Eileen McCracken

June  8th, 1974 June  9th, 2024
Glasgow, Scotland
Eileen McCracken

Eileen's Memory

The Merck community is mourning the sad loss of Eileen McCracken, our SLS Head of Diagnostics & Regulated Materials, who passed away unexpectedly earlier this month. Eileen leaves behind a legacy of dedication, leadership and friendship that spanned over 20 years at Merck.

Eileen began her career as a Regulatory Affairs Technical Writer at our Livingston site and advanced through numerous global roles within Quality Operations. Most recently, she led the DxRM team within SLS, ensuring customer centricity and success. Her contributions were pivotal in shaping our organization.

Beyond her professional achievements, Eileen will be remembered as a dear colleague, mentor and friend with a warming smile and infectious personality. Her passion, dedication and unwavering commitment will leave a lasting impact on all who worked with her.

Our thoughts are with Eileen's family and loved ones during this difficult time. We invite you to contribute to her memory wall with a photo or memory to be shared with Eileen’s family. Your stories and pictures will help celebrate her life and the profound influence Eileen had on all of us.

On behalf Merck KGaA Employees in memory of Eileen


Memory wall

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July 12, 2024
I enjoyed working with Eileen. She made herself available and was very supportive of me and my projects at Cell Marque in Rocklin. I loved her no nonsense style and cutting to the heart of our business and project topics. Logical, collaborative and fair. That's how I'll remember Eileen.

My sympathies to her family; unexpected losses are the hardest.
John Bohland
July 12, 2024
My deepest condolences to Eileen's family and friends. Eileen was one of the best business leaders that I have encountered as a lawyer. She was so sharp but kind, funny and fun. I always knew that whatever she did was going to get done right and with full effort. I always wished that there were more Eileens here at Merck. I had a lot of respect for Eileen and will miss her greatly.
Sangwha Hong
July 11, 2024
I had heard great things about Eileen, but had not had the opportunity to meet her until last summer when she basically resided in St. Louis after SAP Next. I was in a meeting with her, and was immediately impressed by her presence and demeanor in a difficult situation. She had that attitude of "we can point fingers later, but let's get this done." She really was a get things done type of person. She injected confidence, humor, and just enough light heartedness to deescalate the situation while at the same time impressing to those around her that she wanted results. She was approachable, and always willing to assist and influence where necessary. When I had the opportunity to work on her team in the Spring, I jumped at the chance. She was someone who people wanted to be around. Someone who would push and challenge you, but would also have your back. Someone who elevated her team to an amazing degree, which in turn made for a better Merck. I will truly miss Eileen, her spirit, and her energy. While it is no consolation for her loss to her family and friends, know that she had an amazing impact on all she worked with at Merck.
Bryan Duney
July 11, 2024
It is with a very heavy heart that I post my remembrance and condolences to Derrick and Zach. Eileen wasn't just a colleague, she was my friend. We have worked closely together over the last 5 or 6 years, starting with her role in master data, then as the Applied Quality BP, and as peers on the SLS LT. Her energy, her commitment to doing the right thing, her sense of fun -- these are the things that attracted me to her, as I like to think we were kindred spirits. Separated by an ocean but working closely together to make things happen -- for our teams, for our customers, and for Merck. I could always count on her, both personally and professionally. We both lost our remaining parent around the same time and that made our bond even closer. We worked hard, but we also enjoyed one anothers' company (and the odd beverage). When I got a new role and was leaving our team, we consoled ourselves that my new role would allow me to visit her in Glasgow. I'm sorry to say that only happened once, but I'm so happy that I got to meet her family at that time. Derrick, Zach -- your wife/your mom was an amazing person who touched peoples' lives wherever she went. She was an inspiration and will be truly, truly missed.
Heather Ahlborn
July 10, 2024
I was very upset to hear of Eileen's untimely passing. Eileen was so full of life, energy and drive. During our time on Tempo+ (hard to believe, 10 years ago) she was so driven we had many a long day, continuing working from various BA airport lounges till late. We had some great fun times on our travels and we loved a good gossip - her nose was always bothering her as she would say. My heart goes out to her family. RIP Eileen x
Rebecca Richardson
July 10, 2024
My sincere condolences go to Derek and Zach and all her familiy and close friends. As an HR business partner I worked closely with Eileen during her time in the Quality and Regulatory department. I can only echo what other colleagues have already said: she was a great person, full of energy, willing to go the extra mile and fun to work with. May she rest in peace.
Ursula Merz-Christiansen
July 9, 2024
It is with heavy hearts that we honor the life of Eileen, whose passing is an immeasurable loss for her family, friends, and colleagues, and we are all deeply saddened by this unexpected turn of events.
Eileen was a remarkable individual, with a unique blend of intelligence, diligence, and an unwavering determination to tackle challenge with patience and never give up mentality. I had the privilege of knowing and working with her since the acquisition.
Beyond her professional accomplishments, Eileen embraced life with enthusiasm, finding joy in fostering meaningful relationships with her colleagues. This is inspiration to us all.
As we grieve the loss, I am enduring her memories. This picture fits best to her laughter, happiness, and connections she cultivated. Her spirit will remain and resonate with us days, weeks, months, and years ahead.
Rest in peace, dear Eileen. You will be deeply missed. With heartfelt sympathy.
Najib Sehat
July 9, 2024
My deepest condolences to Eileen's family and loved ones.

Eileen was a great leader, quickly acted to meet the goals. During two validation project challenging situations, Eileen reached out to understand the problem and provided full support to move forward. God give strength to Eileen's family.
Anbukumar Marimuthu
July 9, 2024
My deepest condolences to Eileen's family and loved ones.

Eileen was a great leader that prioritized people and making things better. She made sure to communicate regularly with her entire DxRM team and showed up always. Her work family will miss her dearly but always remember the impact she has had.

Sending strength to her family and friends in this difficult time.
Parth Vakil
July 9, 2024
I am incredibly saddened by Eileen's passing. I was fortunate to have met her an experience her character, her leadership, and her mentorship. She is the type of person who can lead by example and set excellence standards for her team.

I can still hear her voice in my head, asking, "how can we fix this". I can also still hear her say "it's unacceptable, let ME go escalate" and she'd return with an answer or a result. You want a leader to fight on your side, and that's the spirit of how I will remember Eileen; a fighter.

I wish peace and love to all those that knew Eileen and especially to her family May you find comfort in knowing Eileen has left a tremendous impact on those who closely knew her.
Mark Yerukhimovich
July 9, 2024
My deepest condolences to Eileen's family. I got to know Eileen a bit more last year during the SAP Next implementation in St Louis. I really appreciated her energy, her drive, her presence, her very active leadership during a challenging time. She had a knack of driving people to be their best while also being supportive and cheering people on. I remember a meeting in which I presented, she asked a lot of tough questions, but at the end as she walked by me, she reached out and squeezed my shoulder. She was a force of nature and I will miss her so much.
Katie Mondy Hughes
July 9, 2024
May your fondest memories of Eileen comfort you during this difficult time. My deepest sympathy to the family.

I was brought into my Data Migration Manager's role by Eileen for the SAP NEXT project. We faced many challenges together, none that through Eileen's guidance and and drive we could not overcome. In Eileen, you could see her passion and commitment to excellence which made us all better. She will be greatly missed!
Jerry Weidauer
July 9, 2024
May your fondest memories of Eileen comfort you during this difficult time.

I was brought into my Data Migration Manager's role by Eileen for the SAP NEXT project. We faced many challenges together, none that through Eileen's guidance and and drive we could not overcome. In Eileen, you could see her passion and commitment to excellence which made us all better. She will be greatly missed!
July 9, 2024
I got to know Eileen as a role model in attitude - not only professionally, but especially personally and the art of blending both. No challenge to big, no obstacle to high - always positive, humble, pragmatic and collaborative. I truly enjoyed working with her and proud having met her.
Robert Roesgen
July 9, 2024
"Some people steps in our lives, leaving foodprints in our minds and we will never forgot the journeys with them"

Rest in peace Eileen, never forget our Tempo+ journey. Send my thoughts to her family. Will miss you Janine
Janine Specht
July 9, 2024
I was truly shocked and saddened, and this unexpected loss is really hard to digest and realize.

We will remember her authentic leadership style, supportive way of working, can-do attitude, and her passion. I enjoyed working with her and all the good and constructive discussions, and I am very thankful that the DxRM LT had such a great time together in Darmstadt shortly before Eileen's passing. We will miss her humor and energy, and I will remember the funny conversations regarding soccer and potatoes in Scotland and Germany.

My thoughts and heartfelt condolences are with her family and loved ones during this difficult time.
Daniel Rost
July 9, 2024
Remembering Eileen, a cherished colleague and friend whose dedication and warmth touched us all. Personal interactions in past projects with her unwavering support will always be remembered. She left an indelible mark on our hearts and the legacy of your work will continue to inspire. Rest in peace, Eileen
Oliver Triebel
July 9, 2024
I was happy to meet several times with Eileen whilst participating in the LS ERP journey. I appreciated her proximity with colleagues, her desire to make things move forwards, her ability to understand situations however complex they could be. She and her family remain in my prayers.
Jérôme Grosnon
July 8, 2024
It still does not even feel real. It is so incredibly sad to lose someone like Eileen. From the moment we met, we became wonderful friends, always open to sharing funny stories and conversations. Your smile and laugh were infectious. My deepest condolences to all that knew Eileen - she was such an amazing, brilliant human being.
Dan Pantazelos
July 8, 2024
While I haven't known Eileen for long, I've had the privilege of meeting her in person where we had a memorable conversation about her career path and passion to support others in their growth, in addition to her attentively listening to my aspirations and giving me advice. I am extremely saddened by her passing and will always remember her with respect and fondness. I will also remember her remarkable impact as a leader, as she set quite the standard and was someone I looked up to.

Needless to say, Eileen's passing is an immeasurable and devastating loss. She is sorely missed. My deepest condolences go out to her family, friends, and colleagues throughout the world.
Bib Yang
July 8, 2024
Eileen was always so energetic and a pleasure to be around. She was very action driven and I loved that about her. She was part of the crew of getting stuff done and having enough for the fact to make a decision quickly. I always enjoyed working with her at the national sales meetings and getting her involved in my shenanigans. I remember when she was at Spruce and I didn’t know she was in town and all I hear from down the hall is “hello gorgeous” I knew instantly it was Eileen. She was always quick with a smile and her laugh will be missed from the halls of all the buildings she visited.
Jack Sago
July 8, 2024
I was deeply shocked and saddened by the news of Eileen’s death. At first, I just didn’t believe it could be true. Then reality hit and I was brought back to the first time I met Eileen right after I started, and the years of memories together. Our relationship as colleagues quickly evolved to friendship as we worked with each other in many capacities across the years. Her many ideas, her laughter, and her energy were infectious, her passion and courage unbounded. There are so many great memories of Eileen but the one that keeps coming to mind is after an evening of fun in Edinburgh: Eileen, in her high heels, running down the train platform waving her arms and yelling “last train to Glasgow!”
Kate Silva
July 8, 2024
Eileen and I started to work together in 2017, at this time she oversaw Quality for the Apply Business. From that moment, she and I set solid relationships. Few years later, Eileen was promoted Head of Diagnostics & Regulated Materials where she had had a significant impact on the business, our organization, and our customers.
Eileen was a person of immense professionalism. She was a driving force behind our business, demonstrating an extraordinary ability to acclimate to market dynamic, while not being afraid to try new things. Her ability to bring people together was one of her most cherished qualities. She knew how to balance hard work with moments of joy and celebration. She was the life of the party when we came together, bringing a sense of camaraderie, and delight to our gatherings. Her high energy, incredible work ethic, and joyful spirit made her not only a valued colleague, but also a good friend. Eileen will be incredibly missed, but she will always hold a special place in our heart.
My sincere condolences go out to Eileen’s family and loved ones.
Jean-Charles Wirth
July 8, 2024
I am deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Eileen. She was not only a valued colleague but also a wonderful person who brought motivation to our workplace every day.

During this difficult time, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May you find strength and comfort in the cherished memories you have of Eileen.

Please accept my sincerest condolences.

With heartfelt sympathy,

Herve Cassis
July 8, 2024
I have gotten to know Eileen during the ERP implemenation in St. Louis mid 2023 and was so impressed by her pragmatic, open and authentic leadership style - which for me a core leadership skills. My heartfelt condolences to her dearest, family friends as well as Merck colleagues. Eileen will be truly missed.
Bart Kerkman
July 8, 2024
Although we worked together for a very limited time, I was always amazed and inspired by how you consistently fought for both customer and employee needs. Life taken away too soon
David Coito
July 8, 2024
Eileen's passing was an unexpected shock for all that knew and worked with her. While I did not work closely with her, it was obvious she was a very compassionate person that will be missed by many. Our thoughts are with her family, friends and coworkers at this time of loss.
Brian Ward
July 8, 2024
I remember our meeting in Amsterdam as we were launching Trackwise. Employees from around the globe met and became close friends and colleagues. Eileen's energy and passion were contagious. So sad that she is gone far to early. Will remember her spirit, generosity and willingness to help. My sincere condolences to her family.
Cindy Paquette
July 8, 2024
It’s a struggle to find the words, it’s totally inconceivable that she is gone. Really hard to stay positive and share happy memories; but I had the privilege of knowing Eileen as a close friend when she worked at the Livingston site. I remember the numerous nights-out - she liked a night out, car-sharing from Glasgow and putting the world to rights, car crashes (I was driving), pregnancy, promotions, the nights out after FDA audits, entertainment at quality conferences, karaoke in dodgy Boston bars, getting stranded in Ireland due to the Icelandic volcano and having a two-day road-trip to get home, advising me on proposals and engagement rings for my wife, the list and good memories goes on and on... So, when I think of Eileen it’s not the strong, determined, leader and businesswomen who started as a temp and climbed to the top. I think of the young women so full of life, bubbling with energy, quick to laughter and anger, always willing to say it as it is, kind, loyal and fierce. A true force of nature. Everybody who knew her are in shock and heartbroken. They say flippantly that only the good die young, devastatingly in this case it is true. RIP pal, you will be remembered.
Derek/Zac – no real comfort but everybody’s thoughts are with you.
Mark Thomson
July 8, 2024
Eileen was not only a remarkable leader but also a sincere and passionate person.
Her belief in people's potential to grow was truly inspiring. This was evident in the way she interacted with all of us, always pushing us to be our best selves. She led by example and her legacy will continue to inspire me.
Eileen will be deeply missed, but she will forever be remembered. My thoughts and sympathy are with her family and loved ones during this challenging time.
Alice Airaud
July 8, 2024
In remembrance of our dear colleague and friend Eileen. Her boundless and contagious energy, unwavering passion, and remarkable leadership have left an indelible mark on all of us. She was a true team player, always giving her all in everything she did. Her legacy will continue to inspire us. Ripped out of life by far too early, my thoughts and sympathy are with her family and loved ones.
Robert Nass
July 7, 2024
Sincere. Passionate. Dedicated. These are the first things that come to mind when I think of Eileen. She had this 'we are in this together' mindset towards work which ensured we were all headed in the same direction, with the same focus on the task at hand. Eileen, you are missed. Wishing the McCracken family peace and comfort during this difficult time.
Shawn Gaskell
July 7, 2024
A life taken from all of us way too soon. Such a fantastic colleague, leader, friend and amazing person. She will be remembered by so many of us who had the privilege to work with her throughout the years at MilliporeSigma. Memories of her smile, laugh and passionate spirit will continue to inspire us all. My sincerest condolences go out to Eileen's family and loved ones.
Steve Solviletti
July 7, 2024
From the moment I met Eileen, I knew she was something special. We first met in Darmstadt when we were forming the original Applied Solutions Leadership Team. She was clearly smart, knowledgeable, passionate…but, when she confessed she was obsessed with the royals and reality TV, that’s when I knew she was the real deal. Since then we had the opportunity to travel the world together and I will cherish those moments dearly. She was the true definition of “work hard, play hard”, putting 110% into everything she did, and I admired and respected her for it. I can hear her infectious laugh, her thick accent … so many special memories of a special person taken way too young. I want to share my heartfelt condolences to her family at this difficult time. Please know Eileen left her mark on so many of us and we are better for having known and worked with her.
Alicia Hayek
July 7, 2024
Eileen is a person who I have come across in my lifetime that will forever leave an imprint on me. She was gifted in a way that pushed you to drive harder yet with a style that you madly respected. Someone I call a true friend. While she was a dedicated worker, she also devoted herself to her relationships and knew how to make you feel supported even in times where you felt like things were completely out of your control. I am forever grateful I got to spend time with her and my deepest sympathies to her loved ones. She lives on in my very fond memories of her, still hearing her laugh and seeing her smile catches me and puts a smile on my face, still evidence of Eileen's supportive nature living on.
Jill Peluso
July 5, 2024
My thoughts and prayers are with Eileen's family. Eileen was such a strength for this organization and her passing is a terrible loss. Her passion was unmatched, and I remember during a time we were really struggling in St. Louis she came over to face the challenges with us hand and hand. She has left a lasting impression on us all and we have all learned something from her that will stay with us forever.
Robbie Fyalka
July 5, 2024
I was both shocked and saddened to hear about the sudden loss of Eileen. I'd like to express my sincere condolences to her family and friends.
Maryse Sadoine
July 5, 2024
My heart goes out to her family, and to my fellow coworkers in particular to those who worked with her very closely on a daily basis. I'm honored to say that I worked with her and knew her. I saw her as a hands-on approach leader while with a good humor too. She will be greatly missed! My most sincere condolences.
Jennifer Harlay
July 4, 2024
I remember Eileen as an impactful and strong leader who was so passionate in everything she did. She was expressive about how she felt, could make impactful changes and at the same time was empathetic to one and all. I cannot forget my last interaction with her which was so empowering and touching. We will miss a strong leader, a great colleague and more so a wonderful person. My heartfelt condolences to the family on this saddenning loss and wish them strength during this difficult phase. Dear Eileen you will be always remembered.
Anita Nair
June 27, 2024
I am profoundly saddened by the loss of Eileen, a bright and powerful force, and an incredible inspiration both professionally and personally. She lived her life with vivacity and fierce determination, never missing an opportunity to laugh, to lend a helping hand, or to celebrate every moment, big or small. Her unwavering spirit and infectious joy touched everyone around her. My heartfelt condolences go out to her family and loved ones during this difficult time.
Camille De Souza

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