Jacob Lawrence Richman

August  18th, 2004 March  5th, 2024
Bourbon, IN
Jacob Lawrence Richman

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Jacob “Jake” Lawrence Richman, aged 19, of Bourbon, IN, passed away on Tuesday, March 5, 2024. Born on August 18, 2004, in Anderson to Joshua M. Richman and Laura L. (Foster) Hepler, Jake’s vibrant spirit touched the lives of many.Jake attended Triton Jr/Sr High School, where he passionately played football. He was a dedicated member of the Honor Guard for the Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy in Knightstown, IN, with aspirations to enlist in the United States Air Force. In addition to his academic pursuits, Jake worked diligently at the Pilot Travel Center Station in Plymouth, IN, where he made lasting connections.

Beyond his commitments, Jacob found joy in various hobbies. He shared a special bond with his cousin and best friend, Chance, with whom he enjoyed playing video games. Jake’s love for music was evident, as he composed several pieces of his own throughout his life. He cherished moments spent with family, especially during trips to Lake Cumberland with his Aunt Angie, Uncle Gabe, and cousins, Chance and Storm. An avid lover of nature, Jake relished outdoor adventures and possessed an incredible, infectious laugh that lit up any room.

Jake was truly an old soul with wisdom beyond his years. His profound insights and timeless wisdom left a lasting impression on everyone he encountered. He gravitated towards other old souls, finding comfort and connection with “the tribe” – his mother’s closest friends, who shared his affinity for deep conversations and contemplative moments.

Jake leaves behind cherished memories with his parents, Joshua M. (Natasha) Richman (Kokomo, In) and Laura L. (Jeremy) Hepler (Bourbon, In); his brother, Lucas Richman; sister, Lyndsey Richman; step-siblings, Kaylee Elshire, Beau Hepler, and Emma Hepler; niece, Hadley Sue Hepler; maternal grandparents, Lawrence and Sharon Foster and Devon Hepler, paternal grandparents, Ronald and Elizabeth Richman; and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins.

He is preceded in death by his brother, Ethan Michael Richman; Uncle, Brandon Lamar Hepler; and Grandmother, Dawn Ann Hepler.

Friends and family are invited to pay their respects during the visitation from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Tuesday, March 12, 2024, at Brown-Butz-Diedring Funeral Service & Crematory, 515 E. 53rd St., Anderson, IN 46013. A funeral ceremony to celebrate Jacob’s life will commence at 2:00 PM at the funeral home, followed by burial at Saunders Cemetery in Daleville. Brown-Butz-Diedring Funeral Service & Crematory has been entrusted with Jacob’s care.In his passing, the world mourns the loss of a bright and beautiful soul, but Jacob’s memory will forever live on in the hearts of everyone who knew him.



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March 24, 2024
I am not even sure where to begin. Jake was not only my nephew, but was also Chance's best friend. I am so glad I have the memories of taking Jake to Lake Cumberland with us. The lake is where ALL the memories are made. Storm and Ethan made the most memories there and also Jake and Chance.

We spent days boating & tubing and nights by the fire. My favorite memory from the lake is when we taught Jake how to drive the boat.

As a teacher you would think I could explain things better, but when I say turn the boat around I do not mean a 360... LOL!

Gabe and I were letting him drive the boat and we went back to a cove where some other boats were tied up, trying NOT to make waves for them we told Jake to turn the boat around so we could head the other way. Well he "turned the boat around" alright, a couple of times before we were able to grab the throttle to slow down and straighten the boat up. I am sure the other boaters were not happy, but Jake laughed so hard at our mistake and we talked about it the rest of the night.

Jake was such a fun person to be around. He asked questions, listened to others, and most of all laughed at everything we said (in a respectful way of course).

Every one of my friends at the lake loved him and he was such an old soul. He knew the words to EVERY "old" song they played and also knew most of the singers/artist.

I am going to miss our talks, his laughter, and his singing and dancing on the boat.
Angie Bingaman
March 15, 2024
I babysat Jake and Lyndsey for the majority of my teen years. I was only 3 years older than Jake, so I really think I was just there to make sure the house didn’t catch on fire. It never felt like babysitting. It felt like going to hangout with my little brother and sister. I had lived in the house with them for a bit when my family was having hard times, and Jake went out of his way to make me feel like I was part of the family at every opportunity he got.

I remember one night very clearly. I was 14, and I was missing semi formal. It was honestly no big deal to me. I wasn’t big into social events, and no one had asked me to go anyways. I mentioned it to Jake, not even thinking of it. This boy sprung up from the couch and ran off. A couple minutes later, he came out with a little button up on over his pajamas and started playing music on my phone. He absolutely insisted that I danced with him. So I did. Lyndsey joined in. It was the best.

Missing semi formal wasn’t even a thought in my mind that night, but Jake simply wouldn’t let it slide. “You can’t miss out on your first dance!” He was thoughtful like that.

I wouldn’t trade dancing with him for all the semiformals in the world.
Tristan Waterman
March 11, 2024
I just wanted to share a story that encapsulates Jake's essence for me. As a young mom to 4 kids 7 and under, I've been feeling a bit lost and unseen in the busyness of this time of my life. This past Christmas, I shuffled all my children in and prayed they wouldn't break anything or tip over an entire table of food or anything equally as catastrophic. I got everyone settled and began making my rounds to say hi to family. I reached Lyndsey, Luke and Jake. Lyndsey introduced me to her friend to which Jake pulled me into the circle and said, "This! This is the one you want to meet!" He hugged me with the warmest hug to say hello and I think I could have cried on him right there. Just knowing that I meant enough to all of them helped me to remember myself a bit under all this shuffle of mom tasks. While this isn't the first time Jake has made me feel this way, it was my most recent and I cherish this memory.

Jake had this manner about him. He could really just make anyone feel welcome, wanted and loved. He had a true tact for it. Knowing that the world will not get to experience that anymore saddens me to my core. We need more people like Jake. More people that can spread that warmth.

Jake, I will miss you for the rest of my life. Just as I tell my kids, I love you past forever. I pray that you and Ethan had the most beautiful reunion and are sitting somewhere sharing all that laughter and warmth that we will miss down here. I'll see you when I get there.
Brianna Chae


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