Elias Barreto, Sr

December  2nd, 1946 May  1st, 2024
New London, CT
Elias Barreto, Sr

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Celebration of the Life of Elias Barreto Sr.

An angel of the Lord came to take our dad to a resting place. He transitioned peacefully. He gave it his all and battled to the end. He encountered many hurdles, but our dad responded with strength, even at his weakest. He will no longer be in an impaired state. Our dad is now surrounded by loved ones in... A place of peace with the Prince of Peace. Yes, we will sorely miss his physical body, his voice, and his loving hugs and kisses, but we will now carry it within our hearts until we meet again.
On December 2, 1946, in Fajardo Puerto Rico, the parents of Benito Barreto and Francisca Chico were blessed with another child, their fifth…the baby. He grew up in a Christian home as believers of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. He was also surrounded by nature, teal waters, and white sands... a place where every morning his wake-up alarm was a rooster’s crow and the musical sound of the coqui, and where recreational boaters go to fish, or just relax and enjoy oneself. After some years, Abuelito had other plans for his family, in New York. So, one by one our, grandfather sent for his family. When the family finally came to NY, the Bronx was their first stop. They then made their way into Brooklyn, USA. But life in Puerto Rico always stood close to daddy’s heart. 
He became an entrepreneur at a very young age. The neighbors in Brooklyn would leave their shoes outside on their windowsills for him to shine. He would shine and return them for a fee. He attended Thomas Jefferson High School where he made many friends. He fell in love with “Doo-Wop”, but also loved Motown music. He and his friends would “Doo-Wop” on Brooklyn street corners.
Now while in high school he found another love, Julia Rivera. After high school, Julia would become his wife and mother to his two children, Elias Jr., and Yvonne Kimberly. They frequently hosted parties and gathered with family and friends for recreational activities. This continued even after having children. They also had a dog named Rusty. Daddy loved animals. In fact, every dog he had, he named Rusty.

His career path was also engaging. He attended NYC College of Technology. After college, he worked for the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) as a film and video curator. After NBC, he went on to own a bodega store on the corner of Grant and Glenmore avenues in Brooklyn. He then worked alongside his brothers in several business endeavors.

He and his brother, Antonio received a NYCHA Police Dept. Civilian Citation Certificate from Mayor Abraham D. Beame. He was awarded for assisting the NYPD during an attack and gun confrontation in which Elias took a bullet to the knee. During the melee, he rescued the officer, and drove him to the hospital. He was that kind of person, “See something, Do something” …

As years went by and because they married young, they realized that their trajectory and perspectives regarding marriage were going in opposite directions. After some time and facing the complexities of a committed marriage, they divorced; however, the love for their children kept them connected.

Visiting Dad on weekends was good, but during the summer, it was like living in a candy store! Daddy loved physical activities and was very adventurous. We camped, fished, and swam with our cousins. One thing daddy loved was his family. He also loved spending time with his nieces and nephews. If you tried coming for anyone of us, then be ready... because daddy had our backs! He taught us how to hold a firecracker at the tips of our fingers. Yes, dangerous... but we still have all ten fingers. My brother and I ate whatever we wanted. He loved playing paddleball, baseball, handball, and going whitewater rafting. He even fabricated the fact that he got Yvonne her own horse. He would take her to the stables in Prospect Park, rode around, and spent time with “her horse”. Later, we discovered why he was called “Slick” as a teenager. Yeah... dad was Slick with his words. He was also a prankster. His best hobby was always cracking sarcastic jokes. Yeah... he threw “shade” before it was called “shade”. 

During our dad’s midlife years, he met another woman, Annie Adames, who he said just energized him the more. Although they never married, the love between their union delivered our baby brother, Adam Elliot. He too experienced dad’s love for nature. He was a history buff and loved having heart to heart discussions regarding local and world news. Dad enjoyed watching National Geographic and collecting world history biographies. Adam loved to see our dad create art pieces. One imperative, instilling value that dad expressed was to work hard to receive the integrity of one’s earnings. His loving guidance was a plus. Memorable trips to museums, quiet fishing adventures, inspiring tours to the harbor (Mystic Seaport and South Street Seaport), and the Intrepid, daddy loved to share his interests with his children.   
Annie became that “bonus mom”, and we, a blended family; however, as years went by, again, the cycle of not facing the complexities of a committed relationship resulted in them parting ways.

Our dad left Brooklyn for a new start and decided to reside in Connecticut. He was surrounded by his two brothers, sister, nieces, and nephews. He worked again alongside his brothers in their business endeavors. He then worked logistics for Connecticut College. He found a hobby in creating art pieces from metal and mosaic artistry. He made beautiful pieces and gave them to family and friends.

He then met Nilsa Fuentes. She became his companion and partner. He loved and appreciated her. She and her family have their memories with our dad. She stood the course and did all she could to care for my dad. Her grandchildren Dominque, Marcus, Jasmine, Matthew, and Jaiden all embraced him as a grand father figure. During the summer he made himself the DJ of the block. What music did he play?... Doo-Wop and Motown! If the ice cream truck came by, he would treat the kids on the block. His love for art was presented front and center on the front lawn for all to see as they passed by. He brought the love of Fajardo, PR to New London CT.

Daddy fought his battle with bladder cancer in 2013. He then fought dialysis. He finally combatted a rapidly metastasizing lung cancer. But his sense of humor and feistiness was greater than any ailment! His body was failing him, but like a true warrior, he fought the good fight until the very end.

Papi would say God blessed him with beautiful children. But his grands Esprit Millicent Parker, Errol DeVere Parker II, Angel Jolie Barreto, Addison Rose Barreto, and Aria Grace Barreto made him proud! This love trait is in our DNA. So, when you see us, you’ll see him…

La biendicion, Papi/Dad/Pops/Tio/Slick...



Please join us to pay a last tribute for Elias Barreto, Sr. 
We will come together to remember and pay tribute to this wonderful man. While we mourn the loss, we also aim to cherish the moments shared and the joy he brought into our lives. Your presence would mean a great deal to us during this time of remembrance and reflection.
Byles Memorial Home
99 Huntington St
New London, CT 06320
Wake: May 8, 2024 from 4 - 6PM
Funeral Service: May 9, 2024 at 11AM 

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