Jullie A Galindo

September  2nd, 1954 June  10th, 2024
Huntington Beach, CA
Jullie A Galindo

“Many people will walk into and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints on your heart.”


Thank you for being here today to share in our sorrow and celebrate the remarkable life of Jullie Galindo—a devoted wife, loving mother, and cherished friend.

Jullie Galindo was born on September 2, 1954, in Seoul, Korea. Raised by her single mother, Jeanie Skidmore, until Jeanie met Forest Andersen, who became Jullie's stepfather. A friend once told Jeanie, "You didn’t find a husband; your daughter found a father." Forest adopted Jullie and loved her as his own. The family moved to a small town in Nebraska, where Jullie was the only Asian girl in her middle and high school. Despite this, she was embraced by everyone who got to know her. Her love for dance and theater began during these years; she was a Pom Pom girl in middle school and a full-fledged cheerleader in high school—passions she carried with her throughout her life.

After high school, the family moved to Omaha, where Jullie attended the University of Nebraska and majored in English Literature. However, her true love was for the arts and dance, leading her to move to Chicago to pursue her dreams. After a cold winter in a small apartment, she decided that California was where she needed to be and moved to Hollywood. Her grit and determination were unmatched! When her dream of a dance career started to fade, she switched gears and became an accomplished fashion merchandiser and designer. Jullie's style was unmatched until her last day.

Following a divorce, she tirelessly worked to raise her two sons, Bruno and Spencer. She was the epitome of a loving, caring single mother, always putting her children first.

In 1999, Jullie met Mark after he returned from working abroad for five years. For Mark, it was infatuation at first sight—her beauty and spirit were infectious. They dated briefly before starting a life together with the boys in Huntington Beach. Together for 25 years, they shared many adventures, frequent travels, and a love for life and the people in it.

To know Jullie was to love her dearly. With her positive attitude, infectious laugh, and infinite compassion for others, she was loved by many. She was like a second mom to many and left a lasting impression on everyone she met. She was fiercely loyal to her family and friends, always ready to lend a helping hand, and a great listener.

To the very end, Jullie was strong, fearless, proud, and absolutely committed to her husband and sons, her family, her friends, and her church. She passed away after a long struggle, on her terms—fearless, faithful, and ready to join her mom, JJ, and all those who passed before her. Jullie was surrounded by her sons and husband in her final days, with a beautiful smile on her face as she peacefully entered God's waiting hands.

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints on your heart.” Jullie was loved by so many and touched countless lives. It's hard to fathom that she is gone, but her memory will continue to shine in the hearts of those who knew her forever.


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June 22, 2024
A true angel on earth and off. I love you Jullie
Jeanette morrison
June 20, 2024
Smiles of a beautiful soul.
Mary Garrity
June 18, 2024
I met Jullie at Norris JH in 7th grade. We shared some classes together and one day she said something comical, and we both laughed so hard we hid behind our books and that was the beginning of our 56-year friendship. I was never as humorous as Jullie (but I did my best to keep up.) We laughed our way through JH and HS - all these years … Until she was in Gods arms. After graduation, Jullie’s Mom moved to CA. She was now a single Mother, had friends there and they often spoke on the phone in fluent Korean. We would walk by and chuckle because she would stop talking to giggle. We hopped on a Greyhound bus and headed out to CA where her mom had an apartment. We could not text obviously and back then I think phone calls were costly - so we wrote letters. She was lonely for all her friends and was not happy there. She moved to Chicago – back to Omaha – and finally ended up in CA. I would fly out as much as I could and vice versa. I could always count on her coming back for one of our many HS reunions. She made me go to “Runza” and “Little King” to get her fix! During our years we spent many hours dancing and singing to the Temptation’s, Supremes and Carole King (You’ve’ Got a Friend) was a favorite. Jullie had many Gods given gifts – she had style – amazingly witty – and she could dance! She actually opened up an exercise studio called “Jullie’s Tuff Stuff”. Her greatest accomplishment was becoming a mother and raising by herself her sons Bruno and Spencer. They are so much like her – kind and compassionate – and witty each in their own way. She was so proud of them both and I loved hearing her stories about the boys. By that time, Jullie had entered the world of fashion, once they saw what she was capable of – the world was her oyster, and succeed she did! We walked into her office one day and I could not believe she was peppered with questions from her employee. She worked very hard. I visited her in 2018 I believe and then with 2020 came Covid – I had a new Granddaughter so that put a damper on seeing each other. I believe she was planning to come to Omaha for our “50th” class reunion in July, 2023 when she found out she was ill. Jullie I will love you forever, you made my life so much better being a part of it. I hope I was able to bring some joy to yours. God Speed my beautiful friend – someday we will dance in heaven together
Janet Cleveland Langle
June 18, 2024
#3 I know I'm doing this ass-backwards but I forgot to share this. Motown was both my and Jullie's favorite music (well...back then anyway) and this song epitomizes her to me. She sang it constantly. Whenever I hear it on the radio or wherever....the only thing that I can think of is her. "I'm Stone In Love With You" by the Stylistics. Maybe it's just me, but listen to it wherever you get your music. It's pure Jullie.
Also, went to Google Maps and found the apartment in Chicago and yeah, it was a semi basement apartment at 741 Buckingham Pl.
Jim Wolfe
June 17, 2024
#2 I didn't get to finish...my keyboard jammed. This is the last bit because I realize I've been rambling, so read this after the long winded narrative below.
I do regret not staying close with Jullie...I'm certain I deprived myself of many more years of laughter, happiness, fun, joy, life, and love. But writing these few things...it's made me remember more than I thought I would. It's a gift that she gives me even now. It's made me laugh a little, remember more than I did a few days ago and yes.
I've even wept during this. But still a gift. As was she. To all that were touched by her light and even to those that were not as fortunate to know her....she lit up the world.
The pictures enclosed are terrible, I know, but the only ones I could find to share. The high school cheerleader (cowboy hat and all) and little Kim Hye Suk (spelling) in Korea.
Jim Wolfe
June 17, 2024
Jullie and I went to the same high school together (Omaha South High) which was a fairly large school with lots of students. She was a year behind me, so we only shared the same turf for two years. Don't know why we weren't in the same class. I was only two months older than she was. Guess I squeaked by an enrollment date. We didn't really know each other during that time but I think we knew of each other. I was aware that she was a "Pomperete" (the school's dance squad or drill team) in her sophomore year because when I saw them perform, I mean this girl could dance!!! And a varsity cheerleader in her junior year...(probably senior year too)...still with the same bad-ass, energetic, couldn't keep your eyes off her moves. I, on the hand, was a mere "theater geek". Our paths did finally join up after school, still in Omaha, and we became good friends. Not only because we shared a common history (school) but we had so many of the same interests, goals and dreams. But the one thing that I treasure above all about Jullie, and it's no secret to anyone that knew her, was her HUMOR!!! I've always considered myself a fairly funny guy and some people have even told me that. But Jullie, more than anyone else in this world, could have me on my back, with gut wrenching pain from laughter, holding my stomach and begging for mercy. And the best part was...when I looked over at her...she was in the same awful but joyous condition as me. We did that a lot, usually while watching a movie that became our "cult classic"...Jesus Christ Superstar. We must have seen that movie at least two dozen times. Singing along, making the same jokes at the same time and studying the choreography only to try to duplicate it when we got out of the theater.
Next stop...Chicago. Yes, that cold and cramped little apartment in Chicago was mine. I moved there December of "73 to hopefully become a slightly bigger fish in a much bigger pond and Jullie move there to further her goals about a year or so later. This is where I must apologize or confess that although my memory has never been that great, I now compare it to one of those old silent movies that's all grainy and scratchy where the film sticks and the light from the projector burns out the images. Sad. And although I don't remember specifics, I know we had a great times. I remember dancing (Disco...it was the seventies after all), she had me try Korean food...Bulgogi (yum) and Kimchi (yikes), going to the beach (more like freezing water, dirty sand and dead fish lapping at the shore) of Lake Michigan during the summer practicing our dance moves and lifts and usually falling in a heap of laughter. I guess she did live in Chi town during warm weather. I do recall that she always hated cold weather and if somebody didn't hold on to her, the famous Chicago wind could make her it's own Korean Kite. After a while, two other friends of mine/ours move in. Carol and Vivian. And that small apartment became even smaller. There was a double bed and a fold out couch so the rule became first two to go sleep...bedroom w/bed, last two....fold out. Seems like an impossibly uncomfortable situation but hey...young, starving artists, ready to conquerthe world...we made it work. The four of us spent many nights talking,laughing and sharing. Drinking the cheapest jug of wine and listening to Laura Nero's album "Gonna take a Miracle" or Carol King's " Tapestry" over and over. We wore those albums out.
Jullie decided to move to California as did Carol. Vivian stayed in Chicago and shortly after I followed Jullie this time to California. She and Carol had an apartment together along with our friend Deb(the tribute below) and yes, once again four people in one apartment. But this time the apartment was much nicer and in Brentwood (I think). I'm sure I wore out my welcome but eventually we all went our separate ways and started to live different lives.
Jim Wolfe
June 17, 2024
I met Julie as her vet-taking care of her dog and training together. Although she was a petite person, but had a big smile, laugh & heart! I will miss all of those wonderful qualities!

My last memory of her was walking together catching up on our lives.

May she rest in peace with her mom.
Paige Hashimoto-Lizardo
June 16, 2024
The laughter and memories of sharing our immigrant experiences and the comical outcomes to being American girls from different countries…

She was hilarious and devoted and always positive …I’m sure she has heaven laughing

One of the pictures from the Paris blues days ❤️🕊️🙏
gordana Bordighi
June 16, 2024
I met Jullie several years ago in Huntington Beach when she was looking to hire a personal trainer.
I remember meeting her and Mark and just thinking that she was just such an amazing women.

We really connected and moving forward had an amazing trainer client relationship for many years.

However, over time Jullie and I became dear friends. We took lots of walks at the beach and on the river trail.

One of my favorite memories of Jullie was our deep conversations on how we were going to solve the words problems, how much we loved our boys, how we loved life and about our faith✝️

She was such a loving person and she had such a big heart❤️

She was an amazing listener and always had a way of making you feel like you were the only one in the room.

This picture is a great memory of one of our last group walks with some of her friends. I loved this walk because, we took it slow due to us having some injuries but, we finished strong that day just like she did at the end of her life💞

Jullie, was a fighter, she was funny, beautiful, bright, strong and had such style.

I will miss her so much but, find comfort that she is no longer suffering and in pain.

She has her Angel wings and now she can soar😇
Stacy Rae Mednick
June 16, 2024
Jullie was an amazing woman who attracted friends like moths to a flame. Hysterically funny...OMG...we always laughed when we got together until our sides were killing us. An instant friend from the first time we met as Talk of the Town dinner theater Town Councilors in 1973. (Singing/dancing waiters) Mary Ann and I visited her in California in 2019 and 2021. Many more stories to come.
Deb Turbes
June 13, 2024
Miss you SO MUCH
Mark Garrity


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Saints Simon and Jude Church
20444 Magnolia St, Huntington Beach, CA
6/21/2024 at 11:00


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