Dr. Erizali Opio

September  10th, 1941 April  15th, 2024
Dr. Erizali Opio

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.
2 Timothy 4:7


September 10th
Born to the late Enocka and Julieri Otyek of Alito, Okii Amat Clan
Alito and Aculbanya Primary School
Sir Samuel Baker High School
Nabumali High School
Bachelors Degree Medicine 

Masters Degree Internal Medicine 
Makerere University 
Mulago Hospital
In this period Dr.Opio was also team doctor for the Uganda Cranes
Post Graduate Diploma Chest Diseases 
Czech Republic 
Jinja Regional Referral Hospital
Consulting Physician
To Hellen Rose Akech Alugu from the family of the late Mzee Mordecai Olugu of Okarowok Ober Ane Clan, Oyam District
Kisumu Provincial Hospital
Dr. Opio was deployed by the Ministry of Health Kenya to Kisumu Provincial Hospital as a provincial physician covering various districts under Nyanza province
Escape from the Amin Regime
Resignation from Kisumu Provincial Hospital and Setting up his own private practice clinic and at the same time working as a visiting physician at Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu, Kenya
Return to Uganda
Working at Lira Medical Centre as a consulting physician
Retirement from medical practice and focusing on real estate business, hotel enterprise and farming
April 15th
Dr. Opio passed on at Nakasero hospital, Kampala at the age of 83 years.

He is survived by his wife Hellen Rose Opio, 8 children (2 girls and 6 boys) and 16 grandchildren.

He is also survived by one brother Mzee Lameck Smart Ogwal, husband to the late Hon Cecilia Atim Ogwal
https://www.online-tribute.com/9a052caa, and three sisters.


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April 28, 2024
MAMA HELLEN (revised)
Won tol pe olaro kede aweno!
Tota we kanyi, jali momot
Wan Omari atek
Lango olemo kede ni cak oton icip pen nangere
Ama lit bala wang lyedi
Rem I dog cuny-wa balo cono
Kec kato keno
Too lit,
Mama Obanga wa en Rwot
A mom too, mom lokere
Eno oloo too, dok te cer
Daddy bino cer I kare a Rwot
Ket geni I kome
Lwong nyinge en pe tye kan abor
Obanga ngeo
Wek I cinge
En bino weyo pig wangi
En kweo cuny mon too
Wan atye kedi karacel
Haron Okello Oceng
Haron Okello-Oceng
April 28, 2024
Omina we Amina We
Apap mom gite otoo
Kono ka en tye onio anino
Bwonyo mere amio me yom cwiny
Pwod bino bedo tye
Tye ocoye I dog cwiny wa
Mara kede kica mere
Wek bed alama wa me bedo
Omina Amina
Okany kara adunu
En okobo ni en Obanga otino kic
Ka okok wunu onen ka wange
Oket gen wa I kome
Acwec en aye aweyo pig wang wa

Haron Okello Oceng-otyek
Haron Okello-Oceng
April 28, 2024

The tradition
There was another one happy session we were together chatting about their childhood and about our grandfather -who was of course his father: late Enoka Otyek Olobo who served as a Parish Chief in the British Government; Dr. Erizali told me they had a very responsible father, who valued education so much -he made sure all his children were educated, Daddy paused a bit as I could read his face painted with empathy before he said in much lower voice; “Our father didn’t have enough money but desired that all his children go to school, so he would go to borrow money for school fees from his friends since his salary would not be enough, he told me Ba always had a lot of debt to repay-‘’ this humbled me a lot and I felt sympathetic for our grandpa.
So i think he learned a lot from our grandfather ba.
Fare Thee Well, Daddy Erizali Opio Otyek, You legacy shall live on as you shall forever live in our hearts.
Haron Okello Oceng-Otyek
Haron Okello-Oceng
April 28, 2024
There are people who you meet in your lifetime and they leave an INDELIBLE MARK and they make you want to be a better person, a better CHRISTIAN who serves the Lord diligently and Uncle Doctor is one of them.

I have heard so much about you from many people but most of all, the times I have met you you have always been CALM, QUIET and KIND.

Despite your vast knowledge and experience, you never showed off or felt you were more important than those around.

Your CHARACTER and LEGACY is one that everyone should emulate in order to live an EXEMPLARY and VICTORIOUS CHRISTIAN LIFE.

May Your Soul Rest In Eternal Life And May The Good Lord Comfort Aunt Hellen, the Children, the Siblings, and Us the Relatives and Friends... 🙏🏾 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Harriet MAKMOT
April 27, 2024
In my 38 yearly pages of life so far, only his surviving elder brother, Mzee Lamek Smart Ogwal would be his match. Other than that, I have never found a man of Dr. Erizali Opio’s chapters in this country, not among my tribe, clan - with such a caring and wonderful heart, he gave everything he worked for wholeheartedly, all his income was for charity, all his paycheck was overdraft for our school fees. I only saw him drive a Prado late when he retired from active practice simply because all his savings went to schools and markets around East Africa…..He was such a charming fragrance which sweetly scented in our lives, Daddy Fare Thee Well and May God Almighty- Father of Fatherless bless and reward you more this world could.
Haron Okello Oceng
Haron Okello-Oceng
April 27, 2024
At another point at Bridge Way Guest House in Jinja he told me; “if there is always anything wrong, let me know -share it with Aunt, I will be going to look for fees for next term, meanwhile read hard so you can pass to study in a university.
I still believe he was not an ordinary man but an angel whom God had sent to look after me and my siblings when our dad passed away.
May Dad rest in Peace, we shall miss you!
Haron Okello Oceng Otyek
Haron Okello-Oceng
April 27, 2024
I recall a moment one evening after we had a dinner at Upper Naguru home, after a chat everyone had gone to sleep; he asked me to remain a little: Daddy told me while smiling at me; “Kwan pire tek, Mak kwan atek… iwinyo! pe I bed tuko”
Literally meaning; “Education is very important, read hard …. Have you heard! Don’t keep playing, (he suddenly looked tough)
Haron Okello Oceng

Haron Okello-Oceng
April 27, 2024

t's hard painful, watching you body disappear; It is even more painful watching away from home. Daddy Go, Thank you for loving us as your own... Go back home where our LORD Jesus prepared for you. Go and reunite with your loving Father, and brothers; Fare Thee Well, Till We meet AGAIN. AMEN
with love & humility from your son, Haron
Haron Okello-Oceng
April 27, 2024
You were an uncle to my siblings and myself as we were growing up. We thank you for the guidance and direction you provided to us and this helped us be the strong and successful adults we are.
Heartfelt condolences to the Opio family and may you rest in peace.
Dan Madadi
April 27, 2024
Heaven has gained a gentle,kind , generous,loving and caring person. I'm grateful to God that you were a part of my life Uncle. Thank you for being a great father to so many of us, thank you for the unconditional love you showed us. For now I remember you with tears rolling down my face , but I know a time will come when we will remember you with smiles on our faces because you left us with so many great memories that we will cherish forever. We miss you so much and we love you even in death and forever you will be in ours hearts. Till we meet in heaven Uncle Dr.
Rebecca Adong
April 27, 2024
Won tol pe olaro kede aweno!
Tota we kanyi, jail momot
Wan Omari atek
Lango olemo kede ni cak oton icip pen nangere
Ama lit bala wang lyedi
Rem I dog cuny-wa balo cono
Kec kato keno
Too lit,
Mama Obanga wa en Rwot
A mom too, mom lokere
Ket geni I kome
Lwong nyinge en pe tye kan abor
Obanga ngeo
Wek I cinge
En bino weyo pig wangi
En kweo cung mon too

Haron Okello Oceng
Haron Okello-Oceng
April 26, 2024
I recall a moment one evening after we had a dinner at Upper Naguru home, after a chat everyone had gone to sleep; he asked me to remain a little: Daddy told me while smiling at me; “Kwan pire tek, Mak kwan atek… iwinyo! pe I bed tuko”
Literally meaning; “Education is very important, read hard …. Have you heard! Don’t keep playing, ( he suddenly look tough)
Haron Okello Oceng
Haron Okello-Oceng
April 26, 2024

Wan obino wer kede pak
Lweny lweng maber
Jin a lweny a rwot oteto
I lwenyo dang ityeko lweny
Apap Erizali wee giti ked kuc
I bad a cwec,
Wot kede kuc
Ape dok giri paco bot papi
I wee I can me lobo,
I kanyo atek
Aco pekko ni dong mom
Nga kara otio calo jin
Wot maber Erizali

Haron Okello Oceng

Haron Okello-Oceng
April 26, 2024
I ot a kwarre wa
I dogola Olobo wan otye okumu
I awii Enoka koki tye ociro wa oko
Pig wang wa mol I calo kulu Nail
Too we pwod dang I kwanyo
Too ento wangi pwod tek,
I loki gweng kidi me cion
Dok I kwanyo I pone wa
Nga kara ame ooro cingi

I te mayo papa
Papa Erizali otimi kara ngo
Adong I ciro wa wokki
Rik kong I mayo tin dok I yako
Pwod I mayo aworomaca
Man dok I culu wum twon papa
Pol ba,
I depo ba I depo gite,
Cite abino keto gen I Rwot
Pien Yecu akwar Daudi
Otyekko mwonyi oko
En bino weyo pig wang-wa

Haron Okello-Oceng

Haron Okello-Oceng
April 26, 2024
From my early childhood andto adulthood, you have been a loving and caring Uncle.
I will miss chatting with you and getting all the advice you would give me. Coming home to visit from Zambia will never be the same because you won't be there.
Until we meet again at Jesus feet.
Rebecca Akite Zulu
April 26, 2024
The first day I was told I will be joining boarding school, primary one at St Francis school then Abonyo otingere, my heart was filled with so much joy. Received so many goodies things I had never dreamt of, I felt a special type of way, like I'm also wanted, a sense of belonging. From that day till now, I have never lucked or needed anything and never received. A second chance of a father, one that received me in his family and the whole family treated me like one of their own. Too much love is all I receive everyday. Daddy deserves to live forever, so that many would feel a sense of belonging like I did.

I feel robbed 😭 because I had so much respect for Daddy, held him in very high regards that whenever he was a round would stay at a distance, my own way of showing respect and, didn't visit enough, didn't chat with him enough, a mistake i will never repeat to all that i love because time waits for no man.

Never got to celebrate with him any achievements, not even washing his feet as I say thank you🥹

Regardless, Thank you Daddy, Thank you, Thank you. My whole life would have turned out so different if you didn't say yes to educating me. May the Almighty receive you in his Glory till we meet at his feet. akucu
April 25, 2024
Whenever we were conversing together; I had uncontrollable excitement.....by his jovial face, smiles and gentle laughter! He simply draw a whole world around me.
I have never chatted freely with a father like him; I extremely love him.
I recalled a moment he narrated to me how as a pupil he wld go to Aromo, to visit his maternal uncles- on each occasion he wld come carrying his gift of chicken.

What Daddy stood for was obedience, then discipline. He wanted to see everyone successful....
Several times, he asked me, " Have you enrolled for Masters! Yes, as teacher you need more knowledge!

Daddy Rest in Eternity
Haron Okello Oceng-Otyek
Haron Okello
April 25, 2024
Serving the Lord.

When you retire, what are you going to do? Where will you stay? Some say they will start business, others will retire to a quiet life in the countryside, while others prefer to remain in towns and urban cities. Very few say they will go and serve the Lord.
Daddy, you taught us how to Love the Lord and serve Him in all ways! I remember you supporting the Church in Kisumu in all ways and I saw the blessing of the Lord upon you. I told myself like we always say “when I grow up, I want to be like you”! Hon Sam, as if he was looking into my notes as I type this tribute is confirming that I am typing here.
Yes Daddy, you taught all of us to love and serve the Lord with all our hearts and strength and our minds! Each time there was need for any development or support for a Church, Mummy rallied all of us to contribute and we did joyfully! Daddy, we did not stop with develops in Alito, hosting the clergy and constructing churches, but I remember when the family visited my marital home, the visitors were informed how we had also supported many churches in different ways! Some people wonder why people are blessed, but Daddy, that was the door you opened for he door for blessings in our lives.
So Daddy, I am a witness that the Lord loved you and am sure he has received you in Glory.
When you finally decided to retire, you said “I have done all the work I had to do in the World, so let me serve the Lord in my retirement” And that’s exactly what you did! Indeed the Lord loved you and blessed you because you loved Him and served Him faithfully! (Colossians 3:17) The Lord loved you and favored you and gave you sweet long life.
Daddy, what a blessing to have all your children, all of them wed in Church, it was His Grace that was upon your life! You lived a sacrificial life and received blessings in your life. ”The days of our lives are seventy years; And if by reason of strength they are eighty years, Yet their boast is only labor and sorrow; For it is soon cut off, and we fly away.“
‭‭(Psalms‬ ‭90‬:‭10‬)‭

Daddy, Rest in Peace, Sing and dance with the Angels.

Prospero Grace Ocheng
Prospero Grace Ocheng
April 25, 2024
Hippo Point

I know the gentlemen “now” will remember this very well! Every Sunday afternoon was for going to Hippo Point! There was blaring music and dance we did!
I now know why you did that, you wanted to take the dance out of us so that when we grew, it would not be a temptation! Surely, we enjoyed Hippo Point! We showed all our dance skills of the time with such frenzy!
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈🙈🫣🫣. I look back and laugh at your sense of humour.
But it made us who we are today. (Proverbs 22:6).

Rest in Peace Daddy, Dance with the Angels in Heaven.
Prospero Grace Ocheng
April 24, 2024
I remember Dr Opio with fond memories, a Physician per excellence. Never lost his cool. His clients, the older generation of this region, would narrate their issues in local mother tongue. For them, someone was consistently mispelling the great physian's name by omitting "y" from his name.
He was, perhaps the last Physician I ever met at 2am in a tie coming to review a patient in the ward.
May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace
Dr David Odeny- Consultant ENT Surgeon, Kisumu Kenya
Dr David Odeny
April 24, 2024

(Episode 1: Christ mission replicated)
As our dad of valor
Retreats and surrender the batons of mortality
We shall surrender him to his director
In my novel his life sums a glorious movie
even if Mel Gibson had directed,
…. All episodes are captivating….
vicious series of thrilling hospitality,
unbelievable mercies and kindness
Entwined in a fabric of bitter sweet salads,
Choregraphed tumultuous times
His God fought and won it all
Daddy was an actor made from Heaven

[Episode 2: Cottons will not bury]
It is why that Tata old truck with bales of cotton
Would lose control in a hill
But the Nabumali College ambitious small school boy
From Alito, Lango
Would not jump to his death
Even Amin’s intelligent treacherous dungeon
Could not swallow this poor youthful actor
With a host of untold missions to execute
His body remained as he was born
When his car overturned and rolling thrice

(Episode 3: COVID honored his humble practice)
Even the monstrous n-cov2 pathogens
Bowed in reward for his services
His father said;
I shall give you 80 plus 3
A - plus shall give you the final ride
He was already in the mold
Purposely baked for us

(Episode 4: Tragedy well managed)
When God saw what would befall humanity,
He read mysteries, hopelessness, low esteem
God of host says, no; they shall not suffer,
Not my children! Not my maiden widows
God reviewed everything,
There was myriad of battles,
But the most holy CDF weaponized him
Daddy Erizali came as a divine actor for a mission
With a call of purpose
No Surrender No Retreat

Second last episode (ripened time)
We saw him gently lay in the carpenter’s wood
Quietly covered in humility
A mission well accomplished,
Daddy can now surrender the illustrious baton
For the field is greener with tranquility
Lilies, white, red roses, blossoms with vitality
Apples, grapes, mangoes are flowering with sweet fruits
The mighty farmer is happy and joyful
For his appointed attendant Erizali
His anointed servant excels in glory
Rest in eternity Daddy Erizali Opio Otyek

Manuscript by Haron Okello Oceng
Directed by Father of the Fatherless
Based of true-life story far away from home 1941-2024,
Haron Okello-Oceng
April 24, 2024
Daddy you handsomely in silence lay,
You spirit quietly enjoyed every rhythmic praise,
You humbly lay motionless
But your soul rest in peace.

I watched your quietly humble smiles,
Your wondrous story,
Marched into victory
With a banner of Christ ahead,
You were smiling in
A land of eternity,
I watch you soul cherish,
A splendour of angels,
Dad you smiled more, and looked down
But loved a new old home.
You soul said:
It's finished, let me rest
Fare Thee Well,
Till we meet again.

Haron Okello Oceng
Haron Okello-Oceng
April 24, 2024
The first time I heard of a dance called waltz

Because you wanted to teach us many things, you demonstrated them perfectly! I had of course never heard of any dance called waltz, but I saw it for the first time when you whizzed Mummy along the floor! One two, one two, one two… in our corner, we sat there giggling to ourselves. But yeah, I learned that the dance was called waltz! And you were an amazing dancer!
This was confirmed by the Head of Mother’s Union in St. Mary’s Adekokwok this afternoon during the service. She said Daddy loved to dance and would always walk joyfully to give his offertory while dancing! Daddy, I remember during Henry’s wedding, you even requested a song to dance and even though by then the knees were wobbly, you still shook joyfully in dance!
Daddy I know even in Heaven, you are dancing with the Angels with a broad smile!!
Rest in Peace, dancing with Angels in Heaven. Even at the last minute you built your mansion in Heaven! Till me meet again.

Prospero Grace Ocheng
Prospero Grace Ocheng
April 24, 2024
Late Grand Ma Speaks

Daddy, indeed you lived a Long life just as the Bible says in Ephesians 6:1; Children, honor your mother and father that it may go well with you in the land that the Lord will give you. I learnt so much about your integrity from late Maa, as we used to call Grand Mother. Maa used to tell us that you were so disciplined in everything she gave you to do. The one I vividly remember is that whenever she would gave you groundnuts to unshell, you would do it very passionately! You would unshell the groundnuts and remove all the covers until is was devoid of any dirt! Then you would put it properly in a container, the one we used to call Sudan. This is a metallic dish and some are still available today. Maa says after you had put it into the Sudan dish and covered it, you would place it into the cupboard and close it well so that nobody would tamper with it and she would find it intact. Maa told me that the amazing thing about you Daddy was that, you never ate even 1 seed of the groundnuts! How many boys and girls would do that and not taste even a seed of the ground nuts. That shows where your honesty came from. And you exhibited a very high level of integrity and you passed it on to us. It is a very excellent attribute and it has opened the door for all of us because we are trustworthy and exemplary in all we do. Daddy, we cannot thank you enough, for the exemplary way you brought us up! We are forever grateful and we will forever cherish you! Daddy Rest in Peace, Rest with the Angels in Heaven!
Prospero Grace Ocheng.
Prospero Grace Ocheng
April 24, 2024
My fondest memories of Dr Opio was how he hosted my family every time we came to Uganda. We always felt at home. He was such a kind hearted man. He was a very calm doctor and treated patients with so much care. He touched the lives of many in Kenya and will surely be missed.
Abigail Oloo
April 23, 2024
My earliest memory of Uncle Dr as we fondly called him was in the late 80's when we visited his family. Aunt Helen and I tried to cross the border into Kenya which would have been my first time going to Kenya but because of tension between Uganda and Kenya we were not able to cross and that year and I spent the Christmas break in Mbale. When I finally got a chance to go to Kisumu, Musa collected us at the border and drove us all the way to Kisumu Uncle Dr having paid the fare. Being a child then I keenly observed my Uncle . He was extremely busy with work and would come in at lunch time briefly then hurry back to work. He used to wash his hands very thoroughly and even wash his car keys to make sure he didn't cross infect us with any bugs that could have come from the hospital. When I was younger I fell and my tooth got cracked and 'died'. My uncle promptly took me to a dentist to have a look at my tooth with a view of reviving the tooth and then putting braces to push them back a bit. This treatment indeed started at his cost but due to the short time I had in Kisumu the treatment couldn't continue
He then tasked his younger brother the Late Dr Freddrick Odyek to find me a good dentist which he did. Uncle Dr had the desire to always help in any way he could and he, Aunt Helen and my cousins made our stay with them very comfortable. I remember how sad it was for my cousins at the end of the holiday at the time when we had to leave and come back to Uganda. We didn't feel it until the time when my cousins came to visit us in Uganda. The day they left it was terrible and we stayed in bed most of the day. One interesting thing comes to mind how my cousins started using the name Uncle Dr to call their Dad. These memories cheer our hearts during these difficult times as we remember one who God allowed our path to cross each other in this life. Job 14:7 For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease.

Andrew Engola
April 23, 2024

Was that his medical case!
Was it a magic bag!
Did it carry some pieces of gold!

He holds his black fitting brief case,
Joyful exchange of pleasantries,
He is smiling at every one,
Sausages, loaves and tins of Chocolates;
He releases to us but not his magic bag,
Erizali greets us all, his brief case firmly held
Daddy slows a moment
How is Kampala, he enthusiastically asked
By a stretch of soothing smiles on his baby face
He stealthily walks upstairs
Like a special Secret Service agent
carrying a POTUS brief case, furiously fast

this bag didn’t only contain daddy’s mobile stethoscope
there was more t thethe medical tool
Inside Dad’s magic bag was a treasury
For his 8 own and scores of orphans
It stored our unforeseen future,
Not only fees, hope and care did the bag carry,
it was strong symbolic of well bonded family

Our beautiful fragrances of today were in that bag
As small the brief case was,
He was a bag for everyone
The golden bag was his thick heart
Which pumped blood to all of us
He was a small bag for us all
Celebrate with angels Daddy!
Rest in total peace Dr. Erizali Opio Otyek

By Haron Okello Oceng-Otyek
Celebrating the gracious life of Mzee Dr. Erizali Opio-Otyek

Haron Okello-Oceng
April 23, 2024

Dr. Erizali Opio was a seed of diamond
excavated in the fertile land of Aromo,
refined in the Te-kidi Alito terrians
and purified in Kisumu Furnace

Today, we are all busy,
Daddy is coming, we are informed!
With every member of family
Allotted a task, a chore; cleaning! Dusting!
A wide variety aromatic flavor of sumptuous
And delicious African cuisine
clouds a serene hill of Upper Naguru
Deep fried Victoria Tilapia, Lango Malakwang
There is spinach, avocado and organic passion juice

Mama Hellen informs;
Daddy is coming, our spirits are heightened
My heart can’t wait to receive our father
Air Force 1 is landing,
A handsomely tall light-skinned of our bloodline
disembarks Akamba Bus
A gentle soul clads in black suit
Tucked in super executive white Yamato shirt
Medical practitioners are admirably smart
He walks up stairs for a cold shower
A large gathering besieges the dining table
Mama Hellen has prepared a dinner
Bowls, dishes all clustered,
on the mahogany wooden table
It’s a great buffet by all smiles coloring the table
It is like a picnic reunion luncheon
Sam with a shout of smiles asks; ‘Dad how is the Medical Centre!’’
Daddy nods his head first, good; my patients are improving
Juliet in her lowly pitch tone and a broad smile; “daddy how is Kisumu”
Her trademark whitely aligned set of teeth
Robs my all roving sockets of eyes
He is a little seed of love
And a wit of diamond
Fare Thee Well Daddy,

Haron Okello Oceng-otyek
Celebrating the gracious life of Mzee Dr. Erizali Opio Otyek

Haron Okello-Oceng
April 23, 2024
A Psalms of Eternity

2 Timothy 4: 6-8

Erizali Erizali Erizali ,
Let my heart sing to God's glory for his grace:
Oh my beloved Father
Smile & see the golden crown
It's payback time Daddy
You will lack no where to sleep,
Your house is well constructed in marble & rock
You will not thirst again,
A living water in canons has been reserved for you
Daddy you were an embodiment of Christ, epitome of his gospel.

Oh Apap Erizali!
My soul no longer doubts
You have gone to your friend, Jesus Christ.
Angels and your Almighty Father are praising
and rejoicing since day 15
Bse you just did God's work with one heart,

You were hope to the hopeless,
A basket of food & loaves
A house of shelter and compassion
To the destitute & widows
Without asking, petitioning & demanding any earthly payment.
Your left hand didn't know what the right hand gave away.

No such mankind
Have lived on Earth
By your immensely immeasurable heart,
Bountiful hand of selfless
Apap you lived his purpose,
Demonstrated his faith with action.
With reverence, justice honesty
An invaluable open-hearted soul.

Fare Thee Well Apap
May God the Father, the Son and Spirit
Reward you Apap Erizali, in Jesus Christ name. Amen

Psalms of Eternity
by Haron Okello Oceng-Otyek.

Haron Okello-Oceng
April 23, 2024
God Sent Father

As we celebrate the gracious life well lived well served of our father, Dr. Erizali Opio-Otyek, let me in a special way share a glowing tribute on behalf our family of DL Oceng-Otyek (RIP)
Before I share this love, I lived to know I share striking resemblance with Uncle Dr; height, color, face and our walking posture! This made me rushed to Lira Productive Health to check my blood group status for possible transfusion when it mattered; I thought since we look so much alike, may be our blood group was one but result didn’t match his blood group-it was a bit disappointing!

It cannot be overstated that late Dr. Erizali Opio whom our late father, David Livingstone Oceng Otyek followed as a sibling in 1943, actually became solely responsible for our life, education and all a father would do when dad passed away in 13th August 1993. I was barely 8, in P1, Caroline Oceng our eldest sister had I think completed S.4. Judith Ocheng was in P.2, Peter Ochieng was around 5 years old, Loy our youngest sibling was barely 2 years, she was born in December 1992. Hudson Ogwal (Lamek Atidi) was done with Technical Education.

I recalled at the well-attended burial we were so broken, down cast but we had our beloved uncles; Mzee Lamek S., Uncle Richard (RIP) and Uncle Dr. who would become our second daddy in life at our comfort and sympathy; their attendance with families and our cherished grandfather, Ba-Enoka Otyek was part of healing.
Immediately after the burial our new dad went with Caroline, Judith and Peter in the back of the small white pickup truck with covered body; (Dr. E. O); This marked the new horizon of life after our dad’s demise. Peter was taken to Kisumu where he would begin his education from nursery, mum was a little because Peter had not yet starting taking well, he had no teeth but uncle Dr, assured that he would be well. Caroline was taken for a catering course at Nile Vocational Jinja, Judith went to Victoria Nile P.7. As Loy and I remained at home with Mama Sarah Oceng who was very distressed without any payable job and yet widowed at a tender age. (Loy was born at time Aunt Hellen and Uncle Dr, ) visited Lira’s home in Ireda, so she was named Akech, adopting Aunt Hellen’s. Daddy Erizali paid my fees from S.1 in Lango College till Kyambogo University where I got my first Diploma in Water Engineering;
He told me: “I trust, you go read hard and they give you a scholarship for B.Eng;’ and it happened that way.
We were orphaned but were never in orphanage; Mama Hellen and Daddy gave us all; a bungalow roof to sleep under, love and a sense of belonging. Daddy encouraged us all the time, he gave us always a ray to live and live responsibly. He was serious with education and morals.
I think and believed that late Oceng’s spirit is completely at rest for what his lovely brother and our second Dad did. They will meet and celebrate this success. God bless you Mama Hellen and Opios and thank you for the room, food, cloth, education and hope. Daddy Erizali Opio Otyek, we thank you for all, on behalf of our Mother & late father, DL Oceng & siblings accept our gratitude; Only God the Father shall reward you.
Daddy we shall miss you but you remain in our hearts forever
May your rest in eternity till we meet again. Amen
Haron Okello Oceng-Otyek
Haron Okello-Oceng
April 22, 2024
In loving memory of Dr.Erizali Opio, a beloved husband, father, and grandfather, whose presence graced my life for the past decade. His warmth, wisdom, and laughter filled our hearts and created cherished memories that will forever be etched in our minds. As we honor his life, let us celebrate the love and joy he brought into our lives. Though he may no longer be with us in person, his spirit will continue to guide and inspire us every day. Rest in peace, Dad, knowing that you are deeply loved and profoundly missed.
Joseph Isiko.
Joseph Isiko


Please join us to pay a last tribute.
We will come together to remember and pay tribute to the wonderful person. While we mourn the loss of our dear, we also aim to cherish the moments shared and the joy brought into our lives. 

Wednesday 24th April 2024; Funeral Service at St Mary's Church Of Uganda, Adekokwok. Lira City at 9:00 am.

Wednesday 24th April 2024; Vigil at the family residence in Adekokwok, Lira City at 4:00pm.

Thursday 25th April 2024; Funeral Service at St Paul COU, Alito, Kole District at 2:00pm.

Saturday 27th April 2024; Burial service at 10:00am, Alito, Kole District.

*NB:* Family, friends, relatives and well wishers will be gathering daily at the family residence in Kira,Mulawa opposite Pax Junior School till the 19th of April, Adekokwok residence,Lira City till the 24th of April and Alito residence,Kole District till the burial day..
Ancestral Home in Alito, Kole District
27th April 2024 
10.00 AM

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