John L. Ongaga Kinaro

July  11th, 1941 July  7th, 2024
John L. Ongaga Kinaro

Thank you for joining us as we celebrate the life of a colossus of pedagogy Mwalimu John Livingstone Ongaga Kinaro who rested on the 7th of July 2024.


Mwalimu Kinaro is a husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, friend, confidant, counsellor, teacher of many, and this page has been created to bring all of us together so we can stand with, condole and encourage the entire family as they prepare for the days ahead. 

Please feel free to post a word of encouragement or condolence to the family; it will be well appreciated.

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July 17, 2024
Mzee shaped and influenced my future at Kisii School.I personally feel i have lost a father figure in my life.He was a very kind and made our moments easy....An inspiration to many
My sincere condolences to the family and may our God comfort them
Andrew Gisore
July 16, 2024
Tata Ongaga will give you a wide smile when he sees you and great you warmly.He was firm yet loving.He had a way of bringing family together,i will miss those new years' family gathering of feasting and laught.The glue that brought the Mw'Obworo together,the chairman himself.He is gone yet his great legacy lives on .He had time and something to share with everyone from the young to the old.
He was my dad's best friend, joining him so soon as he also rested last year .If it was not a phone call, whenever he was at Kenyenya he always went to see him .I remember 'Tata'Ongaga coming from kakamega to Eldoret to see dad whom they also a share a name (Ongaga) while he was sick, arrived quite early with mama Malesi and spent the whole day together.They were great friends,they will converse non stop!
I will miss him , I am 😭 even as I type this 😭
I called him uncle once and he reminded me sternly that he was not my uncle but my father!
Until then,my heart will keep on singing,until that beautiful ressurection morning ❤️
Loyce Manyange Ongaga
July 16, 2024
I once went for a job interview and got hired not because of my academic or professional qualifications but my knowledge of the world. Mr K encouraged us to know what was happening around us. During our time in high school he allowed us to watch 7pm news every evening before proceeding for preps.
BBC, VOA, Sauti ya Ujeremani, Radio Dare salaam etc helped us acquire global knowledge..
We left high school knowledgeable creatures not academic zombies 🤣
RIP Baba, Mwalimu, Mjomba.
Moses Mulamula
July 16, 2024
My uncle was and will always remain a Legend in my heart. Having carried the responsibility of a first born in a big family- He was a power house and I have personally been inspired and admired his calm, loving demeanor for everyone in the family.
Uncle K represented grace, authority and a deep kindness and care that was understood by everyone who encountered or interacted with him.

The last time I had a conversation with him was 22nd January 2024 & he sent me some words of Blessings and wished me well. I had no idea that this was the year we would lose him forever..May God rest his soul in Peace.
The family will feel the void and we pray that God can guide us all as we deal with losing him in our own ways.

My heart goes out to my Aunty and cousins. I cannot start to imagine how this will impact their daily lives and I can only pray & ask God to strengthen them.

I wish we had more time with Uncle K.

May his legacy live on in our family interactions and the generations to come. He remains in my heart as the one person who held the Kinaro family in the most high standards and loved everyone. He was also dearly loved by all of us.

What a leader!

May his soul rest in peace.

Esther Esi Omotunde
July 15, 2024
Babu was an epitome of greatness. He was a wonderful soul who loved our Koko Malesi unconditionally. Love lived in them.
May his soul Rest In Peace 🙏🏾. Heaven has gained a beautiful soul 🙏🏾✨. R.I.P
Mel Ifesa B
July 15, 2024
Your life spoke volumes
each and everyday.
You used your actions
to show us the right way.

You made each moment count
no matter when or where
Inspiring us,
to work hard, to have integrity
and to care.

Words can't express how much
we will miss life without you.
But l thank you for the gift
of inspiration from your life so true.

Shine on your way Babu.💔💔💔😭😭
Leilar. Adamba Mudagala
July 13, 2024
My brother was a giant bigger than life. He was magnanimous and methodical in everything he did. As a brother he was loving and wanted to see success. He moulded and mentored me to be what I am today. He was my principal at Musingu High School (1975-1978). He disciplined me and gave me tough love whenever I erred. In my senior year at Musingu, he suspended me twice asking me to go home and come back with a parent. ( in fact the second suspension was bcoz I returned to school without a parent). He was a man who never had room for mediocrity. A disciplinarian per excellency. He loved what he did and wanted the best for everyone he came across. He was a family man. He loved his wife, children, siblings, relatives and friends. He had a heart of gold.
I remember one time I had a conversation with him about politics and I told him that I would want to be a politician one day and he responded to me very profoundly stating “ to be a politician, you have to be senile or have selective amnesia” He explained to me that “ you have to be prepared to say one thing today and forget it tomorrow bcoz politicians deny what they say the next day “.
I am still waiting to become senile before I join politics.
The last time I saw my brother at his Hirumbi home last September, I never imagined it would be the last time I would see him alive. It is therefore very difficult for me to process the fact that I will never see him. He always gave me good counsel and I will forever miss his presence in my life.

Chief Charles Aguatta Kinaro
July 13, 2024
A very tolerant Principal who was very accommodative and understanding.
A good counsellor indeed.
He once, told me "accept the reality that your parents are gone! Your father, was my cousin too. We are feel and affected"
This time I was joining form four.
RIP uncle!
Vincent Orutwa Ongaga
July 13, 2024
Mr K, as we fondly called him was a dedicated, understanding, empathetic and great leader. He loved the boys and kept an eye on us to ensure that we stayed focused. The sight of Mr K on the school compound sent us scampering in all directions because no one wanted to be caught on the wrong side of the school's rules and regulations. We always looked forward to his inspiring speeches on Monday and Friday assemblies.

Mr K loved bringing up all rounded boys and he would chase us out of the dormitories at games time to go out and play. All work without play makes Jack a dull boy and indeed we excelled in both academics and sports. We also enjoyed the many trips he granted us to Butere and Mukumu girls to interact and make friends. This was the icing on the cake!

We joined Kakamega as boys and left as men ready to face the challenges of the world because of Mr K.

As we celebrate his life, his spirit of hardwork, dedication, focus, courage, assertiveness, compassion and empathy lives in us.

Rest easy Mwalimu and condolences to the family.
Joe Murule
July 13, 2024
Sending you my deepest condolences and warm hugs during this heartbreaking time. Your father will always be remembered as an incredible person.May Mzee K Rest in Peace
Moses Omusula
July 12, 2024
Our Hero,teacher,mentor,Admistrator,leader,motivator,displinarian .
JK²LO[GRHSIEP] -to many this are just but letters but for the keen reader there is a sequence rhat one needs to unravel and a missing N for make it complete.
I'm not sure if the parents or guardian gave those names had some insights or it was sheer concidence Mr.John Livingstone Kinaro O.....JKLM-O they follow one another on the alphabet.
Maybe the peers I e fellow teachers,colleagues,and all students that passed through his hands in the 3 schools I know he taught or led [Kakamega,Kisii(Government Schools) and Musingu (Quaker/ Friends School] the impact upon the students is great and its transgenerational it transverses several generations.
The M would naturally stand for Mzee or Mwalimu or Mr.across bar.

My personal interactions with Mr.K as we fondly called him since his name was feared and respected in equal measures both to the juniors (1-2)and seniors 5-6 [A ]and 3-4[8-4-4] was during opening days in the dinning Hall when he would just arrive and you hear
"kichana if you tont have your meal cart-yellow card kindly just go back home and get your School fees"

You had either to go home or find your way after he vanishes for you to survive

I enjoyed his leadership and role modelling mode of mentorship( current CBC applied) where he identified TALENT/ GIFT and gave it a plat form to thrive be it sports especially soccer ⚽ ,drama ,singing or instrumentalist, hockey and 🏉 rugby.
This he will do right from zonals to nationals once he scout's you you are on boarded the rest are details.
He natured and nurtured raw talent as exemplified by performance academically and extra curriculum activities
Class and field/ hall alike thus he made Katch a giant during his reign 1988-1990 before 'BARBERED WIRE " came through for us in 1991 for 91ers a year with many tragedies with the exam leakage shattering many dreams... todate it's talked of in low tones coz the effect never ceased despite our lives moving on.KNEC Ilikaza sana!

GC is now a renown BRAND and LEGACY locally and internationally coz of K and the great Coach / My Physics teacher in F3-4 Mr.Chris Makokha[ GRHSIEP ]
That combination is unmatched with any other.
The record set may never be broken soon 5 cups back to back is not a mean achievement.
Other activities too flourished eg club activities CU,young farmers, Maths ,current affairs ,Kiswahili clubs just to mention afew.
He encouraged socialisation during school outings and innings
The FREE WALKS on Saturday s and Holidays when each one enjoyed just walking out of the school bila gate pass.

My heartfelt condolences to Mrs.K Elizabeth Malesi Kinaro
The daughter Riziki only Female Alumni , the two sons whom we interacted greatly at kenya HARLEQUINS as they gave their best the game they loved rugby and last but not least Dr. Samuel Ashimosi Khamadi for the loss of a husband ,father ,uncle and friend.

May the Lord comfort and grant each one peace as we celebrate a life well lived
Ikoti Maurice Luyingwa
July 12, 2024
It's so hard to fathom it at first, alot of questions will go through our minds as to why it happened, why now? But we may not get the answers as per now. Mr John Kinaro was a great and very humble man. He was my close neighbor and a very respectful member of the community. We have really lost a great member of our community. May His soul rest in peace. Condolences to the family may God give you strength during this difficult times and understanding. It shall be well.
Ukang'a Isabwa Elvis
July 12, 2024
Shikamo ? Marhaba...that was our usual exchange whenever we met. Although insignificant and normal to a listening ear, this exchange was very important to me because that is how I would have greeted my father. Rest in peace great man. To my senje, my wifis, my shees and the rest of the family, please accept my heartfelt condolences. Cherish the memories.
Rachael M'Rabu-Murila
July 12, 2024
Mr K was a great administrator. He mentored me when I was in primary school class 7-8 at Lions Primary School and high school form 1-4 at Kakamega High School. I had a privilege to live with his family. He was loving and kind. He was a disciplinarian and made you understand why he was punishing you. I left Katch a changed man. You left a lasting image on my life. Thank you sir. Rest in Eternal Peace.
Samoel Ashimosi Khamadi
July 11, 2024
Mr K was an amazing administrator, counselor, teacher and motivator. He influenced the whole school and community through his vision. Because of him, Kakamega High soared both academically and extracurricular. Everyone was proud of the school. We are grateful for his life and our prayers go to the family and all. Cheers
Harry Chamwada
July 11, 2024
Mwalimu was just not a teacher....he was a mentor.His actions to better the education of his village community was just not usual but exemplary. Iam a beneficiary of this .Am who am because he made my life...going to a good school where I pursued good will forever remain in our hearts for good well till we meet
July 11, 2024
To the Kinaro Family/friends,
I joined KH in 1991, mzee was a good person who was passionate in carrying out his duties, I didn't have any opportunity to interact with him on a personal level but the seal that he had in guiding us was very high despite the fact that we were very many and it was not possible for him to have any personal relationships with all the students under his care.
Death is inevitable and brutally final, may the soul of our former Principal rest in eternal peace.
John Mokandu onchiri
July 11, 2024
You were a great person.A true leader greatly interested in shaping the characters of boys under your massive wings.You did so with love.RIP MR.KINARO
Laban Obiero
July 11, 2024
Mwalimu K as we popularly referred to you then.
I learnt of your passing on with a heavy heart.
I remember the jokes you would tell anytime you passed by our classroom.

Rest In Peace our Legend
Evans ANJECHE KHAINGA class of 92. Kakamega s
July 11, 2024
My deepest sorrow and condolences to my very principal who welcomed me in form one in 1991.
Quote eloquent and a strict disciplinarian who moulded my character to prepare me for the outside world.
Mwalimu I'll miss you and your guidance.
R. I. P JLO Kinaro.
George Ondicho Ombego
July 11, 2024
The family and the friends of our great man who took care of us in kisii school, please accept my sincere condolences.He was our father , mentor ,a sportsman and a friend.I remember him in all the assemblies remind us to work hard and beat alliance,not to throw our spears on lizards on the rock among other memories.
Vincent Oanda
July 11, 2024
I would like to extend my deep condolences to the family and friends of Mzee who was a father figure to us,back in Kisii High.
We will always remember him for reminding us that as Men we only had one spear and it was important to take good care of it,so as to us it only for the right Animal and not wastw it.
This was always a constant reminder any time we broke for half term,or holidays.
Go well Mzee.
Vincent otemba
July 11, 2024
Dear Family of Mr. Kinaro,
I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Kinaro, a remarkable teacher and mentor who played an instrumental role in shaping my life. My name is Isaac Muigai Wachira, and I was fortunate to be one of his students in the class of 1990.
Mr. Kinaro was more than just a teacher; he was a guiding light who imparted not only knowledge but also invaluable life lessons. His dedication, kindness, and unwavering support helped mold me into the person I am today. His wisdom and encouragement were cornerstones of my educational journey and personal development.
I fondly remember his engaging lessons and the genuine care he showed for each of his students. His legacy of excellence in education and mentorship will forever remain in the hearts of those he touched.
Please accept my heartfelt condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. May you find comfort in the cherished memories of Mr. Kinaro and the lasting impact he had on so many lives.
With deepest sympathy,
Isaac Muigai Wachira
Isaac Muigai Wachira
July 11, 2024
Being a student under Mzee Kinaro was double pressure for me because of his close association with my father. They were both strict disciplinarians so goofing around was never an option. He influenced my choice of A Level school and remained a good father figure till the end . Fare the well.
Allan Gohole

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