a dietitian, serving in the public schools in Brooklyn and Brookdale Hospital. She loved to garden, cook and bake. She was a skilled baker.Her family, neighbors, and church community enjoyed her many recipes of jelly rolls, dinner rolls, cakes, pies, and breads (which were often appreciated in lieu of Christmas gifts). She traveled as a missionary toIsrael.Even after retirement, she continued to donate her time and skills and goods to her family and community. Her home and meals were open to many. She appreciated education and advised her children and grandchildren to pursue education. She attained her GED. Her first grandchild was born to her daughter, Wobena. Her other children subsequently blessed her with a total of seven grandchildren (all who were the pride of her joy). She beamed with pride as her children, grandchildren, and great grand children flourished in attaining skills, higher education, and of whom flourished in her latter years. Mamie sold her Brooklyn home and moved to sunny St. Petersburg, Florida with her daughter, Betty. There she could not help but steal the hearts of her new congregation (where she remained in service) at Bethel Community Baptist Church. She served alongsideBetty and her 1st granddaughter, Katoria Breton. Mamie often beamed and boasted with pride as her children, grandchildren, and great grand children flourished, attaining skilled trades, higher education, arts, music, as well as paths in ministry and servitude to God and the faith. She was a woman of prayer and bible study. Even after the death of her 2 daughters, she continued the legacy of prayer and teaching her grandchildren and great grands about the love and faithfulness of Jesus. On her 100th birthday (which she shared with her sister Adelle, her 2nd grandchild, Dorothy, and her great grandchild, Jasaila), she was featured in the St. Petersburg newspaper.On Wednesday August 9th 2023, at the age of 102, Mamie went home to God. She is survived by her 2 sons, Carl and Joseph, and grandchildren, Bettina, Siobahn, Carl Jr., Dorothy, Sheeya, Lisa, and Jessica.



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March 3, 2024
Written on 8/19/23

Today my dear Nana is being buried. On my poor father’s birthday. I mourn for her and the sadness my dad must feel.

And while I am so sad to loose her, I am so grateful to have been fed by her for so long. She fed us physically and spiritually since we were young. I will always remember the joy my sisters and I shared visiting her tiny apartment in Brooklyn and later her warm home in St. Pete. Being around her was always comforting. She exuded Godly love. I also will miss her laugh and smile, her fierce independence and snickering while she fussed at her sons. I am so proud to be her granddaughter! To know she leaves behind the admirable legacy of serving with love, welcoming all to her home with her cooking and her dedication to God & family. She admonished us always to stick together, work together, help each other out. Pray, always.

And as I stood beside days before she passed. I could see that she was troubled, that she yearned to go home and be with her sons. But still, she praised God. With limited breathing, and strength she looked at me and Sam and said “He washed me white as snow…” she repeated it a couple of times. I held her hand In appreciation and agreement as tears streamed down my face. To be in the hospital bed, weak and frustrated, yet still praising Him was so powerful! As she waited for her Uncle Carl and Dad I read Psalm 23 to her. I know it’s her favorite. She smiled. There was peace in her eyes. As soon as I finished she directed me to read Psalm 27. And even though my reading was interrupted, I remember the moments of peace and solace in His word.

I remember her joy the day before she passed. How she beamed surrounded by church family, my parents and her great grandchildren. I remember how even the nurses and doctors raved about Mamie Lloyd. I remember that the favor of God followed her. And she was happy. I will remember how soft her hands and hair were as I kissed her goodbye fully expecting to see her again…she was so strong spiritually and intellectually. I know that God blessed her for her hard work and faithfulness to Him.

I pray that we will follow her lead, honor her legacy. Please help us God.
Lisa Lloyd-Branch

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Mamie Lloyd


Our dear grandmother was laid to rest on Sunday, August 19, 2023. Services were held at her church home Bethel Community Baptist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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