June Rosemary Unwin

June  16th, 1957 February  9th, 2024
New Eltham
June Rosemary Unwin

What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.

Memories are the treasures that time cannot steal.

Our June

It is with great sadness that we announce the unexpected news of June's passing at the age of just 66, following a brief illness.

In time we will post a full obituary, however we wanted to set up this website for people to post pictures, stories and share memories of June a much loved wife, mum, nanny, sister/sister in law, colleague and friend!

They broke the mould when they made June and she was one in million and we know that she touched the lives of many! She has been described as the Queen and Matriarch of Waste Management 

So, in this incredibly difficult time please help all of us remember the good times and the positive impact she had on this world. 

Please share your memories and pictures of June on the memory wall.


Memory wall

We know that June was adored by many and we would love for you to share your fond memories, stories and any pictures you may have so that we can cherish these memories.  

March 27, 2024
You were a truly lovely lady, June. I always felt comfortable in your company, because you were so kind, welcoming and friendly. I've so many memories, each and every one of them warm. Of you and Steve, Alex & Anne and I, enjoying Eastbourne Airborne, walking for miles in the hot weather. You sleeping on a camp bed in my lounge that night, no idea how you got any sleep, but you were cheerful and happy. Of the joy on your face when Sophie was born. Your 60th birthday party. You bopping to Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon at a social club event. Seeing Billy Joel in concert at Wembley (thank you, Anne). Devouring a huge chunk of the most delicious Christmas cake you had made, no shop-bought cake could come close. Of you and I, Anne and Sophie, visting Kent Life I think it was in the run up to Christmas 2023, and having a great lunch afterwards. And you were an amazing mother-in-law to Alex, as Steve was father-in-law, kind, helpful, generous. But you were special to me, too, because you possessed a genuineness of spirit and heart, and operated with an innocent and loving kindness, always wanting people to be happy. As Anne knows, I believe life goes on, and with all my heart I want your life to go on to pastures greener and for you to exist free of pain and full of peace. God Bless you, June.
Valerie Thompson
March 16, 2024
June, my most vivid memories of you are from the CIWM annual luncheon - a chance to catch up with old friends and put the world to rights! But my biggest takeaway from those times was how much you adored your family. You would beam with pride when talking about them and it lit up the room. If I become even half the mum you clearly were, I would be a very happy woman. I hope your family takes comfort from knowing how much they were adored by you xxx
Jacki Ager
March 14, 2024
Mummy June!

Big presence, big personality and the BIGGEST heart

Now I am a mum myself, I am in awe of how you did it all- successful career, amazing family- having the energy to cook a roast on a Sunday!

There was a lot of love in your house and you opened your heart to everyone and accepted them.

Thank you for having me for sleep overs, after *completely sober* nights out.

Rest easy now
Love Waller

(there's only one Mummy June!)

Francesca Waller
March 13, 2024
June was an office mum to so many of us. She was always putting others before herself. No matter what she was doing, she would always make time for you and provide a listening ear, a hug, words of encouragement and even a kick if needed.

There are lots of people like me, who would not be where they are now without June's love and support. She is missed by so many people. This world will not be the same without her but her legacy lives on in so many of us.
Maria Migdal
March 13, 2024
It doesn't seem possible that its under a year since we were celebrating our hen do in Bournemouth all together and then a beautiful day with all the family at our wedding. My memories are of an incredibly intelligent, warm, kind, and loving person who welcomed into the family with such a big heart and full of love. Of course, I knew you many years before this when I was introduced to you with Sheila and Fred and all the Savill family. Your devotion to your family, and the work you did, is a legacy which has been formed by the roots of your foundations - strong, well grounded and with blossoming branches from those who grieve you. You are an inspiration and a woman we are all inspired and are grateful to have had in our life. You gave so much to so many and for me and particularly, Jan, you leave a huge hole in our lives. I am so grateful we got to spend that time with you and to talk about all the things you loved so much in your life. Your memory and legacy will live on ... the long, long, phone calls will be missed and the talks about everything possible. Life was cruel, and your loss is felt far and wide, by not only your family but everyone you helped and inspired. I don't think you probably ever knew what an incredible woman you were and how much you meant to so many. If I can strive to be just a part of how inspiring you are I will forever be thankful for the impact and love you showed to me. Thank you for every ounce of love and strength xxx you will never be forgotten and always held close to our hearts. Rest easy June xx Until we meet again xxx
March 13, 2024
My lovely friend June..I cannot believe you have gone such a sad loss..we have truly lost one in a million..there is so much I miss from our long telephone calls our nights out..from the moment I met you at Thames Road we hit it off straight away and who would of thought of the friendship that formed from that..you were always so helpful kind and caring..I miss you so much..you shine bright up there my lovely friend 💗
Karen Sykes
March 13, 2024
I am so sad about the loss of dear June. We have worked together since the early 1990s and saved Bexkey Council millions of pounds through her expertise in the refuse and waste industry. She was dedicated to her work beyond the call of duty and had time for everyone. Most of the staff knew how helpful she was but very few knew how popular she was with the workmen and contractors. She knew hundreds of workers of the refuse and recycling team and crew by first name and was extremely supportive to them. They considered her as one of the ‘boys’ but appreciated her immensely. The contractors respected her too and never got the better of her. Her legacy and development of Thames Road recycling centre will serve the region for tens of years to come. You can write a book about her anecdotes. I will miss such a valued colleague and friend. Deep condolences to her family and friends.
Dimitri Araj
March 13, 2024
Words cannot describe this tremendous loss. The world has lost one of the great ones. My thoughts are with all who held Jane dear. I have searched for some photos with June. These are from the 2012 CIWM study trip to Paris. They are not the greatest quality but I nevertheless wanted to share them. The memories we have of Jane are very dear.
Jarno Stet
March 11, 2024
Thank you for the memories June. Our long telephone conversations during Covid particularly come to mind. lol.

Blessings, R.I.P. Bal
Balwinder Singh
February 18, 2024
Thank you June for all you did, for Bexley as part of our superb waste and recycling team, helping lead us to the top of the table and then keeping us there year after year.
Everyone speaks so fondly of you, and quite right too.
Thank you for everything June.
Cllr Peter Craske
February 18, 2024
In January we discussed all the things you wanted to achieve this year. Getting your legs better now you finally had a diagnosis and getting you back to full mobility. When the physio asked you what you wanted to achieve, you said I want to be able to go for good night out and a boogie again!

People say they broke the mould when they made you and that you were one in a million. Obviously, they are right!! We are all lucky, Chris and I to call you Mum, dad to have you as his Wife, and Sophie to have you as her Nanny. We are all lucky to have you as part of the family, as a friend and as a colleague.

Life presented you with lots of challenges along the way, and I know one day in 1987 you asked a health visitor why do I always get the shit? She told you it was because you were strong enough to deal with it ❤. Now we all have to be strong without you to help fight our corner and be our shoulder to cry on.

I have had so many messages from family and friends telling me how amazing you are. If love and well wishes alone could have made you better we would never be where we are now. So sleep tight Mum cos after so many years looking after us all you've certainly earned a rest. I know you will always be there watching over us all, helping guide us along the way.

I am so proud of you and all you achieved in your life which has been so cruelly cut short. The world has lost an amazing person but you leave a lasting legacy to be proud of. I love you so much Mum and I always will ❤️‍🩹
Anne Thompson

Funeral Service & Celebration of Life

June's funeral will be held on Friday 15th March 2024 at 12.30pm 

Full details of the service and celebration of life are available at 

GreenAcres Kemnal Park Cemetery,
A20 Sidcup By-Pass, Chislehurst BR7 6RR
15/03/2024 at 12.30pm

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