Jennifer Rose Cahill  &   Agnes Lily Wren Cahill

June  21st, 1989 June  4th, 2024
Manchester, UK
Jennifer Rose Cahill  &   Agnes Lily Wren Cahill

A site dedicated to the memory of Jennifer Rose Cahill and Agnes Lily Wren Cahill.

I'd like to hear all about your memories of Jen and encourage you to post photos.

I loved them and I miss them both so much.

Agnes Lily Wren Cahill

There are lots and lots of pictures of Jen but what is probably clear is that I don't have many of Agnes. Our daughter was only with us for a little less than four days but she generated so much love and was such a comfort to everyone that she met.

There are a few things that i know that she really liked;
* Pictures of Rudy
* Holding hands
* Nose boops
* Raccoons (obv)
* Midwives
* Listening to stories about her mummy

There are so many positive memories that I have of her and I feel lucky to have spent any time at all with my beautiful girl.



Memory wall

Please share your memories and photos of Jen

July 18, 2024
Jen - I checked and the last time we spoke was 7 years ago. If I had known then that that would be the last time we would communicate - I would have changed that. I would have picked up the phone and connected with you, caught up, and insisted we laugh about all our memories - preparing for our Italian sociolinguistics exam (all the different ways of saying coat hanger, practising in Alex Evans' room!), going on a romantic gondola ride together in Venice with Jimmy Weaver, laughing about Clint Betts (!!!), visiting each other in our holidays - Millpond Cottage and my parents' place in the London suburbs, trips to see each other in Perugia and Bologna, frolicking in Lyon, graduating together, the list goes on.

Following you on IG means I feel like I've kept up with your life even though we haven't spoken in a while - and I simply can't fathom that you're no longer here. My heart breaks knowing that both you and Agnes died - the world deserved to have both of you in it. You are one-of-a-kind, Jen, and I will hold you in my heart and mind forever.

Rob and Rudy, I send you all my love and strength. There's not much more I can say, but I hope you find solace in reading all these messages, and knowing how beloved your girls were.

Jess xxx
Jessica Myers
July 16, 2024
Missing your warmth, great sense of humour and big smile Jen ❤️
Adam Parfitt
July 15, 2024
Your incredible husband, mum, siblings and Kersh have done you so so proud. Love you so much x
July 15, 2024
Today is the day we physically say goodbye for good, life is a cycle , and our bodies are just our vehicules to undertake the amazing journey of life, I truly believe that we will meet again in a different place , our path will cross again because you are too exceptional to be gone forever.
You are everywhere in your loved one heart , you are in everyone smiles when they mention your name, your jokes , your madness, your kindness you have left an indelible mark on everyone that crossed your way with the most beautiful ink you could ever imagine .
My Jen I can’t be there in person for your farewell today but my heart is with you because I love you deeply .. always .. I cherish your thoughtful way of living the life to the fullest . I always knew Rob was amazing but the way he dealt with your departure just confirm even more why you have chosen him as your number one..your Man .His chosen words to protect everyone who loves you , his stamina to keep up taking care of Rudy , I have so much respect love and a massive admiration for rrr Rob that is for me the strongest man on this planet , it is like you have giving him all your strength when you left us, so he can carry on to love and protect everyone as you always did. I like to think that you are continuing your journey in another dimension , at peace and happy with Agnes and all of us , just in another place . You are missed and loved soooo bloody much rrrr kid xx
July 15, 2024
Jen was the most kind, caring and generous person and had such a brilliant sense of humour. She made you feel so welcome and nothing was too much trouble. I will always remember when she invited me to stay at her family beach house for a trip for Lotte’s birthday. She came all the way to Bristol to pick me up. I’d only met her a couple of times before at this point, but she treated me like a best friend. It was always a joy to see her. Such an amazing girl. Sending love to all her family and friends xxx
Alex Ireland
July 13, 2024
Thank you for sharing this page with the Neonatal Unit.
I cared for Agnes during her time with us. Although her time was short, It was a privilege to have met Rob and all family and friends who cared so much about Agnes and Jen. The support and love I saw you give to one other throughout this time was truly heart warming to see. Myself and colleagues were truly moved by witnessing the love you had for one another. Thinking of you all, take care of each other, From Jess x
Nurse Jess
July 12, 2024
My memory of Jen is meeting her for the first time.We were at Millpond meeting Cecily and Steve and Jen breezed in, smiled beautifully at us and said her hellos, then danced off afain happily to meet some school friends.We worked out she must only have been about 15 but such a vivid memory.At all subsequent meetings she always seemed be be smiling or laughing.
Elizabeth Parfitt
July 9, 2024
Jen was an amazing friend at work, She had this light inside of her that could brighten any dark day. I admired her so much for her kindness and compassion towards anyone. I remember one day, one of our colleagues was really upset about a particular situation and couldn't find much support from others. Jen with all her empathy, got up from her desk, went towards our colleague and gave her a hug while saying some comforting words. I already knew how special Jen was, but in that moment she really touched me inside to the point that I, then, got up and gave Jen a big hug and told her how special she was and how thankful I was for us being in the same team. Little gestures, simple things and a great impact, this was Jen!. She is such an inspiration to me because whenever there is an unusual situation, I find myself asking, what would Jen do? So, I can truly say that even though, she is not physically among us anymore, her bright spirit will forever shine in my heart!
July 7, 2024
I’ve struggled to write something here because how can I put into words the impact that Jen had on my life; but here goes…

Will and I got together over 20 years ago, and from that moment Jen immediately became a friend, confidant and a bloody brilliant sister (in law by name only!)
Family gatherings were always full of love and warmth and Jen was at the heart of that, of course she was the one making sure everyone had a full glass of bubbly at all times.

It became very clear to me early on that Jen and Will were peas in a pod, their sense of humour and ability to make any situation fun meant Jen quickly became friends with so many of our friends. I have countless memories from university of house parties and sneaking Jen and Juliette into night clubs when they were underage! The infamous night of “I have no brother” Will never be forgotten! I loved how Jen never turned down an opportunity to dress up with us and have a dance.

Jen always had the biggest smile on her face but when she met Rob you could tell she was truly happy. One very special moment that I’ll treasure forever was going wedding dress shopping with Jen; she beamed all day.

Becoming Aunty Jen to Maddie, Ben and Sam gave Jen such joy. I was so touched that even on her wedding day she loved having them around as she got ready. Maddie will always cherish being Jen’s flower girl.

It’s already been said so many times, but Jen’s kindness knew no bounds. When I was struggling in lockdown, of course it was Jen who sent me coffee and the most stunning bouquet of flowers for galentines day.
Losing Steve was so hard for all the Howicks but the way Jen and Will looked out for each other was the best.

I thought I’d seen Jen at her happiest, but then came Rudy. Jen was a total natural when it came to motherhood. Although Manchester and Amberley were far apart in physical distance, it never felt that way as Jen and I constantly shared moments of parenthood over the phone. Sleepless nights and sick days off nursery of course required a rant from us both, but I loved hearing and seeing Jen living her best life with Ru at baby raves and drinking champagne in France.

It’s the little things that I’ll miss that stupidly meant so much; like the commentary throughout our guilty pleasures strictly, love island and traitors.

One comfort through all this sadness has been spending time with Jen’s friends, I always knew how great everyone was but I know that Jen’s memory will live on through them.

I’m not sure I’ll ever come to terms with what has happened but I promise to channel my inner Jen whenever I’m struggling. I will open a bottle of bubbly and go to a fancy restaurant whenever the feeling takes me, I will hand write letters to my friends and family and share the love and compassion that Jen always gave me. We will make more amazing memories with Rob and Rudy and there will always be an open door and a bed for anyone who loved Jen at our chaotic Howick home.

Love you forever best SIL x
Chrissie Howick
July 5, 2024
I think Jen was very young when the Howick family moved into Golden Valley. I well remember the excited chatter on the road because such a lovely family moved in. Since then, our family lives have become intertwined, and I've lost count of the number of times we've all had impromptu teas and coffees (generally with cake) and often something a lot stronger, putting the world to rights and catching up on the news. I haven't lived in Castlemorton since the late 1990s but on my irregular trips back since, the Howick family were always an important highlight of my visit.
I was born more than a decade before Jen and once babysat all four Howicks with my friend Helen when we were teenagers. From memory we bathed you all, read to you and put you to bed without incident (you must have known we were rookies!)
When Teil and I were married in 2006 we invited all of the Howicks without hesitation, and I remember Jen being the absolute life and soul of the party at the reception. She was definitely a people person and had a sparkle in her eye at all times. The picture shared here was taken at our wedding.
Jen was such a beautiful soul. I feel very honoured to have seen her grow up and become such an accomplished, fabulous woman. She will not be forgotten.
You are in our thoughts, Rob and Rudy.

Love Tory, Teil, Raphie and Ella xxx
Victoria Scott
July 5, 2024
Jennifer Rose has been a part of my family longer than I have; my mother's beloved Goddaughter, my adored Godsister.

The world is a brighter place for having had Jen in it, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have known and loved her, to have shared some moments on this earth at the same time as her... Privileged to have seen her marry you, Rob, to have been with her to say goodbye to her darling dad, to see her loving playing alongside her siblings and Ces, to see how much she loved you, Rudy - taking all the joys and challenges of parenthood completely in her stride and seemingly at complete ease. At the wedding she ran up to me saying "oh my God this is so much fun, I am having the best day ever" and it was so wonderful to see her so happy and smashing out the best party.

I am sorry more of us didn't get to meet Agnes Lily Wren (what a beautiful name) but so glad to hear that she was of a comfort to you - and really lovely to hear all the things she loved in her few days. All of my love is with you Rob, Rudy, Ces, Will, Alice, Ollie and all of Jen's friends, it is a joy to be united with you in this huge mass of love.

Jen was unbelievably beautiful, exceptionally smart with an utterly rude and wicked sense of humour and just the kindest and most generous person with her love and affection, hosting and thoughtfulness. Not to mention wise... I leave you with part of the text that she sent me on her birthday last year, in response to me sending her a picture of me toasting her with my gin and juice in a plastic bottle, which I've been sharing with people to make them chuckle, as it sums her up nicely, as well as a few of the only pictures I took of her and a tiny snippet of the love she showed me -

"Word to the wise, I didn't label my bottle of gin decanted into a plastic bottle and accidentally tried brushing my teeth with it when I was at Glasto. Absolutely disgusting and also an awful waste of gin."

You are utterly, devastatingly, painfully missed, Jen. But thank you for the joy you gave us
Emily Hurrell
July 3, 2024
Dear Rob and Rudy,
Pete and I have known Cecily since Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra days in the mid 70’s and it was lovely that Cecily and Steve had moved to Malvern a little before us in the early 90’s. We were delighted to be invited to your and Jen’s wonderful wedding in Castlemorton, what a time we had, despite monsoon weather conditions! The presence of the raccoon is unforgettable.
We are completely shocked and broken hearted at the loss of Jen and baby Agnes, the outpouring of love and support has been incredible. Jen was truly a ‘people person’, the very best kind there can be. Her spirit will live on in everybody’s hearts.

Hello Rudy, I used to teach your Mummy the violin when she was at Malvern College. I used to get her to do funny ‘vibrato’ exercises. One day when we were having a lesson at home, Steve, your Grandad came to collect Mummy and he asked her how her ‘Wibbley Wobbly’ ( vibrato!) was going. Wow, this was such a good name for it! I think Wibbley Wobbly would have made you laugh Rudy, it was quite funny, a bit like the siren on a Fire Engine. I was very proud that Mummy played in the Concerto Concert at school.
Love, thoughts and hugs to you and all the family,
Sue and Pete Hill.
Sue Hill
July 2, 2024
Rob and Rudy, I cannot even begin to put in to words how this time must have been for you both. You’ve both been in my thoughts regularly since hearing about Jen and Agnes. Alex and I are both incredibly sorry for losing such a shining beautiful light.

I will always remember how much she made everyone smile and brighten up the room. Without fail she would fill a room with energy and happiness. I feel so fortunate that we got to have her be part of our lives in Manchester in those formative years with us all.

I tried finding some photos of us all back in uni but I failed so please enjoy some of the photos I took of you both at your gorgeous wedding. Thinking of you both and your families during this time and sending all the love.
Katie Street
June 28, 2024
It all happened so suddenly. I remember in great detail the last time I saw Jen, it was Brazilian's Mother Day and after a long walk in the park where we bumped into Jen, Rob and Rudy, we decided to have a barbecue. The lovely family showed up with flowers for me and treats for everybody; the weather was gorgeous. It was such a lovely day, all of us together, our boys running and playing naked and happy, we all talking and getting to know each other better and already making plans to repeat that relaxed moment over the summer, when the new baby that we now know it's Agnes, arrived.

Although Jen wasn't a close friend (until then), she was always someone who left a strong impression on me for two reasons: her contagious smile - like everyone else, she could have millions of reasons for not having her head straight, but she would always have a little chat and wear her best smile, even on our marathon mornings taking the boys upstairs to the nursery at 7:30 promptly. The second reason is how kind, respectful and very loving she was with Ru, and it didn't matter if he was on his best and happiest days, or those most difficult days of tiredness and tears. This was something that I will never forget, the mastery and calm she had when dealing with things that I struggle with sometimes.

The kindness that she treated small moments makes me reflect on how much she knew about life, I remember that after Rudy's birthday, Tommy received a little note thanking him for helping Ru to integrate and make that environment family friendly for him. What a lovely and thoughtful gesture towards a child, making him feel special. This is something that will always inspire me.

I am happy to have had the opportunity to share pick up and drop off moments, some play dates and chats, some laugher.

Jen's passing definitely reminded me that life is a breath, and we never know how/what tomorrow is going to be, and since then I have been practicing expressing my feelings, my gratitude for small moments and letting people know how important little things and moments are.

Rob, this goes to you as well. We can't even start to imagine how you are feeling but the way you have been dealing with everything with clarity, resilience and love just shows how much of an incredible human being you are and why you are surrounded by these adorable people. It’s definitely not a coincidence!

Sending love to all the family,

Juliana, Jon and Tommy
Juliana, Jon and Tommy
June 27, 2024
Dearest Jen,

I wish I wasn’t writing this - since learning of your passing, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. About all of the fun times we had in first and second year of uni. I wish I could go back in time and make sure we didn’t lose touch after your year abroad and my graduation. I always assumed our paths would cross again…I know had we had the chance to meet up again we would have picked it up where we left off…

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading stories about you on here and looking back at old photos! You were so full of life and sunshine, always made me laugh and indulged me in my obsession of giving hugs. I wish I could hug you.

You have left a huge hole in the hearts of those who loved you and in those who had the privilege of knowing you and sharing even the smallest parts of your life. 

I hope wherever you are, you are with your darling girl Agnes watching over your boys. 

As we used to say so often “love you, miss you”.

KOK xxx

To Rob, Rudy and the whole of Jen’s family,

I am so sorry for your loss of amazing Jen and baby Agnes. You are in my thoughts daily, I send you my deepest sympathies at this most heartbreaking time. Jen’s joie de vivre will continue on through all of you.

Rudy, your mummy was the most special lady, from all of the photos I have seen and all the stories I have read she loved you so very much and she will always be with you, shining through you.

With all my love,

Elina xxx
Elina Symon
June 27, 2024
It is with a heavy heart that I write this tribute to my friend Jen. From the moment we met at GGR in 2019 I knew Jen was someone special, she had this ability to make everyone around her feel valued and loved. A warm hug, a listening ear on canal walks and a sarcastic comment meant you were in with her! Haha

Jen always made you feel special, little Galentines gifts, birthday desks at work and thoughtful presents.
Many a times we would talk about food, definitely something we had in common. Jen introduced me to Pizza Fridays, this is still a tradition that we will continue thanks to you and Rob.

Jen did so much in her life, always had trips away, visiting family and friends all over the world. I am so grateful I was included in her plans and the last time we met was a few weeks ago, Jen got to meet my little boy Luke and I got to see her and Rudy with our friend Tracey and her children, she was blooming and we had a lovely afternoon. I still owe you that drink!

I don't have many photos of me and Jen, just a lot of selfies back and forth, it was usually of our new haircuts!

To Jen's family and most of all Rob and Rudy, my heart goes out to you for the loss of such a great Wife/Mum/Sister/Daughter/Aunty/Friend.
Baby Agnes, taken far too soon and will forever be in our hearts.

Sending this to you Jen from Dovestones Reservoir where we had our walk together during Lockdown and you told me you were pregnant with Rudy. I'll never forget you. Goodbye for now, I will miss you.
Nicola Redman
June 27, 2024
I've not seen Jen for almost two decades, since we were at Malvern College together, and I've often thought of her over the years. She was the sort of person you couldn't possibly forget once you'd met her.

There are so many words to describe her, and not enough. If I had to choose one word I think it would be: radiant.

You didn't need to know Jen well to recognise her warmth, her generosity, her wit, her vivacity, her love of life. She embraced everything the world had to offer - a true epicurean soul, as I saw her described by somebody else.

I was devastated to hear that she and Agnes had died. I wake with a lump in my throat. My heart is aching. I am grieving too for Jen’s loved ones - Rob, little Rudy, her mum Cecily, her siblings, all her family and friends. You are all in my thoughts, every day.

The world has lost a truly special person.
Jenny H
June 26, 2024
Dearest Rob and Rudy,

We are so going to miss seeing Jen on the annual / biannual basis of the Amberley Howick’s parties and celebrations. Her sense of humour, brilliant little quips and love of a good glass of bubbles were always a highlight. Although not directly involved in your lives I feel that we have been because of knowing you via Will and Chrissie.

A hen do can be a funny old thing so back in 2014 I was slightly apprehensive before our weekend in Bath not really knowing many others, but fear not when you had people like Jen there, chatting away, sharing her sense of fun and naughty stories of Will. Getting her future sister in law to pin her garter to the right size at 10am in the morning.

My favourite memory however was the night before their wedding, you and Jen had travelled down by train and Jen had the most enormous hat to wear to the big day. There was no sensible way of transporting it so naturally she wore it whilst sat in packed carriage and drinking her train tinnies!

We are so sorry for your loss of Jen and also Agnes. Im so pleased you got to meet her and gave her cuddles.

Raising a glass to both of them, and please know that there is an open door for either of you wherever we are.

Sarah & Ollie xxx
Sarah & Ollie Rath
June 26, 2024
As Vicar of Castlemorton from 1996 - 2024, it was my privilege to conduct Rob's and Jen's wedding in St Gregory's Church on 28 July 2018. Eileen joins me in sending our deepest condolences to Rob and all the family. For nearly thirty years, we shared with the Howick family, times of great joy but also great sadness. When we heard this tragic news, we were both left devastated. As lovers of music, many of us at St Gregory's appreciated the family's passion for performance, to which Jen made a significant contribution. She was also a regular member of our church youth group, Outer Limits. We can only assure the family of our continuing thoughts and prayers as they seek to come to terms with such a painful and searing loss.

Rev Chris
Christopher Moss
June 26, 2024
Happy Birthday Jenni,

It was an absolute pleasure to have met, worked and shared the same office space as you. You will be sorely missed. Trust you are having a toast and ballin' with the angels and baby Agnes, on this special day.
Patrick T.
June 25, 2024
I've only known Jen for the last 5 months but what an absolute privilege it has been to get know her.

She came to my class each week with the warmest smile and she had a beautiful view of life. Even on the tougher days she'd be laughing and was so quick witted. Jen was so smart, funny and I really looked forward to seeing her each week.

The first time she came to the studio, someone else had set up the space and lit a lot of candles, it looked great but wasn't something I'd usually do. I nearly blew them all out but decided to leave them, half way through the class Jen took her jumper off and put it down onto a candle, we heard the burning before we saw it - thankfully she was sat by the door and threw it outside. I felt awful about it but thankfully she found it funny and it really broke the ice for the whole group to be chatting and laughing!

I think she bought a lot of comfort to the other ladies in the group and she inspired us all with her baby shower day of getting people to do jobs for her - genius! and her pelvic floor cues of picking up blueberries or scrunching up a napkin had everyone laughing! She bought so much light, laughter and warmth to the group. I will really miss you Jen, rest in peace with your little Agnes xx

Jen spoke so warmly of her friends and Rob and Rudy - you're in my thoughts and sending so much love to you all. xx
Ruth Dunkerley
June 24, 2024
To Jen, you are the most beautiful, caring and hilarious soul. You loved life to the fullest.

I will miss you dearly.

I have been reading through a lot of this memory wall and enjoying a lot of the stories about you and how you made such an impact on so many peoples lives.

Everyone will miss you dearly.

I worked with Jen for a couple of years at GGR. Not long after starting I joined in the baking competition by baking some brownies and a couple of days later Jen came to my desk to award me with the “Best Baker” wooden spoon! My brownies were good don’t get me wrong, but I’m pretty sure she gave me that so I felt welcomed to the team. This act just summed up Jen perfectly and I instantly knew she was someone I would love working with. I quickly learnt that not only was she caring, generous and thoughtful, she was smart, witty, sarcastic and just bloody hilarious.

After leaving GGR we kept in touch and she was one of them friends that I would see a handful of times a year. Jen, Nic and myself would meet up with the kids for a brew and a walk talking about life with small humans, memories from GGR, our new jobs and everything inbetween. She always invited my kids to Rudy’s parties and would always make sure they were included (even making my older son a party bag the night before as he had to come with me last minute due to a lack of childcare). That was just Jen!

I will hold my memories of Jen close to my heart but with sadness that there will be no more.

To Agnes Lily,
I am sorry I didn’t get to meet you but it sounds like you gave a lot of love and comfort to your closest people and received great love from them.

To Rob, Rudy and all of Jens family,
You have been in my thoughts over these past few weeks, I don’t really know any of you greatly, but we share one thing in common, Jen. I send you my love and thoughts in this most difficult time.

Rest in eternal peace Jen and Agnes. Gone but never forgotten.
June 24, 2024
I'm in absolute shock and so, so sorry to hear the news of Jen and Agnes. I can hardly believe it.

I hardly know where to start. Me and Tom have such brilliant memories with you - of music courses, lessons, GCSE music (at Kings, on a Saturday(?!)), Beauchamp camps, and running around Hasfield, Glos and Castlemorton, Worcs, 2000-2005. You were VERY good, as all Howicks are, at on brass? Err a bit less good.

We have polaroid photos from our Polaroid craze (I remember us going to Great Malvern Argos and trying to get them to sell us multiple packs on a multibuy, circa 2003), and a whole shoebox you and Alice made and sent us in the post - complete with a poem you wrote to the postman telling him not to drop it. It was the weirdest and best parcel ever.

I always remember our visits to the Big Chill, and buying cider from the other side of the Malverns, and Stowford Press vs. Westons. We wandered around that big quarry and pretended it was like The OC(?! Malverns are really nothing like The OC). I remember us going to that pub near your village with you, Alice and Emily Simons, and acting like we were so grown up (but we weren't! We're not! We're still not.)

What a brilliant mum Ru and Agnes had, and how lovely for us all that we knew you.

Jen, you were such a lovely person. You were one of the most fun, and funny, people I've ever known. So quick off the mark, so full of energy, and such a brilliant, brilliant sense of humour. We'll really miss you.

Sam (and Tom) xx
Sam Miles
June 23, 2024
Jen. Where to start… We spent some of the most special and formative (and hilarious!) years together…. the glory days of our Lyonnais time will live forever ❤️❤️❤️ As will memories of the belly aches from laughing. How one person could be so gloriously wicked, funny, witty, warm and generous I truly don’t know!! My heart aches for Rob & Rudy and for baby Agnes. I love you friend ❤️, Siobhán

Ps every time I put on a massive load of laundry I just think of you calling me Ms Tiggywinkle because of my penchant for cleaning clothes!
Siobhán Mazarire
June 22, 2024
You went by so many names but you’ll always be Juicy Jen to me. The most beautiful soul with the most wicked sense of humour. You really were one of the best.

I’d never met anyone quite like you. One second you’d casually be preparing a fig to put in a cheese toastie which was so perfectly presented for us one lunch break and the next you’d be cracking some dirty joke.

I’d never met anyone who loved Sainsbury’s as much as you. Someone who would literally fly to anywhere in the world to spend time with loved ones. Who had earrings for any occasion, my particular faves were the Valentine’s Day ones. Who taught me guinea pig hotels were a thing. I wish I kept track of the carrot cakes we consumed, there were so many. One cake feeds 6, we proved them wrong!

I’d also never met two people who are more obsessed with raccoons than Jen and Rob. This led to one of my favourite secrets I’ve ever kept. Jen popped her head over her computer screen one day and said something along the lines of “don’t tell anyone, especially Rob, but I’ve just booked for a raccoon to come to the wedding. I’m not sure what my dad will think”

Agnes, I’m so sad that we never got to meet but I’m told you brought so much comfort to all those who met you and that is pretty incredible for someone so small.

Rob and Rudy, I’m so sorry you are going through the most awful thing imaginable. My love to you both and to Jen’s family and friends xx
Tash Smith
June 22, 2024
I am one of the people who only knew Jen a little bit, but who has nevertheless been profoundly saddened by her death and I think that is a real testament to who she was as a person. Rudy and Rory go to nursery together. I think I first met Jen at a soft play party where I didn't really know anyone. I was so grateful for her company that day! And I sought her out at all the subsequent parties because I so enjoyed our chats about our curly haired boys. I always felt so uplifted after even the briefest conversation. Had circumstances been different, I think through shared school drop offs etc we might have grown to be firm friends.

I wept for Agnes when I heard of her passing too. In my interactions with Jen I know how loved and wanted she was. Her life may have been short but she mattered and impacted on many people.

I know that Rob is going to do an amazing job with Rudy and Rudy will grow up to be a credit to his mummy.

Rob, when the time is right Rory love to have a playdate with Rudy. And if there's anything you need we are here.

With all our love
Nicola, Andy and Rory

Nicola Beaumont
June 22, 2024
When I think of you, Jen, the first thing that comes to mind is your warmth, your wit, and your generosity. An image of you hugging someone or nodding enthusiastically, usually on a dance floor with the uni lot. And a memory from your wedding of everyone singing ‘Ironic’ by Alanis Morrisette after it had rained on your wedding day - in the middle of a heatwave - and you absolutely owned it. After Jude was born, you provided such comfort. I’m not sure you knew how much that meant to me, and I can’t thank you enough for that. The last time I saw you I was schooled in the lesson that you always order the bottle of cremant (even it’s for a 45 minute pre-theatre dinner). You really knew how to live, babe. Your love for and from those around you is so clear to see, and always has been - as a mum, wife, friend - you have really showed the rest of us how to do it.

Lots of love always to you, Agnes, Rudy and Rob. Xxxxx
June 22, 2024
I met Jen the very first day she joined GGR, and worked closely with her for the last few years before she left, I loved winding her up, and the banter we had between us both, she will always be in my thoughts
June 22, 2024
Ohhhh here she is - it's little ol' Jen 'owick from lundun.

How lucky I was to know you through all these years, through some fun and certainly significant stages in life - barely scraping a pass in Cat Franc's class, briefly becoming connoisseurs in Franco-Algerian cinema, pissing ourselves laughing with people watching in the Lime Caf, way too much Beaujolais Nouveau and karaoke in Lyon, festivals in the rain (mad ferret) and the sunshine (primavera), days and nights out in Manchester and Lundun,seeing your and Rob's relationship flourish from the sticky carpets of the Deaf Institute to your wonderful wedding, to you becoming an incredible mum to beautiful Ru and excelling in that role like no one else I know, - and so many more. I can't wish for anything more right now than having more time to spend with you to make even more memories together. What a massive hole you'll be leaving that can never ever be filled .

Agnes, you were so loved by your family. I wish I could have met you to give you some big cuddles but I know you'll be up there getting them from your Mummy.

Rob and Rudy - we're here for you, always. You guys are in my thoughts constantly during this hugely traumatic time. We're here to try and navigate all the difficulties it will bring but also to laugh and share memories about Jen and continue to watch Rudy grow into the brilliant little boy you snd Jen have done such an amazing job in raising.

I love you so much and miss you so much Howie x
June 22, 2024
My thoughts go out to the Cahill family during these difficult times.

Rest easy Pepper.

All my love,

Pepper D.

X ❤️ X ❤️ X ❤️ X
Danny Moores
June 22, 2024
To Rob and Rudy,

Though I had the pleasure of spending just a few special occasions with Jen, I was utterly devastated to hear about your loss and about the loss of your precious daughter, and sister, Agnes.

Rob, I have lovely memories of Jen from our time spent together in Mexico for Liam and Sandy’s wedding. The sunglasses lost in the waves incident is one that we talk about often and with fondness!

Rudy, your mum (or perhaps it was your dad, but probably your mum!) sent a lovely card to us when our little boy, Noah, was born, even though we hadn’t seen her for years. From reading everyone else’s messages, it seems like this is just the kind and thoughtful person she was. I’m sure she was the best mum and you will have learnt a lot from her and will have such wonderful memories to treasure forever.

I’m sure you have many people around you to help and support you through this, but please know that we are here if there is anything at all we can do for you both. Sending lots of love.

Clare Sharkey
June 21, 2024
Happy birthday my hilarious, kind, witty and caring friend Jen.

My god will life miss you.

One to always see the sarcastic side of everything, finding a way to mock almost every situation in life to the point I’d be in actual tears of laughter at the most inappropriate times.

Jen really cared deeply about her friends. She loved each and every one of them so much.

Jen and I worked together at GGR for nearly 7 years and in that time I can recall many Thursday wine clubs back in the day, vomming the day after in the toilets being one of many acceptable pass times. Not to mention the absolute carnage and hilarious memories of Bauma 2019.

However, we both finally grew up (I think) and our worlds came closer as we both shared pregnancies during lockdown. Both pregnant with Rudy and Hallie at such an uncertain time in the world, we became so close and I will never ever forget all of the genuine support and care Jen gave me during that time. I remember telling her how much she changed my birth and pregnancy and her welling up. She truly was and is so special to me.

Dropping off breastfeeding snacks and gifts, flowers and biscuits during those early postpartum days. I will forever be thankful.

I was always in awe as to how one person had so much time and thought for so many other people.

Everybody needs someone like Jen in their lives, people like Jen really are hard to come by, she was part of my “village” when I became a mum.

I will forever have a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye over recent events. May you forever be at peace with your beautiful daughter Agnes.

Rob, Rudy and all of Jen’s family - you have not left my mind. The world is cruelly unfair and I send my deepest heartfelt love and condolences as you navigate this trauma.

I will miss you forever Jen, although I’ve wrote so many words I still don’t feel like I have any.
Melissa Nichols
June 21, 2024
Happy birthday bebs ❤️

France has always celebrated you with la fête de ma musique … and I will always celebrate you.

What can I say … It all started in Lyon, the place to be ❤️ the beginning of a loving and generous friendship.
so many memories, in Manchester, Liverpool, Newbury, Malvern, Paris..
I was with you when you turned 21, here again when you met the love of your life and when you said yes to your husband… and you will always be with me, in my heart.

I miss you my Jolie Jen,

Je t’envoie tout mon amour et surtout des haribo et des 3D

Love you

Célia and Franck
June 21, 2024
Happy Birthday my Darling Girl!

Kate, David, Josh and I have just had a free bottle of Cava delivered to us to toast you! You are always so generous!

Love you today and always xXx
June 21, 2024
Happy birthday beetch!

Raising a flute tonight for the ultimate Birthday King. No words will quite capture how much I love and miss you but I am forever grateful for your friendship, today and always.

Thank you for 15 years of laughter, joy and memories. Love you always my babe xxxx
June 21, 2024
Happy birthday my dearest Dow! Missing you more than words can describe but also overflowing with happy and hilarious memories. What an incredible bunch of humans you brought together and how unbelievably lucky we all are to have experienced your razor-sharp wit, non-stop fun and glowing warmth. Not to mention your signature chiggin pie, iconic shoulder pop, unbeatable Gwen Dow hospitality and pitch-perfect puns. So much to teach our best boy Ru ❤️

So many of us will be raising a flute to our Birthday King today.

Always and forevs: luvyababes xxx
June 21, 2024
Happy birthday, beautiful! We’ll be having a champers (or 2) 🥂 for you later but in the meantime, enjoy these Michael Scott birthday surprises 🥳 huge love and hugs xxx
June 21, 2024
Happy Birthday beautiful Jen- I hope you’re enjoying a nice rosè in a very special glass!

Our darling Jen. The English Rose. 1/4 of the core four. We met 17 years ago on the day we moved into our Manchester uni halls Whitwork park (Shitworth park). I was instantly drawn to your amazing personality, your kind heart and most of all your incredible sense of humour. Some of my best memories are of living with you, and our lodger Timothy tooth the mouse, your goldfish Thierry and Henri, dancing the nights away, whether at Monday Murkage or the more upmarket Pure nightclub ;) and as classy birds do, finishing our nights by visiting Ali at the Gemini cafe ordering the gourmet meal of cheesy chips and garlic sauce. How lucky Mel, Rach you and I were to move to a new city and form such a close bond so quickly that’s lasted so long.
You taught me so much those first few years living together. I remember our trip to Dorset for your birthday (birthday king) a 6 hour journey in a Corsa that couldn’t reverse, listening to Crookers and Aeroplane remix of Friendly Fires Paris - that will always be your song. There’s no one else that understood a David Brent / the office or the apprentice quotes quite like you, I don’t know who I will send those too when they pop into my head. I never understood why you loved strictly come dancing so much..I had never really wanted to watch it but I promise this year I’ll give it a good go and watch with a glass of champagne!

I’ll always cherish the memories of our annual girls weekend away whether Hebden Bridge, Bakewell, Howarth - wherever we went we knew we would be laughing all weekend. On those girls weekends away you were always awake first and would be making brews for everyone else, hand delivering them to us lot hungover in bed. You were a true friend, with the kindest heart. The sort of person that arranges for all her friends to have massages at her own baby nesting party because that’s how kind you were. Even at 40 weeks pregnant you were trying to put others before yourself. You never missed a birthday, never failed to send a heartfelt card or a loving note when someone was having a tough time. The roses you bought Elise and Chloe have started flowering and I’ll forever cherish them.

Thank you for sharing a part of your life with me. I miss you so much - it was an honour to call you my friend Jen.

My heart goes out to all of Jens family and friends. Rob sending you all the love and Rudy too, please give him a big squeeze from me. Xxx
Abbie Pipe
June 21, 2024
Le cœur sur la main, Jen was generous in every possible way and when she joined my team in August 2022 we’ve “clicked” almost instantly.

She worked incredibly hard, dedicated to her role and to her colleagues, yet we laughed a lot too.

Jen knew, that the small things in life are the important ones and that by sharing those, we could enjoy every beautiful moment with her.
Finding chocolate on the desks, small bouquet of sweet peas from your garden are just small examples of how she lit up our days.
She indulged us with her Dorset Apple cake and once I even bribed her to make some more by giving her some French butter, which she said, she could eat mountains of it.

It was wonderful how we shared stories of our lives, stories of you Rob & Rudy. She told me the tale of when you went to the 1st “parent evening” 😊, when you passed your driving license Rob, and the deal you made about not eating bananas or tuna at home.

Her beautiful smile, so contagious, bright and honest, she was able to put a smile instantly on all our faces, even mine.
Jen inspired all of us, but especially me, with the way only she could be and she will live on in our hearts.

Rob & Rudy, my heart goes out to you and I hope and wish that you will in time find comfort in your happy memories made together.

June 21, 2024
All hail the birthday king! The most beautiful one of all. Missing you more everyday, and so grateful for all of the fabulous birthdays we celebrated together. Hopefully you’re well into your first (or second) bottle of Perrier Jouet Blason Rosè 🤍
June 21, 2024
Happy birthday beautiful Jen! I am sure you are drinking the finest champagne up there and lighting up the sky just like you always did. Your smile and laughter was infectious 💕

Thinking of you, Agnes, Rudy and Rob lots today and how Rudy is such a mini you with that gorgeous smile.

Always in our hearts xxx
Emma, Joe, Oliver and Imogen
June 21, 2024

Happy Birthday my darling Magwitch! Thanks for all the brilliant and mostly ridiculous memories. So glad we all got put in the same room on that fateful CELP trip to Conway in Y6. I think our first interaction was you perving over Tim Henman and that pretty much set the tone for the next few decades of our friendship. So much more I want to say but right now I don't have the words. Brunettes will never be the same without you but we'll do our best to raise a glass to you today. Better get priming those flutes...

Yours truly, Phillip Pirrip xxx

Siobhan Mcternan
June 21, 2024
Happy Birthday Wifey.

I am blessed with a thousand and one good memories of you, and today I will think of the countless shared breakfasts, lunch dates, evenings in the garden and nights on the sofa (or out on the streets trying to get you an ASBO).

We will Tim Gunn the hell out of this situation I promise x
June 21, 2024
Happy Birthday Gwen Dowick, the one true Birthday King. I can’t remember why we watched an episode of Eastenders, despite not normally watching. It must have been fate. Watching Billy Mitchell being crowned ‘the Birthday King’ meant your birthday was forever changed. You always loved a royal event. Love you xxxx
June 21, 2024
On this special day, I would have texted her to make the most of her birthday but to take it easy on the chocolate cake , reminding her that an healthy BMI is the way forward as we used to laugh so much about it , I am gona raise a flute of champers tonite for all the good time we had and her beautiful soul that everyone is missing so much xxx
June 21, 2024
Happy birthday to Jen aka the female boss. Thinking of you and your loved ones. Xxx
Megan jackson
June 21, 2024
Happy birthday my beautiful midsummer babe.
It's very strange not showering you with gifts and love today. I had screenshot a cute daisy serving plate from M&S a while ago with your birthday in mind, as what is more Jen than some top notch crockery? Accompanied with a pinstripe table cloth and of course, saucers not flute(s).
Your brunettes and I will continue to share memories of our countless years together, our many European jaunts, french lessons with Shirley, being absolute gannets in food tech, and yours and Rob's cracking parties and morning-after breakfasts. Bagel slicer forever.
Not seeing your beautiful handwriting through my door this June is only just sinking in. Your commitment to showering loved ones with beautiful cards (sometimes collages) on all our birthdays/ anniversaries was top level.
Seeing your name light up my phone was always a joy. Mainly because it was probably guinea pig/ capybara content or mutual gushing over Tina Daheley. I promise to be the official Guinea Pig influencer to Rudy, whether Rob likes it or not.
The rose bush you gave me this day last year for Leo's arrival is still going strong. When it arrived, I thought it was the sweetness gift imaginable, but also, how the hell was I supposed to plant a rose bush when I could barely get off the sofa! Turns out it was the best gift and now my most cherished possession. My mum has taken a clipping of it though as she doesn't trust my gardening skills.
Love you my Gannet. Your Bag xxx
Ellie Bagust
June 21, 2024
Thinking of you Rob and Rudy on Jen’s Birthday.
Fond memories of a beautiful soul who touched so many people’s lives.
Sending love and hugs x
June 21, 2024
Happy birthday to the kindest, hardworking, wittiest and brightest swan.

I will contribute again, but for now just to say that we are all thinking of you on your special day, Jen and sending extra love to your family and friends today Xx
Georgie Thomas
June 20, 2024
My earliest memories are of Jen’s arrival into the world 34 years ago: life will never be the same without her light in it. She was simply brilliant. I am the luckiest to have had her as my little sister through what I thought would be the hardest years of my life, as well as a companion and partner in crime through the most amazing childhood.

My absolute favourite memory of Jen was her arriving unannounced, aged 16, at my surprise 21st birthday party. For one reason or another I spent the majority of the night naked, and I don’t think I ever properly apologised for the trauma she had to endure that night. Sorry Jen.

We will all strive to keep Jen’s memory alive: appreciating the finer things in life (as long as the price is right) and finding the innuendo in everything (big or small - waaay).

So many people have lost the most amazing presence in their lives. Lub you Dowick x
Will Howick
June 20, 2024
I remember how once she picked me up from school and we went to a cafe.It was a really cold day and I had a milkshake. She said I was crazy and I told her that’s because I was.🥤

I went on a walk with her one winter and I found a snowman. instantly fell in love with it and kissed it and hugged it and I wouldn’t leave it alone .Auntie Jen thought this was hilarious . ⛄️

I was her flower girl and I remember the pride of being it .She even got me a flower girl book before hand .💐

I feel sad that I didn’t get to meet Agnes, but glad that my parents did.It’s sad to think that she’s gone,but happy that I knew her at all. I miss her lots.💓

They will stay in our hearts,always and forever.

Maddie Howick👧🏼
Maddie Howick
June 20, 2024
I had the pleasure of working with Jen quite a number of years ago. Jen was almost 20 years my junior and we probably didn't have anything in common but we got on because that’s the type of person she was, she was so warm and engaging. It’s funny the things you remember, she had a Guinea pig or maybe 2 and she worshipped them! Within a short time of knowing her she became Jenny Wren to me and I was sad when my little Jenny Wren left us to enter the world of high vis jackets and cranes. We still connected on social media every now and then but this was also a great tool to follow her life watching her get married and become a mummy. I feel blessed for our paths to have crossed and that I got to know someone as wonderful as Jen. It’s hard to comprehend that she’s gone and of course baby Agnes too. Rob and Rudy you have constantly been in my thoughts these last couple of weeks, sending you my warmest wishes for the future
Andrea x
Andrea Elliott
June 20, 2024
I haven't seen Jen for a very long time, but I have such fond memories of being at school together and the humour she brought to every situation. She was a dark horse - she wasn't the loudest in the room and didn't want to be the centre of attention, but she always had us cracking up with a quick, witty remark and a glint in her eye.

We did GCSE dance together - a small group of us who stayed after school to do this extra-curricular. We drove our teacher mad, but we had a great time and Jen would always bring the banter surrounding Christopher Bruce, swans, and DJ Shadow. I always felt like Jen knew who she was, and owned it. Given we were a bunch of confused, hormonal teenagers, it was impressive.

Fast forward a number of years and our interactions have only been lightly through social media. Hearing the news that Jen is no longer with us broke my heart, so I can't begin to imagine how those who were lucky enough to be part of her inner circle are feeling.

I'm sending all my love and thoughts to you x
Carley Fain
June 20, 2024
If you knew Jen, you knew how funny she was, how worldly she was, how smart, how social, how much she was loved and how beautiful she was inside and out.

I met Jen through work, we worked together for roughly 4 years. We are worlds apart but got on like a house on fire. She would make me crease laughing with her sarcasm.

We always took the mic out of things together and when I seen her recently, she reminded me. I laughed so much with her, it was like no time had been between us.

I’m so grateful I got to know someone like Jen, who was caring and had your back.

She messaged not long ago to say how proud she was of me and the person I’ve become. That meant so much. I can also hear her now saying ‘look after yourself meggo’

My heart is broken. I’m so sorry for rob, rudy, jens family and friends.

Fly high always Jen, and rest in forever eternal peace. You and Agnes forever. I know you will forever watch over rob and rudy, you loved them so much. You will forever be in my heart.

My tulisa female boss, you will always be the Nicole to my Paris.

Megan Jackson
June 19, 2024
Jen was simply fantastic! We went to high school together and became closer during our dance GCSE years. Jen was probably the only person in the world who managed to cram into a weekly, 1 hour dance session, with laughter and wit around ‘Christopher Bruce’ and ‘Swansong’ references. She found humor in everything. She really was one of a kind - even at such a young age. Anyone who spent time with her was lucky to have spent time with a true soul.

Although we lost touch in recent years, I regularly kept up to date with Jen’s social media and what was obvious was how much of a fantastic mother and wife she was!

With love to your family and such a difficult time.

Sophie Perry
June 19, 2024
I met Jen when I was 18 and had just started where I work. Straight away you could tell how very charming and funny she was. I remember around a month in working here it was my birthday. I hadn't mentioned it to anyone and with it being a Friday she had asked what I had on at the weekend. Once I mentioned I was celebrating my birthday she was mortified I hadn’t said anything sooner and wished me a happy birthday. Later on that day I came back from lunch to find my desk fully decorated with banners & confetti as well as a card signed from everyone in the office, a bottle of prosecco and a beautiful bunch of flowers. I couldn’t believe how thoughtful she had been, especially for someone she had only known for a few weeks. It truly made my day.

We worked together for around 5/6 years after that, in which time we had plenty of late nights on a thursday drinking rose at the pub, lots of hungover fridays, and too many cheeky maccies trips to count. She made such an effort for every single person we worked with in our office, and not just for birthdays but for everything that could be celebrated, whether that be arranging buffet days ( Jens cheeseboards were always the highlight! ), engagement parties, baby showers or everything in between. She was always an amazing host/planner and you could tell she truly loved life and all parts of it.

We havent spoke much since she left GGR however I’m am so very happy to have known her for the time I did and feel very fortunate to have the memories of her that I do. She made quite the impact and I will always be sure to remember her and try to celebrate life in the same way she did. Smiling, happy and oh so slightly sarcastic.

There are no words to say how deeply sorry i am for your loss. Sending lots of love and prayers for you and your family. xxx
Chloe Capewell
June 19, 2024
The first time I met the Duchess was surprisingly in the kitchen at work, I introduced myself, she replied Ah JB, the name stuck and I'm still called it now.
We became friends and partners in crime on our trips abroad, Jen liked a drink as do I, on exhibitions around 4 Jen would appear with 2 bottles of Peroni, Beer o'clock JB, how could I refuse, this continued except beer o'clock became an hour earlier every day.
As previously said, Jen was an English rose, one of those people you don't meet to often, fit in any where, one of the girls and one of the lads. As as everyone who new her I am privileged for her to have been involved in my life for an all to short time.
Thanks for the memories, Won't forget you Duchess!

Justin Boyce
June 19, 2024
I can’t say anything about Jen you don’t already know, everyone could see how she lit up your world and it’s warming to know that part of her will live on in Rudy (seriously though I don’t think I ever saw you smile pre-Jen).

We’re all sending our love mate, everyone is here for you.

We’ve not had the opportunity to meet yet but next time we’re back in England I know another little boy who likes Paddington and dinosaurs, so we’ll have to get a playdate arranged!

I know your dad will do everything he can to make sure you continue to feel your mum’s warmth and love. Make sure to look after your dad as well, he’s a top bloke.

Luke, Amy and Vinnie xxx
Luke Meredith
June 18, 2024
Dear Rob and Rudy,
Thinking of you lots and sending you lots of love.
Although I did not know Jen so well, I always remember seeing her bright, beaming smile at nursery.
Looking at your photos, what beautiful and precious moments you have had together.
Love from Emma (Amelia’s Mum) xxx
Emma Bishop
June 18, 2024
I only met Jen a hand full of times, and spoke a few times through text. But ive not be able to stop thinking of all of you for the past couple weeks. I spoke to jen a couple days before she went into hospital and her main concern was Aria as she was sick, totally focussed on how she was doing and having no mention of herself, totally considerate and lovely. Only a couple days ago I received a card from the nursery hand written by jen with a little gift voucher for me and Aria which clearly displays what a kind and lovely woman she was, was beautiful receiving it but also extremely sad and upsetting. My heart aches deeply, and Rob the last message Jen sent was that she wants to book a playdate for Aria and Rudy so if/when you would be up for that I and Aria would love that. And absolutely anything you both need Im not far away. Rudy is an absolute credit to both of you, he is still glowing as always. Xx
Elise Bennett (Arias mum from nursery)
June 18, 2024
Rob, Rudy and family ❤️
I hadn't seen Jen for a long time, but looking back through old photos I'm so grateful to have known her and to have shared in so many happy memories. Her visits to Nottingham to visit Will were always full of laughter and mischief, and she was always the best partner in crime at parties and weddings. I'm so deeply saddened by her loss and by the loss of baby Agnes - you've all been in our thoughts. We send so much love, Amy xxx
Amy Roberts
June 18, 2024
I first met Jen in high school and although we lost contact in recent years the news of her passing is a real blow.
Jen was always the most warm and engaging person, her quirky sense of humor only endeared you to her more and you just couldn't meet Jen and not love her
She truly did light up the room and never failed to make everyone laugh. I loved her outrageous weirdness and how beautifully unique and unashamedly herself she was and I'm glad she never changed.
It's been really hard thinking of what to write for this because there just aren't the words to express how gut wrenching this must be for her family and close friends. Despite the sadness, I am glad I had the chance to know Jen and I hope everyone who has known and loved her cherishes every memory you were fortunate to have made with her.
Sending love to you all xxx
Emma Thomas
June 18, 2024
I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer in the early 2010s. Fresh out of university, she was full of positivity, charm, and that legendary sense of humor. Through coffee breaks, morning crumpets, singing JLS in the office (Love You More for the connoisseurs) and hilarious banter, we became friends, and coming to work was such a pleasure. Hearing her speak perfect French is the most charming thing I have ever heard, and her wit… I'm still laughing thinking of her best lines. I will never forget those times.

I moved out of the UK, and although we didn't see each other as much, we shared unforgettable memories at our mutual friends' special occasions, including her beautiful wedding to Rob. I watched her grow into an inspiring woman and incredible mother. I feel so grateful to have met her and will deeply miss her smile and beauty.

She remains in my heart alongside her beautiful Agnes, and I will never forget her. Rob and Rudy, you are such an inspiration. I am thinking of you a lot and sending all my love.

June 18, 2024
Jen was in my year at secondary school. We haven’t spoken for years, apart from the occasional social media interaction. My instant thought remembering Jen was her wonderful smile, her wicked sense of humour and for such a dainty thing, she would dominate any room with her energy and light. We had many GCSE dance classes and performing arts lessons together. She always displayed such passion and energy. I can see from the photos of recent times, the same beautiful smile energy and radiant light. Sending you all so much love and strength. I’m so desperately sorry for your loss. She was a pleasure to know and I will always remember her so fondly. xx
Kate Dooley- Tonks
June 18, 2024
Myself and my late wife Nuala met Jen only a couple of times while they were on holiday here in their beautiful home Drimnikill.....I have fond memories of Jen and Kate laughing and having fun as only best friend's devastating news a mum and daughter loosing their lives 💔 they are I have no doubt together and resting in love to all I will remember them and those that have to suffer their loss.....Richard and Helen
June 18, 2024
I met Jen when she was a baby and I was four. We were fortunate enough to have mothers who are best pals and all of us kids grew up always knowing each other. What a laugh we had - so many trips to Millpond Cottage (the perfect holiday spot) to play with our hilarious Howick friends. We had such freedom there (unlike in London) and would be gone playing in the garden for hours. Little JR (Jennifer Rose) would follow us 4 bigger kids around being cute, carrying her sheepskin, and we would baby her, enjoying having a little one with us. Then Ollie came along too and we had a big gang of 6. One of my favourite memories is when we decided to attempt a sleepover in the caravan in the garden and watch the Blair Witch Project, scaring ourselves silly.

Jen was so funny. Her quick wit and smile will stay with me forever. It’s been comforting reading the messages here and looking at the photos. I feel extremely lucky to have known Jen and it’s amazing to see how many people feel the same about her. Her kindness, generosity and humility made the world a better place. Sending so much love to you Rob and Rudy xxx
Lorna West
June 18, 2024
Dear Rob and Rudy, there are no words. You have lost the most beautiful human being. I didn't think I had any photos of Jen but of course I found a couple of her having fun at Chrissie's hen weekend and wedding. I have also added a photo of her spirit animal Thinking of you all xxx
Felicity Walker
June 18, 2024
Dear Rudy and Rob,

I met Jen through Rob. Over the years we spent time together at house parties, nights out and special occasions. I'll remember Jen as generous, kind and so quick witted!

I send my love to all the friends, family and others who knew Jen and Agnes.

Love Anne
June 18, 2024
Hi Rob and Rudy,

We hope you don't mind us posting.
We have been thinking of you and Rudy and keeping you in our thoughts.

Malo is a funny old soul and finds making friends a little tricky, but he always talks about Rudy and how much fun they have had at Forest School.
Here's a couple of photos of them - even in the most confusing time and unbeknownst to him, Rudy has continued to make Malo smile.

Thank you, Rudy!

Thoughts are with you as you navigate this unbelievably difficult time.

Calia and Domm (Malo's parents) xx
Calia Swain
June 18, 2024

We will really cherish the memories of the time we had in Switzerland together. I remember very early hungover mornings looking after the boys before everyone woke up and tag teaming trying to stop them launching themselves down the stairs. I have memories of feeling quite looked after by Jen myself on that trip, I felt very wrapped up in her warmth figuring out how to handle one year olds on a ski holiday 🥰 I loved our premium chats in the hot tub and I’ll never forget her incredible wit and sense of humour… and my Hamilton immersion experience.
We are devastated for you both and for everyone close to Jen. Sending so much love and strength xxx
Dina & Joe
June 18, 2024
The truth is, I barely knew Jen, and yet I haven’t been able to think about much else for the past few weeks.
The first time we met it was at my boy’s third birthday. It was my first time planning a party for him, I sent out the invites way too soon, after a month I hadn’t received any confirmation. I started panicking imagining a party with no kids showing up, I used the few contacts I had from parents at his nursery to gather a few more people. I asked one mum if she had Rudy’s parents contact and she gave me Jen’s number, a later found out I was after a different Rudy but Jen had already replied, quick and happy, they were going to make it. And they came, Rudy the handsome boy he is now just smaller, shy and curious and full of blond curls and tiny smiles, Jen with a smile painted on her face. I am sure she didn’t smile all the time but in my memory I can only see her smiling. I remember him playing with my boy’s toys and carefully putting them back when done and her complimenting my cake. She complimented my cake this year too, when they came back for my boy’s fourth birthday, and I thought I would bake her one, coming June, to celebrate.
But back to that first birthday, I am not British and I have never understood the importance British people give to cards. I mean yes, you buy a present, you write your name on it, but why you need to buy a card which sometimes costs almost as much as the present itself. The party over, I collected all his cards, quickly went through them, a bunch of printed happy birthdays and have a great day and then there was this one card. Handmade, colourful, a kid drawing inside. She had made the card with Rudy and I know it’s easy to romanticize looking back at things but I clearly remembered thinking in the moment how much care it shown.
That same care I found when she invited us to Rudy’s birthday party (yeah apparently this is a story of birthday parties). The little party bag she put together last minute for my non-invited-last-minute-show-up little girl, the little ceramic initials to paint she put in the other party bags, the handwritten card she sent out to thank everyone for coming.
After those first few months in the same class, my eldest moved to a different setting, my youngest moved to Rudy’s class, then again Rudy moved to my eldest new school. I met her at pick ups once, she hugged him and whispered my best boy and I found that so sweet and thought how lucky that boy was, to be loved so much.
The last time I saw her, we were outside forest school, she told me it was her final week at work. She was smiling.
Nicoletta Lollobrigida
June 18, 2024
We have lost an English rose with a big heart and a boundless lust for life. Her warmth, kindness, and unwavering love as an amazing wife, mum and friend was felt by us all.
I’ll never forget those sexy shoulders, our afternoon teas, love for tea dresses and her reading at my wedding.

We’re thinking of you Rob and Rudy and may this tribute be a comfort to both of you. Sending all our love to you two and to everybody who is feeling the vacuum that this vibrant and loving girl has left.
Lauren, Tommy and Lilou xx
Lauren Peacock
June 18, 2024
Dear Rob

Quite simply......there are no words!

Thinking of you.

Take care of yourself and your lovely wee boy.
Paul Trail
June 18, 2024
Dear Rob and Rudy,
We found these lovely photos of Jen, shining as always. We are thinking about you and sending you all our love!
Sandy & Liam
June 18, 2024
Rob, it was an absolute honour to meet and look after your darling girl.
Never have I met such a gorgeous group of people, yourself, yours and Jens family and close friends.
I can only hope they are keeping you and Rudy comforted during these difficult times.

Know that Jen and Agnes are with you both always.

Big love

June 18, 2024
Big snogs to you Rob and Rudy. We love you so bloody much and are always here when you need us!
Rach and Lukey
June 17, 2024
Dear Rob and Rudy,

I am heartbroken for you, I cannot comprehend what you are going through.

I met Jen a few times and she always left a strong impression on me. You would just need to meet her once to quickly realise that she was a genuine, funny, bubbly, intelligent and kind person.

I remember really looking forward to seeing you both again, Rob, when I knew we were going to meet up with you in Mexico for Liam and Sandy’s wedding. We spent a great evening all together; it feels like yesterday. Then a few days after we were all on the beach and the waves were so strong that you both lost your sunglasses, and Jen nearly lost her swimwear. We laughed a lot that day!

I know that you are surrounded by the most loving people right now but we are here for you both if there is anything we can do.

I will never forget Jen, this is my promise to you both.

June 17, 2024
Happy memories…
Marie Harvey
June 17, 2024
A few things Jen taught me

Drinking champagne from an only fools and horses style mug is personally offensive to her. So are wine glasses.

How to correctly deploy the passive aggressive smiley face on a work email

That posh girls have a wicked sense of humour and are never to be outwitted by northerners

The downstairs loo at work is the best place to throw up on a Friday morning after Thursday club

Tinned tuna is the devils creation

There is no limit to the number of times one can watch Greys Anatomy

There is an innuendo in everything

How to match the walking speed of someone with infinitely long legs and the stamina of a racehorse

You cannot go to McDonald’s before 10am without buying a hashbrown

A road trip is not complete without car-eoke

The difference one person can make in your life.

I love you long time wifey.
June 17, 2024
Dear Rob and Rudy,
Thinking of you both.

What a gorgeous page for gorgeous Jen. May you both get lots of heart and comfort from the photos and memories being shared, for many years to come.

Lots of love,

Angela, Andrew & Evangeline xxx
Angela Ashwell-Garlick


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