Joseph "Joey" Barcellona

November  23rd, 1936 February  9th, 2024
Miami, FL
Joseph "Joey" Barcellona

People may forget some of what you said or what you did, but they will never forget how special you made them feel.  Joey's humor, a beacon of light outshining all others, and his rich, heartfelt laughter, will always have a home in our hearts. 


“People may forget some of what you said or what you did, but they will never forget how special you made them feel. Joey's humor, a beacon of light outshining all others, and his rich, heartfelt laughter, will always have a home in our hearts.”

Joseph "Joey" Barcellona, Jr., of Miami, Florida, passed away on Friday, February 9, 2024. Born on November 23, 1936, in Garfield, New Jersey, to Joseph J. and Filomena, Joey was the epitome of a strong, funny, and charismatic Italian American man. His 22-year marriage with Dolores Barcellona was filled with shared joy, laughter, and the kind of deep connection that comes from truly living life together over 30 years.

Joey was a four-letter athlete in high school and was voted Most Successful of his class. After high school, he proudly served in the United States Army for two years before attending college in Pocatello, Idaho. Joey followed in his father’s footsteps and started boxing. But he found out very quickly that he did not like being punched in the face. He then embarked on an extremely successful career as an entrepreneur in the restaurant, nightclub, and entertainment industry. His ventures, most notably “Joey Harrison's Surf Club” at the Jersey Shore, became a testament to his hard work and larger-than-life personality. The club, named in honor of his father’s professional boxing name, embodied his spirit, and established a family legacy, where he worked with his late brothers, Ciro, Evans, and Anthony; both his sons, who grew up working in his establishments, and eventually his two oldest grandsons, who grew up spending their summers, and eventually, working at the Surf Club.

 Joey is survived by his sons Joseph C. (Filomena); Joe Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps working in management and promotions in all his father’s businesses, including the Surf Club, and in his own restaurants and clubs. He is also survived by his youngest son, Michael S. (Taciana); Michael pursued a career in computers. Joey's grandchildren, Marco (Dr. Pranali Sheth); Marco cherishes the many memories of the time spent working summers at the Surf Club and especially sharing sunrises with his grandfather; and Phillip, who has wonderful summer memories of growing up at the Surf Club, with his grandfather taking him to the country club for tennis lessons.

 He is survived by his beloved and heartbroken wife, Dolores. Together, they shared 30 years of love and family with his stepdaughters Shawna (Scott) and Kelley (Aaron), and his youngest four grandchildren. His extended family, later in life, was his pure joy and brought him unparalleled happiness. He never considered or used the word “step”, family was family. He was adored just as much in return, with family activities like tennis, swimming, and basketball, and watching videos of Brody's baseball games and swim meets, cheering on Reece in gymnastics competitions and tennis, and watching videos of Conor and Declan’s flag football games, soccer, basketball, and golf. His grandchildren were the center of his world—and he was the center of theirs; Reece, who adored Papa, was never shy about showing her favoritism for him! His grandchildren gave him more love than some people receive in a lifetime. And he loved them right back! His family was all together until the very end of his beautiful and fulfilled life.

 Joey's legacy is marked by his unwavering love for his family, his infectious humor, an excellent Italian cook and his undeniable strength of character. He lived life fully, with every moment spent building a legacy of love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. He will be deeply missed and forever remembered as the remarkable man he was.

He graciously sponsored charity events and other good causes and fundraising events at the Surf Club. He was a no-nonsense, and appreciated employer, and an excellent mentor. He stood taller than most, as if a lighthouse illuminating those around him, with his smile and infectious laughter acting as the beacon that so many were pleasantly and comfortably drawn to.

 In the following months, information for his The Celebration of Life will be shared by Joe Jr. on Facebook via Joey Harrison’s Surf Club page.

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July 1, 2024
With a heavy heart,

I moved down here in 1994. My Uncle Teddy B. was good friends with Joey. For a few years after church we went to breakfast at Three C’s with my grandfather, Jimmy V,Teddy B, and Joey Sr. We would talk about boxing for hours…….
I was 15 years old at that time.
He gave me a job, a bike to get there, and paid for me to box at Toms River boxing academy.
He was at the gym all the time to watch me spar and brought an entourage for my fights. .
He taught me hard work, dedication, and what character really is in life.
He was Larger than life!

Frank Mc Laughlin
Frank McLaughlin
July 1, 2024
I worked for Joe 24 years at the Surf Club and Joey’s in Clifton! It would be hard to list all the wonderful memories because there were so many! Joe was larger than life (as Marco said) and was always physically fit and wanted us all to be that way! He would call me in March and say “if you’re fat you’re not working” to get me motivated. So I would gain 10 lbs. in April from the pressure but by summer I was always at fighting weight! Then one summer he told me I was too skinny and I asked him if I could record that! He
laughed with that big laugh!
You always knew when Joe liked certain music! He played Billy Joel and would sing “A bottle of red, a bottle of white” and we would crack up!
But Louie Prima was always on when we were setting up. The whole morning staff knew every song not because we bought the Album either!
He was tough but it just made you work harder! The Surf Club Bartenders were respected by everyone because you had to be the best to work there!
One cold and rainy Memorial Day weekend “The Uncle Floyd Show” had a bikini contest and they asked me why I wasn’t in the contest. I told them I didn’t want to show up the other girls! When Joe saw that on tv he was hysterical and they played that show at least twice a week! He would tell me “ I saw you on tv again” and crack up!
Another great thing about the Surf Club was that people would come back to visit all the time and I loved seeing all the people after five, ten even twenty years later and reminisce (spellcheck) about their times there!
After Superstorm Sandy everywhere I worked people would know me from Surf Club! That place made me famous! Or infamous!
I miss the closeness everyone felt when they hung out there! It was like a giant family!
I could go on forever obviously because it was the best days of my life! I will close now by saying
Gos Bless your soul Joe! Thanks for the memories!Say Hi to my dad!🙏🏻❤️🥲
Felicia Belli
June 28, 2024
Joey was such an amazing person! We loved getting to know him and spending time with him Dolores, Bentley and the kids and grandkids.
Joey always made you smile and laugh! My favorite memories were when we would cook together and he taught me many of his delicious Italian recipes. His love for his family and friends was evident. He will be missed by all of us. We will cherish the memories always.
Niki & Thomas Weston
Niki weston
June 27, 2024
Joey and Dolores,

My heart is sad, tears are flowing for my friends pain and sorrow. Reflecting on a life well lived and enjoyed with his soul mate, Dolores. What a lucky man to have lived life on his terms. Although we didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Joey until 20 years ago we had the best times! We were always happy to see Joey. He was a great cook, entrepreneur, animal lover, tennis player and a wonderful friend. Our children loved seeing Joey! He shared some of his treasured Italian recipes with Niki our daughter. No sugarcoating, he told you as he saw it. Of course he always said “you look great”!! George and I traveled to New Jersey and to Paris and London attending Wimbledon together. We celebrated News Years, attended a Billy Joel concert, Fifi’s, Joe’s for dinner and countless other places. Also spending time with our dear friend Eric R. And his delightful dinner parties!! So many fun and happy times!! We will miss Joey dearly but forever hold memories of him in our hearts 💕

Nancy & George
Nancy Oyarzun
June 21, 2024
Joey was a great guy. Fun fun and good. When quay was first opened there was a liquor bar inthe spa. Joey and I spent several nights a week drinking and laughing and entertaining all who showed up. Merle schor.
Merle Schor
May 22, 2024
When I first met Joe in the early 80’s, he treated me like family. He was always very generous, had a great personality, boisterous laugh and great sense of humor. I loved spending time with every once in a while when he had some time to relax and to sit down on the deck playing tunes on the juke box before things got busy on a Friday afternoon at the club or when he when he would invite me up on his deck. I never took advantage of his big heart. I’ll be forever grateful knowing him. He’ll always hold a special spot in my heart for how he took me into his.
Thanks Joe for all the great times and memories!
God bless you my friend!!
With love, Ironhead
Gary Ferguson "Ironsides"
April 22, 2024
Lynn and I played our first tennis match at Quayside with Joey and Dolores and later had our first lunch at the Spa with them. That relationship continued in Miami and at the Surf Club for as long as Joey and Lynn were with us. It was my pleasure to continue to have a business relationship with the Surf Club and the Barcelonas after Tennis and to always enjoy Joey and our fervent appreciation for sports. Joey is a person so unique that he can never be replaced, but will always be remembered by those of us who cherished his relationship.
Donald Steinmeyer
April 5, 2024
Uncle Joe always made me laugh & feel welcomed in his home or the Surf Club.
I’m sure he has his brothers (oldest brother Ciro in photo) in stitches.
Marc Rebucci
April 5, 2024
A tribute to my Uncle Joe - with his rich, booming, baritone voice and raspy laugh, his hysterical sense of humor brightened our holidays. He would have us in stitches with his funny antics. The holidays were entertaining because of him.
Quick story - I lost my hamster Fenwick when I was seven years old. Needless to say, I was devastated. My Uncle Joe went to the pet store to purchase another hamster for me. Later on in the day we realized the hamster was blind and deaf! But it was the thought that counted. He was trying to make me smile and take my sadness away which he did.
My hope is that he is at peace with his family up in heaven. Knowing Uncle Joe, he is making his brothers laugh. I can hear them laughing together. Miss all of and love you ❤️. Thanks for the wonderful memories.
Lisa Barcellona Rebucci
April 1, 2024
When I think of Joey, an automatic smile always come to my face. He was kind, funny, loyal and supportive to the people he cared about. We were fellow Italians that shared an understanding of what that meant. Family, cooking, and commitment.....
He used to yell at me on the tennis courts, calling me an "Amazon", and wanted me to use my power to serve the ball. He even took the time to give me tips on the court to help my serve. One tennis event, he brought down a bottle of his "Johnnie Walker Blue Label", to toast and cheers to life.
Dolores was the love of his life, a truly devoted wife and caretaker at the end. Truly special and loving!! Not to mention, a dear friend.
Rest in peace Joey, and keep an eye on us up there with all the rest of the angels.......We will miss you ! XOXO
Victoria Haefner
March 31, 2024
A few more photos to share.
March 31, 2024
Joe, you will be missed by so many people. Your love of life and living every moment to the fullest will always be remembered. When we first met at Yogi Berra’s racquet club through our mutual friend, Pam, the pro, I didn’t know our lives would be so intertwine, including introducing me to my wife and your niece, Nona. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me and my family. You will always be missed, but never forgotten.

Love you Pal,


Doug and Nona
March 31, 2024
Memories working for Joey’s Place will always bring fond reflections… 🙏💕🙏
Diane Cinderella
March 30, 2024
My condolences to the Barcelona family. I had many fun times with Joey in Clifton and the Surf Club I was one of the hostesses in the Clifton restaurant for many years
Marlea Tracey Balsamini
March 28, 2024
First & foremost….my condolences to the entire Barcelona family. Joseph Barcelona Sr. was simply a great boss and I learned a lot from his business ways.

I stated awhile ago:
“Never yell or curse at your employees...otherwise you just lost a respect level that you thought you deserved and nothing that comes out of your mouth after that will ever be respected or measured appropriately. Your employees might stay on board...but only because they have nowhere else to make a decent living. Joseph Barcelona Sr. never yelled or cursed at me. When he had to give me his little piece of hell...he called me into his office...sat me down and talked to me like a human being while staring me directly into my eyes...never raised his voice or cursed...and that's why I always had a little extra in the tank on those 100 degree days to make sure that cash register opened and closed a few more times than it might have.”

He was never a father figure to me. He knew I had a great father. He was not interested in anything but me making that register open and close as many times as possible and that’s exactly what I did. He showed me a level of respect and I in turn returned that same level of respect. To me he was a super giant in the business world of nightclubs. He simply knew how to run a business and make money and he was very successful. I have never heard of him going against his word or not paying a bill or an employee. His reputation was as solid as can be. He was a great man and I will miss him. His legacy can NEVER be replicated.

Thank you for seeing something in me in 1995. I will never forget my first order from him. It was early Spring and he handed me a shovel and told me to get all the sand off the patio bar area floors at the Surf Club. There was about 4 inches of sand. I never knew that sand can weigh that much. It took me a few hours and I was sore for days. Maybe that was my interview. 😂 I got paid hourly for that job but Joe Sr. handed me $100 bill when I was done. That was truly my first day of work at the Surf Club. Joe Barcelona Jr. & Sr. gave me an opportunity to bartend shortly after and saw something in me. I am still not sure what it was….but I quickly moved up the ranks and made a lot of money. Til this day…29 years later I am still bartending and making money. I attribute all my success to bartending at Joey Harrison’s Surf Club and Joey’s in Clifton and Joe Sr. & Joe Jr. powered all my successes.
Thank you for all that you done…from the bottom of my heart I truly believe all my success was because of your success.

I don’t know yet where you will lay to rest…maybe Florida or New Jersey but I’ll find your resting place and give you a visit with a prayer. May you always rest in peace. Much love from the Pagliuca family. ❤️

Joe Pags
Joseph Pagliuca
March 28, 2024
Last night when I got the news about Joe Srs passing I was speechless. I sat in my car reading everything everyone had to say about a man who treated those around him like family. A man who if you needed help he would be first to step up. He was a man who was loyal to those who were loyal to him. I thought the destruction of the Surf Club was the end of it all. Everyone has fond memories of Surf that will never die and with that memories of Joe Sr will live on for years to come. Sorry for your loss and condolences to Dolores, Joey and the whole Barcelona family 🙏 🙏. May Joe Sr. legacy live on infamy. RIP Joe Sr. Till we all meet again.
Andrew Greenhut
March 28, 2024
Joey.. iconic man so lucky to have known you ..lucky to have grown up in the era of surf club ! So many great memories!
You will be missed and remembered forever ❤️🙏
March 27, 2024
Thank you Mr. B!
Thank you for providing us kids of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s with great memories of a great time in our life, in your great establishment! You will forever be Legendary! Rest well sir. You will never be forgotten.
Artie Weber
March 27, 2024
Joey was a great guy . we spent our summers at 8 - 7th ave just 4 houses from surf club front door . We also ent to clifton club, Our family and friends enjoyed a great relationship with Mr B … we cherished Friday afternoon gatherings, beach days, oldies night to name a view, God Bless Mr B. Joey was the best 💜
Paulie Perillo
March 24, 2024
My Uncle Joe was and always will be very special to me. I waitressed the beach at the Surf Club and bartended the following summer where I was introduced to my husband ,Doug Ceva, by my Uncle Joe. He was looking out for me and I always thought of him as my second father. We had many great times together with Dolores at Quayside. It is hard to know he isn’t here anymore. He was larger than life and as his obituary aptly put, you might forget what he did for you but you’ll never forget how he made you feel and he always made me and many others feel special. I miss him.. Nona
Nona Ceva
March 21, 2024
We got to know Joey and Dolores through tennis when we moved to Quayside in 2011. Joey was a riot, he was the kind of guy who made you feel like you'd known him forever, even if you'd just met. Dolores was his rock, the steady presence by his side, supporting him through thick and thin.
Joey was a regular fixture on the tennis courts, especially when Eric was playing. He loved to watch Eric in action, and whenever there was a match, you could bet Joey would be there, cheering him on. On weekends, he'd often join in for a doubles game himself, playing on the court right beside ours. Even if he didn't have a game scheduled, Joey would still make his way down to the courts on weekends. He enjoyed watching Dolores and the ladies play doubles, often joining the cheering section from the sidelines. His support for everyone on the court, whether playing or spectating, was truly heartwarming.
Eric , Enzo and I will miss you dearly. Rest in Peace, Joey!
Adriana Bovet-Morinon
March 20, 2024
20 years later, we still talk and laugh while remembering our “tennis camp” week at La Quinta in Palm Springs!
Summers playing tennis at TRCC, will always be a fond memory
Raising a glass to a wonderful, long life of family and friends, love and laughter shared with many!🍾🥂
Jackie Haug and Gil Slingerland
Jackie Haug
March 20, 2024
I’m gonna miss you, my dear friend. You made my band number 1 at the Surf Club like you promised and always backed me. Great memories. Thank you. Alfredo and Chelsea Warehouse
Alfredo Nittoli
March 20, 2024
Joey and Dolores were the first couple to welcome us to Quayside about 11 yrs ago. Playing tennis together many dinners and lunches that Joey,me and others of the Old guard. Joey had a great sense of humor and always shared some interesting stories at cocktail hour at the GH. One of the most generous people that I call a good friend. He will be missed. Our warm condolences to Dolores and entire family. Dave and Marisa
Dave Strom
March 20, 2024
One day Joey and I struggled with the question of what beverage was best for lunch that day. We discussed the appropriateness of two choices: wine or beer. We decided to conduct a proper test to make the decision, so we went to The Village of Gulfstream Park in Aventura. It was a beautiful day, so Joey insisted we drive in his Bentley convertible instead of my SUV. Good choice already.

We started at the Yard House because they had the most plentiful selection of quality draft beers. We limited our investigation to about a dozen samples combined with bar snacks before selecting two winners.

Next stop was the Italian restaurant at Gulfstream where we finally decided upon two bottles of red complemented by Joey’s choice of culinary delights. In the end, we agreed both wines were winners.
Knowing we had to drive home, we limited the extent of our wine/beer study. However, having exhausted our memories during our challenging experiments, we both forgot where we’d parked. We thought someone might have moved the car. Fortunately, a security guard with a golf cart knew where the distinctive Bentley was parked and drove us to the spot.

After we got home safely, we decided we probably shouldn’t have driven home. We agreed never to tell Dolores or Regina, so please keep this experiment a secret. That was my favorite luncheon with Joey and I’ll never forget the laughter we shared that day.
Bud Robyn
March 20, 2024
I met Joey and Dolores in 2000 just as I was grieving the death of my fiance. Since we all lived in the same complex in miami it was easy to form a friendship on the Tennis courts but what stood out from those early times was Joey was his insistence that I go for dinner with him and Dolores to get my "mind off my grief". The comfort of food, especially Italian, remained an important part of our continued friendship (although life would subsequently take us in different directions). May the memories of his life be a blessing to all who think of him.
Cami Hofstadter
March 18, 2024
Every time I visited my daughter in Hoboken I made a hot dog run to Rutts Hut in Clifton and sent Joey a picture. He got a big kick about it.. of course we would sneak over to costco for the occasional dog whenever Dolores wasn't watching.
Michael Brown

Memorial Mass in honor of Joey

A memorial Mass to celebrate and honor the life of Joey will be held Friday, June 28th at 10am.  We invite you to join us in remembering his extraordinary life and celebrating the impact he had on our lives.  
St Pio of Pietrelcina
103 Washington Ave.
Lavallette, NJ
June 28th 10am

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