Deborah Elegwu Amanyi

March  13th, 1979 May  31st, 2024
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Deborah Elegwu Amanyi

The memory of the righteous is blessed..
Proverbs 10:7a NKJV

Celebrating the life and times of dear Sister Deborah Amanyi.



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June 22, 2024
Dearest Sis, you were laid to rest today! It still feels so unreal. I have tried not to think about the fact that you are really gone cause each time i tried my heart hurts even more. You were such a treasure, you loved everyone uniquely and personalized all your relationships. There was never a time you didn't have something nice to say about someone, you had a way of making everyone feel special when they are with you. "UK babe" as you would call me, with so much energy and excitement when ever we met. I can still hear you voice and see your beautiful smile. You are always ready to cheer people on and support them when ever you could.
I remember when my mom joined us in Canada, very quickly you warmed up to her and even started giving her gifts, she nicknamed you "Nọ1 grandma" cause you called my baby your grandchild.
Oh precious sister Debbie! You will be deeply missed.
Rest well, till we meet again on that glorious morning.
Goodbye Nọ1 grandma
Goodbye my darling Sis
Glory Nsefik
June 22, 2024
I love you Auntie Debbie!
You live on! ❤️
Naa Zoë
June 22, 2024
My dear sister Debbie you were such a treasure and a blessing to those around you. I remember when we first met years back you had wanted me to join your cell but I had already committed elsewhere, you said it’s okay we are still one big family. You then went ahead to point out your husband to me and said you see then husband dark guy there, he is my husband. I thought that was such a striking description and that comment stayed with me.
It was indeed an honour spending time with you and getting to know you. You had such a lovely smile, your commitment to the things of God was evident and you were always there to give yourself to make things run smoothly. You were highly dependable and sincere about your feelings. You use to call me gorgeous and I use to call you that too right back. I remember our last conversation and how beautiful you looked that day.
Your pet/nick names for those around you showed your warmth, your outspokenness made those around you sure of where they stood with you. Your motherly instincts was also truly remarkable. Your sense of fashion and style was also admirable and the way you carried yourself showed confidence. You were indeed a star and your memory will live on, I love you and miss you.
You were truly a treasure and no one can take your place, a rare gem. It truly hurts to let go of such a beautiful treasure as you but my consolation is that you are in a better place. Rest well my beautiful sister, till we meet again.
Isi Masagbor
June 22, 2024
My Shine, Shine Sister Debbie: Shining Like the Stars Forever

I first met Sister Debbie here in church in 2011 as a young beautiful bride. And I have watched over these 13years of sisterhood and friendship how she evolved from being a young bride to becoming a go getter and a loving mother to her three sons (David, Darius & Darren).
Debbie was a very hardworking and determined person. I remember when she first arrived it was like a matter of weeks before she got her first job in the education sector but it was in the South even though she lived in the North. She was not deterred by the distance, the unpredictable Calgary weather that is always changing or any other inconveniences; she made the commute everyday in good spirit knowing that, the condition is subject to change. These qualities of hers propelled her to quickly re-trained to work in the health sector where she was until her transitioned unto glory.
As a wife Debbie was selfless and supportive of her husband. I remember when the oil price crashed during the NDP era & many in the oil and gas sector lost there jobs; Debbie was very supportive of her husband and exhibited the virtuous woman she was in her home.
Sister Debbie has a warm personality, always full of smiles and of a pleasant demeanour that anyone meeting her for the first time is comfortable in her presence. She calls me my Shine, Shine Deaconess and I in turn will greet her my Shine, Shine Sister Debbie. If I want to crack her up …. I will say my Shine, Shine Sis Debbie of the most high God possessor of Heaven and Earth. And she will just burst out laughing and will say Deaconesssssssss….
The book of Daniel 12: 3 says “Those who are wise shall shine Like the brightness of the firmament, And those who turn many to righteousness Like the stars forever and ever.”
My shine, shine Sister Debbie turned many to righteousness through her many partnerships with our dear man of God Pastor Chris while she was on this side of heaven and is now truly shining ever so brightly like the stars forever!
Debbie, your memories I will ever treasure. May your lovely soul rest in the bosom of our Lord until we meet at the rapture, to part no more.
Adieu dearie😘 you will always remain my shine, shine sister Debbie!

Deaconess O. Ajibulu
June 22, 2024
Our Sisterhood started 13 years ago. During these 13 years of friendship, you always declare your love for the Gospel. A dedicate Children’s Church teacher, an incredible Mom, not just to your children, but to other children as well.
I admired your selfless nature, your beautiful smile that always lights one’s heart, because your smiles are pure and real.
You were truly the brightest light, full of God’s Life.
There is nothing that I can say that will ease the pain of your early departure. However, one thing that I know for sure, that you fought a good fight and won your race.
I will always remember your birthdays and will not forget your three incredible children.
I will say goodbye with one of your favourite phrase “The Christian Behaviour”.
I will missed you, I love you.
🕊️🕊️ Rest On Sister🕊️🕊️
June 22, 2024
My dear sister Debbie, your departure has left an irreplaceable void in our hearts. You embodied love in its purest form, touching everyone with your warmth, kindness, and unwavering compassion. Your laughter was a melody, your smile a beacon of hope. Though you are no longer with us, your spirit continues to light our way. You lived with a heart full of love, and that love will forever be our guiding star. Rest in Glory beloved Debbie. Your memory will be cherished always. Thank you for all your labour of Love in the house of the Lord❤️💜
Chioma Ekwulu
June 21, 2024
Dearest Sis Debby, rest well! A wonderful woman and mother! You were the first sister to discern what my sons needed when we first landed. Brought items that your sons were still even using for my son to use, because you are loving and kind and you knew we needed those things just by discernment. A true woman of God and friend and dear sister to the brethren. You always make me laugh out loud when we meet up after working in church. I know you are in a better place and I thank God we will see again. Love you dear! Rest in the Lord.
Franca Francis-Ebojoh
June 21, 2024
My dear Debby Debby as I fondly called you, your demise hit me in an awful way. You are kindhearted, and caring. Always doing all you can to touch lives. You will be missed. I know you are in a better place with the king of Kings. Rest on Sis in the bossom of the Lord.
June 21, 2024
My kind hearted and beautiful Sis Debbie, I am very grateful to God for bringing you my way to be part of my life experiences. Thank you for the love you showed to my family and the beautiful smile you gave us always. I am so heartbroken to part ways with you and I know that our good Lord will continue to console us. Rest in eternal glory. I miss you and I love so dearly ❤️❤️❤️
Sonia Oppong
June 21, 2024
Hello Sister Debby with a captivating smile, I remember my first day in church you welcomed me as if you knew me for years.since then you greetings ,hugs after each fellowship became a constant thing. Thank you for being a lovely Sister. Its so sad not seeing you again but I'm console your with the Lord. May the Angels guide you home.
Helen Okokon
June 21, 2024
Dearest Sis Debbie, always accommodating, always smiling, always ready for a chat, and also very generous. I miss you dearly. You were always cheerful after every Church service, such fun to be with. You made a great impression on me when our families met by chance at the Calgary Stampede in July 2018. I will always cherish our times together in Church, and at restaurants. At restaurants, you sat with me on purpose, wanting to hear the quiet Sis Tolu talk. It was always a pleasure to be in your company. Since your passing, I have been looking at our pictures together - beautiful memories. I try not to cry, knowing you're in a much better place with the Lord. See you again my dearest sister at the rapture.❤️💖
Tolu B
June 21, 2024
Tolu B
June 21, 2024
My dear sis Debbie you have been the always and ever smiling sister around. Stepping up in everyway and anytime to help when needed. Knowing you for this past years I count myself blessed. Your energy , excitement and commitment to the things of God is an encouragement.
I love you and will miss you . Fare thee well
Patience Akwa
June 21, 2024
Pure heart.
Sweet soul.
No guile.
All round loving.

My first interaction with you was a pleasant one and it resulted in cordiality between us thereafter.

Your lovely compliments about my outfits and how I would tease yours was my size and that we should exchange.

You would say to some of us whenever we’re around you “oya oya when are you people marrying” and we would laugh and respond to you “very soon”

At every sight of me, you said to me “I love you” after we exchanged pleasantries.
I love you very much too Auntie Debbie, and I wish I said it to you more with a big hug especially the Sunday we spoke over a bag of chips if I knew that would be the last time I was going see you.

You exude peace and joy, and being around you was always a thing of great joy.

Thank you for exemplifying Christ-like character in word and in deed.

You live on!!!!!
Your light continues to shine brightly!!! I love you ❤️❤️
Naa Zoë
June 21, 2024
See how the Royal Diadem shines on! Oh Sis. Debbie of the Most High God, you are still the Royal Diadem that paraded the space granted you on earth with the saving and beautiful message of Jesus! Thank you for being an amazing human and PCF leader to me. Your legacy of unwavering faith in the path of God lives on. I miss you so much! Good night Sis. Debbie. Rest on.❤️
Rosemary Ohenmwen
June 21, 2024
Hard to swallow but the hope of meeting again at the Rapture gives us comfort. Rest well dear sister Debbie.
June 20, 2024
Dearest Sis Debbie, you were such a gem, I loved your smiles and how you dressed. You had a way of making people feel welcome and at home. I miss you calling me “fine mama, fine girl”. You loved God and His children sooo much. You’re sooo missed sis, rest well, see you at the resurrection.
June 20, 2024
Dear Debbie,
It will be impossible to forget you dear Debbie. Your big smiles every moment I met you. You always had a pleasant compliment. You were always supportive of any thing I approached you to help with. Debbie you had a gift for my son for every birthday. You took care of all the kids like they were yours. Oh what an impact you made on the lives of these godly seeds. I know you are resting, smiling as ever and enjoying to bosom of our Father. I look forward to that big warm smile of yours on the resurrection morning. Adieu sweet sis, sleep on till we meet in the air.
Maureen Austin-Adigio
June 20, 2024
Dearest Sis Debbie, Your influence on our children's lives, especially my son, has been profound and enduring, a true reflection of your remarkable character. Although we deeply miss you, we find solace in the truth that we will be reunited one day. Rest peacefully, dear sister.
Felix Oghenekohwo
June 20, 2024
You were such a sweet soul, always full of life and kindness. Your loving words, "Fine woman, fine girl, my darling," anytime we met will forever be etched in my heart. Your ability to put a smile on everyone's face with your thoughtful compliments was a gift. While you will be deeply missed by all, I take comfort in knowing that we will meet again. Rest well, dear sister, and keep shining your light in heaven
Nneka Johnson
June 20, 2024
You were a light that shined brightly, consistent and dedicated. The lives you touched are eternally grateful, and the impact you made will never be forgotten. We will always remember you for your kind words and smiles, your graciousness and large heart. Your were a source of comfort and joy to all who knew you. We are eternally grateful for the times we had with you and will carry your memory with us always.
The Omonis
June 20, 2024
My Very Sister Debbie , you had a smile for everyone that came around you. My sister Debbie the one who calls me fine girl, fine mama every Sunday.
You are grately missed. until we meet in the resurrection morning.
Oghomwen Eze
June 20, 2024
Our dearest sis Debbie, always with a smile and warm heart. It was a pleasure and a blessing knowing you. A great mother, an amazingly supportive soul, and a woman that loved and honoured God. May you sleep in eternal peace as you rest in the arms of your father our lord God. We miss you dearly. Smile on.
Morgan & Jaxon
June 20, 2024
Heaven rejoices over you dear sis, for your selflessness, sacrifices and impact here on earth. It was an awesome opportunity to have crossed paths with you, I enjoyed every moment I had to work with you at different times, what a blessing! I will always remember you with tears of joy, you were such a beautiful soul. We miss you greatly, children’s church misses you dearly. Rest on dear sis, until we meet to part no more. 🥲
Melinka Effiong
June 20, 2024
You've been on my mind! I'm grateful for the opportunity to have met you. My sweet "in-law", my "brother's wife". My memories of you are sweet, and warm. Until that blessed morning, when we will surely see you again. Goodnight dear Sis. D!
Seun Imadojemu
June 20, 2024
Dear Sis Debbie,

Thank you for living the exemplary Christian life. You defined what the love of God is touching the lives of all who came in contact with you. You live on!!!!

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Vincent Amanyi
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David Amanyi
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Vincent Amanyi
Darius Amanyi
David Amanyi
Darren Amanyi
Deborah Amanyi


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