Harold R. Garcia-Shelton

October  7th, 1943 May  1st, 2024
Raleigh, NC
Harold R. Garcia-Shelton

The glory is being happy.  The glory is not winning here or winning there.  The glory is enjoying practicing, enjoy every day, enjoying to work hard, trying to be a better player than before.  -Rafael Nadal


Harold R. Garcia-Shelton, 80, of Raleigh, North Carolina, passed away on May 1, 2024, due to natural causes.

Harold was born on October 7, 1943, to Jasper Andrew Shelton and Clara Belle Heatherly Shelton in Hickman, Kentucky. He graduated from Eastern High School in 1961 and furthered his education at Michigan State University, where he excelled academically and athletically, playing on the Michigan State Tennis Team.

Following his graduation with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Harold embarked on a fulfilling career in education, starting as a teacher at East Lansing High School. He shared his passion for learning and sports by coaching both the men's and women's tennis teams. Always eager to expand his horizons, Harold pursued legal studies at Texas Southern University School of Law while briefly residing in Galveston, Texas. Upon returning to East Lansing, Michigan, he earned his law degree from Cooley Law School.

During his time at Michigan State University, Harold met Linda Garcia-Shelton, with whom he shared a loving marriage and raised three children: David Andrew, John Harold, and Carlos Cesar Garcia-Shelton.

Upon retiring, Harold embraced life's simple pleasures, spending cherished moments playing tennis with his sons, indulging in his love for running, delving into detective novels and classic literature, immersing himself in the beauty of opera, and nurturing his garden.

Harold was preceded in death by his brother, Charles Andrew Shelton, and his sisters, Mary Shelton French, Kay (Cazzato) Shelton, and Ruby Shelton Grooms. He is survived by his sister, Shelby Jean Shelton Smith, and brother, Billy Shelton.

A memorial service to honor Harold's life will be held at a time and place to be determined in Michigan over the summer.  Information will be shared on this page but if you would like to be emailed about it please email hgarciashelton@yahoo.com.

Harold will be fondly remembered for his unwavering dedication to education, his love for his family, and his zest for life. His legacy of kindness, resilience, and passion will continue to inspire all who had the privilege of knowing him.

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October 7th
Born October 7th 1943
Hickman KY
Moved to Lansing, MI
Graduated from Eastern High School
Lansing, MI
Graduated from Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI
Married Linda Maria Garcia
Moved to Texas
Moved to Galveston Texas
Returned to Michigan
Returned to East Lansing Michigan



Memory wall

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May 11, 2024
My condolences to the family. I really enjoyed the time that I had with Harold at Sunrise Senior Living. He is a very special person and he will truly be missed.
Lynette Delaney
May 7, 2024
Garcia-Sheltons were our back yard neighbors, and one of my paper customers in East Lansing. I have many memories of that time. Condolences to you all.
Dan Dolan
May 6, 2024
Harold and Linda are the reason I graduated. I often recall conversations we had and how he helped and encouraged me to grow and to enjoy life. Bon voyage!
Cindi McIlrath
May 5, 2024
I enjoyed Mr. Garcia-Shelton’s Non-Western cultures class as a sophomore in 1977-78. I remember we read Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha, which was a challenge for many of us to understand and appreciate. He was probably the first man I ever knew to use a hyphenated last name. I found that admirable.
Timothy Bartlett
May 5, 2024
While I’ve known Linda for some time, I finally met Harold when Linda came to work at UIC. They lived in Oak Park, IL near us and we had many occasions to be together. We had seasons tickets to the Goodman Theatre and we joined together for dinner before going to the show. I also remember our travels to Italy and Spain, where Harold patiently tolerated our shopping and exploring before and after the conferences Linda and I participated in. He was great to travel with and I appreciated his support of Linda’s career as it moved from Chicago to California and even before that.

Sincere condolences to Linda and their sons and their families. May he rest in peace.
Elizabeth Burns

Family tree

Jasper Andrew Shelton
Clara Belle Heatherly Shelton
Linda Maria Garcia-Shelton
Charles Andrew Shelton
Mary Shelton French
John Harold Garcia-Shelton
David Andrew Garcia-Shelton
Carlos Cesar Garcia-Shelton
Kay (Cazzato) Shelton
Ruby Shelton Grooms
Shelby Jean Shelton Smith
Billy Shelton
Charles Andrew Shelton
Mary Shelton French
Kay (Cazzato) Shelton
Ruby Shelton Grooms
Shelby Jean Shelton Smith
Billy Shelton
Linda Maria Garcia-Shelton
John Harold Garcia-Shelton
David Andrew Garcia-Shelton
Carlos Cesar Garcia-Shelton
Harold Garcia-Shelton


Loved traveling to
Modena Italy
Passionate watching and
Playing Tennis
Loved to
Loved kicking back and listening to

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