Jacob Adam Zielesch

February  2nd, 2001 June  23rd, 2024
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Jacob Adam Zielesch


Jacob Adam Zielesch was a proud member of the United States Coast Guard. He joined the service in 2019 and went to Electronics Technician school in Petaluma California following bootcamp. He commissioned the CGC EMLEN TUNNELL in 2021 and sailed it from Key West to its new homeport in Manama Bahrain. The bond formed throughout the commissioning process, 99-day transit across the globe, and subsequent middle east deployment forged an unforgettable bond between Jacob and his shipmates. Known to most as "Z", he was a constant light onboard the ship. This page is a tribute to his memory and place for all of his Coast Guard family to remember our moments shared. We ask you to please add photos and memories to share with his family.



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July 11, 2024
Oh Z.. you made the time on the Tunnell for the entire crew that much more enjoyable. You brought so much laughter and light to every situation we were all faced. I’ll never forget you driving by me on your tricycle in the mornings on the way to work. Most people just hopped the curbs on their bikes you had to dismount carefully get that bad boy over the curb and then carry on. I’d catch up to you by the time you were back on the bike. And we would just look at each other and laugh. I’m so sad you left this world Z! And everyone who knows you feels the same way. I’m sure you wore your gladiator helmet thing when you walked through those pearly gates. I hope I never forget all of the memories we share and that you’re at peace. Love you forever my friend.
Lauren Cox
July 8, 2024
Jacob was truly a one of a kind. The first memory that always pops up first for me is commissioning day getting his bravos all squared away haha. Or hey TP you gonna eat those while doing his finger skeeming in front of his face lol… can’t help but love the guy. Not a dull moment ever with Z. His family, his cg family and even the world has lost a very special and irreplaceable family member, shipmate and person.
Tyler Powers
July 8, 2024
Jacob was my partner in crime throughout the entire process of commissioning and deploying the Emlen Tunnell to the Middle East. He wasn’t always the easiest to manage being that he was new to the Coast Guard and to the Electronic Technician rating but, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy showing him the ropes and guiding him through that tour of duty. He was an amazing friend to have during one of the most stressful times of my career and life. I wouldn’t change a thing about him because I love the way he was. He was a special person and I’m glad to have met him and I’m glad that I made an impact on him in the short time that I got to spend with him. It’s unfortunate that I even have to write this, but whatever pain he was experiencing is over now and that in itself is comforting. Rest easy little brother.
Luke Joson
July 8, 2024
Miss you brother. So many good memories. Standing nearly every OOD watch together. Going "Live With Luke". Breaking records at Mannys and wing night at DC's at the Diva. Prom pics at all the major monuments. Getting that page 7 for cooking waffles and burgers. Karaoke on the way to class every morning at Bollinger. Fancy Italian dinner night at the castle. Meme wars in the fantasy football chat.
Chuck Landry

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