Madilyn Aline Peterson

September  23rd, 2008 February  27th, 2024
Henderson, NV
Madilyn Aline Peterson

We have all been touched by Madilyn's light. She is an example of Christ's pure love and kindness. May we treasure our time with her, see the beauty she left behind, and continue to follow her example. We love you Madi!

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March 24, 2024
This is a poem I wrote the night I heard of your passing.

Life's twists are unfair we struggle to cope
Some depart too soon,
some linger in hope.

Yet it's the kindest souls who bid farewell
Leaving us behind under sorrow's spell.

I may stumble through this verse but know
For you my friend my heart does overflow.

Your absence leaves an echoing hush
A void, a gap, a painful rush

Your sweet texts like
tunes in the night
Your humor is a light
oh so bright

In your positivity we found our guide
Now in your absence we silently abide

You were the sun in each of our days
Now shadows linger in your sunlit ways.

Yet in our memories
you'll forever shine
A constellation in this grand design
I'll pray I'll hope l'Il wish upon a star

That you're safe wherever you are.
For you were the light the love we lack
Forever cherished in our hearts you pack.

To the moon and back our love does extend
In each cherished moment you'll always transcend.

Though you're gone your spirit forever lives
In the love
the laughter
the memories we give.

So rest in peace dear friend our guiding light
In our hearts you'll forever take flight

Till we meet again beyond the bend
You'll be missed
cherished till the very end.
We love you 💛💙
March 22, 2024
If sunshine was a person, it would have been Madi. We feel lucky to have met such a wonderful girl.
March 22, 2024
Madilyn, gone too too soon, will continue to shine brightly in our hearts. She was a beacon of light, radiating joy and energy wherever she went. We will forever miss seeing her sweet smile and hearing her play. Her laughter was like music, her red hair like a ray of sunshine, and her sweet smile a reminder of the purity and innocence within. Madilyn will forever be cherished, forever missed, forever in our hearts.
❤️ Mona and James
Mona and James
March 22, 2024
madi, i love you so much and can’t believe that your actually gone. i got the pleasure to be friends with madi in elementary school and it was amazing. she taught me so much and was so creative. i never saw her sad. she was always smiling. her beautiful red hair, her personality. she always put out her first before herself. you have a special place in my heart that can never go away! one of my favorite memories i have is when we were make in elementary school and i was this really shy kid and i just remember her coming up and asking to play and became my friend i love you so much madi and can’t wait for the day we meet again!! 🩷
Harper K
March 21, 2024
Madilyn was my very first friend when I first moved to Henderson. I didn’t know anyone in the neighborhood, but just a day or two after my family and I moved into our new house, she came to welcome us to the neighborhood. She started hanging out with me at my house, and I absolutely admired her and she was one of my role models because she was a little older than me. She had this idea that since she didn’t have a phone yet, we could make a really long paper chain an attach each end to a cup, then dangle it from our windows over the street, and we could use flashlights to let each other know when we wanted to talk. She would always bring the most wonderful gifts around Halloween along with a sweet smile and hug. Sometimes, I would be listening to music in my room and would hear her playing her violin/viola in the backyard. I would pause my music and just listen to her play, she was extremely good at everything she touched. Not only is she the sweetest girl I’ve ever known, but she gave me the time of my life whenever we would spend time together. She was so funny, she let me play with her hamster and I got to experience my very first trampoline with Madilyn at her house. She had the purest, kindest personality and heartwarming smile. She lit up the world with her presence. You’ll always have a special place in my heart Madilyn.

-Sara U
Sara Uygun
March 20, 2024
Madi herself has left far to soon. Although her laugh, smile, and kindness will live in many of our hearts forever. To all the that Madi and I explored and live though together. I know she's made the world better, and brought us all together.

- Dylan H
Dylan Howie
March 20, 2024
Madi was one of my closest friends growing up! I’m so grateful for all the wonderful things she taught me and her cute personality! She would always put others first! She was so artsy and she loved her hamsters! I’m so glad I had a friend as amazing as Madi! We love you Madi!
McCall Osmond
March 20, 2024
Oh, Miss Madi 🤍 you may have been my student for ten months, but you will forever be “my kid"🩷 The tiny, bubbly, five year old, who taught me more about love and life, the one who helped me grow, who taught me something new, like a Baymax handshake {Bah-a-la-la-la}, and showed me a new level of love, patience, and kindness.
You have captured and filled a special corner of my heart, which could never be replaced. I love you and will continue to tell all future students about this amazing red-headed girl from my kindergarten class; how blessed I am to have watched her grow throughout the years, how you would always see her red hair first, and how she radiates joy and light 💛 Until that day, “Chow for Now”
Michelle Wendt
March 20, 2024
i always loved seeing Madi around just because she brought a light to everywhere. getting to watch Madi grow up and become a wonderful young woman was a true blessing that i’m thankful for everyday. i learned so much from madi 💞
claire bragonje
March 19, 2024
Sweet smiling Madi! I didn’t know you as long as some, but what I do know and will always remember is your caring spirit, your kindness, and your amazing red hair :)!! You and your family reached out to my family when we first moved and made us feel so welcome. You befriended my daughter and were her first friend in a brand new place. That alone is something I will forever be grateful for! My boys attended your latest Christmas camp and loved it so much that they wanted to attend all the days. One of my boys told me that you were so nice to him and helped him whenever he needed! You impacted and touched a lot of lives in a short time but that impact will last forever. We will all keep shining a little brighter because of you!
Jenni Raybould
March 18, 2024
The Madi effect: embracing children, truly understanding Jesus Christ and living it, loving the little things, infectious smile, warm, crafty, kind, FUN, truly creative, listener, cool big sister, prepared, and just sunshine like her mom.

Madi, you personally gave my children so much I will be forever grateful to you. Thank you for using your time, your precious time, to spread such joy and pride and hope.
Shannon Gibbons
March 18, 2024
Miss Madi, you are a ray of sunshine! Your love and sparkle for life, God, and others is felt. Words that seem have more meaning now because of you …

Joy, sunshine, love, kindness, happiness, peace, pizzaz, service …

My sweet family has felt your *sparkle and light in such a kind, pure way (a hug at church, gifts for my kiddos while babysitting; animal balloons, pink sand play dough, games, and blue heart suckers;) to name some of their faves. We miss you! The impact you’ve made on our family, will cont as we try to emulate your example of spreading that sparkle, love, and service to others in a kind, pure way …

Until we meet again sweet girl … we know you have a special, sparkle-like kind of mission now in Heaven.

~ Brittney Reichmann (friend of family)
Brittney Reichmann
March 4, 2024
Madi truly was a shining light. As neighbors (and me needing to borrow so many things), I remember her dropping things off at my house all the time. She babysat for me last minute and hosted the most adorable kid camps! I still have her cute babysitting magnet on my fridge. Her smile was infectious. She was always humble and kind to all she encountered. To know her was to love her. I miss you and love you Madi!

~Sister C.
Sara C.

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