Corné van Zyl

October  7th, 1976 July  7th, 2024
Garsfontein, Pretoria
Corné van Zyl

Those who touch our lives, stay in our hearts forever.


Corné van Zyl, born 7 October 1976, took his final bow on 7 July 2024 at the age of 47. A beloved resident of Garsfontein, Pretoria, Corné leaves behind an indelible mark of hard work, humor, and boundless love.

He is survived by his wife, Woudré van Zyl, and their three wonderful daughters, Mika (18), Clara (12) and Tania (10), who were the light of his life. Corné's presence in their lives was that of an amazing father, whose guidance and laughter filled their home.

Corné was more than just a family man; he was a caring leader in every person he touched. His colleagues and friends knew him as a beacon of dedication and humor, always lighting up the room with a joke and never shying away from lending a helping hand.

A celebration of Corné's life will be held at Morgenzon Estate ( on 15 July 2024 at 11:00. We invite all whose lives were enriched by Corné’s kindness and laughter to join us in remembering the extraordinary person he was.

Though his departure leaves a void, Corné’s spirit— ever humorous—will continue to resonate in the hearts of those who loved him.


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July 14, 2024
All these tributes are a testament to the love and joy you brought the many people you crossed paths with Corne and always with a little bit of laughter. I loved your "Dad Jokes". They always made a tough day better. Thank you for being a mentor and friend and for all the laughs. Rest Easy Super C.
Alistor Suriyah
July 14, 2024
Corné you where a friend and mentor to me. Reading all the memories of you, one thing is very clear, you had the biggest heart and the most curious mind.
You have left a legacy of love and good every one should aspire to.
I remember the just of an important lesson you taught me once.
"If a person has figured something out, you are a person, you can figure it out too".
I hope that on your new journey, there are loads of puzzles for you to figure out.
I also remember that whenever you walked into a room every one was happier for it, you had a way of taking all the doom and gloom around turning it into something to smile about reminding all around you not to take themselves so seriously.
No matter how busy you where, you would always take the time to talk about Woudré and your daughters and how proud you where of them.
The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.
And boy did you make a lot out of life and burn oh so bright.
Dalton Baury
July 13, 2024
Haai Ouboet. Now I am facing the days without the reassurance that you’re there. A text or call away. We were and are proud of you. I enjoyed helping with DIY advice when you fixed up your house or just tinkered about. The house looks great and everything is in its place. I’m the construction professional, but we’re both practical, do-it type guys. We go that from Pa Archie. There was always a common interest and something to talk about. We liked cars and both tinkered with our bikes. You first with the Suzuki RG50 aka “Straatvalk” and then me with my Yamaha TZR125. We shared interesting cars for sale listings frequently. Around 2005 we drove Christine’s green VW Beetle down to Port Elizabeth for Roux. It was hard, noisy and sweaty work competing with modern cars. When we stopped for breakfast in a small town Wimpy the other patrons stared at me. Dizzy from the petrol fumes and half deaf, I must have looked a treat to them. Eau de petrol…You found it hilarious and laughed the rest of the way. Mercifully we flew back to Gauteng. In fact I have plenty of driving memories with you: Cape town to Johburg, Welkom, Potch, Die Plaas and plenty of Dullstroom and surrounds. Yes, I miss you. You were a loving dad and so proud of Woudré. The peace keeper of our clan.
Love Smee
Richard van Zyl
July 13, 2024
My first acquaintance with Corné was when I met him on a trip with his Mother to visit an indigenous nursery on the road to Bella Bella. With his interest in trees and my background as a forester, we quickly bonded and had a common interest. I do not have the same insights into him as his friends and colleagues who knew him for a long time, but did come to appreciate his quick wit and saw him as a devoted father and husband who had an endearing love for his wife and three girls.

Although you could not stay another day, to laugh, to love, to work or play, the tasks you left undone must stay that way. You’ve finally found peace at the end of the day. You left us precious memories, your love is still our guide, and though we cannot see you, you’re always at our side.

I can only imagine you saying: “My mind is at rest, remembering all; how I truly was blessed. I miss you all dearly, so keep up your chin until the day comes that we’re together again.”

Always remembered.

Oupa Neville
Neville Perry
July 12, 2024
I will always remember him gone to soon.Corne he was a loving bubble person,with a good ♥ And he was calling me Maureentjie when he was happy.And Maureentjie she's the nanny an housekeeper in their home.Sending my loving thoughts after a terrible loss.Losing a son,brother,husband and father is a truly heartbreaking experience,and you have my deepest sympathies.Your memories of him bring you comfort during this difficult time!! We will miss you daddy.May Your Soul Rest In Pease. Maureen Nkwane
Maureen Nkwane
July 12, 2024
Jy is my seun sedert 1976 af. Ons was so bly toe jy gebore is, nie lank na Christine nie. Sy het altyd by die baba geboer, ons moes mooi kyk. Sy het gepraat van my "bloertjie" en haar bloertjie toe hy begin praat het, aangesteek om sy "r"e te bry. Dit het altyd met jou gebly. Jy was altyd nuuskierig om te weet hoe goed werk, waar kom die wolke vandaan, hoe werk n toilet. Jou karretjies is daarin gegooi en dan trek jy die handvatsel dat dit wegspoel en pa moes die munisipale span kry om die geblokte drein oop te maak. Jy was so opgewonde om weer jou speelgoed terug te kry.
Daar is so baie om jou aan te onthou, hoe geduldig jy my geleer het hoe die internet werk. Ek onthou jou het jy en Woudré gesukkel om vir my en pa om n tafel te kry om ouers te vra. Daar het altyd iets voorgeval. En dat jh vir "Dad" Neville dadelik aanvaar het en vir die kinders gesê het hy is hulle oupa.
Jy en Woudré was altyd vir my n voorbeeld as toegewyde ouers wat julle kinders na die beste van julle vermoëns wou ontwikkel.
Ons was nie daar nie, die Here was daar toe die beker vir jou te swaar geword het om te drink. Dankie vir al jou liefde
Joey van Zyl Perry
July 12, 2024
Very sad news to hear of your passing. You always managed to stay calm and cheerful through the roughest of storms. Your sense of humour could not be matched. Rest Easy, and you will be missed.
Bathandwa Mbovane
July 12, 2024
C1! CvZ! Our bunny leader!
Thank you for being part of my life...u and I had some deep, insightful chats and those I will carry with me...
Your last message to me was,"Hope that you ok..."
With all the hours spent together each day I will forever know someone cared...farewell Corne...
Deitre Jardine
July 12, 2024
Turns out you were not just my cousin, but also one of my best friends.

From reading the memory wall, it is clear that you loved and were loved.

We have many good memories that we can recall when we miss you.

I thank you for your friendship, love, and sense of humour.

Be well, my friend and cousin

Looking forward to seeing you again when it is my time to return to the Father.

-Werner Roux
Werner Roux
July 12, 2024
Corne, I will always remember you as a dad that loved his girls to bits and impressed me with all the time you spent with them.
You were more than just my boss but had the amazing ability to connect with people on a personal level so we could call you friend.
I will treasure all the chats we had the wacky ones as well as the heartfelt
You will be missed Corne by all those whose lives you touched and I will especially miss your dry humor and silly memes that always made me laugh out loud.
You were a special person and will always remain a fond memory with me. Thank you for being my friend, always willing to listen and guide and for adding your wacky sense of joy to the day
Cheers to you and may you
continue to rock in the afterlife...I will miss you friend
Simantha Moodley
July 11, 2024
" There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they gone the light remains " I honestly am in so much shock and disbelief...... Een van die mooiste en opregste mense . C1 you gave me a reason to believe in good and made me believe in myself again. Ek Kan nooit genoeg dankie se ... You weren't just a manager but a incredible friend. You really cared so much about us as individuals and lived a life where u showed people what sincere means. I can only thank u for who u were and showing what it means to be a good human being. The love u had for ur wife and daughters are commendable and So special. You leaving footprints in all of our hearts that we will always carry with us. This is not goodbye... Heaven has gained an incredible special person C1. Forever in our hearts and never forgotten.
Corné (C2)
July 11, 2024
Wow Corne, you AMAZING soul.
Thank you for the beautiful journey we walked together.
Thank you for ALWAYS being there for me.
I won't miss your stupid memes 😂 but I am gonna miss our phone calls and meetups. You touched sooo many lives and I hope today you see the beautiful impact you had on everyone you met along the way.
May you be a kick ass Angel 😇 to the girls and Woudre. Haunt your brother for making you pay taxes for the Lego gift he bought you 😂
May your light continue to shine.
I'm at peace if you are at peace 🕊️
Rest well my friend 🌠
Berlina Pale
July 11, 2024
My liefste Konyn,

As ek aan jou dink, is daar net goeie herinneringe.

Kom ek noem ‘n paar voorbeelde:

- Toe ons klein was het jy hard probeer om my te leer om meer as net ‘n muur in Lego te bou.
- As tiener is dit nie hoog op jou prioriteitslys om “family gatherings” by te woon nie. Jy het egter altyd gesorg dat ons na in naweek in Pta, met ‘n seer maag huis toe gaan van al die lag.
- Jy het die myners in Welkom gewys hoe om op ACDC te dans met jou lang hare, as jy skool vakansies by ons kom kuier het.
- Sybie was in die hospitaal na ‘n blinde derm operasie. Hy kon slegs onslaan word na sy eerste stoelgang. Jy het het toe op jou droë manier aangebied om vir hom ‘n “drol” erns te gaan steel.
Sybie het nie gedink dit is snaaks nie, aangesien dit baie seer was om te lag na die operasie.
- Jy het vir my ‘n date gereël met Arthur na julle matriekafskeid. (Ek het later besef dat hy die gawe by Joey geerf het.😊) Ek kon die aand duidelik sien hoe geliefd jy onder jou vriende was.
- Ons tyd in Londen, wel what happened in London stays in London!
- Na ons geswot het & begin werk het, het jy elke naweek van Alberton af na my toe gekom, met ‘n bier, sodat ons verder kyk aan ons Star Trek dvd’s.
- Behalwe dat jou troue vrek lekker was, sal ek nooit vergeet hoe mooi & gelukkig jy & Woudre gelyk het nie.
- Jy het altyd vir my genoem dat dit belangrik is vir jou dat jou kinders ‘n sin vir humor moet hê. Wel, hoe anders as ‘n pa wat die beste humor sin het wat ek ken!
- Dit was amper ‘n kompetisie om in COVID te kyk wie ‘n supplier vir sigarette kan kry. Net sodat ons daarna weer by Allan Car ‘n kursus moes boek om op te hou met die slegte gewoonte.
- Jy het die vermoë gehad om eers mooi te luister & dan op jou sagte benadering jou opinie te lewer.

Konyn, jy los ‘n groot leemte. Ek gaan jou mis.

Baie liefde tot ons mekaar weer sien,
nig Chellie
July 11, 2024
You had the best humour and made work a little lighter and brighter. You will be missed
Janine Geldenhuys
July 11, 2024
Corné, we’ll miss you. I’m probably still in shock. But all I can remember are good memories. Do you remember how we drove through Pretoria’s streets with your brown VW Beetle? We could drive forever, just listening to music. You loved a tape of Rolling Stones’ early hits. ‘Tiiiiiiime is on my side, yes it is!’ I’ve been listening to that song again lately.

I was lucky to have been 4 years younger and to have had you as my older brother. You were in matriek and I was in standerd ses. You taught me everything I needed to know to be cool at school. “If someone asks you whether you like jazz or blues, say blues because it’s easier to listen to. Doc Martins and Nirvana are not cool. Do not listen to techno. Leonardo DiCRAPio is nie cool nie.” I listened to you, Corné, without any doubt. And you instilled a counter culture sentiment in me that’s still there. Perhaps you were programming me like you would program your computers so that I wouldn’t embarrass you at school. And it must have worked, because after you had returned from a gap year in the UK, we were inseparable for several years while you worked, studied, partied and lived a bohemian life.

(Those who met Corné later would never have guessed that he was once skinny and had shoulder-length hair. He looked a bit like The Dude from Big Labowski mixed with Eddie Vedder.

I was no doubt very proud of him and very honoured to hang out with him. He got me into bars in Hatfield when I was just 16 or 17, we watched Casper de Vries live, he was so generous with his money - a bit too generous - and would stick me for a pint and pub lunch whenever he had a chance. He even took me to Thailand once.

That was Corné’s kind spirit. He was outgoing and loved cynical jokes. He was always reading thrillers, lying on the couch to catch TV shows or watch cult movies. Musically, he got stuck at AC-DC, I think. That raw energy and Angus Young’s stage antics never seized to entertain him.)

And I have to mention your chocolate cake. When we were peckish after school in the afternoon, you would just make a chocolate cake and we would eat it all without any icing. And what about your signature dish: Moerbei Hoender. (Recipe: make a chicken stew and just MOER alles by. Watookal daar is in die yskas, moer dit in die stew…)

I wish I had appreciated you more.

Later on we settled and we both worked hard. My life took me to PE, East London, China and finally Japan. Although we always kept in contact, we drifted apart somewhat. Especially the last years after your aneurysm I felt frustrated at times not being able to reconnect. But Corne, I know you were giving that same love and attention you once showed me to others, especially your family - wife and children. And as your energy waned and the pain waxed, you saved it all for the kids; work; staying sane.

It was just way too soon.

In honour of our Thailand trip in 2003, I went to the local temple and ignited a bunch of incense sticks. They were still smoking when I left an hour later. The rain came down and I can remember you watching Leaving Las Vegas many years ago … and I heard it on the wind… whispered… and it said: it’s better to burn out than fade away.
Michael van Zyl
July 11, 2024
I will always remember Corné as a kind and caring person who loved his family. He was not just a manager to me, he became a dear friend. He supported me and made time to not only grow me as an individual in his team but also as a person.
I learnt so much from him. I will fondly remember our morning catch-ups before our work day started, how he enjoyed spicy food. His love for Lego. He brought balance to our workspace and even when i left he made sure to keep in touch and share about our lives.
His dry humour and warmth will be missed. Thank you for being you Corné, for remembering one interaction with me and giving me a chance to be part of your team and become your friend. The impact you made in my life will never be forgotten. I will miss you dearly.
Sarah Govender
July 11, 2024
Corné was the best dad I could ever have! He was always there for me and my sisters. He would always cheer us up through difficult times.

At first, he may seem cold- hearted but he is an understanding person with a warm heart.

He is a great listener and an amazing story teller. No one could ever replace him.

Corné always had a very creative mind and imagination. He has inspired me to continue doing what I love.

Thank you Corné, you taught me to be stronger and more supportive to others.

I am very happy to have a father like him until it lasted.
Clara Van Zyl
July 11, 2024
Goeiemôre Corné. Ek onthou nog jou en Woudré se troue by The Cradle of Mankind of iewers asof dit gister was, en ek het nou uitgewerk dit was twintig jaar gelede! Die venue was idillies en die drie klassieke musikante se mini konsert voor die diens was as't ware stilte voor die storm. Toe jy jou toespraak begin het die DJ so rock insetsel gespeel om jou van stryk af te bring, en jou spontane reaksie was om 'n Elvis move te gooi! Mikrofoon by die mond, gepunte linkerhand in die lug, en jou bene gedraai op 'n manier wat meer Elvis as Elvis was. Jy is skerp witty, spontaan, liefdevol, intelligent. Jy trek mense aan met jou gentle nature,' n peoples magnet so te sê. Ons praat later. Dis nog donker hier en ek wens die lig wil weer begin skyn.
Theunis Roux
July 10, 2024
Wow Corne, I cannot believe that there will not be an opportunity again to ask how u are doing and to grab a coffee again!
We supported one another at Ebucks as colleagues and good friends, solving world problems over a cup of Flight coffee in the mornings at Bank City. If we skipped a day, the Flight barista would ask where we were the previous day....:-) I think we had shares in Flight as we were often the first ones at work promptly at 6am and the first customers knocking on Flight's door for hot cuppachinos.

Your family was always your pride and joy and the primary passion in your life. We often shared Boxer dog stories! Brandy the family boxer dog, pulling her blankets out of her dog house, only for you to go out into the pouring rain to put it back again. U understood that Boxers was my passion and u always made time to ask how my dogs were doing after sickness or health scares. It made things a bit easier.

Finding a Lego special online was another interest of yours. I sometimes wondered where u found the time to build all your Lego sets.

My friend, thank u so much for caring about others and being such a caring and loving person. Thank u for being YOU. You were a very special friend to me and will always be.
Until we meet again, go well.
Lizelle Botha
July 10, 2024
My liefste neef, jy was n besonderse mens. Jy het elke kuier altyd opgehelder met jou se goed en grappies. Jy is baie spesiaal vir ons almal.
Baie liefde nog n niggie
Karin Herbst
July 10, 2024
Corne was the best work colleague I ever had the pleasure to work with. His continuous humour meant there was never a dull day at the office. One of our favourite things to share was the Chuck Norris memes! When Corné left Cape Town many years ago, there was a huge void at work. I am so happy that I got to spend time with him last year October when he was in Cape Town for work. We never took a photo this time! Corné always spoke so fondly of his daughters and of course Woudré, he loved sharing all his proud stories. He was a very proud Husband and Dad. He will be missed dearly. My sincere condolences to all of his family ❤️
Cindy Greeff


We will come together to remember and pay tribute to our wonderful person. While we mourn the loss of our Corné, we also aim to cherish the moments shared and the joy he brought into our lives. Your presence would mean a great deal to us during this time of remembrance and reflection.

Should you wish to attend the viewing:
Date: Monday 15 July 2024
Time: 09:00 to 10:00
Location: AVBOB, Moreleta Park (902 Rubenstein Drive)

The Service location and time is below:
Morgenzon Estate
Plot 12 Airport Road
Cynthiavale AH / Doornpoort
Monday 15 July 2024 at 11:00
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