Justin Frederick Strauss

October  30th, 2004 June  14th, 2024
Raleigh, North Carolina
Justin Frederick Strauss

Psalms 29:11 The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace. -Justin's favorite verse


Justin Frederick Strauss, 19, of Raleigh, North Carolina, passed away on Friday, June 14, 2024, from a plane crash in Siler City, North Carolina.

Justin was born in San Diego, California on October 30, 2004. With a father in the Navy, Justin and his family lived in many places growing up; including Monterey, California, Columbus, Ohio, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Columbus, Texas. He graduated from Columbus High School in Columbus, TX in May of 2023 and continued on to study Aviation at Ohio State University with the goal of becoming a commercial airline pilot.

Justin wanted to be a pilot since age 3 and always had an interest in flying. He loved the aviation classes and flight school at Ohio State University and was actively involved in the aviation fraternity, Alpha Eta Rho, on campus. He enjoyed spending his free time outdoors, including fishing, hunting, and camping. He was constantly dreaming about and planning outdoor adventures and road trips with his friends and family.

Although he had a fun-loving spirit and a goofy sense of humor that was almost always on display, Justin also had a level of maturity and conviction that is uncommon in people of any age. He had an unwavering sense of duty to protect and love the people around him, even those he just met. He always went out of his way to do what was right, even when it was not the easy path. He faced adversity with an unstoppable determination and resilience that continues to serve as an example to his family and friends. He had a strong Catholic faith that helped guide him through life and was an active participant in youth groups and church events. When someone needed help, he was often the first to volunteer and the last to leave.

But what most people will remember about Justin is how he made them feel. He could make anyone laugh, listened intently, and cared deeply. He was often described by those who knew him as the kindest and nicest person they knew. He was always cracking jokes and he thrived on making other people feel happy, safe, and loved. Justin was known for the power of his hugs and he was the most reliable, loyal, kind, and loving friend someone could have.

Justin is survived by his mother, Shannon Strauss, and father and step-Mother, James and Patti Strauss, along with his sister, Casey Strauss and brother, Brendan Strauss, and step-sisters Savannah Menefee and Dalaina Menefee. He is also survived by his grandmother, Kay Strauss, and grandparents, Justin and Sharon O’Hara, as well as other beloved aunts, uncles, cousins, family and friends.

Justin is preceded in death by his grandfather, Frederick J Strauss Jr.


June 27th
Hotel Recommendations
The suggested location for convenience to all the services is the Crabtree Valley area of Raleigh. Below are some recommendations. 

Raleigh Marriott, Crabtree
4500 Marriott Dr, Raleigh, NC 27612

Hampton Inn & Suites, Crabtree
3920 Arrow Dr, Raleigh, NC 27612

Embassy Suites by Hilton, Crabtree
4700 Creedmoor Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612

Doubletree by Hilton
4100 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612

For those local to Texas who can't make it to the Raleigh memorial service, there will be a memorial honoring Justin sometime in July 2024 in Columbus. Details will be shared soon. 
June 28th
12:30pm - Rosary Service
All are welcome to join for a Rosary service prior to the visitation and funeral (optional)
Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral
715 Nazareth St, Raleigh, NC 27606
June 28th
1:00pm - Visitation
Optional if you would like to have a few moments of reflection prior to the funeral  
Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral
715 Nazareth St, Raleigh, NC 27606
June 28th
2:00pm - Funeral Mass
Traditional Catholic Funeral to honor Justin Strauss
Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral
715 Nazareth St, Raleigh, NC 27606
June 28th
3:30pm - Final Commendation and Burial Rites
This will be a short service at the Memorial park where Justin will be laid to rest. All are welcome to join or you may head straight to the gathering after the church.
Raleigh Memorial Park
7501 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27612
June 28th
Reception gathering following services
All are welcome to attend, food + drinks provided
Brian + Melissa's house
8224 Morgans Way
Raleigh, NC 27613


Memory wall

The family would LOVE to hear your stories or memories about Justin. It is wonderful to hear about him and all the lives he impacted. Please share any memories here, no matter how big or small - all are appreciated!

Also, if you have photos of Justin, those can be added / uploaded here: https://dropevent.com/share42897

July 2, 2024
Condolences From The Vetree Family. Longwood Fl.
May God Bring You Peace.
Pierce Vetree
June 29, 2024
I was lucky to know Justin during both of our first years at Ohio State by being his classmate in four classes and through the OSU Alpha Eta Rho professional aviation fraternity. We both learned we had a lot in common as I am from San Antonio, TX and he was still in Columbus, TX at the time, we both swam in high school, and had goals to become professional airline pilots. When I had to get to the OSU airport during a time when I didn’t have my car with me in college, Justin was the first to say he could give me a ride. We had a lot of 5:30am car rides to the airport during the midwest winters. When he would leave the airport and I was a little late there were a few times I sprinted after his truck leaving the parking lot, smacked the back to get his attention, and he stopped to let me in. When he wasn’t helping me get to the airport we both looked forward to football games, weekly Alpha Eta Rho meetings, and any times we could get together with our other pilots and aviation friends.

What I will remember most about Justin was his warming and welcoming personality. He was the one who introduced me to Alpha Eta Rho which helped me meet some of the most amazing people that I will cherish and likely be in contact with for the rest of my life. He was someone that made you light up when he walked in the room, but also comforted you when life got crazy. I will forever remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard the tragic news of his passing and express my grief at his loss, and gratitude for his short time on this earth.

He was an exceptional and gifted person who will forever hold my admiration and respect.
George Welch
June 25, 2024
I got to know Justin at Wednesday night Youth group. He was in my Junior boys small group and was always willing to help out wherever help was needed. He had a big heart and never failed to say hello and give out a hug and smile. I remember the day he seemed a little down and I asked him if he was ok. He quickly responded saying “yes, I am just missing my mom”. Justin will always have a special place in my heart.
Christi Trapp
June 23, 2024
I first met Justin on a Wednesday night. As the sun began to set and the air became cooler, a group of aviation clubs gathered on the Fisher lawn for an aviation mixer.

Alpha Eta Rho, one of those clubs, decided to attend, thinking it would be a good opportunity to meet others interested in aviation and potentially gain some new members. Out of all the people we met that night, Justin was the only one who decided to stay.

I am so lucky to have met him that night and glad that he found something about our club interesting. From that week onward, Justin attended our meetings. Held in 318 Bolz Hall at 6:00 PM weekly, I would walk into the room and see Justin waiting for the rest of us to filter in. He never missed a single meeting.

Just as he was always consistently present, he consistently made me and many others smile, laugh, and feel at ease. Justin had a unique smile that was always genuine and full of joy which made it hard not to be happy when you were with him.

Coming into this next academic year, I was excited to have Justin not only as an active member but as a leader on our executive board. We had discussed many projects and ideas for the next year. As our Historian, Justin took up the role of managing our social media presence and teaching incoming members about the history of AHP. While admittedly, most of our active members had forgotten about our history, I was eager to see Justin teach a new class of students. I knew that even though he wasn’t the loudest voice in the room, he was always heard. Those around him, and even those who didn’t know him well, easily saw his sincerity and passion. With a character as pure as his, I was sure he would excel as club historian and grow into our next president.

So much of my time at college has been filled with Alpha Eta Rho, and so much of my time at AHP has been filled with Justin. I will miss him sorely as a member and even more so as a friend. Justin was an incredible man and a great leader.

We’ll see you soon, bud.
Jonathan Guo
June 23, 2024
I was lucky to know Justin during his first year here at Ohio State through the OSU Chapter of Alpha Eta Rho (the aviation professionals' fraternity). I first met Justin last August at a Center for Aviation Studies aviation club recruitment gathering. I was running a tad late from an evening lecture and found our club treasurer talking with Justin. From the moment Justin introduced himself and I got to know him, I knew he was an extraordinary person and would be a great addition to the OSU Alpha Eta Rho Chapter. We had our first meeting later that night and he walked with me to the meeting space to learn more about AHP and help me set up. He was a remarkable young man and someone who will be sorely missed at Ohio State as he was always so positive, energetic, and someone I looked forward to seeing at our weekly meetings, football tailgates, and AHP Dinner nights. He had such a passion for aviation, and it would always mean a lot when he'd ask me an aviation question he had from one of his classes. I am so extremely saddened to receive this tragic news. He was such a special person with a genuine love for life, family, friends, and aviation.
Joseph Nowak
June 23, 2024
The Columbus Cardinal Athletics family is heart broken. We absolutely loved having Justin here!! Truly one of the kindest people eve - we love him and will miss him. Thoughts and prayers to the family!

Matt Schobel
Matt Schobel
June 20, 2024
Dear Shannon. Jimmy and Patti,
I keep thinking about Justin and the family gathering, maybe Biloxi.
I just swung by to get Mom for a LULAC convention.
Justin ran by, I said, "Hey, Justin" and he stopped and looked at me, like I was a crazy stranger.
I said I was his Aunt Amy and I made his Navy Blanket with his name on it.
He gave me such a sweet smile 😃 and a quick hug, and was off and running.
He was so sweet and thoughtful!
Photo has Jimmy by Kay and Fred and I am top left, between Paul and My husband Lewis, Colleen's dad.
Great Aunt Amy Ahrens Zingery
June 20, 2024
justin…he wasnt just a classmate, or someone that we hung out with on the weekends. he was family. ive always seen him being goofy and making others laugh including myself. he had a unique “justin walk” that i could tell from a mile away it was him. i have many memories with justin that i will cherish forever. from talking mess about how our teacher wont stop talking so we could gossip ourselves to sneaking out of English class to go get food right before lunch period started or giving us some of his lunch because the lunch from the cafeteria was gross and then to on the weekends playing chandelier and making him chug the last cup because one of the girls didnt want to(but in justins mind it’s alcohol so it didnt matter) to stargazing on Aunt WaWas steps and picking images out then going to whataburger for HubChubs(sorry Laura Kay) and having late night heart to heart conversations and finally going to sleep around 6:30 or not going to sleep. justin was one of my best friends that i will forever miss and so glad to have had him in my life.
madyson carter
June 20, 2024
I was lucky enough to meet Justin in Alpha Eta Rho at Ohio State. He was truly the greatest friend you could ask for. He drove thirty minutes once to pick me up from Lowe’s because my plywood wouldn’t fit in my car. He was the first person to get to my birthday party because the day before I told him I was scared no one would show up. I can’t even picture his face not smiling or laughing, every time I get in an airplane I’ll miss him.
Summer Thomas
June 20, 2024
Justin became another brother to me in the recent years while he was in Texas. Some of my favorite memories of him were us terribly dancing or trying to make tiktoks (don’t worry… i have videos)! I am also forever grateful he was able to be an usher in me and Daniel’s wedding and will cherish it forever. love you buddy. W10P forever ❤️
Hope Copley
June 19, 2024
I first met Justin at summer swim when him and his family lived in Virginia Beach. Justin and Casey became some of my closest and best friends. Justin’s friendship was always so special and he was such a light and great person to have around. He was strongly considered one of my best friends when we were younger. I loved him like a brother and his friendship to me meant more than the world.
Sophia DaCruz
June 19, 2024
I can still remember the first time I met Justin. Shannon brought him to work one afternoon and I remember thinking, “why are you so tall and why are you smiling like such a goof right now?” He just nodded and looked at Shannon like, “who is this lady you work with?”. Justin never failed to bring that goofy smile and easy going demeanor with him throughout his years at AMG. Justin and I both worked really early mornings at the office. This summer in particular, I started to get uneasy about being at the office alone so early in the morning. Most days I wouldn’t get out of my car until Justin pulled in the parking lot. I’d wait for his maroon truck to round the corner and pull into his go to parking spot before I’d get out. He had this way of making me feel safe and I could let my guard down while walking inside.
I have been late to work every morning since Justin passed because I’m too scared to walk inside alone. I know eventually I will have to face the parking lot as he’s watching out for me from above, but man, I’d give anything to see his goofy smile again at 6am on a Tuesday morning in the parking lot. I can see him now smiling at me telling me I’m crazy and to just do the dang thing. Justin will always be remembered as brave, kind, and compassionate.
You are so loved, Justin. We miss you so much.
Mackenzie Church
June 19, 2024
I had the pleasure of coaching Justin at Seven Oaks swim team. I’ll remember his smile and easy-going nature. Sending love and prayers for peace to all of you
Priscilla Hicks
June 19, 2024
Oh goodness, the time y’all were moving cross country and spent the night in Texarkana. We met y’all for lunch and Justin stood up in the booth and called uncle Stephen a little hanjak. I think Jim blamed Pawpaw for that. 😊
Aunt Alice
June 19, 2024
Justin always had a smile on his face, and it was a smile that lit up the room. He always seemed so joyful and so happy to be around family. A lot of times when kids are saying hello or goodbye at a family gathering, they seem awkward and don't know what to say... not Justin. He always gave huge hugs when he saw you and when saying goodbye I always got the sense that he genuinely enjoyed being with the family and would miss you when he left. You will be forever in our hearts, Justin, and we will rejoice and give you a huge hug when we see you again one day!
Alli Ennis
June 19, 2024
I was in the car with Sharon and baby Justin was asleep in the back seat. He woke up, looked at me, knew he didn’t know me and then gave me a big smile❤️
Maureen O'Hara Parsons


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