Kenneth L. Wideman, Jr. (Kenny)

February  25th, 2002 March  24th, 2024
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Kenneth L. Wideman, Jr. (Kenny)

Your legacy of love will forever light our way.


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April 15, 2024
Kenny, you was a Good Lil Dude man… Rest Eazy Lil Bro 🕊️🕊️🕊️
Crews Da Barber
April 15, 2024
Alisha Monroe
April 15, 2024
Kenny, the dark one!! 😂😂.. let me tell you something sir.. you hit me super hard with this one. I can’t even put in words what I feel. You were like my little baby.. my little brother that I would roast ridiculously!! Don’t come for me, unless I send for you is what I used to say to you.. you would laugh, but your mom could not breathe!! I miss you everyday. I love you always.. now you are the brightest one of them all💙
Alisha Monroe
April 14, 2024
Missing you
April 7, 2024
Even though we weren’t super close like we once was, i will remember your smile always. Love you man
Joshua Montague
April 7, 2024
Young kenny
Jennifer Felix
April 6, 2024
We was going to dad house.
Macayla Wideman
April 6, 2024
Even though I didn’t get up an say anything, my heart goes out to all his family and friends! I’m speechless honestly. I thank his parents for creating this beautiful soul. I’m so grateful to have met him. He has helped me when times got sooooooo rough! I’ll miss you dearly beanhead love you always 💜🙏🏾
Gabby S


Kenneth L. Wideman, Jr., affectionately known as KJ within his family circle and as Little Kenny to others, embodied a rare blend of charisma and impact throughout his vibrant life journey.

Kenny loved his Mom (LeAundria), Dad (Kenny Sr.), Brothers (Keenan, D’Andre, and Ayden), and Sisters (Tyra and Macayla) fiercely. Kenny's generosity knew no bounds, reaching out to both his friends and family with his expansive heart. His infectious smile possessed an electrifying quality, capable of brightening even the darkest of rooms. Alongside his love for his car, he found joy in both creating and simply reveling in the pleasures of life.

From his nurturing upbringing, he exuded a charm and vitality that left a lasting impression on those he encountered. Growing up in a military family instilled in him a curiosity for diversity and an adaptable spirit that became defining traits.

Among Kenny's remarkable qualities was his knack for forging connections, often through his infectious smile, leaving a positive mark on countless lives. His unwavering optimism and ability to find silver linings in any circumstance were hallmarks of his character.

Family and friends held a special place in Kenny's heart, and he treasured every moment shared with them. His resilience in the face of adversity served as a testament to the power of courage and maintaining a sunny disposition, regardless of the challenges life presented.

To have known Kenny was to have experienced joy in his laughter and kindness in his words, whether as a close companion or passing acquaintance. His innate sociability was a gift, drawing others to him with his genuine warmth and cheerful demeanor. With an unassuming smile that could ease any tension, Kenny's humor and compassion were equally unparalleled, leaving an indelible impact on all who crossed his path.

Kenny was a bright light to everyone he came across. From his swag to his kindness, memories of Kenny will forever be cherished by those fortunate enough to have known him.
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