Derek Kwami Adusei

January  23rd, 1988 February  15th, 2024
London, England
Derek Kwami Adusei

For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will also bring with Him through Jesus those who have fallen asleep in death.
- 1 Thessalonians 4:14


In loving memory of Derek Kwami Adusei,

Mr. Motivator, Derek Kwami Adusei, was born on January 23, 1988, at Edgware General Hospital in London, England. Throughout his life, he brought smiles and joy to all who knew him, including his father, Nana Kwaku Osei-Bonsu Adusei, his mother Jenny Elaine Debrah-Grant, his siblings, his extended family, friends and communities nurtured in.

From his early years at Lakeview Nursery to his education at St Mary's and St John's CofE Primary and Infant school, Hendon Secondary School, and Hendon College, Derek was known for his creativity, resilience, hard work and sense of humour. He touched the lives of many as a devoted son, brother, father to his daughter Amira Mokami Adusei, and partner to Stephanie Mwaniki. Derek's generosity and kindness were evident in his relationships, always ensuring the well-being and happiness of those he loved.

In his professional life, Derek displayed unwavering commitment and diligence at McVitie's, earning the respect and admiration of his colleagues. He was known for his enterprising spirit and dedication to his work, even in the face of challenges. Beyond his career, Derek was a mentor and football coach, offering guidance on physical well-being to both youth and adults alike. Nicknamed P3 and Strings by his friends, Derek was seen as an inspirational leader with a compassionate heart and keen business acumen. His entrepreneurial ventures included his sportswear clothing line with the Power symbol logo. Passionate about fitness, Derek pursued his certification as a Personal Trainer to further his knowledge and help others achieve their fitness goals. In April 2019, Derek experienced a profound spiritual transformation when he accepted the full doctrine of Jesus Christ. Derek welcomed his precious daughter, Amira, into the world in 2022. As a devoted father, partner, brother, nephew, uncle, son and friend, Derek cherished his family and the large community of friends above all else, where he found immense joy.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Derek Kwami Adusei, who left this world on February 15, 2024, at the age of 36.  Despite facing this life-threatening illness, Derek remained courageous and optimistic, drawing strength from his faith. His unwavering belief in God's love and presence inspired those around him. Though Derek's time with us was too short, his impact will forever be remembered in the hearts of those who knew and loved him. He leaves behind a legacy of kindness, faith, and unwavering love that will continue to inspire us all.

For those who wish to pay their respects and share memories of Derek, please feel free to leave a message on this memorial page and scroll down to learn more about Derek's life. Your words of love and support will be greatly appreciated during this time of mourning.

Derek's family would like to thank Derek's community of friends for all their support, contributions and love shown throughout this difficult time. Special thanks to Romaine Carter (Coco), Jeffrey Adu-Twum, Jack Smith, and Charlene Sibanda.


January 23rd
Born in London
Was born at Edgware General Hospital, which later closed down in 1997.
London, England
Joined the McVitie's Family
Derek started working at the iconic and well-loved, British brand McVitie’s as a manufacturing operator.
First Solo Travel
Iceland served as Derek's inaugural destination for solo travel, marking the beginning of his adventurous spirit. Additionally, he explored various countries alongside friends and family, including Portugal, Ghana, Kenya, Barbados, Italy, the Dominican Republic
Met Stephanie
Derek met his partner, Stephanie, through a mutual friend.
Baptised into Faith
Derek's deep-rooted faith led him to publicly affirm his Christian beliefs through baptism at his local church (Watford City Church) in Watford, a profound testament to his spiritual journey.
Watford, England
Launched Personal Training Business
Derek's passion for fitness and prior qualifications as a PT, led him to officially launch his personal training business at the close of 2020, marking the beginning of his journey as a professional trainer.
July 5th
Became a Dad
Derek joyously embraced fatherhood alongside Stephanie, as they welcomed their precious daughter, Amira, into the world for the first time.
February 15th
Passed Away Peacefully
After a brief yet courageous fight against cancer, Derek peacefully returned to his heavenly Father, leaving behind cherished memories and an enduring legacy of love and strength.
Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, London, England




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March 28, 2024
Derek, so shocked and sad to hear the news , we weren't ultra close in school but we shared memories, I remember the last time I saw you and was shocked by your transformation, I am touched by how your passing has moved alot of us and shown your reach and impact on people, may the loved ones you left behind be guided and may you Rest in peace.
Mr Nathan Medina
March 28, 2024
“Del Boy” x I’ll cherish the memories from childhood to adulthood, so proud of the man you became. From Further Acre to forever my bro, rest in eternal peace, love “Snow White” x
Charlotte McVitie
March 28, 2024
I will forever cherish the memories we made from when we were as younger. You brought joy and laughter to my life. You grew to become a beautiful man and will forever be missed my so many. Love Fawdon xoxo
Jordan Fawdon
March 24, 2024
Stringz, my bruddah!! Gonna miss shouting out “ayo my Friday, Halle Berry” 🤣❤️ and trolling you about your washed team. I will continue to rep bro!! Rest easy and I’ll see you on the other side ❤️
March 23, 2024
My dear cousin Derek, God blessed you on this earth for 36 wonderful, blessed years and decided on the 15th of February he wanted you back home. When I heard you had gone to be with the Lord, I asked God, why did you take him? But now I see God didn’t want you to suffer, he didn’t want to see you in pain. It is really true what they say—the good do die young. I have been truly lost for words and my heart is truly broken.

When we were young, we had such a close bond, that you were so protective over me and now I have a special guardian angel watching over me.

I always said that you were the cousin who never forgot to wish us happy birthday, you were the cousin who would always check in on me or even message asking “have you checked in on your dad?", even if it has been a while since we last spoke.

You always said to me, “Alexis, when are you and Douglas going to get married? You guys have been together for quite some time” and I always replied, "soon." I am so glad you were there to witness me get married, I will always treasure that.

Derek, Your love will always be here to stay.
God knew you were the one to save,
He took you home to get some rest, even though we loved you.
Our hearts are filled with so much pain, but God loved you more.

Your heart was truly pure, that you touched so many lives and are still touching us all. I am going to miss you forever, there are days I sit and cry, there are days I look up to the sky and I know you are there lifting those weights in heaven and showing off those muscles, then I smile.

We will never forget you, your memories will remain with us forever, and your legacy will forever live in your daughter Amira. Sleep tight my precious cousin, my guardian angel for life, until we meet again.

Love you forever and always from your cousin Alexis xxx
Alexis Joseph ( Cousin)
March 22, 2024
Derek my bossman, we had plans, we were going to be billionaires together, but God had other plans, but I promise I will be a billionaire for both of us.

Derek even though I am your uncle, you were like a son to me. I remember the times we would laugh together, especially when watching the football match and when Arsenal used to lose against Man United, you would sit there and laugh.

I am going to miss those days; who would I watch football with now? I am going to miss the days we would chill and listen to music together.

I am so grateful to God that we spent those years together when you were living with me. I will treasure those times and memories forever.

Thank you for always checking in on me, and being there for me. I am going to miss you forever. Love you forever.

Love Uncle Yawo
Gershon Yawo Agbley (Uncle)
March 22, 2024
1 Samuel 20:18
Then Jonathan said to David, “Tomorrow is the new moon and your seat will be empty”.

Derek “was just getting started” in his journey as a devoted young adult with his partner Stephanie and their young daughter Amira “and was truly loving it.”

“Derek’s life was cut too short. And we are all devastated, thinking about all the opportunities and life experiences that he will miss and we will miss together”. “Derek, we all love you and miss you more than you will ever know.”

Aside from “thriving in his Christian community,” Derek had a “strong community of friends,” both in his church and in this journey of life.

Derek, fare thee well. Rest peacefully in the bosom of your Maker.

Uncle G
George Kingsley-Agbley (Uncle)
March 22, 2024
We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our life
(Toni Morrison- The Noble Prize in Literature 1993)

“Could someone tell us what is life? What is death?”
And if the old and wise who have lived life and faced death cannot describe either, who can?”

In the endless clutch of life circumstances, you neither winced nor cried out aloud.

Out of the night that covered you, and against all odds, you held up to your unconquerable soul.

Your demise gives me a new meaning to the sacred text that focuses on the frailty of life. Taken from Psalm 102:11 - my days are like the shadow that declines, and I am withered like grass. Also found in Psalm 144:4 - man is like to vanity (but a breath); his days are as a shadow that passes away.

It does not matter how I wish to drown in my sorrow, or downcast on bright days, the hand of the Master will steady my spirit and my mind.

Derek, my heart is broken, you are dead!
I feel lost and I have so many questions which leaves me in shock and I am not sure if I can recover from this shock.

Kwami, who will bury me when I am dead?
Your departure has been so quick and sudden.

Rest from the pain, my son
Mum (Jenny)
March 18, 2024
One of OUR LAST CONVERSATIONS. I love you Dearly DEREK mr chop your legs AKA you or ball will pass NOT BOTH … from the age of 6 we used to say our block was dead ( BODMIN) cos it was only us 2 BUT look it we didn’t turn out too bad🤷🏽‍♂️👀😂.

Most nights we came home together from late-night run-outs & knock down ginger running through corridors…. one bounce one touch hours upon hours ….. let’s not even get started with that wall in front of Troopaz house 😭.

That’s how I knew you before Stringz before all of that, it was just us kids enjoying life ……. Like Marvin would say the good times.

Till we meet again my brother Raul ‘ Tikinho‘ to you 👑💔
Raul Saraiva
March 18, 2024
In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Derek,

Within our family's life, there was a thread so vibrant, so deeply cherished, woven with love and warmth. Today, as we gather with heavy hearts and tearful eyes, we pay tribute to our beloved Derek, who was not just family, but a staple of joy in our home.

To us, he was more than just a cousin; he was like a son, a brother, a confidant—a cherished part of our very essence. His presence illuminated our gatherings, his laughter echoed through our halls, and his kindness embraced us like a gentle breeze on a summer's day.

In the sanctuary of our home, there was always a special place reserved for him—a place where he found solace, where he could come and unwind, and where his energy flourished. His absence now leaves an unfathomable void, a silence that speaks volumes of the love and joy he brought into our lives.

We remember the countless moments we shared—laughter ringing in the air, Christmas meals, football games in the summer and dreams and ambitions shared in confidence. Each memory is etched in the depths of our souls, a testament to the bond we shared and the love that will forever endure.

Though he may no longer walk among us, his spirit lives on—in the cherished memories we hold dear, in the lessons he imparted, and in the love that continues to bind us together. As we navigate this journey of grief, may we find solace in the knowledge that he is watching over us, his love guiding us through the darkest of days.

To our beloved cousin, who graced our lives with his presence, who touched our hearts with his kindness, and who will forever remain a cherished part of our family—farewell, until we meet again in the embrace of eternity.

With love,
Uncle King, Aunty Vivian, Anna Nicole, Allegra, Jermaine & Malcolm
Uncle King, Aunty Vivian, & Cousins
March 18, 2024
Heartbreak and shock overwhelmed my whole being and existence when Mum broke this devastating news.

"Almost the whole world loved and prayed for a speedy recovery for our handsome Derek! "We exclaimed tearfully.

Alas, Your Almighty Father and Creator loves you more. Your pain and fear have been removed and you are resting peacefully in His arms with the Angels in Heaven.

Losing you has created a painful void but your cheeky, infectious and beautiful smile will stay with me and I will love and remember you forever.

Gone too Soon, 'STRINGS', my beloved nephew. You will always be missed by your heartbroken and devastated Aunty Gina.

May your gentle soul Rest in Perfect Peace with the LORD and Rise in Glory.

Aunty Gina
March 18, 2024
We thought of you today
But that is nothing new
We thought about you yesterday
And the days before that too.
We think of you in silence
and we often speak your name, Derek.
All we have now are your memories.
and your picture in a frame.

Your memory is a keepsake from which will never depart.
Derek, you ran into heaven so young without looking back.

Derek, your daughter needs you, but it appears your heavenly Father needs you more. We ask you to tell Amira's heavenly Father to send her guardian angels to protect, take care and keep her safe from all evil. Derek, God has you in His arms And we have you in our hearts.

Love from,
Aunty Esi & Uncle David
March 18, 2024
Derek, Strings, P3 or as I used to say ‘Chairman!!!’. Writing this doesn’t feel normal at all. Understanding you’re gone forever, doesn’t feel normal at all. Since the day you came home, you had always been there for me. From putting me onto new music to showing me how to get through secondary school life. Saturday mornings where you would pay me to rip the latest mixtapes and albums or bring me along to run errands, whilst you laughed listening to my secondary school stories.

The brain is an amazing thing, the amount of core memories you created for me, I don’t think you know yourself. All the way down to the ‘ahh Derek said...’ or ‘Derek showed me’. In a way, a testament to your character.. a natural-born leader, without a doubt. I promise you I will NEVER forget. The best part is, you stayed consistent, over 10 years of support, right up until you left. Once again, I will NEVER forget. As much as this pains my heart, I’m proud to have called you my cousin, I’m proud to have called you family. You’ve left a legacy which I can only say, I will NEVER forget.

‘Lil Cuz’ Jermaine
Jermaine (Cousin)
March 18, 2024
They say the Good Die Young,
Though, that doesn’t make it any easier for us to say Goodbye (for now) Derek,
You live on in our hearts eternally Derek,
And through your Beautiful Daughter Amira,
We will forever see and feel your presence.
I, Thank God for the time; I spent with you growing up,
From Childhood to Teenagers into Adulthood.
And to see the beautiful and mature man you have become,
As well as the In-depth talks we had about God’s guidance in our faith and lives, within my life and your 36 years on this earth.
Thank you; for your brotherly love and care you had for myself and our cousins.
May your eternal presence guide us while you wait for us alongside the Lord and with those we
loved and lost along the way.
Love and Miss you in this life,
And until we meet in the next!
I feel your presence everywhere we go.
In Jesus name. We Thank God for your life and now eternal life!
Sometimes we may not understand WHY, But God’s eternal plan is more like the sand in a desert
not just the one within the Hourglass!

Love Your Cousin
Juliette (Cousin)
March 18, 2024
Growing up, our childhood as cousins resembled more that of siblings, thanks to how our parents pretty much raised us all together. You assumed the role of the older brother I did not have. I fondly recall the moments you would tell us off for sneaking gaming sessions of ‘Tomb Raider’ and ‘WWF’ on your PlayStation One without your permission. Throughout the years, you continued to show us that tough love; a quality we all deeply cherish in you.

Derek, your sudden departure leaves me so stunned and deeply saddened. I prayed for your recovery and hoped you would pull through as you had previously done when life dealt you a challenging hand. Nevertheless, your legacy and memory endures through yours and Steph’s beloved daughter, Amira—through our family and the large community of friends you positively impacted. Your legacy will continue to live on in my memories of you.

With love,
Sharon (Cousin)
March 18, 2024
I have never known a world without Derek.

There is so much I could write about my handsome, witty, talented, younger cousin.

Derek was good at whatever he put his mind to, whether it be football, athletics, singing, dancing, education, or fatherhood. It came with ease for him.

He was very protective even though I’m the elder one, he was my advisor. I trust Derek with everything I hold dear. We had so many plans. He understood me and I him.

He was always there for me, that constant reassuring arm on my shoulder, saying “Come on Cuz you got this”.

I begged God for healing and restoration for Derek, but that wasn’t to be.

I liken my cousin's life to a shooting star; shone so brightly, and touched so many, yet cut too short.

I thank God for the gift that is Derek Kwame Adusei and the privilege of calling him my Cuz.

Where I used to walk boldly, I hesitate once more.

I will miss Derek every day and until we meet again... Rest well Derekiii x
Jessica Tei (Cousin)
March 18, 2024
Big bro, it's hard for me to believe that I’m writing this. It’s so unreal. Derek and I loved each other like crazy. We had a brotherly bond that was unbreakable and could never be denied. Derek was my advisor, he always kept it real with me.

I remember Derek's excitement when I told him I was having a son who was due to be born on his birthday. My son ended up being born a week early, but my second child actually did arrive on Derek’s birthday. God always has a plan. My daughter being born on Derek’s birthday has always made me happy, but now it is even more special.

Bro, I’m so proud that you became a father yourself and a very good father at that! I know how much you love Amira, and I promise to look after her.

I’m hurting really bad. I was even crying while writing this. I wish that I had spent more time with you.

Derek, I know you have always been proud to be my big brother and I’m also proud to be your younger brother too. You were my bodyguard. You made me feel untouchable.

Bro, I will always need you. I love you.

Until we meet again.
Aaron Adusei (Brother)
March 18, 2024
I am devastated that we are all gathered here today because I know that Derek fought a good fight.

Derek’s life was a true demonstration of perseverance. God has always sustained and protected him. I have witnessed Derek overcome obstacles and hardship, but most importantly, I have witnessed his commitment to Jesus Christ.

Derek was my confidante, my friend and security guard. He took pleasure in keeping me company and he was always reliable.

He would always tell me that he loved me, he encouraged me and called me superwoman. When I announced my first pregnancy, he was so excited! He even came and assembled a baby gate for me. When Steph and I both conceived our baby girls, he was over the moon. He checked on me throughout every single stage.

I will miss seeing Derek on a weekend. I am going to miss the moments when I would open the door to him and Steph smiling with their matching Crocs on. Around this time 3 years ago, I was making banku and tilapia for him on Good Friday. Now, he has left us.

I will miss Derek’s voice, his laugh, and his smile. His Durag, good quality hair and his silky eyebrows. I once attended a Bishop TD Jakes conference with my son and there was a long queue. I bent down to pick up the car seat from the floor and when I looked up, I randomly saw Derek. It was not planned, but we sat in church together jubilating and praising God. I also remember when I would whip cocoa butter samples and give them to him. He would tell me that my products were 5 stars, and then proceed to ask me if I could make him a big batch.

Oh, Derek! I wish that we could listen to music together on YouTube for just one last time. I even wish that you could annoy me like you used to. I am so sorry that recently I haven’t spent time with you like I used to. My life just kept on ‘lifing.’

My brother! My heart is longing for you. Thank you, for all of your care and moral support. Thank you, for always having my best interest at heart. Thank you, for all of the things that you have done for Israel-Amir and thank you for always being a great brother and a phenomenal uncle.

Your star boy Israel says that he will miss you, and he hopes that you will get to heaven safely to be with God.

My Valentine’s days and Easter holidays will never be the same again.

As you last said to me, you are here, and I believe you.

I LOVE YOU! Until we meet again.
Candice Adusei-Captan (Sister)
March 18, 2024
“Prince” Derek. My big brother, confidant, protector, and my favourite person in the whole world. My life with you has been nothing short of a novella. Despite all that life threw at us; you stood steadfastly by my side. Even at the expense of your childhood, which I will forever be grateful for. The impact you have had on my 29 years of life has informed the woman I am and hope to be in the future.

I will miss our chats about mum's crazy hairstyles and all the things in between. Having the pleasure of watching your entry into fatherhood—although brief—has been so special to me. I am comforted knowing that a piece of you still walks the earth in your place. I wish we had so much time together, but I know you are safe and restored in health, in the arms of the Most High God.

Losing you will forever be the hardest thing I’ve had to endure, but I will keep you safe in my heart ‘till we meet again. I promise to take the purposeful steps in life, even the ones that scare me the most because I know you would tell me to go hard for the things I want and to be confident. You were always my biggest inspiration and champion cheering me on.

I love you always and forever unconditionally.
Nisey x
Dennise Nartey-Grant
March 12, 2024
I was so sure that you would be coming back home, back to watching football, playing with Amira and hugging me in bed at night.

My heart breaks to no longer hear you shouting my name, no one to moan at me for throwing my clothes everywhere. My heart breaks that I can’t tell you about something new Amira is doing. I hope all the songs she’s been singing to you since you’ve been away, reach you. A thousand tears won’t bring you back, trust me I’ve cried. A thousand words won’t bring you back, trust me I’ve tried.

When I look at Amira, I send you all my thank yous for giving me such a precious gift, I promise your memory will never leave us, we will always be your family. I promise to take care of her with everything that’s within me.

You will be remembered for your smile, your faith, your laughter, your strength and your words because you were never afraid to tell it like it is.

You’ve taught me so much and your lessons will stay with me forever. I’m so proud of you Derek, of your strength and your faith. I’ll hold our last few conversations in my heart forever.

I know God has you resting in peace and you are eternally with our father in Heaven. Even if you aren’t physically here, you will live on in Amira and all of our hearts.

I loved you then, I love you now. Always did and always will. I will miss you my love, until we meet again.
Stephanie (Partner)
March 12, 2024
I believe just like you that God Almighty is in control of our destiny and fate and that is the comfort you demanded together with peace on your final days, you are a “Special Son and Human being” and the family, and I will surely miss you so much, but I am comforted that love runs deeper than the marrow in our bones. Our love for each other blossomed and increased each day of your short life and is certainly an “eternal flame in my heart”.

Your passing certainly blindsided me and I still and will struggle to deal with it all my life, although I know amid all “Adversities, the peace of the Lord Almighty God reigns supreme”. I will miss our little, small chats, your desire to be in Ghana with me at the same as you suggested before December, my request for gym routines, our private discussion about life, and our little family chats. All our family chats were great, but I will miss our hugs together most because that is when I feel your heartbeat aligned with mine through your heavy and muscular chest. I admired your integrity, strength of mind, decision-making, self–self-centeredness, respect, and kindness of others, and your ability to play the “Big Brother Role”.

Never was there a heart kinder and more generous, you are loved by many. Your memories will stay with us forever and no one can replace you in my “Heart”. I will always and forever love you and Jesus is already with you on this eternal journey that you have embarked on.
Love Always, Nana
Dad (Nana Adusei)

Family tree

Ernest Edusei
Irene Addai
Peter Agbley
Grace Agbley
Nana Adusei
Jenny Debrah-Grant
Stephanie Mwaniki
Amira Adusei
Stephanie Mwaniki
Amira Adusei
Derek Adusei


What was Derek's favourite Travel destination?
Barbados 🇧🇧 
What was Derek's favourite Drink?
Rum Punch & Maverick Martini
What was Derek's favourite Food or Dish?
Okro Soup + Ackee & Salt Fish
What was Derek's favourite Colour?
What was Derek's favourite Sports Team?
Manchester United
What was Derek's favourite way to exercise?
What was Derek's favourite Sport?
What was Derek's favourite Game to play?
What was Derek's favourite Restaurant?


We will come together to remember, celebrate and pay tribute to Derek's life. While we mourn the loss of our dear, we also aim to cherish the moments shared and the joy brought into our lives. Your presence would mean the most to us during this time of remembrance and reflection.
St Margaret of Antioch Church
1 Station Rd, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 7JE
Date: 28th March 2024

Funeral Time: 10:45AM prompt for 11AM start (UK / GMT Time)

Order of service Booklet (copy and paste link):

Followed by:

Interment: Hendon Cemetery & Crematorium, NW7 1NB from 2:30PM

Reception: Sangam Banqueting Hall, HA8 OAP from 4:30PM

Funeral Service Live Stream


In honour of our beloved Derek, we extend an invitation for you to contribute towards the funeral arrangements and support the upbringing of his beloved daughter. Your generosity will help ensure a fitting farewell for Derek, and provide for his daughter's future. 

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