Glyn Richard Wasley Jones

July  7th, 1984 November  6th, 2023
Glyn Richard Wasley Jones

And if you need to know the measure of a man, you simply count his friends

Glyn Jones 

This site is a tribute to Glyn Richard Wasley Jones, who was born in Inverness on 7th July 1984.

Glyn was not only a much-loved partner, son, grandson, nephew, cousin, uncle, friend & colleague, but a handsome, intelligent, empathetic and talented young man. He also had a fantastic sense of humour, was always steadfastly loyal and very importantly, he had great moral integrity and always stood up against any injustice.

For most of his life he grew up in Troon, attending Barassie Primary and then Marr College.

He had a whole group of friends growing up and they all played rugby and went to Boys’ Brigade together. He remained in contact with many of them, which was typical of him, he was just great at keeping in touch with people!

He continued watching rugby (and was a Wales boy at heart) throughout his life and in fact he loved many sports especially NFL and the New York Giants.

But above all Glyn was passionate about his music, he loved performing – a love which stayed with him, bringing many new friends into his life - and on leaving school studied Commercial Music at the Ayr Campus of Paisley University. He played in 3 of his own bands - Fuzzylogic who won the Scottish Battle of the Bands in 2004 and went to the Astoria Music Venue in London for the World finals. Then Roxbury and latterly Arc Altaire.

Don’t forget to check out the ‘Glyn Jones The Hangover Sessions’ on YouTube, including one for the GB Bobsleigh Team!

He then returned to Glasgow Caledonian University to complete a Masters Degree in Risk Management. During this period he worked for Carphone Warehouse and moved to Glasgow, particularly enjoying this time in his life, making many new friends and many a wild party attended.

When he completed his Masters he began working for KPMG being involved in many different aspects of their work over the years – among them management consultancy, climate risk and internal governance. He made many lasting friendships and even more wild parties were attended!

He liked the people he worked with and fought hard to ensure that everyone had all the support they needed. Glyn hated injustice and would always stand up for what he believed was right. He would challenge authority if he felt it was necessary and he never just went with the flow as an easy option. He was his own man!

He always worked tirelessly to try and help people including always being involved in Movember. This did result in some very dodgy looking moustaches - but Glyn was utterly committed to charities that raised awareness and funds for men’s health, including, but particularly men’s mental health. It mattered to him.

From the age of 16 any invite to a family do must involve food and ideally a roast dinner, accompanied by good bottle of red wine! He also enjoyed cooking, with steak being his favourite (again with a good bottle of red wine!) and stealing his mothers pate recipe to make for Thanksgiving each year, joining friends on Bute.

He loved his podcasts listening to history, politics, true crime, and of course sports.

In 2019/20 Glyn decided to take up acting, joining Southside Performance Studio performing in theatre productions, a mini series ‘Stacey’s Dream’ and the film ‘The Worlds a Stage’ which can be found on Prime Video. Though we think his role as Joseph Coia the estate agent in ‘3/2 Kings Drive’ feature film was probably his favourite role.

When he, Caroline and Elmer the dog moved to Woodburn in Kilmun, it seemed at last he was finally settled. Content, relaxed and the happiest he had ever been, with a beautiful partner and wonderful plans for the future.

The family look forward to reading your stories and memories of Glyn. It is important we remember those times, write about them, talk about them and ensuring his memory is kept alive.



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July 21, 2024
One of my favourite memories is when me, my mum, Aunty Cath and Glyn went shopping at Silverburn. On the way to get food mum and Aunty Cath started dancing and doing yoga poses in the middle of the shopping centre. Me and Glyn were very embarrassed and ended up running away 😂 We often made fun of Aunty Cath and my mum, mainly making jokes about how ‘old’ they are.

I also remember for Uncle Ric’s 50th Glyn had his guitar and I managed to talk him into singing Oasis, She’s Electric with me. At the time I didn’t realise that he didn’t like Oasis and how nice it was of him to sing the song. I’m sure he’d be glad to know that I do love Stereophonics now at least, however Oasis is still my favourite.

Glyn always made me laugh and I loved meeting up with him during my week in the summer holidays with Aunty Cath and Uncle Bill every year. I’ve learnt so much about Glyn from everyone’s tributes and it’s great to see how many people love and care about him.

I miss you and you will never be forgotten ❤️
Molly Jagger
July 20, 2024
I don't even know where to start friend...I never thought in a million years that you wouldn't be in my life and I imagined us all getting old together and still meeting up in the pub like we were in our 20s even though we were 80! You of course would have turned into a full blown grumpy old man complaining about the young kids and their music choices ;)

You have been a stable in my life for what feels like forever...we first met at 18 when Craig introduced me to his friend and bandmate and then I became a full blown Fuzzy logic groupie! You always loved to protest about how much you hated accountants but it turns out you just couldn't get enough of us!!

It was funny how it all turned out after knowing you for so many years through Craig to then our little group forming! We had some WILD night outs (that cannot be talked about in such a forum!) but also some really nice friend dates (when usually we were too hungover to do anything else but eat and lounge!)

I missed you when I moved to Australia but one of my favorite memories of our friendship was when you came to visit Craig in Melbourne and I flew in for the weekend. It was valentines day weekend randomly and we had the best 'mate date' going to moonlight cinema with our picnic! The next day we went to the zoo like big kids and just had the best time! It was so so nice to spend that time with you! You teased me by saying that you had fallen in love with Australia and you were going to get a transfer over! I would have loved to have had you closer (although I failed to convince you Sydney was better than Melbourne!)

I wish you were still here...I wish (even though you were not a kids fan!) that you could have met my little man and I could send you all the videos of him loving playing the guitar to make you feel like a proud uncle! I hope you have reunited with Mark and taken my Tom under your wing too (don't lead him astray the 2 of you!!) Please look after each other wherever you are.

I miss you friend and always will xxx
Jen C
July 19, 2024

My earliest memory with you is coming to visit and making you watch The Muppets Christmas Carol over and over again. We did this even if it was July but you were always more than happy to oblige as at least you got some peace from me.

At 14 I went to see your band Fuzzy Logic in the World Battle of the Bands Final at the London Astoria. I was so excited to see you and bring my friends to show them that my cuz was a Rockstar! You being the coolest person meant that any album recommendations were taken extremely seriously and immediately added to the collection.

I loved our impromptu acoustic sessions in the Crags Bar, singing to the locals. Mainly consisting of every song from the Stereophonics 'Word Gets Around' album. Let's face it, they had no choice but to listen to what we wanted to sing.

Our late night discussions in the conservatory after a family party were a favourite of mine. Making toast, drinking rum, singing to the best tunes and putting the world to rights until 4am or at least until Grannymum said it was time for bed because she was still up keeping an eye on us!

In 2014 you became Ava's Godfather, promising to be there for her despite being unsure of anything with the word God in it. However the title of 'The Godfather' certainly sweetened the deal. You always sent her the most "wonderful" musical toys. You claimed that they were important for her development but really it was just to annoy the hell out of me and you knew you could get away with it. I still haven't forgiven you for the keyboard with the microphone which resulted in Ava's endless renditions of 'Let it go'. You really enjoyed the many videos I sent you of my ongoing torture.

I miss you cuz and I miss hearing you call me that. I think of you every day, something you would probably tell me off for but you're going to have to let this one slide. The world feels a little less bright without you in it.

"May angels lead you in"

Rach xxx
Rachael Simpson
July 15, 2024
I first met ‘wee’ Glyn when Bill and Cath first started dating and Bill asked if I would mind babysitting. What a gorgeous little boy he was, always smiling and wanting to please. From everyone’s memories, it is clear to see he did not change much. I knew him through his teenage years and he and his band mates came to stay with me in Fife when they were playing a gig ( I think it was in Edinburgh).He was still smiling and co hosted his friends making sure everyone was ok.
Cath and Bill did an amazing job of nurturing this little boy and allowed him to grow into the amazing man he was. Hoping you are resting in peace Glyn x
Anne-Marie Johnson
July 15, 2024
Glyn was my cousin and my first friend. My memories of our early days are a little hazy, but full of warmth and laughter, playing taxis and fishing on the stairs. As we got older our times together mainly involved squabbling over whose turn it was to play Home Alone on the gameboy, or because I was ruining his piano playing by insisting on interrupting with terrible renditions of Chopsticks (sorry about that)!

I'm sad that I didn't see more of Glyn in recent years as our lives took us in different directions, although we remained in touch. In tribute to one of our last conversations, I shall uphold the rebellion with ferocious use of Oxford commas.
July 15, 2024
Glyn Richard Wasley Jones! A name i hearted on many school jotters and folders. First loves are always a special one and never forgotten!lots of memories shared!from the first day I saw you at Marr College , to days spent meeting at the bumpy road & introducing me to stereophonics on repeat! Singing all my favourite songs and putting them onto CD for me before you went on holiday!!So many days and dinners spent with your mum and Bill , Christmas, birthdays and becoming a second family to me! You were a special human being and will forever be remembered and in my thoughts 💙
July 15, 2024
There are so many memories with Glyn and my family!! Too many to share. Party after party, holidays, weddings, gigs, Sunday dinners, more parties, birthdays, karaoke, babies. The list goes on.

One of the best was the wedding and the Roxbury CD playing in the middle of Cyprus with greek dancers joining the celebrations and taking over 'Splash'. Swinging our pants at the Dj is probably one of our favorite wedding photos lol

He will be hugely missed and the only consolation for us is the amount of time we all shared. The memories that are some of the most important events in our life, we shared with Bones.
Joanne & Martin
July 15, 2024
Glyn, you are truly missed. You were such a great friend to Dave and over the years you became my friend too. I loved our conversations about the world and the thoughts we shared on how to right the world’s wrongs. You were such a fun person to be around and there was never an awkward silence when in your company. I’ll cherish that we got to see Jimmy together and won’t forget the car journey spent constantly talking about EVERYTHING, poor Dave didn’t get a word in edgeways. I think tapas in a shopping centre was the highlight of the trip. You were such a kind, considerate person who always asked how I was doing, how life was, how business was and you asked in a way that made you feel like you could share your genuine thoughts and feelings and not just give the usual “everything’s good” reply you’d give to most people. I’m so sad you’re gone. I’m so glad to have known you.
July 12, 2024
I love how Glyn used to dance with me and how funny Glyn was. I really miss all the fun stuff we did toghether 😘

The songs we liked were:
Sweet Caroline,dancing queen,I was made for for loving you and Billie jean

I loved all the musical toys they were even better because they annoyed my mum
Ava simpson
July 12, 2024
I worked with Glyn at KPMG and he was such a lovely person to see around the office. He was always there for his colleagues - whether for a laugh or a serious conversation. We all miss him. Rest in peace, Glyn.
Elizabeth Ortiz
July 12, 2024
My first interaction with Glyn was over a Teams call and I still remember his advice: always buy more annual leave :) From day 1, he took on the role of the big brother and always looked out for the wellbeing of his colleagues.

The bravest and most caring soul in our team. You remain an inspiration to not stand for any injustice, regardless of the situation.

Thank you for everything mate!

July 11, 2024
Where to even begin...

So much time spent enjoying music, bars and sports together. Going to my first NFL game in London full hospitality but falling asleep before the 4th quarter.

Wings. So many wings.

Thanks for all the advice the chats and tweets. You always made me laugh.

I will miss your sense of humour, your amazing love of music, your opinions on rugby, Scotrail and us not going to see Nickelback!! (or paying to sit at a gig)

You were an incredible friend, a talented and gifted musician, a brilliant drinking buddy and the glue that kept us all together.

Ill miss you and I'll think about you always.
July 11, 2024
I have so many memories from the first time I changed your nappy, sword fighting in the caravan and numerous others, however your relationship with music stands out from them all.
You are my musical inspiration; I’m sure you are many people’s.
If you want new bands or tunes to listen to - ask Glyn
If you want new tunes to learn to play - ask Glyn
Which guitar to buy - ask Glyn
This is only a tiny fraction of your legacy. Glyn, nephew, friend, musician, your words, your music, your good deeds will live on in our hearts, minds and from our loud speakers forever. Keep playing dude 🍻
Richard Nieto
July 11, 2024
We had been on one of our many group nights out.

Me you and Chelsea ended up in noodle bar

I ordered my usual - char sui pork with hot and sour sauce with either rice or noodles and prawn crackers.

To say I had drank too much was an understatement

While we chatted and laughed and ate....I dropped most of my food down me.

We all went home and when I got ready for bed I messaged you and Chelsea to tell you that while getting undressed, half of my food fell on the floor from inside my clothes

You messaged me back to tell me it was my punishment because

Jews shouldn't eat pork

You were always there for a joke and a slagging

Natalie Meth
July 11, 2024
Head Automatica Beating Hearts Baby played today and I was instantly reminded of you. Our shared love of music was always a topic of conversation or argument.

I remember putting this song on and you asked me why I specifically played THAT SONG. I told you it was my 18th birthday song and brought back great memories.

You told me this was one of the songs that made you want to be a musician. We danced around like idiots and laughed at how ridiculous we looked but didn't care.

Through any insecurities we had, we could always be ourselves. No matter how stupid it was.

I miss that xxx
Natalie Meth
July 11, 2024
Memories of you in your earlier years as a toddler at the Aultbea Hotel with your pretend tool kit “helping” the workmen with the renovations
Your unending patience with your three cousins whenever you came to stay with us or vice versa
But most of all your late night session with the family. Playing the acoustic guitar and us making endless requests for songs .whilst we all “joined” I say joined cause really only you and Rach were the decent voices and we would often sit back and let you two duet
Oh how a long to be able to do that again 🥲z We as a family, like Malik said will always pull up a chair for you in the hope that one day you will join us xxx
Jayne Nieto
July 9, 2024
Where do I begin .... I have so many wonderful memories.

I can remember when you were 2 years old I taught you to ask Why and then proceeded to get in trouble with the family after you spent the whole day asking Why to everything! I don't think you ever gave that up.

We were both huge fans of WWF and especially Bret "Hit Man" Hart, but I think for different reasons.

Oh and thank you for getting me Tigger's autograph from Disney World!

I loved you coming to visit me in your teens with your guitar, listening to you play and hearing you sing. He was so talented and was my superstar.

In more recent years you enjoyed playing pranks with your cousins on me in the early hours of the morning, whilst I was sleeping. There are pictures to prove this!!

You will always be in my heart and I will miss you.
I will remember you and love you forever..
Kim Nieto
July 9, 2024
I first met Glyn by as a wee boy, helping his Grandad in the Aultbea hotel. Playing the piano in the public bar.

Memories of many games of Monopoly in Barassie, which Glyn ALWAYS won.
Glyn liked to shame him mum and I for drinking too much wine. Often 🤣.
Memories of Glyn in deep conversation about Queen with my mum when she babysat (while his mum and I drank more wine)! A shared love of bad jokes.
So many memories of that happy, funny, intense, clever little boy.
Glyn never changed, judging by all the comments from his friends.
Will always miss that wee boy - "I'm Glyn Richard Wasley Jones, aged 3 and 3 quarters"❤️xx
Sandra Bennett
July 9, 2024
We met briefly so many times over the years, but we got close when we regrettably let Dennis book us a hostel on a Cologne trip. While Fraser got to cosy up staying with our lovely German friends, you and I were led up a creaky, wooden, spiral staircase by a strange man who not only didn’t speak English but didn’t seem to comprehend our attempts at German. When we finally saw the room we were staying in, we’d barely had time to absorb the sinister vibe when we were shaken by an almighty clap of thunder! We did our best to snap a quick picture which I think perfectly summed up the vibe as you leered at me in the background. We slomo moshed to German punk rock, we saw Pillow queens (twice), Tiny Moving Parts (3 times?), we missed Microwave after we almost accidentally dined and dashed in Max’s and we saw many, many more. Deborah drove us to Newcastle to see Jimmy Eat World and I couldn’t get a word in.

We don’t have to be scared of the dark,
In fact it’s afraid of us now,
Because you left behind such a light,
I don’t think it’ll ever go out.
Dave Main
July 9, 2024
Glyn and I being the great pals we are, decided Dave Venanzi should have one or two drinks the night before his wedding in Philadelphia. We may have got a tad excited and proceeded to try every drink at the bar. My wife was so ill she couldn't get out of bed the next morning to go see the liberty bell and other wonderful tourist attractions Philly has to offer. Glyn and I on the other hand wouldn't let a bit of alcohol slow us down. We powered on, stood in front of an underwhelming broken bell, and decided bed was a far better way to spend the hours in the leap up to the wedding.

Good decision as we managed to showcase our finest dance moves for the entire evening, ending up with two sweat stained kilts and great memories.
Lachlan Bursle
July 8, 2024
Jones! I don't even know where to start ...
Some people argue that platonic friendships between men and women can't exist ... You can point them right here.
From the jump, you made every effort to be my friend as much as Fraser's. The three of us were a weird little family. The pair of you - polar opposites at times and frighteningly similar at other times. Me in the middle, encouraging you both to play nice and looking on in adoration when you worked together on anything.
You and I shared passions for music, food, football (even if you made fun of my team 'sparklepants') and equality. We rolled our eyes in sync when we saw certain politicians babbling on TV.
We cooked together, sampling the wine as we scream sang our way through Thanksgiving prep, or delivering large scale ButeFest breakfasts!
We double dated, or we were just us three, it didn't matter. We were family.
You absolutely blew our minds with our honeymoon gift, which was an experience that will stay with me forever.
One time, we stayed in Sandra's hottub until 6am. I have no idea what we chatted about, but it must've been good.
When we let you down by procreating, I strived to prove you wrong ... I kept coming out to gigs ... We kept communicating and if truth be told, you bloody loved my crotch goblins. You were at Mylo's first festival, first Superbowl, first NFL games, first Scotland game, first holiday. He was your Professor Babyman. He adores you and always will. It makes me sad that you only met Theo once, but we'll tell him all about you. I'll treasure the memory of his first ever gig, in the pram - 3 weeks old, listening to Uncle Glyn, Uncle Ryan and Daddy rocking out.

I miss you every day.
I can't listen to music the same way.
I can't message other people about Christmas the way we used to.
I don't know who to text about stuff that upsets me in the news.
I'm still not sure how to BE without you ... so I'm choosing not to be without you. I'll keep you with me always.
Love you forever, Jones!
Erin Lindsay
July 7, 2024
Some of the more colourful conversations we used to share on WhatsApp - excuse the language
Bianca Ferrari
July 7, 2024
Going to see Stereophonics at Glasgow SECC just after Stuart had been sacked in November 2003, me and my now husband went, turned up late, Glyn and his then girlfriend were third in the queue to go in, we clocked each other started screaming at each other, gave each other a massive cwtch and we pushed in at the front with them with at least 1000 ppl behind much to the annoyance of the ppl behind and got front row, Glyn and I singing all the older stuff together completely ignoring his girlfriend and my now husband
Bianca Ferrari
July 7, 2024
Iechyd Da Gringo.

You were a great friend, a great musician, a great drinker and a great debater! I hope you knew that.

My first memory of Glyn was being on opposing dorms at BB junior section camp (pre religion “discussions”) where he was the enemy at midnight water balloon battles 😂 so fair to say we didn’t hit it off straight away!

My next memory of Glyn was watching a Marr college talent show and this guy from the year below me owning the stage singing Traffic by Stereophonics - my favourite song by my favourite band and I had to tell him how good he was.

Not long after Glyn Craig and Ben started Fuzzylogic and we followed you guys to Macsorleys, Fury’s, King Tuts and ultimately to the Astoria in London via the mega bus from Glasgow!! So Many amazing nights

We had great nights together at gigs and at a fair few T in the park trips.

Away from music we had great nights at the Ardneil Quiz nights, eating transforma-snacks and playing pool (maybe not so great the night someone had an accident and wrote off your new car! Enter “red Glyn!”)

Holiday to Kavos was a definite highlight although I still think you were on your tip toes when deciding that as I was the smallest I was on the camp bed in the middle of the room! THE REST OF THESE MEMORIES HAVE BEEN REDACTED 😂

Then there are the memories of the small moments where your character shown through- like talking me through guitar picking for Holly to get her first guitar for Christmas, or when after I had one too many beverages trying to keep up with you all, you came and found me and made sure I made it back to the accommodation ok.

Many many memories mate and they all make me smile.
Stuart McKinnell
July 7, 2024
Happy heavenly 10th 30th Glyn!

I only got to know Glyn properly for the last 9 months or so, but we hit it off quickly. I like to think I am a good judge of character and I liked Glyn immediately. He was industrious with his work and fiercely loyal. I loved the fact he was brave and willing to speak truth to power. You knew where you stood with Glyn and I feel fortunate to have stood beside him.

Anthony Coates
July 6, 2024
How wonderful and lucky to have crossed paths with Glyn, a ‘no shit Sherlock’ compadre who, like a big brother at work, looked out for me and so many others in the team.

I’ll miss our meandering teams calls, discussing generally anything but work (!) normally we’d cover the latest records you’d bought, or a new piece of furniture you’d found on Pinterest and generally just you boasting about seeing dolphins from your living room window, along with the many other perks of living in Scotland!

Thanks for always looking out for me and providing such sound advise. You were one of the only people who ever walked the walk and held others to account.

You inspired us all and live on in our thoughts.

Urs xxx
Ursula Wilmott
July 6, 2024

My memories of Glyn are tied up in music. Of course, watching him as the ultimate front man in Fuzzylogic and Roxbury. Big moments at the likes of King Tuts. But smaller moments too, with just as much impact and fondness. Dancing like demons to Somebody Told Me in my first banger car. An impromptu singalong at a house party. Standing shoulder to shoulder at gigs. Late night debates over boy bands. An acoustic set to bring in the bells. Dance floor inhibition at a good pal’s wedding. He leaves all that music behind for us to remember him by. What a gift that is, and what a gift he was. Lots of love to all who miss him. xx
Julie Yeudall
July 6, 2024
I first met Glynn when I joined the team, and what started as a small catch-up turned into an hour-long conversation as we realised how much we had in common. Throughout the time I knew him, Glynn was always there to give me advice and support.

Knowing Glynn inspired me in so many ways. He gave me confidence in myself and was a role model that I will always take forward standing up for myself and others.

I feel incredibly lucky to have known him.
Rosalind Anders
July 5, 2024
I have so many memories of Glyn and I feel privileged that I got to spend loads of happy times with him that I will always hold close to my heart. We were such good friends and I miss him every day.

So many things remind me of Glyn, we had loads of excellent nights out, hung out a lot over the years, and really enjoyed having a laugh and joke.

We shared a common love for music, we went to countless gigs together (sometimes drinking beer through a straw) and were always sharing new bands and songs to check out. When I joined Roxbury to play bass it was amazing, I got to learn how to play in a band and spend loads of time with my friends in the process. I was always pretty nervous playing gigs but it seemed such a natural thing for Glyn, he really helped me put the nerves to the back of my mind and enjoy each gig. My favourite gig that we played was the first time at King Tuts, we had been to watch lots of bands there and to stand on that same stage with Glyn and Craig, surrounded by friends and family, is something I will always remember.

I have never played a gig before without Glyn, the Decade of 30ths gig will be the first time, I’ll miss him being on stage but he will be in my thoughts to help me through as he always did.

Graeme Yeudall
July 5, 2024
I first met Glyn through our mutual friend, Fraser, while playing a gig for Movember on the Isle of Bute. It was a messy weekend of fun (and subsequent hangovers) that kick-started a friendship that I’ll always treasure!

Glyn was just such a warm, welcoming person. Incredibly easy to chat to and found a common ground with nearly everybody he seemed to be introduced to. I heard Glyn’s friend Alan once call him a “black belt at turning a casual acquaintance into a best pal” and I don’t think anything could better describe Glyn Jones!

We shared great laughs, deep chats, countless gigs, trips to Germany, pub visits for the rugby and many nights out.

I have loads of awesome memories of Glyn and I feel so lucky to have known him!

Miss you terribly, brother! Xx
Craig Edwardson
July 5, 2024
I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Glynn. But then, so unfortunate to have only known him for such a short period.

I'll always have fond memories of our interactions. An honesty and openness that is often so rare in the work environment - especially after such a short time. We could chat for ages, and often did. A great laugh and an excellent sounding board. Would never shy away from giving a view or helping out.

Of all his amazing qualities, the stand out one for me though was that he would never stand for injustice. He'd speak out and go toe to toe with anyone regardless how senior. He'd never quietly let something slide - he'd call a spade a spade and force accountability. As a colleague said "he was a hero and deserved a cape". I agree completely. If everyone had Glynn's bravery, the world would be a better place.

Rest in peace - you will forever be greatly missed
Ewan Donald
July 5, 2024
I met Glyn at a mutual friend’s birthday party a few years after I had moved to Glasgow. I have one fuzzy photo of us from that night.

Though we argued over which of us was the grumpiest, he dubbed me Grumpy Cat and delighted in sending me grumpy cat memes. He indulged me in going to see midnight showings of Gremlins + Silence of the Lambs, and one of my fondest memories was watching a making-of documentary for an Ok Go music video for nearly 3 hours while I kind of helped him pack.

When I moved back to the US, I was feeling restless and told him that I wished I could go on a trip somewhere. He said let’s go. Budapest was one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to, and Glyn is inextricably linked to that memory. I remember ducking into a pinball museum and playing for hours while it poured outside; finding the coolest little bars around the city; and Glyn only half-begrudgingly doing things that I’m sure he found incredibly cheesy.

I’ll forever miss getting a “happy birthday grumpy” message from you. You’ll be in my heart always.
Michelle Brody
July 5, 2024
Glyn was in my team at work. We worked together on projects, always working hard but always making sure we had fun. He'd go out of his way to make sure he knew the best veggie food places in the city we were working so I didn't go hungry, he was always thinking about others. In our regular catch ups I got to know him outside of the projects. He's share his passion for music and acting, when he moved into his flat in Glasgow he'd show me around via a Teams so I could see his latest interior buys! Glyn always made sure he kept a close eye on his colleagues, he cared about everyone, even those who got on his nerves from time to time didn't escape his watchful and caring eye 😉 we became friends, after I left to join a new company we stayed in touch, reaching out to catch up and check in, sharing the gossip and he'd update me on all the wrongs he'd managed to right with his strong sense of justice. Missed always but never forgotten Glyn x
Vicki Joshi
July 5, 2024
Far far far too many memories to list.
Some favourites are visiting Glyn and Cath, and Glyn forgetting his disinterest in “having kids and all that” to hold Sam, comfortably for a good while.
His immediate acceptance of Rachel on meeting her, and the friendship the two developed. Quite often I could be present during their conversations and not have a clue what was going on, other than the fact I was getting a right good bit of abuse from them both.
I remember fondly the time I had just finished a late shift and was having a social media scroll, and noticing Glyn had posted on Facebook in middle of Prestwick, while living in his Glasgow flat, well past the last train leaving. I messaged asking if he was staying at Cath’s, and he typically said no I’ll just walk home. An argument via text ensued, with me telling him he wasn’t walking home and Glyn nonchalantly saying he would be fine, and on this rarest of occasions, I won the argument, driving to collect him and giving him a sleeping bag on the sofa for the night. The best best bit of this was waking into our living room in the morning, and finding my 2 cats cuddling in all cosy with him on the sofa.
I recall Glyn putting aside his distaste at me becoming a “dirty polis”, and telling me he was proud of me when I joined and knew I would be “one of the few good ones”.
And lastly being given the affectionate title of “Grandpa” from my early to mid 20’s, with his little mischievous smirk whenever he said it, banter initially progressing to a real term of endearment.

There was often debates, discussions, and disagreements; but these were completely engulfed within the love, respect, and fierce loyalty held for each other within the friendship. Never a grudge held, or unkind word said when opinions did not align.
Many people can go their whole life never meeting their favourite musical acts, I was lucky enough to be able to call one of mine a true friend. And one I will sadly and deeply miss.
Stu Grant
July 4, 2024
I will never forget your exasperation when you got down the stairs to be greeted by the most excited, "Uncle Glyn!"

My desperation to glue myself to the coolest person around in my youth, not that, that feeling ever changed.

You were always so tall to me, so big, because you personality shined through. But in reality I'd been taller than you for years now!

Nights spent around small tables with cards, drinks and music. I wouldn't trade them for the world. The smile you left me with, I'll never forget.

So, I'll always pull up a seat for you, in the hope that you sit down with us again.
Malik Nieto
July 4, 2024
Glyn was generous with his time and talents. Modest and quiet, he was brave enough to perform and be angry.
His values drove him into difficulties
That is how I will honour his memory, up front, out front, exposed and excited. Worth knowing and always worth remembering
Colin Fletcher
July 4, 2024
I remember meeting Glyn for the first time, along with his whole family at a dinner at Bill and Caths. We hit it off pretty much straight away, we found we both liked the same sort of music, were into rugby, and shared a passion for devouring huge amounts of Caths butter with a side of French Stick.

We had some epic games of cards that seemed to go all night, I don't think we ever finished one round of Chase the Jake.

Glyn knew how to party as well as anyone, I remember some great nights out in Glasgow!

I have to admit that he did a (slightly) better Blue Steel than me as well.

There was also a time at our leaving party when we were heading back to the UK, we were having a great night, then Nickelback came on the playlist.... I still remember the look of shock and betrayal on his face that we let that get on there! Then I think he walked out for a while after that.

I'll miss his sense of humour, his amazing talent, his opinion, discussing rugby from the other side of the easy brother.
Dan Foster
July 4, 2024
My Brother, what can I say, you will be remembered for both your stubborn and outspoken way with words, your wit and your steadfastness approach to justice and doing what was right. I will always chuckle at the memories of you, Robert and Dan fighting over the buttered French stick, and oh my goodness...that 'Rocky' , (sorry Iceland 😆)trip with the pack of tissues, (that again) you and Dan were fighting over😆. I'll always remember the good food, good chats, wine and games and thank-you for being a good uncle to the boys ( your acting skills playing the 'Grumpy old child hater' were pretty pants at that point I must say) not sure who was having the most fun😆. Can't believe you are gone! Miss you Bro!😘
Jen Foster
July 4, 2024
I remember a brilliant day out with Glyn & Robert for Father's Day doing some White Water Rafting near Pitlochry on the River Tay.
Smiling and Laughing all through the day, enjoying the fun and excitement it offered as we helped each other avoid the "unavoidable" soaking..... but as the story goes, the boat did overturn and we did end up looking like the proverbial "drowned rats", but it was worth it..... What a day Glyn X
William Welsh
July 4, 2024
I remember when we owned the Aultbea Hotel, 3 year old Glyn was staying with us, when my back was turned he decided to pour himself a pint of beer. I do believe that was the start of his attraction to beer.
For my 70th birthday Glyn, who'd be about 23, invited me to a Rangers Game where I was privileged to sit in his debenture seat, duly named Glyn Richard Wasley Jones. Needless to say, we imbibed in a few beers before and after the match. Happy days.
Peter Nieto
July 3, 2024
Glyn loved Christmas - hated religion, but loved Christmas. Our day always started with Bucks Fizz and Croissants, then present opening. Glyn was always extremely generous.
Then always mini sausage rolls and homemade melba toast and pate. Followed later in the evening with a full traditional Christmas Dinner and good wine.

I had always made the pate, with both Bill and Glyn tasting - more black pepper or more brandy!

Then one year he asked for my recipe to make for his friends at Thanksgiving and so the argument started - 'pupil turned master' he said!
Catherine Welsh

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