James Lee "Blackie" Mitchell

March  8th, 1945 April  13th, 2024
Dallas, Texas
 James Lee "Blackie" Mitchell

Your spirit will forever inspire and comfort us.

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James Lee "Blackie" Mitchell was an amazing father, mentor, friend and husband and is survived by his loving wife, Jan Mitchell in Dallas, Texas. This memorial website was established by Blackie's children Shane and Melissa, to honor the memory of their loving father. We invite his friends and family to share your memories and your love for Blackie as we wish to celebrate him and honor the great man he was so that his memory can live on.


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May 29, 2024
Blackie has been part of our family for as long as I can remember. He called himself Bro #4 and we loved it bc he was our Uncle just as much as our uncles, Jim and Larry. He was always so very good to our whole family. We loved having him come to Cushing for Christmas and if there was ever a family gathering and Blackie was for some reason unable to attend, he was always missed.
Blackie never meddled in other people’s business so when he reached out to me during a difficult time to “have a word with me”, I listened and took his advice to heart. As tough as he was when he needed to be, he was also very kind, loving and gentle. I’m so grateful to have had him in our lives- we were very blessed to have him as Bro #4 and we will miss him until we see him again one day 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Kim Harmon Gatlin
May 22, 2024
In sharing my memories of Blackie, I find myself being taken back in time when the song Hair blasted out of my radio and l was glued to the news every evening watching the Vietnam broadcast. My big brother brought me home from the hospital when l was born and promised our mother that he'd take care of me and he did just that until the day God called him home. Blackie always made me feel worthy even when one of my famous life's screw-up needed him to rescue me. This man gave me away at my wedding, flew my mother to Texas with him to surprise me for my wedding and he was such an adorable proud father of the bride. When my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Blackie kept me glued together with phone calls and endless talks. This man held my hand when we said our goodbyes to my husband, he never left my side walking me through every single step for two weeks afterwards. There was not one single life crisis that I ever had to face alone, Blackie was always there for me and my girls.
He had the ability to calm any situation with direct and articulate words and at the same time help ya figure out your own issue which may need to have attention or correction. Unreal. Sometimes l would just look at him in pure amazement as his solutions were so point on.
Blackie wrote to me from Vietnam faithfully. He knew l would be expecting his check in and true to his promise to me, l got letters like clock work. He was such a stand up man. There really are not enough words to describe just how much his ever strong and devoted emotions have influenced and helped me on my life's journey.
I will miss you tremendously my loving brother. I will forever cherish you and ALL you did for me throughout my life.
Vicki Sue Sharp Martin
May 14, 2024
Several lessons can be learned recounting the life of Blackie Mitchell. Consider the inspiration he was to others to fully utilize their talents seeking a life that is fulfilling, generous, kind and helpful to others. He was fiercely loyal and a reliable source of the sound advice I came to call "Stark Blackie Logic".
Blackie was my brother, a very worthy brother, protector, advisor. He was a warrior in The Band of Brothers, United States Army, 101st Airborne, Screaming Eagles. We met the week he returned from Vietnam in 1971. A solid friendship was forged over the next 53 years and throughout our range there was never a discouraging word. I have no words to express all the ways he will be missed.
The campfire ring and the front porch at Doss seemed the best places to solve the world's problems.
Blackie was gifted at connecting people. Thank you, Pal, for introducing me to Patti!
Fare thee well, my good brother. I'll miss you just as deeply as the world will miss your worth.

Gary Harmon
Gary Harmon
May 10, 2024
Blackie may have originally been related to us by marriage but he became related to us by choice! We loved Blackie as one of our own and will miss him dearly. We will always remember that big, beautiful smile, the hearty belly laugh, all his great jokes and stories told while solving the world’s problems in the hot tub with a cigarette or cigar in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. He was a natural Chiropractor as he could relieve my headache with just a little pressure there or snap my spine back into alignment with what seemed like was just a big bear hug! He was always the gentle giant, not even getting mad when Missy got car sick in his BMW after having eaten “tuna fish”!!!! He was our brother in arms when it came to having fun and we enjoyed some wonderful times together; whether it was cruising the Caribbean, vacationing in Akumal ( where we both said no thanks to a dark cave with bats) or just the usual holiday get togethers! Blackie was an amazing man, he will be missed by all that knew him, but we will meet again, on the other side, where upon our approach we will hear Blackie’s laughter coming from those pearly gates in Heaven!
Tom & Janice Hitchcock
May 7, 2024
506th E company 101st Screaming Eagles Vietnam Blackie’s company was E company under Captain Zippo which still has annually meetings. The History channel did a series on the 506th. The Band of Brothers in WW2. Famous soldiers in WW2 and RVN. Agent orange finally catches up to us. Been fighting it for last 54 years. Got our good friend and Doctor Frank Elliott here in Dallas some years ago. So Currahee Blackie. U are missed and remembered. Capt Archer. E Company First Battalion Ready Rifles 52nd Infantry. Blackie’s Regiment was in the Screaming Eagles 101st Airborne. Curahee!!!!!!!!!!!
Ira F Archer III
May 6, 2024
Shane and I are still coming to terms with the loss of our father, Blackie. He was the best father that we could have ever hoped for and we loved him so very much.

Blackie was a man of integrity, respect, honor, and above all, grace. A man of few words, but when he gave advice, it was with potent accuracy, followed up with kindness. And he always managed to make a joke, or find a way to lift you up in the process, even when he was giving you well needed guidance. He was so kind, and so patient, and so wise. He was the epitome of honor.

God gave me Blackie as my Dad and the way I know he was sent to me from God is that there is no other man that could have been more right, more of what I needed in a father. He was my greatest advocate and champion and I simply received the greatest steadfast support that I have ever known from him.

As I have gathered these pictures of his life, I have come to know him more than I even thought I did - seen all the love and friendships, all of his passions and pastimes, and all of his virtue. He always had a kind word, and a smile. He was a man's man - a true legend - and although he will be missed, he will never be forgotten.

Shane and I invite you to share stories, pictures, and share this memorial page with anyone who knew and loved him so we can be lifted up with the memories of his lifetime.
Melissa Miller
April 30, 2024
I am sorry he is gone. I loved him very much. We enjoyed cars, hunting, spending time with family and his dear friends and their families. We made the best memories for a lifetime. He will be missed but will never be forgotten and he will always be in our hearts.
Shane Mitchell

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