July  4th, 1944 July  4th, 2024

Help us celebrate Diane's 80th!

Diane is 80!

This amazing woman, wife, mother, gardener, artist, daughter, step-sister, friend, volunteer is turning 80 on July 4th 2024!


July 4th
Born to Doreen Mary and Charles Richard John Hibbett
Victoria, British Columbia Canada
July 4th
Growing Up
Diane spends her first 20 years moving several times between British Columbia and Quebec.  Diane loved fishing, hunting and going to the store for powdered donuts with her father.  She learned to cook and garden with her mom.
James Island, B.C. and Montreal Quebec Canada
March 7th
Blind Date
Meets Richard Breithaupt as his blind date for a dance, where she is told he is short and long-haired.
Montreal, Quebec Canada
June 12th
Diane and Dick marry at St. Anne's in Montreal.  One of the bridesmaids: new sister-in-law Martha Jo Breithaupt. After the wedding, they honeymoon on their way to Denver Colorado driving a green Valiant.. Their first hotel in Denver was on Colfax!
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Fort Bliss
Trailer Life!  Dick is at required Army training while Diane rents a trailer with new friend Reita Pooley, whose husband Jeff, is also in the army.
Fort Huachuca, Arizona
Buy First House
Diane and Dick buy their first house on Locust.
777 Locust Denver Colorado
Birth of first daughter
Diane and Dick have signed up to adopt a boy, when they learn they are expecting!  In May, Diane gives birth to Victoria Lee at 11:55 AM.  Dick, who has a trial in Colorado Springs, has to leave by Noon!
Rose Hospital, Denver
Move to Eastman
With the arrival of a second child, Diane and Dick purchase 6818 E. Eastman in Southeast Denver.  There Diane meets lifetime friends Sue Knott, Jane Katz, Georgene McGonagle and Norma Birchbil.
Birth of second daughter
Diane gives birth to Christina Louise.
Diane gains Two Brothers!
Diane's mother, Doreen, marries Oz Watson. She finally has siblings!: gaining Bob and Bill Watson and their families who live in Quebec and Ontario. Many great visits ensue. Di especially loves visiting the dairy farm, she even helps milk a cow or two!
Joins Junior League of Denver
Diane joins the Junior League of Denver where she volunteers as hospital visitor Raggety Anne. She also volunteers at the Denver Zoo, Whiteman Elementary and Kent Denver Schools throughout the 70s and 80s.
Persnickety Painting!
Diane and Sue Knott start an interior painting business.  They are ruthlessly on time and courteous!  They keep this business into the 90s.
July 4th
Diane is 50!
Dick fetes Diane with a black and white party: guests are encouraged to wear black and white. Diane is resplendent in black gown.
Denver, Co
Becomes an American!
Diane studies for and passes the U.S. Naturalization Exam. She votes for her first election in ...actually we're all a little unclear the exact date of both. But neighbor Janey Romolo helped her study for the onerous test!
Move to Florida
After a two month driving tour of the Southeast US, Diane and Dick decide it's time to leave the mountains behind and head for beach life.  They settle on the lovely town of Naples moving to 2772 Island Pond Ln. 
New Friends
At Island Walk, Diane and Dick meet amazing new friends: Jan and Wes Wiskus, Ed and Karen Farrington, Sally Weichel, Lynn Welty and Diane's favorite yoga instructor: Lira Bennett.
Diane gets her Masters
Diane studies plant diseases, Latin names and how to keep your droopy ficus alive. She takes the rigorous test and passes becoming a Master Gardner for Collier County.  She starts volunteering for the Collier County Extension office.
Gods Gardners
Diane and Dick join St Paul's Episcopal Church in Naples. Diane joins God's Gardners and will spend the next 10 years volunteering: helping to beautify the outside gardens and arranging the altar flowers.
September 9th
A Wedding!
Tina marries Bill Skewes. Diane arranges a 3 foot tall flower arrangement for the church. It's resplendent as is the mother of the bride!
Denver Colorado
September 20th
Birth of First Grandson
Diane is in Denver to greet little William Arthur (Tripp) Skewes III, her first grandbaby!
Tandem Biking
Diane rides stroke (backseat) on many a tandem bike ride with Dick. They travel to New Zealand, Mississippi River, Pennsylvania, many others places up and down many a hill!
July 9th
Birth of Second Grandson
Richard John (RJ) Skewes arrives - and Tina is cared for in the same hospital room where Diane was for the births of her daughters at Rose Hospital in Denver.
Move to Collier's Reserve
Deciding they need more room for grandsons, son-in-law, two daughters and Martha Jo: they move to Collier's Reserve where Diane crafts a new gorgeous Florida garden.
Diane, since childhood, has been an amazing pet mom! She's hiked with her dogs, (such as Whimsey and Katy). She's car travelled with cats (Tink who loved it) others who hid or vomited.  
Diane still volunteers as a Master Gardner (18 years!), arranges flowers for her new church, travels with Dick on cruises or takes the grandsons to Europe. Her garden is a feast for the eyes. She is still the best of wives, mothers and friend!


Birthday Wishes Wall

Share your Memories and Photos.

July 4, 2024
You have brought decades of laughter and wisdom to the world. I am so lucky to know you and call you family. May your 80th birthday be filled with joy, gratitude and love! Happy birthday Diane. Much love from the Hettinga’s.💕🎂
Susan Hettinga
July 3, 2024
There is NO WAY, Ms. Diane, that you are turning 80! I have never met anyone with as much energy, stamina, and a “What pain?!” attitude when it comes to working in the garden! I first met Diane the first time I visited St, Paul’s church as I was pulling a weed in one of the gardens, when I heard a voice, “Do you like to garden?” We became instant friends. Diane, you have been my mentor, my second mother, my sage advisor, my cheerleader, and my dear, dear friend. We can get on the phone after not having spoken for a long time, and it’s as if we spoke yesterday; our friendship is THAT comfortable…

You have taught me sooo much about gardening, as you have such an eye for design, color and shape, except that MY home garden now looks like a JUNGLE with all of the plants you have so kindly given me that have taken over my gardens! Thanks a lot - NOT!!

My favorite “picture” of you (and too bad I didn’t have a camera in hand) is while we were gardening in the “Mediterranean” (Meditation) Garden. We were chatting while each was doing her own area with our backs to each other close by. You asked me to hand you some tool, and as I turned, I was face-to-face with only your derrière sticking out of the bushes; the rest of you had disappeared into the branches and leaves. THAT is dedication! I almost wet my plants… er… pants!!

Every time I walk the grounds of St. Paul’s (which is less and less these days), I see your devoted, hard work that you (alone!) put into making a real landscape for years to come. It makes me sad you are no longer here to guide the few that garden anymore. You are badly needed and no one has as much love of the gardens as you. They will NEVER look as good as when you were our Queen Bee, but boy, did we have fun together laughing as we “toiled in the soil!”

Your weekly altar flower arrangements are truly missed - they were just lovely every week and simply watching you take an array of modest flowers to turn them into 2 stunning bouquets was like watching a magician. Again, your keen eye and talent always made our church look stunning and special!

Happy Birthday, my dear friend! Enjoy every moment of your special day and certainly many more birthdays, but for heaven’s sake, will ‘ya take it easy in your gardens??!!

I miss you sooo much and love you even more…

Lee-bee, your drone!
Lee (Late-as-usual) Barron
July 3, 2024
Happy 80th to the best mother-in-law in the world! Your sense of humor, kindness, and generosity know no bounds and I haven’t even mentioned your cooking! So many wonderful memories and many more to make. Thank you for Tina and letting me be in your life. I am looking forward to celebrating with you next week. Since I am not a poet, I turned to AI to help me out:

Eight decades of laughter, of love so true,
Diane, with Dick by her side, hearts anew.
In gardens where blooms and dreams entwine,
Her hands weave tales of nature divine.

From the soil she tends to the skies she's flown,
Adventures aplenty, journeys unknown.
On cruises they've sailed, the world their stage,
Horizons embraced, with wisdom and sage.

In kitchens aglow with warmth and delight,
Chili rellenos, a culinary flight.
Spices and flavors, recipes grand,
Shared with loved ones, hand in hand.

Her grandsons, Tripp and RJ, hearts aglow,
Their laughter and mischief, the joy they bestow.
In their eyes, reflections of her love so true,
A legacy cherished, in moments they knew.

Eight decades of memories, treasures untold,
In each wrinkle a story, in each laugh, gold.
To Diane, our matriarch strong and so dear,
Happy 80th birthday, with love sincere.

Happy Birthday!
Love, Bill
July 3, 2024
Happy Birthday Granny!
Tripp Skewes
July 2, 2024
To the best Granny in the world

Yo, let me tell you 'bout my granny, she's the queen of the scene,
Got a green thumb, in the garden she's a machine.
At the church, she's planting, making flowers bloom,
Spreading love and life, no room for gloom.

Granny's on the move, she’s got style and flair,
Gardening at the church, she's always there.
Traveling the world, she's got tales to unwrap,
And when she meets you, she’s quick with the dap.

From roses to lilies, she knows them all,
In the church garden, she's standing tall.
With a smile on her face and gloves on her hands,
She's the garden queen, making beauty expand.

So here's to my granny, the best there's ever been,
With a heart so pure and a beautiful grin.
Gardening and traveling, she's living her dream,
My granny's a legend, part of the family team.

Love, RJ
RJ Skewes
July 2, 2024
Diane is the best roommate that anyone could have! Two newlywed wives with dogs in tow, tearfully sending off husbands to basic training became lifelong friends. Somehow Diane knew we had a kinship at that airport. She asked if I wanted to move to Sierra Vista, AZ for the next three months so we could live near our hubby’s stationed at Fort Huachuca. I packed up my yellow convertible mustang with my black toy poodle, Dee Gee and Diane packed up her yellow convertible Corvair with her black toy poodle, Snuffy. We rented a one-bedroom trailer that was easy for the two of us, but a little cozy when the boys moved in for the weekends. We had to flip for the bedroom, the other couple had the couch. In addition, you had to walk through the bedroom to get to the bathroom, so there was a lot of announcing “cover up”!

Another fun memory - Diane, my 3month old Trevor, and I flew to Canada and stayed at her parent’s cabin on Upper Chateaugay Lake in New York. Suddenly, a bat appeared, and we quickly took down a window drape so we could cover the crib so the bat wouldn’t land on the baby!

Diane has so many amazing qualities – one being a wall papering partner. I do not know how many rooms we papered in Denver and Rapid City.

I have so many memories from our time in Arizona, Denver and Rapid City. We both had two kids that we toted everywhere together – fast food restaurants, target – that was our life, taking the kids with us.

Diane will always be special to me, she’s like a sister to me. And I cannot believe she’s turning 80! It means I am just six months behind her.

Diane – have a very happy birthday!

Love Reita and Jeff
Reita and Jeff Pooley
July 1, 2024
Happy Birthday Diane

Happy 80th Birthday Diane!! It was great to meet for lunch to catch up. Enjoy your trip to your home country to celebrate your big day.

Rosalie Valente
July 1, 2024
Dear Di

Thank you for all you have added to my life.
Being the caring, wonderful person that you are!!
Just SO many special memories ….Our trip to Hawaii
In 1967 …just the two of us ..getting to know each other.
Your sense of adventure and fun!! Making our own Lei’s
from blossoms gathered from a neighbour’s yard and
hiding when they returned!! …All the wonderful times
spent with your family. You are always so welcoming!!
Then …your many talents …gardening ..gourmet cook ..
your love of animals …the list is endless !!!!

HAPPY 80th

You are SO special !!
XO Mar
Martha Jo Breithaupt
July 1, 2024
I have ended up with more drafts in the garbage. I am not much of a writer. Thus, I thought a little word play with the birthday girl’s name might just work. Thus, Mrs. Breithaupt, here I go, my attempt at describing you:

D = determined; diplomatic; discerning
I= independent
A = accomplished; affable; amiable
N = noble, nice
E = educated; energetic

M = memorable; mother; mother-in-law; grandmother; matriarch
A = affectionate; animal lover
R = remarkable; resolute; rare
Y = yoga; hare

B = bright, bubbly, beautiful
R = religious; respectful; refined; resilient
E = electric, enthusiastic
I = impressive; integrity; innovative
T = thrifty; tolerant; thankful
H = happy
A = attentive
U = upbeat; understanding; unyielding; unquestioning
P = pleasant; polite; patient; positive
T = tenacious; tough

A friend who is compassionate, giving, loving, gracious, courteous, kind and so loved by so many, especially me.

Wishing you a spectacular 80th birthday, and many more.

With love from Cooper, Willow and Ninny
Cindy Johnson
July 1, 2024
I saw a woman on top of her house painting her roof as we were looking at a house to buy on Locust Street in Denver. Little did I know that that woman would become my best friend.

It was over fifty years ago and every memory of Diane and those years bring tender feelings and gratitude for having her in my life.

She guided me to an OB, the best grocery store, the best Mexican Restaurant, her hairdresser and shared her babysitter’s number.
Now that is a friend!

I was a thousand miles from home, pregnant and my husband was in a rigorous medical residency at CU. She always had my back.

Our daughters were born weeks apart and were first playmates.

We have stayed in touch all these years and visited in person a few times in the last ten years.

Diane I hope you have an absolutely wonderful birthday filled with as much joy as you give
to others.

Much love,

Linda Steadman, Hunter and Camille
Linda, Hunter and Camille Steadman
July 1, 2024
Photos from years ago taken at Marilyn Gross’s “Girlfriends in the Garden” parties at Marilyn’s home.

Hope your 80th birthday celebration is terrific!
Kris Morton
July 1, 2024
Dear Mum B,

Thank you so much for taking me in my senior year. I feel so fortunate to have lived with your wonderful family. From the delicious Sunday night dinners to the thousands of loads of laundry, you took such great care of all us dogs and cats includedl. You really did have an incredible 6th sense about our wellbeing ensuring everyone’s whereabouts without being intrusive. It has been so fun to see you and visit over the years now with my own children. Your generosity to open your home and your heart continues. I hope you have an amazing Birthday full of fun and surprises!

Much love and best wishes,
Catherine Francis
June 29, 2024
Fun Memories with the Watson's
Love, Bill and Bev
Bev Watson
June 29, 2024
Happy 80th Birthday Mom!

Growing up in Canada, you thought the USA was celebrating your birthday with fireworks and fanfare…and guess what? They were! Because of who you are, you deserve the fireworks and the big celebration!

Just after Tripp was born, the Anderson’s gave me the book “Love you Forever” written by Robert Munsch. It’s a beautiful story about a mom and her son through his stages of childhood and then into manhood and about the enduring nature of parents’ love and how it crosses generations. Every night the mom sings to her son “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be”. The love in this story is the love you have always given me regardless of my actions or decisions (those were probably the times you just “liked me for always”). It’s your unconditional love for me and how it continues through the generations with Bill, Tripp and RJ that make you so amazingly special.

Thank you for being my mom! I love that I can call you anytime to ask for advice on anything from cooking, what to serve at a party, what/how to plant, how I should decorate, what to wear, parenting advice or just to talk about what’s happening on the Young and the Restless. I never need a reason to talk to you, I just know you are always there when I need you.

Thank you for everything you have done from me; too many to list; but wanted to give a couple shout outs! My birthday parties – homemade chiffon cake always decorated to the theme of the party (and not just decals on a square cake – a cutout hand decorated cake) along with handmade party favors. Christmas – opening stockings upstairs, pictures before going downstairs. Sunday brunches and dinners – always homemade and always delicious! You always let me snuggle with you after a bad dream. Road trips – fried chicken, hard-boiled eggs, carrots, bread, bathroom break only with gas stop, singing The Rodeo Song and Jose Cuervo as a family and the trips that were just the two of us missing an exit (or two) and having to drive miles before the next exit. Thrift store shopping – always looking for things for Tori and me. Girls’ trips – Vail, West Palm Beach and Amalia Island – time when we get to just be! Boat rides – family cruises and boat rides to Marco Island, always an adventure. Sports – coming to every game and traveling to PA to see me in college and continuing this tradition with Tripp and RJ’s sport activities.

Mom – Words really cannot express all that you mean to me, but hopefully this at least scratches the surface.

I love you so much! Enjoy the day and let America celebrate you!

Love, Tina
Tina Skewes
June 28, 2024
I am so grateful to everyone that has written about my Mom on this post – and those who have supported/befriended/taught/been taught by my Mom. I love learning about how she has amazingly impacted the lives of others.

But I thought I would write about what Diane is to me: Mom and why she is such…well the best mom there is.

She made my boo-boos better. From teaching us to tough it out ~ “Mom, my finger hurts!” (whine, tears). Mom’s reply: “I will cut it off and then it won’t hurt anymore.” I remember the first time I was sick away from home and how I longed for Mom – even to just come fluff my pillow. Mom’s knack for doing just the right thing when I was under the weather always healed us.

Mom gave us boundaries and gently pushed us. As teenagers we could stay out as late as we wished (but call by mid-night) and always come give us her a kiss when we got home. It was having the freedom to do/think/be creative/daring that probably made me responsible and come home by midnight regardless. Probably she knew we would come home early (because she has eyes in the back of her head) but also it came from 16 years of giving us enough freedom to wonder/poke/prod but not get hurt that we began to comprehend our own boundaries. That is a sign of a truly remarkable mom!

Mom made our days – usually with the little stuff: letting us help make cookies by getting to break the eggs into the batter (and then lick the bowl!), teaching us what to pray about at church, reading to us, encouraging us to go outside and play (and make new friends). I write ‘little stuff’ but those small acts add up. I look back and realize what an incredibly lucky daughter I’ve been.

Love you Mom! Happy, happy Birthday!
June 28, 2024
Di has a heart of gold! Delivering fresh flowers for special occasions, praising and genuine compliments for all and a generous, loving spirit!
Di enjoyed her yoga practice and all of the IslandWalk yogis. She was present and attentive and contemplated the spiritual wisdom that was shared. So much so she composed a shavasana for me. It was written on Disney letterhead while she was on a Disney cruise. I will mirror to her the last line of her special gift offered up to me. "I am grateful for You my dear friend, you make this possible by being you. Namaste 🙏
Love ya back, LiRa
Happy Birthday
LiRa Bennett
June 27, 2024
DIANE (nee Hibbett) Breithaupt

What can be said about her that has not been said before but still bears repeating: wife, mother, lover, gardener, thrifty, friendly, outgoing, cook, architect, musician, painter, animal lover, art lover, tandem bike rider, traveler, dutiful daughter, volunteer, flower arranger, singer, swimmer, camper and definitely not-a-quitter. An example of her refusal to quit can be found in her recent trip to the Greek Islands where in temperatures nearing 100, in constant pain, and only able to navigate using two canes, finished every walking tour on the islands. Examples the other attributes could be given but would lengthen this beyond belief.

I remember the day that I first met her, March 7, 1964, at Frank Woods’ parents house in Montreal West. She came down the stairs like an angel and I immediately fell in love with her sexy shoulders. Later that night I told her that I was going to marry her. When I formally proposed to her in the Toronto airport parking lot in December of 1964 she said yes and married me on June 12, 1965. Diane did not object when I told her that there would be no honeymoon after the wedding as I had to get to Denver to start the Colorado bar-refresher course(which actually began on our wedding date) as I had no knowledge of Colorado law so we drove to Denver in my sister’s car. Diane also wore a seat belt. She pretended to love my choice of lunch restaurants on the trip (McDonalds before they had sold a million).

In Denver she found us three apartments and two homes to live in, redecorating them all in fine fashion. A habit she has continued in Naples.

From almost the first day in Denver, she found pets for us to love and cherish. It has been frequently said (without objection from her) that she loved her dog Katy more than any other member of her family, husband and children included.

When we first met, she was an Ann-Margaret look-alike but Ann-Margaret’s beauty has faded while Diane’s has not. She married the luckiest man alive when I became her husband. What more is there to say about a great great woman.
June 26, 2024
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DIANE!! Fifty-two years of friendship, thirty years as neighbors, ten years as painting partners!! We have camped, cross-country skied, walked, raised kids, had many Taco Bell lunches and Dolly Madison chocolate milkshakes and so much more together!! Such wonderful memories! Here's to many more years!
Love, Sue
Sue Knott
June 26, 2024
Happy Birthday, Di! Your well-known knock on our kitchen door is part of the soundtrack of my childhood, as is your salutation..."Hi-ho!" 6818 was my second home, whether it was in the playhouse, pool, or on the daybed. I will always cherish our joint Thanksgivings, the sick days and summers I spent with Persnickety, and your unconditional love towards both myself and Laila. I love you very much. May your next trip around the sun bring joy and laughter!
Pamela Knott
June 26, 2024
Diane, congrats on reaching this milestone. You are my role model for creating a life well lived!!! You bring grace and humor to even the most trying situation (like some yoga posses - put my leg where???). You were an inspiration in yoga.
And you have inspired me to plant flowers (that you suggested) so that I have a beautiful villa.
Thank you so much for being a friend and yoga buddy.

Jill Schwartz
June 25, 2024
There once was a lady Diane
Who always said "I can"
And to every trip
it was "Let her rip"
All we need for the next is her plan!!

Happy Birthday!! Diane. So many wonderful memories travelling and visiting with you. We are hopeful that there will be many more.
Keep that big smile and great attitude.
Nat and Jodi

Jodi and Nat Gorton
June 25, 2024
Tribute to Diane on her 80th Birthday

Today, we celebrate not just another year, but the beautiful life of a wonderful person who has touched so many hearts. Diane, your passion for gardening is a testament to your nurturing spirit. Just as you tend to your garden with love and care, you have cultivated friendships and memories that have blossomed over the years.

Your kindness, grace and unwavering positivity make you a joy to know and love. You bring light and warmth to everyone around you, just like the flowers in your garden. On this special day, we honor the vibrant life you’ve led and the countless ways you’ve enriched our lives.

May your 80th year be filled with the same beauty and joy that you bring to the world every day. Here’s to many more years of love, laughter and blooming gardens and friendships.

Happy Birthday, dear friend!

With love,
Dianne and Bob
June 25, 2024

Dear Diane, July 4, 2024

How do I choose a memory or two from most of a lifetime?

I am not sure any more how we actually met, it must have been about 1974, summertime, shortly after my family had moved onto East Eastman Avenue. I did know someone on the back of your part of the street, maybe I was walking with Gina and Ed? maybe I stumbled into your yard? Maybe you saw me and introduced yourself? You seemed to know everyone on the block then, and introduced me. What a great block then, with lots of kids and mothers around, lots of action! (Later, on my blocks, with everyone working and kids in day care, neighborhoods are so very quiet!) With Tori about a month older than Gina, and Ed about 6 months younger than Tina, it seems that we became very close very quickly and spent a lot of time together. We could each babysit on short notice and move kids from one home to another with ease, such an advantage for young mothers!
I remember taking Eddie and Tina through a car wash in which we all stayed in the car (does such a thing exist anymore?). Somehow, the back window was open a crack and enough water came in to soak those sweet little people, who never cried, just kept sucking their thumbs and holding their (wet) blankets.
I remember taking a RV trip to Yellowstone with our families, and our dogs. It was actually fun, and I think we saw a lot in a few days. But, Bill’s suitcase had been stored in the shower, which leaked enough to damage some of his clothes. And, we cooked while driving and had such a mess in the oven. I think it took you and me all one day to get it clean before we returned the RV. You also gave me confidence to learn to garden! What would I have done without that, it has certainly been one of the strategies that has kept me sane when things were difficult.
When I became a single parent, I think I survived the first 6 months because you came every morning to check on me and remind me that I could carry on. You made a most beautiful cake for Becca’s number 2 birthday. When we had only moved to Marion Street for a month or two and I went out for only a couple of hours, my darlings managed to have a problem big enough that they called you…in those days we did not have cell phones. I arrived home to find you there, calmly keeping everyone safe and together. What a good friend to go 10 miles to help a friend’s family like that.
In spite of all the changes in our lifestyles after my divorce and my move away from East Eastman, I am so grateful that we managed to stay in contact. There have been many years and many miles between some of our contacts. I appreciate that you visited me here in LA a couple of times and I am glad we had the time in Naples this spring. I am so glad that you have a good life there and many friends who love you. I appreciate your kind and generous hospitality. I very much hope we can find places to meet in the future, maybe even Denver, and see your handsome grandsons.
I send much love to you, now and always. You are a star in my life, even when I can’t see you. I wish you a wonderful birthday and a happy year ahead. Much love, Jane
Jane (Neusteter) Katz
June 24, 2024
Di has a big heart, is always supportive, and loves doing things for others. You know how you reflect back on different phases of your life and they were influenced by specific people? Di got me involved in yoga with LiRa. Yoga and LiRa will always be so important in my life. I am forever grateful to Di for that. Love you, my friend.
Jeanie Bicanich
June 21, 2024
Happy birthday, Diane. Welcome to the eighties! I am happy to have you join me. I am also so very glad that you have become one of my friends over these many years. Whenever we get together we have such fun. Have many more happy birthdays, Love , Doris
Doris Cooper
June 20, 2024
To Diane:
You’re BITCHY, You SWARE too much, You GOSSIP, You have NO MORALS. You’re EVERYTHING I ever wanted in a friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎊🎁🎈🎂 MUCH LOVE. Kathy
Kathy Wiesenbaugh
June 20, 2024

Master Gardner, wonderful cook
Great mother, grandmother and wife
Diane has lived a storybook life.

Generous and loving
With always a smile
It's fun to be with you
Even for a short while

You're entering your ninth decade
That's twenty times four
And many, many more.

Love, Martha Neil and Dick
Martha Neil and Dick Skewes
June 17, 2024
Happy 80th birthday! Here is to another happy and healthy year. Call me sometime, would love to hear from you!
Linda Perrin
June 17, 2024
As a Collier County Master Gardener, I was a Monday morning regular at the Extension Office Plant Clinic for several years before moving to Texas in 2023. Working with you, Diane, was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! Always positive and with a ready smile and a patient ear, you brightened my morning and everyone else’s. You have enriched my life immensely! When I left, you gave me a mother-of-thousands plant, part of which is in the photo. With your commitment and love for family, friends, and plants, Diane, YOU are the mother of thousands!!!!!

Happy Birthday Diane!
With much love and gratitude always,
Maria Giovine
June 13, 2024
Happy Birthday from Hawkeye Nation and the state of “Fields of Opportunities.” And what opportunities we have shared, traveling abroad, Santa Fe and your family becoming our extended family(whether you wanted it or not)! So many memories locked in our hearts forever. You are with us every day. Celebrate well. Love you. Wes, Janet and Gracie.
Wes and Janet Wiskus
June 5, 2024
Best wishes for the happiest of birthdays. I look forward to many more years of long lunches and endless conversations filled with
zany humor. Enjoy your big day!
Holly Albonesi


What is Diane's favorite Color?
What is Diane's favorite Book?
Sacajawea by Anna Lee Waldo: started her love of reading
What is Diane's favorite ice cream?
Coffee chocolate chip
What was Diane's favorite way to exercise?
Currently: yoga, Pilates, kayaking, previous: fly fishing, horse back riding, running, hiking
Where is Diane's favorite place?
In the garden, of course!

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