Donna Rae Webster

January  8th, 1957 February  25th, 2024
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Donna Rae Webster

And maybe... 'Forever' was a word meant for memories, not people.


The world may have lost the most beautiful Soul to have touched our lives here on earth but Heaven however, could not have asked for a more kind, generous, selfless & loving Angel to watch over all of us. It's with great heartache knowing that Donna passed away unexpectedly on the early morning of February 25th, 2024 in Langley BC. She is survived by her loving husband & forever soulmate Dave, her daughter Stacee (Kris), her son Michael (Cheryl), & her grandchildren Sullivan, Finnick, Aria & Quinn. She was predeceased by her parents Jim & Helen Starner as well as an older brother Larry, close cousin Jeanine, niece Sarah & nephew Jeremy. She will be immensely missed by all her close family members & friends for eternity. 

Donna was born & raised in Lethbridge January 8th, 1957, the 5th of 7 children. Once she graduated in 1975, she moved to Calgary starting her career working at the Foothills Hospital (1976-2006) working in multiple areas where she touched many lives along the way with her caring & loving heart. She met Dave in May 1976 & shortly thereafter they were married in Sept 1977. 

She always knew she wanted a family & was beyond thrilled to welcome her daughter Stacee in 1978 while living in Mission, BC & her son Michael in 1981 once they eventually moved back to Calgary, AB. Her greatest wish was then granted when she became a grandma for the first time with the birth of Sullivan in 2011, followed by Finnick in 2016 & Aria in 2017. Grand-daughter Quinn officially joining the family in 2016 was also an added bonus.

Donna truly was an amazing woman...

She was a social butterfly, loving to visit with family & friends every chance she got. She was the type of person to call you up randomly just to see how your day was or the one to strike up a random friendly conversation with a stranger just to say 'Hi'. She loved being surrounded by those she loved.

She was a water-bug, whether it was in the Ocean on her various trips to Hawaii, Dominican & Mexico or the Lakes in AB & BC (Christina Lake, Mara Lake, Park Lake, Sylvan, Monty Lake, etc.). She also enjoyed taking her granddaughter Aria to the local swimming pool to play in the Lazy River with Dave. By far her favorite place however, as we all knew & loved her for, was her very own bathtub at home. Who didn't catch her in the tub when you called her to catch up, or where she would be when she called you!

She loved to travel & explore...Multiple trips to Hawaii & Mexico with the family, Cruise to Eastern Carribean with Dave & Ron/Natalie Bachmeiere, Dominican with Dave & Dave/Lenka Walker, Europe trip with Dave with extended trip to Scotland/England to visit family, Vegas with Dave & her parents, road trip thru the States to visit Daves nephew & family in Houston with a continuation to New Orleans & Graceland (knocking off 2 items off her bucket list!) Most importantly were her twice a year trips to Seattle to visit Mike & family for Sullivan & Finnicks' Birthdays with road-trips to BC visiting her close sister Gail & family.

She was extremely self-less & generous. Always being the first one to offer a helping hand every chance she got, not expecting anything in return, putting everyone else above herself. There wasn't anything she wouldn't give or do for those in need, always concerned with the well- being of others over her own. No matter what the need was, she gave it her all at all times, sacrificing her own needs & desires for those she loved so dearly. She always gave willingly without question.

She loved unconditionally & with her whole heart, never forced but always felt no matter what. She loved her family & friends like no one else could. It was real & it was strong. She loved to make everyone around her feel good about themselves, to offer as much love & support as they needed & to truly show them how much that they were loved. She was the shining light on everyone's darkest days.

She absolutely loved being a Grandma/Grammie! Nothing made her happier than being around her grandchildren. They were her everything & she loved them fiercely.

She was funny. Anyone that knew her would agree that she always had a smile on her face & if you lost yours, she would be the first person to help you find it again with whatever wise crack or joke she knew. It was like she knew life was too short to be serious all the time & would make it her mission to find a comment that would surely bring a smile to your face or bring on immense laughter.

She was fun to be around. Family get togethers, annual vacations, lunch dates with family & friends or trips to find the best deal @ VV Boutique (Value Village) with an Ice Capp after or catching up & complaining about the latest episode of 'The Kardashians' were something she looked forward to. Whatever it was, she made it enjoyable.

She was a true caregiver. She loved being around her patients while working for many years on the Kidney Dialysis Unit at the Foothills Hospital & strived to make their long days joyful & less burdensome. She gave them hope & friendship & most importantly laughter. Donna cared for her cousin Jeanine when she was going thru her battle with Breast Cancer. She cared for not only both her parents when they were sick, but she was also there for both of Daves parents when they went thru their own health battles. 

Most importantly, Donna was a fighter, a warrior. She quietly battled her own health issues & never gave up. Even with having to deal with the constant pain she was going thru, she still worried more about everyone else's struggles & kept her chin up. Always looking on the bright side, moving forward & pushing thru it all as she never wanted anyone else to worry about her. She never gave up & remained strong for as long as she could.

To say Donna had a beautiful spirit & a heart of gold would be a complete understatement. Until her last day, she was always putting others best interests before herself. A true testament of unconditional love that we can all aspire to follow & honor. Her joy in life was to make everyone around her happy & to feel loved. Her absence will never go unnoticed & is unshakeable. Her vibrant spirit that had brought us so much love & happiness is no longer here, but she will never be forgotten as she has left a little bit of her legacy within us all. 


January 8th
Date of Birth
Born in Lethbridge to Jim & Helen Starner, 5th of 7th children. 
High School Graduation
graduated from the Lethbridge Collegiate High School.
Starner Family Trip to Hawaii
Donna & the Starner Family went to Oahu with day trips to the other islands. 
May 26th
Met her Soulmate
Chance meeting with Dave at the old Trade Winds Bar in Calgary. Attended with her cousin Jeanine after a Lacrosse game. 
September 9th
Married Dave
Married in Lethbridge at the United Church. Reception at the Ericksons Banquet Hall.
November 2nd
Birth of daughter
Stacee Rae-Anne Webster
Born in Mission, BC.
May 16th
Birth of Son
Michael David Webster
Born in Calgary, AB
Hawaii Trip
Hockey Tournament trip in Oahu & Kauai for the last week. Jeanine & the Hockey crew attended. Moms infamous adventure getting Loose at the Moose McGillycuddy's...was able to drink all but 1 drink on the menu (total of 15 drinks) Her favorite was the Golden Poofer!
Family trip to Florida
Hockey Tournament trip as an excuse to get away with the family & friends. Visited Clearwater & Disney World for 2weeks.
Road trip to Vegas/Arizona
Dave & Donna took her parents on one last trip to Vegas. Was her Dads last request before he passed away later in May.
First Family Trip to Hawaii
Dec 2-16th: Donna, Dave, Stacee, Mike, Angie Starner & Daves mom Eileen spent 1 week on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii & the 2nd week on Kauai. 
Cruise to Eastern Carribean
10 day Cruise with friends Ron & Natalie Bachmeire. Visited Curacao, Dominica, Barbados, St Thomas Virgin Islands.
Dominican Republic
1 week vacation with Dave & Lenka Walker.
March 30th
Mike & Cheryl's Wedding in Hawaii
2 weeks on Mauii for the wedding & vacation.
Moved to Vernon
Retirement & move to Vernon BC for 6 yrs. 
European Tour with Extend trip to Scotland & England
17 day Bus Tour visiting, Brussels/Belgium, Germany, Prague/Czech Republic, Vienna/Austria, Venice/Rome/Italian Lakes, Lucerne/Switzerland, Paris/France leading back to Scotland & London England. Was able to spend quality time with Paul/Vickie, Julian/Suzanne, Angela/Roy, Heather/David & Eric/Evie.
Road Trip to Eastern Canada
Road trip with Dave & Eileen to visit family. Stop in Niagra Falls for their Anniversary.
July 16th
Birth of 1st Grandson
Sullivan Wyatt Lawrence Webster
Born in Edmonton, AB
Family vacation in Mexico
1 week in Puerto Vallarta with Stacee, Mike & Cheryl & Sullivan.
Moved back to Alberta
Officially moved back to Alberta, living with Stacee until new house in Airdrie was built. Moved into new forever home April 2013.
2 weeks in Mauii, Hawaii
Shared vacation with Stacee & Kris for the first week.
February 22nd
Birth of 2nd Grandson
Finnick David Shaw Webster
Born in Edmonton, AB
May 22nd
Stacee & Kris's Wedding in Canmore
Weekend Getaway for the wedding. Gained another grand-daughter, Quinn.
Road trip to Eastern Canada
Drove out east with Dave & his mom Eileen to visit Daves family. Extra stop to visit the In-Laws in Brantford Ontario
Mexico Trip
1 week at the Grand Bahia Principe in Mayan Riveria.
November 5th
Birth of 1st Granddaughter
Aria Seren Beal
Born in Edmonton, AB
Road Trip thru the States & Eastern Canada
Drove down to Houston, Texas with Daves brother Bob to visit their nephew & family. Journey then carried on for the both of them to New Orleans & then off to Graceland! These were 2 places on her bucket list to see. They then travelled North back up to Eastern Canada to visit family in London, Kitchner & Kingston.
February 15th
Family Trip to the Big Island of Hawaii 
Rented Air BnB for 1 month in Pahoa. Stacee, Kris & Aria joined their vacation, visiting for 2 weeks.
February 25th
Passed away
Sadly, became ill on a trip to visit Mike & his family. Passed away unexpectedly at the Memorial Hospital in Langley, BC. 


Memory wall

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July 9, 2024
The best Auntie anyone could ever ask for. She was my second mom, great supporter and cheer team whenever I needed it. She always had a shoulder to lean on and arms to run into. I am forever thankful for all my memories with her growing up, and so happy she was able to make it out to Ontario one last time to meet my sons, her great nephews. You will forever live on within our hearts. Thank you for the never ending love and all the laughs. You are so deeply missed Auntie Donna, I love you so so much. ❤️
Nikole Camacho
July 7, 2024
The last memory I have of Donna is her cuddling with Aria on the couch. The love she had for her family with evident and her smile filled up the room. I know Stacee and Aria will keep her memory in their heart especially those cuddles. My family is praying for the Websters to find peace in her memory and feel her presence in their hearts. With much love, Brenda.
Brenda Valenzuela
June 19, 2024
I feel privileged and blessed to have become friends with Donna. She was always a bright light and a friendly face. She welcomed myself and my husband into her home even before we were neighbors... We were just strangers staring into the pit next door that would one day be our house. With this first welcome and an invitation to tea, our friendship was born. She is truly missed.
Jennifer Jessome
June 17, 2024
Sending sincere condolences 💐
Cory Varzari
June 17, 2024
I was so sorry to hear of Donna’s passing. I really enjoyed catching up with her a few years ago. We shared stories from years ago and talked about our families and travels. How proud she was of her children. Condolence's to all family and friends.
Sandy Perkins Flak
June 17, 2024
I had the great pleasure of meeting Donna through Stacee when we worked together. She was a real Gem, fun to be around and had a heart of pure gold. My condolences go out to you all with such a great loss, share her memories. She will always be with you XOXO
Noella Boyd

Family tree

William A Starner
Zuella M Defreece
Rijn (Rein) Huisman
Anne Huisman
Samuel (Jim) Starner
Helen Starner
Dave Webster
Anita, Myron, Larry, Linda, Gail, Marlene
Stacee Webster-Beal
Michael Webster
Anita, Myron, Larry, Linda, Gail, Marlene
Dave Webster
Stacee Webster-Beal
Michael Webster
Donna Webster


What was Donna's favorite Food or Dish?
Lobster..with lots of garlic butter
What was Donna's favorite Travel destination?
Hawaii (7 trips!)
What was Donna's favorite Restaurant?
The Keg & Boston Pizza
What was Donna's favorite Drink?
Ice Cap from Tim Hortons!
What was Donna's favorite Book?
Crime Novels
What was Donna's favorite alcoholic drink?
Crown Royal & Spanish Coffee
What was Donna's favorite Color?


We will be hosting a Celebration of Life to remember and pay tribute to the amazing person our Mom was. While we mourn the loss of our Wife, Mother, Grandma/Grammie, Sister, Auntie, & Friend we also want to cherish the moments we shared with her and the joy she brought into our lives.

Although your presence would mean a great deal to us during this time of remembrance and reflection, we also understand that both timing & distance play a factor in your attendance. Please know that we extend this invitation to you knowing that Donna loved each & every one of you & just knowing that she touched your lives fondly & deeply is more than we could have ever hoped for.

We would like to extend a special thank you to her close sister Gail & her family for all shes done for us when we needed it the most. Gail, Kaylene, Niki and Aizyain will be making one last trek thru the mountains from Langley to bring Donna's urn home for final resting here.

Please feel free to share a warm memory of Donna & buy yourself an Ice Cap from Tim Hortons in honor of her memory. Love to you all. 

Love Dave, Stacee (& Family) & Mike (& Family)
Dave (& Donnas) House
in Airdrie, AB
Sunday, July 7th, 2024 12pm-4pm

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