in memory of Janette Wassung 

April  27th, 1965 January  10th, 2024
Cape Town, South Africa
in memory of Janette Wassung 

Janette, jou nalatenskap van inspirasie is verweef in die lewens van almal wat jou geken het.

Janette, you leave a legacy of inspiration, woven into the lives of all who knew you.

a few words.. 

Janette is intensely missed by her family and all who knew her – as a friend, associate, leader, and mentor with an immense passion for life and quality management in the workplace. Words cannot express the profound sadness so many are experiencing.

The tributes and actions of friends and business associates will be a living tribute to Janette's memory. Her legacy will be upheld by all those she inspired with her quality values and mission.

In lieu of flowers
In honour of Janette, in lieu of flowers, please feel free to contribute to a cause that was dear to Janette.

The Lucky Lucy Foundation is a Registered Non-Profit (NPO:091-636 l PBO:930-036-404). They are a Pro-Quality of Life organisation that tries to relieve the plight of severely neglected and abused domestic animals in the Cape area, South Africa.

Your donation will serve as a meaningful tribute, perpetuating the memory of Janette. She was always thinking of others and helping where she could. xx
Kindly use the reference "Janette" for your donations - thank you!

Tribute from colleagues at the service. 
There are too few words to express the emotions that we, Janette’s friends, colleagues and business associates from across the globe are feeling. Firstly, to find words to convey condolences to Leon and Janette's family and then words to express the deep sadness we feel for Janette’s life being cut short. Janette was admired and valued by so many because her unwavering energy.

She was unreserved in her passion for life, and her commitment to quality in the workplace was infectious. We truly appreciated and respected Janette for being genuinely real in caring for the wellbeing of those around her. She was expressive and direct which may have unsettled some, but she guided and got the job done. The foundation of her personality was her faith, commitment and strong leadership.

Janette took a brave leap when she started her own quality consulting company and training academy in 2016. She was rightfully, very proud of Quality First. Whilst contributing and serving on multiple international committees and workgroups she forged ahead as a true leader and to our Quality First team. Many laboratories benefited from Janette’s expertise and teaching. Equal X achieved accreditation as a pipette calibration lab and the Academy as an accredited training organisation by the international air transport association. Amongst all these achievements we truly believe that Janette’s greatest achievement was that she inspired so many people and was a friend to so many clients and associates. Janette always made time to check in on others, sharing in our families, our joys and our sorrows. Above all, there was always time for a story of her escapades, what she had bought on One day only or elsewhere (…she did like to shop…); and sharing the excitement of travelling or going home after a work trip. We also spare a moment to remember how Janette cherished her cats, who brought her immense joy. Oh, and it was wonderful that Janette could laugh at herself, never hesitating to share embarrassing moments with us.

At the office we enjoyed an extremely rewarding and engaging workplace with Janette freely sharing her knowledge and mentoring the team. There were many instances of her saying "I have no idea what you are talking about Tracey” - when I delved into some technicality, or "I am allergic to MS Teams and shared calendars". We will not forget her brightly colour-coded calendar in Excel. She was incredibly supportive and encouraging with us enjoying many expressions of “super” at the office and a thumbs up to WhatsApp's at all hours of the day..and night!

Janette embraced our different personalities and loved the dynamic in the office, where there were frequent engaging interruptions off-topic. We even named these times; and together we shared many random Egg Moments.

So, in the absence of sufficient words, we are inspired to speak through our actions. This is how we will be able to express our feelings, our respect, and our love for Janette. There is a sense of calm that with time, the raw grief will transform into a strong motivator, where Janette's passion and quality vision will be there to guide us.

Thank you, Janette, for your friendship, loyalty and trust. You were truly remarkable.
We will miss your presence, but you are not gone – your legacy will continue to shape our decisions and actions - and those of so many you have inspired. We will retell our stories and share laughter, keeping you with us, as impactful as ever. Xx

photo memories

video moments, slideshow by Marike, songs by Janette

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Your space to send condolences, pay tribute to Janette and share valued memories.

June 9, 2024
Liewe Nettie, mis jou so baie.!Kan nog altyd nie glo dat dit gebeur het nie.
Ons het so baie herinneringe gemaak en dit sal ek nooit vergeet nie!
Vir altyd in my hart...
May 22, 2024
Janette, I thank you for generously sharing your knowledge and experience with me. You believed in yourself and in others and therefor provided hope. So many have learnt to be more than they thought possible, because you believed they could be more.

Jolanda Truter
April 27, 2024
Liefste Sus. Mis jou so ongelooflik baie. Mis elk Saterdag se oproepe, jou stem, jou ongelooflike deursettings vermoë en alles wat jy verteenwoordig het! Op jou 1e verjaarsdag in die hemel
February 9, 2024
I was shocked to hear of your exit Dear Janette, but we are consoled with the assurance that you will keep resting in the bosom of the Lord. we cannot forget in a hurry, your passionate and selfless contribution to the setting up of a functional QMS in the early days of Pathcare in Nigeria - the first private Medical Laboratory to be accredited to ISO 15189 in the country. Your mentorship and guidance also contributed to the growth of my career as a QMS expert today. Continue to rest in Peace.

Emmanuel Ojo
Pathcare Abuja Nigeria Lab manager (2007 -2009)
February 9, 2024
On behalf of the whole team at COHSASA, sincere condolences to Janette's family, friends and colleagues. Health care in Africa has lost a true quality champion. Janette pushed the boundaries to share her knowledge of improvement and helped many to improve their services to patients.
Janette, rest in peace knowing how many have gained from your knowledge and talents.
Jacqui Stewart
February 9, 2024
I was so new in the field of Quality management just like the blank first page of a new book when i met Janette in 2019. From then, she impacted the knowledge of QMS to me and i received it with open mind like a hungry baby. Till now, she has changed my perspective and instilled in me, quality culture, which can be seen even in my everyday routine. So you see Janette, remembering you everyday is sine qua non.

Farewell Janette.
From Quality assurance officer, Aisha A Jibril NKDC, Nigeria.
Aisha Abubakar Jibril
February 9, 2024
I was heartbroken when I heard the news. Janette is one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met. She’s courageous and strong, and yet has a soft side that is empathetic and understanding.
She made time for people, and is one of the most down to earth people I know. Being around her always felt comforting and reassuring.
That is what a good mentor does without thought.
Janette, you’ve affected my journey is such a personal way. Saying Thank You didn’t feel enough.
Your encouragement, support and unwavering belief in me, allowed me to think big too.
To Leon and family, my heart goes out to you. She touched our lives so profoundly, that I cannot imagine your loss. You made her so, so happy. The love of her husband and family shone through her.
She will always live on in my memory.
Bonita Dyers
February 9, 2024
Janette, it was truly a privilege to know you and to have worked with you. Your joyful spirit and kindness have certainly left their mark in our hearts. Thank you for imparting your extensive knowledge and passion for all things quality assurance to us and awakening a pursuit in us to achieve and uphold the highest quality standards.
I still remember how you greeted us with your bright, contagious smile at the door during our GCLP course on 6 December last year, wishing us well for the festive season. Your unforgettable memory and legacy will be revered, and you will be sorely missed. Rest softly, Janette. Until we meet again.
Micheline Sanderson and the SSAB team
Micheline Sanderson
February 9, 2024
Janette and I shared so many times together over 20 years and more.We shared our involvement in Medical Technology in Training, years of shared SMLTSA meetings , Lab audits and SABS meetings.. Many laughs and fun shared at congresses over the years.
Always professional, efficient and stood for excellence in work.
Rest in peace dear Janette.
Carol Massyn
February 9, 2024
Janette was a massive personality in everyone's life. She went from being client to become a friend along with Leon, that we enjoyed and apreciated greatly. Her presence is already missed but she'll live on our hearts. With live to her memory and to Leon. xx
Jim and Marlize
February 9, 2024
I knew Janette in our professional capacitysiince 1998. She was a dynamic woman and an expert in her field. I will always remeber that we were asked to give a talk togethet at the SMLTSA Cape Branch about the different paths we took in our professions and I still laugh to this day when she said: " Francois is like a pedigree animal who has all the papers." Jannette you will be dearly missed my friend. May your soul rest in peace.
Francois Smit
February 9, 2024
With heavy hearts, we bid farewell to a remarkable Quality Consultant, Janette, whose recent passing has left a void in our hearts.  

Janette was not just a Quality Consultant to us at NKDC Lab, Nigeria; she was the embodiment of excellence, dedication and passion in everything she did. Her unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality in medical laboratory was unparalleled. Despite battling illness, her commitment to upholding the highest standards never wavered. I recall how, even in the hospital, she was concerned we received our EQA samples without delay, a testament of her unwavering dedication. Our team benefited immensely from Janette's expertise and Quality Management trainings.

Beyond her professional prowess, Janette was a beacon of warmth and kindness. Her concern for others endeared her to all who knew her. She had a remarkable ability to inspire and motivate those around her.

As we mourn Janette's passing, let us also celebrate the profound impact she had on our lives and the lives of countless others. Her memory will forever be cherished, her legacy forever honored, and her spirit forever remembered in the work we continue to do.

Rest in peace, dear Janette. Your light will continue to shine bright in our hearts, guiding us in our quest for excellence and reminding us of the extraordinary person you were. 

With deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences,
Franklin Eguogwu and the NKDC Lab Team.
Franklin Eguogwu
February 9, 2024
It was an honour to have worked with Janette at SANAS as both the Team Leader and STC member. Her contribution to the Medical programme and SANAS at large will be cherished. Rest well my friend. Deepest condolences to the family.
Barbara Mokgethwa
February 9, 2024

Janette, thank you for all your guidance and support over the years. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from you. I will miss our chats and the “aha moments” that were a given at every training session with you.
Marika Flinn
February 9, 2024
Janette, thank you for all your guidance, your wisdom, and your unwavering support. It has been an honor, a privilege, and a pleasure to have learned from you, and to have been inspired by you. Your passing has left a void that cannot be filled. Your legacy will live on in every lesson learned, every goal achieved, and every life touched by your extraordinary presence.
Ilze Louw
February 9, 2024
It was a privilege to know you and to work with you. You left a positive mark on your journey and your legacy of quality relationships will be fondly remembered. Rest in peace Janette.
Michael Saayman
February 9, 2024
Janette was a larger than life woman whose dedication both to her profession and to quality has been an example to me. I count myself privileged to have know and worked with her. The absence of her presence will be dearly felt. I send my heartfelt condolences to her family and loved ones.
Marlene Fourie
February 8, 2024
It was an honour and privilege to have worked for Quality First. Janette had a vision for Quality in Africa and she realised it through her organisation.
She shared her knowledge freely and the impact she has had on quality is immeasurable. Rest in Peace Janette! You left too soon, but your achievements were enormous.
Sincere condolences to Leon and all her family.
Monica de Wet
February 8, 2024
Janette personified :"Love what you do, and never work a day in your life". She is a force to be reckoned with. She is a powerhouse. She is a mentor and just a fun person to be around. The world is poorer without her.
Ané Kruger
February 8, 2024
Janette, even though I only knew you for a short period of time, I knew that you are an expert in your field and your contributions are highly regarded. I am grateful to have met someone with a big heart who is always ready to help.

Rest in peace dear Janette.
Jasna Adamovic
February 8, 2024
Janette you have been an inspiration to me since we first met 10 years ago. I will miss your passion and expert guidance in quality assurance. I will forever be grateful that I got to call you a mentor and a friend.
Liesel Muller
February 8, 2024
What is there to do when people die – people so dear and rare – but bring them back by remembering?” — May Sarton
Although we have known you for such a short period, you impacted our professional lives so immensely. We will forever remember you for what you stood for. Quality in pathology work. May your soul rest in eternal peace.
Elizabeth Rammutla
February 8, 2024
I had the pleasure and privilege to work for and alongside Janette and in that short time I got to know so much about running a business. Janette has taught me so much and she believed in those working for her.
Her passion was Quality.
RIP Janette
Michelle Adams
February 7, 2024
I had the honour to work with Janette on international standards' and counted her a friend with a passion for quality. I was honoured when she came to me for advice on setting up her company and was thrilled to watch it and her grow, she will be deeply missed and her legacy will live on.
David Ricketts
February 6, 2024

Janette made an enormous positive impact on medical diagnostics in many African countries.
We came to know Janette more than 18 years ago through her work at the Quality Assurance Division of Pathcare. At that time, our medical laboratory in Ghana, Medlab, was a young organisation and we aspired to reach the top standards that we knew from the US and UK. Janette’s professional expertise in Quality Management helped us to attain ISO 15189 accreditation and she led training programs for our laboratory staff. This enabled us to offer a very wide range of fully reliable and validated diagnostic tests which in turn allowed Ghanaian doctors to operate at first world levels, greatly improving medical outcomes and helping to retain doctors in Ghana.
Janette introduced and supported Medlab Ghana to be a participant in the IFCC Reference Range Project, together with South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. Through this program we were able to provide regional reference intervals for the local populations in clinical chemistry and also haematology which has been of immense clinical benefit.
Janette continued as our external quality advisor after founding her own organisation, Quality First. She provided us with valuable advice as we built up our organisation during very challenging times. She was a great friend. We also appreciated her moral support and her understanding of our mission.
Janette was a warm-hearted person. She had the ability to enforce strict standards while relating well to people, and she was always ready to give encouragement.
We last met Janette and Leon one year ago for a lovely dinner when we attended a meeting in Cape Town. It was with great shock that we heard about her suffering in her last days. Throughout these trials, she showed her strong spirit, determination and steadfast Christian faith.Our condolences go to Leon, her family and colleagues. We are proud to have known her. RIP Janette.
Rosemary and Mark Keatley
February 6, 2024
May the deceased rest in peace and cherish the memory of working together.
Zhai Peijun
February 6, 2024
From the power of the Grave, I will redeem them; From death I will recover them. Where are your stings, O Death? Where is your destructiveness, O Grave? Jesus said to Janette: “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come to life.
We miss you Janette, but we know it's temporary.
Thank you for the great impact and all the quality trainings. Laboratory Medicine Practitioners will never forget your great works.
Adeyemo Emmanuel
February 5, 2024
This picture was taken at a Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) meeting in Washington, DC in 2014. Janette had said then that although she had seen snow before, she’d never really been in it when it was snowing. This was a late spring storm and we were on coffee break. See the look of pure joy and delight on her face as she was being pelted with big fat wet snowflakes! It was hard to get her back inside and by then we were both somewhat wet.
I had the pleasure of working with Janette on a number of CLSI quality management systems guidelines over many years. She was not only my colleague but also a personal friend. The international medical laboratory community mourns a most talented resource. My sincere condolences to her family, friends, and laboratory colleagues.
Lucia Berte
February 5, 2024
Janette, i can imagine you singing with the angels now, i am not morning you but I remember clearly how we used to share our relationship with Jesus and How He has been faithful, the last words you spoke to me on the day you were leaving the hospitals ‘ i am perfectly at peace with my Lord”
Our paths first crossed about 11 years ago during the PathCare years and we’ve remained friends and a reliable partner in the fight for quality in the lab.
Janette, its good night and not good bye!
Tolulope Adewole
February 5, 2024
I was so saddened to hear of Janette's untimely passing. I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Janette through our participation on the ISO TC212 WG1 Committee. Her passion for furthering quality in the laboratory sector was second to none. She was a prolific contributor to many important standards. Her impact and influence will be felt for years to come. I send my sincere condolences to her family, friends and colleagues around the world. She will be missed.
Liz McBride
February 5, 2024
The time knowing Janette from when we met working together for a short period of time in a small Serology laboratory to the end, was an incredible journey of learning from, working with, travelling with and sharing many quality related discussions with her. I still find myself wanting to email you for a quick discussion or training inquiry.

Rest in peace, Janette, you’ll be remembered for the legacy you left behind and will be sorely missed.
Trudi van der Merwe
February 4, 2024
Janette and I shared a passion for quality management in medical laboratories. We worked together on the committee ISO TC212 WG1 Quality and competence in the medical laboratory, for eight years and she was a key contributor to the revision of the globally used accreditation standard ISO15189, published at the end of 2022. I was so proud of her when she took the risk of leaving a secure position to set up her own company. Quality First became an instant success. So many owe so much to Janette's wisdom and experience. She was always willing to help others and not hesitant to take on new challenges. I am proud to have known her and sincerely hope that her legacy continues to inspire others to follow in her footsteps. Taken from us far too soon, she is sorely missed and I extend sincere sympathy to her family and all those who loved her dearly.
Sheila Woodcock
February 4, 2024
We are saddened to hear the news of the passing of Janette Wassung. Janette made huge contributions to our profession and has always been a champion for the improvement of Medical Technology. Janette was a colleague, friend and mentor to many of us and will be sorely missed. We send sincere condolences to her family and friends .
Sarah Cohen (in personal capacity and on behalf of SALDA)
Sarah Cohen
February 4, 2024
Janette, you have left an indelible mark on so many people.
You were an incredibly strong woman, who saw every day as an opportunity. You have achieved world wide status with your business.
Charities and worthy causes were your passion. Many times to your detriment, but this never stopped you from seeing the good in all people.
Thank you for all the laughs, visits, deep discussions and family time we shared.
Gone but never forgotten. MYDSRIP.
Lyn Stacey
February 2, 2024
My dearest sister.I have difficulty finding words, to express my love for you.
Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. You lived every day to the fullest - never hesitating,and always looking for a new challenge. You were such a strong and independent woman.
I will always cherish the wonderful holidays and times we spend together.
I'm so proud an privileged to have been able to call you my sister.
Missing you forever.
Marike Wichers
February 2, 2024
A phone call 4 years ago from Janette was the beginning of the most rewarding journey. I have had the privilege of learning from an exceptional mentor, boss and friend. I have been empowered with so much knowledge, new skills and insight into the world of quality management. I am honoured to be one of so many people who will carry your guidance, teachings and vision forward with me wherever I go from here. I miss your presence every day but I hear your words all the time.

Rest in peace dear Janette.
Tracy Blanckensee
January 24, 2024
Janette, you remain an indelible mark in my journey to becoming. I am grateful for the times spent under your teaching, leadership and mentorship.

Although I miss you sorely, you can't and never will be forgotten because we will bear your legacy and propagate all you held dear. Your work will outlive you and lives would remain transformed, just like you always desired.

Rest on Janette, until the resurrection morning.
Nene Oche
January 24, 2024
Janette - Never "gone"...
You are Forever present in the actions of all you inspired. Thank you for the honour of your friendship and trust, and the years of learning from, working with, travelling with, and laughing with you. xx
Tracey Evans

memorial service

Family and friends came together to remember and pay tribute to Janette at her memorial service on the 9th of February 2023 at 11h00. (SAST) Some joined in Durbanville while others joined online. The four songs that Janette chose to be played were:
Even If by Mercy Me
It Is Well with My Soul by Matt Redman 
Eye of the Storm by Ryan Stevenson 
Pelgrimsgebed van Amanda Strydom

Find the videos for the songs in the section above. Janette asked that we all listen carefully to the words, particularly for "Even If".
Durbanville Gemeente. Corner Church St & Weyers Ave, Durbanville, Cape Town.
Fri 9 February at 11h00

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