Louise Eady

September  4th, 1971 May  17th, 2024
Avondale Heights
Louise Eady




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June 9, 2024
Louise was so generous with her time and knowledge and we were privileged to have had her as a private coach. She was so invested in her bowlers and she didn’t think twice about giving up her weekend or annual leave to go watch her bowlers, no matter where they were bowling. She was humble in the way she would give little gifts to her team without wanting to make a big deal of it but the look of surprise on their faces was priceless.
Her sense of humour, the quirky way she’d sometimes deliver her advice, her bottomless pit of long-lost property that was re-homed to a bowler in need and her commitment to the game of bowling and its community will be so sadly missed and leaves a huge void. She gave so much and still had much more to give. So, so sad.
The Hillyer Family
June 9, 2024
I had great respect for Louise and despite ten+ years since I was at AHSA clearly remember the enthusiastic and positive contribution she consistently made each day which I thought enhanced the cohesion and spirit of the data team.
A really genuine person.
David King
June 4, 2024
Dear Louise
As the newby to AHSA I am blessed to know our Wednesday wanders out of the office together and sharing in conversation whilst waiting for my daughter to pick me up was getting you away from working too much! I'm happy to report, there's flutter around the dishwasher and help enquiries where you were the shining star. Your spot is reserved for someone who I'm sure you are going to approve of because somehow you'll lead them to AHSA just so your crew can get used to having your help the way you like it. With much love. Natalija x
Natalija Mackenzie
June 2, 2024
Dear Louise
I feel like you're on holidays, and that you'll be back soon. I don't think it's hit me yet that you won't be coming back. I had met my match with the banter and sarcasm, I will miss us feeding off each other back and forth, and you keeping me in line if I hadn't done something by the time I'd said I'd have it for you. The place won't be the same with you, the ultimate quiet achiever. Thank you for all you have done at AHSA, what a massive contribution you have made. Now when we have kitchen duty, we will have to actually do it. Thanks for the giggles.
Nic xxx
Nicolle Parrent
June 1, 2024
Dearest Louise,
It is so difficult to write this, as l can't believe you will not be sitting at your desk when l come into the office in the morning. You were such an integral part of the team, you were our proof reader, time keeper, color coder, email sorter and your dedication and support to the hospitals was so valued. It's impossible to sum up how much you did as it was so much!
I will miss your dry wit and sarcasm, no one does it quite like you.
Who is going to remind me that l'm on kitchen duty or that l need to log off to pick up the kids.
You will be missed immensely.
Helen or as you would call me "H"
Helen Scicluna
May 30, 2024
My dear Louise, I will never hear you call me 'Blossom' again.
Thank you for the chats and laughs all these years, your kindness, thoughtfulness, and giving me cat calendars every year.
I will remember you whenever we visit beautiful Tasmania.
Forever remembered in my heart, and sorely missed.
XO, Bel
Bel Lian
May 29, 2024
Louise - Cant believe our journey has come to an end. I will miss your witty humor, our chats, your every so kind personality and our office wont be the same. I know you are looking down on us telling us to get back to work, to stop fussing and letting us know what a crap job we are doing with the dishwasher - Never Forgotten but always in our hearts XXXXXX with all our love Julie
Julie Zucco


Please join us to pay a last tribute.
We will come together to remember and pay tribute to the wonderful person. While we mourn the loss of our dear Louise, we also aim to cherish the moments shared and the joy brought into our lives. Your presence would mean a great deal to us during this time of remembrance and reflection.
Olympic Hotel
31 Albert St, Preston VIC 3072
Tuesday 11th June at 11am 

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