Christy Brown

October  24th, 1989 May  15th, 2024
Christy Brown

Some Man, for One Man.


Firstly, I want to thank you all for coming today, for the kind words we have received as a family and sharing your photos and tributes to Christy. The past month has been filled with shock, immense sadness, and grief, but all your prayers and words of support are helping us try to navigate life without him. We very much appreciate every flower, card, funny story, and warm memory…knowing we are not alone in remembering how much he meant to so many.

Today is hard for lots of reasons, knowing how much he would have loved all this adoration, him never knowing how much people thought of him and how proud he made us all, but importantly how amusing he would find this, having me stood here in front of you all telling you how great he was.

But the truth is, it is an honour to stand here as your sister, bursting with pride as to the man you were, knowing you would do the exact same for me. You were my best friend, my biggest cheerleader and unwavering in your support and love in any way I needed. This is the longest we have not spoken and I feel like part of me is missing, to not wake up to your weekend messages, in the early hours, of memes and videos you know I will find funny, who is going to unquestionably have my back but tell me when I am being irrational and fill my head with awful jokes.

I would like to say our relationship had always been like this, but the truth is we fought a lot as kids, he was my annoying little brother who constantly wanted attention, was always trying to playfight and wind me up, bear hugs being his favourite tactic that he still did until this day. He would tell anyone that would listen the hardship he had as my brother, forced to spend his birthday every year at Pontins for my dance competitions and his weekends in school halls for feis’ but he loved it really, Irish dancing not so much, his lessons didn’t last very long, as much as mum tried. But from this we have amazing memories, travelling around Ireland, numerous trips to Dublin and made lifelong friendships.

Christy was a particular accident-prone child and a regular visitor to A&E, his most notable scar being his missing fingertip, who for anyone that asked, would be told he got hungry and ate it! He was inquisitive, forever taking his toys apart and never being able to put them back together, but his passion was always football, Liverpool his team. He never went anywhere without a ball, finding the nearest available wall to continually thud it against. I know he cherished his time playing for Coundon Cockerels and was a decent goalie in his prime, even then being selfless and understanding his role in supporting others, Gaelic followed for Finbarr’s, usually thrown on to makeup the numbers and later a love of watching Rugby with Dad and Uncle Dan. In recent years he was always on the touchline, supporting whenever he could, probably one of the only alarms he ever actually got up for.

Christy's sense of humour was unmatched, his quick whit and sarcasm would never fail to brighten your day even in the most serious of situations. Sometimes he went a little too far, we will not go into his days at Comet! But he was a wind up, something he took great pleasure in if he got a rise from you, loved informing you when you were wrong and an endless source of useless facts.

He loved watching live comedy and remember the last gig we went too, to see Jack Whitehall, his silent mutley laugh whilst scrunching his face up is when something really got him. I will never not miss this. But for those that knew him well, oh he could be moody, sulk and be defiantly stubborn, but in honesty if you were ever on the receiving end of this, know it is because he cared and only ever wanted the best for you.

Growing up as pub kids as we referred to it, apart from the endless supply of pop and crisps and the never-ending fun of the pool table, we learnt the value of friendship and community, something Christy took forward to the Rugby Club and the Four P’s. There are many here today and from our time at St Osburg’s whose relationships he still held dear and impacted him greatly. It may surprise you to know, Dad and I had a hard job getting him behind the bar initially, his argument being, he did not like people, especially drunk ones, he did not have the patience and did not like the drama.

Well, who would have thought Christy Brown, look at what you have achieved, the legacy you leave behind.

Much more than a brother, he was a constant for me and many others; to find such trust, loyalty, and respectfulness in one person, his selflessness knew no bounds. Many friends became family over the years, and I am grateful for the love and support he had in helping him shine, to the Ceairns, Doherty’s Fitzpatrick’s and Freddie & co and for everyone who ever made him a tea, willingly or not Thank you!

Of all the things Christy gave me, his love for our girls was without doubt the best. Darcy & Ellie felt your love through every facetime, every cuddle, sing along to wagon wheel in the car, sausage and chip dinner and secret ice-creams you thought I never knew about. It was mutual and unconditional, who else would sleep through your snoring!! The joy I saw they brought you was captivating, how proud you were, showing them off and the selfies, so many selfies with them! Darcy’s recent school craft project was to recreate a model of where she enjoyed spending time, of course it was a replica of Uncle Christy’s Pub, pool table and all, made from a clover tub, how fitting!! they will never forget their time with you.

Christy and dad or tweedle dee and tweedled dumb as I refer to them were inseparable. Dad you were his idol, the stories which we now hear of him are a testament to you and the values and life lessons you and mum taught him. His greatest aspiration was to be half the man you are and in his short 34 years, he more than achieved this. He really was like no other and our lives will be a little less without him in it.

As friends have recently said, he was Some man for one man.

We will talk of you often.

Ina bit Brown xxx

                                                                 To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.


With profound sorrow, we announce the passing Christopher Thomas Brown, known for his unwavering kindness, compassion and who sadly left this world too soon on May 15, 2024

Christy was a true gentleman. Extremely caring, thoughtful and impeccably witty. Someone you could always rely on. He had the ability to make light of any situation and was always a shoulder to cry on.

A cherished son, brother, uncle and beloved friend, Christy's presence was a blessing. We will forever cherish the memories and the love he brought into our lives

Friends and family are invited to celebrate Christy's life and legacy on his online memorial page. Here, we can share our memories, thoughts, and stories, keeping his spirit alive in our collective hearts. Christy's impact on our lives was profound, and it is through these shared moments that we can continue to honour his memory

Rest in peace, Christy. You will be deeply missed but forever remembered by so many who were lucky enough to have known you.  



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June 17, 2024
Christy, a young man taken too soon. A true gentleman who always took time for a chat, who always wanted to know about my welfare rather than tell me about his own. After I was ill the first question was “how are you” such a caring man. A witty, humourless man with a ready smile with a big heart. Generous to a fault. RIP Christy, sleep easy young man.
Robert Villette
May 28, 2024
Saddend to hear of your passing Christy, I remember the first time meeting you when we played football together for coundon Always laughing and joking rest easy mate. Sending all my love to your friends and family ❤️xx
Matthew Richardson
May 25, 2024
Rest In Eternal Peace Christy. 🕊So many lovely memories, right back to the days Carly & I danced together. Thank you for always being there & for being a true loyal friend to Kevin.
We are all heart broken 💔!
Good night God bless Christy.
Love Andrina, Patricia, Daniel, Coragh & Seanie x
Tricia Fitzpatrick
May 23, 2024
Christy my lovely friend. So saddened to hear of your passing. You brightened up any day I saw you, always with the biggest smile and hug whenever I needed it. A true gentlemen, so kind & caring. You will be dearly missed xx
Nesh & Steve
May 23, 2024
Christy, it was my pleasure to have known you and to have been your barber for 15 years X
Dean Holland
May 23, 2024
What a shock that you're gone. You've be taken far too soon. Remembering going into the 4Ps and as soon as you saw us, you'd be pouring the drinks ready for us. Quick witted and funny, gentle and caring. We've lost a really really good bloke. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam x
Tara and David
May 23, 2024
My deepest sympathy on such a tragic event. My thoughts are with his family and friends
Robin Elms
May 23, 2024
Mr Christy Brown ,
I worked with you some years ago , pre- beard but still as cheeky..!
In the nicest possible way , I had trouble keeping up with your dry sense of humour.
I had the pleasure of meeting your dad at the rugby club so I can see where the character came from...
I tried on a number of occasions to come and see you at the 4 P's ..but you were never there, or knew I was coming! , and before you know it , time has passed which has taught me a lesson to not put off until tomorrow , keeping in touch today.
I hope you knew how many of us still talked highly of you , how fondly you will be remembered and how sadly you'll be missed.

Dennis and Donna walker
Dennis walker
May 23, 2024
Christy you were taken away too soon a good soul with a big heart you will be missed by many but never forgotten RIP
Lorette Shufflebotham
May 22, 2024
Was really sad to read this meet Christy many many times he had a heart of gold.
Will miss your smile & laughter.
Will think of u always.
Gone but never forgotten
Love me & the family xx
Annmarie Obrien
May 22, 2024
RIP Christy,you were a true gentleman,the best barman and listener, the best friend and you made the perfect green frog. You will be missed by every person that has had the pleasure of meeting you. Sending love,thoughts and prayers to his friends and family. Fester
Paul "Fester"
May 22, 2024
Heavens gain is earths loss. A true kind, funny, genuine, helpful, considerate & caring person you were Christy. Such a tragic loss to all that loved you. RIEP Christy, from us all xxx
Joanne & Steph Hill
May 22, 2024
RIP Christy, an absolute gentleman and a great loss to the 4P's community. ☘️🇮🇪🍀
Joe Donnelly
May 22, 2024
Was a pleasure to have met you and get to know you in the few years I've been coming to 4ps, christy, a true gentleman with a pure heart of gold
Lynn webster
May 22, 2024
I am devastated to hear the very sad news of Christys passing. He was such a gentleman and always a smile and friendliest greeting when I arrived into the Four Provinces. Christy will be sadly missed by myself and everyone who knew him.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Christys family circle and friends.. May he rest in peace, 💚
Mairtin Ó HUigin
May 22, 2024
When you hear that someone isn’t with us anymore, usually you think about your one to one memories with them. The many nights we sat, chatted and gave each other abit of stick. You never held a grudge and kept the ‘I Love Derby’ Harry Potter figure up behind the bar even though it was not in keeping with the decor!! I think you don’t ever fully appreciate someone until they’re gone. I’ll miss you buddy, hopefully you’re somewhere better looking down on us all. RIP x
Dan McSheffrey
May 22, 2024
You will be missed by all Christy, lovely bloke , could chat about anything and everything. Rest in peace.. Sham mc
Seamus mcsheffrey
May 21, 2024
You will be so missed Christy…from the first day I arrived in Coventry you were there for me and I will forever be grateful for your kindness and friendship. From our trips to Morrisons and chats in the office to Sunday sesh’s you had a heart of gold and everyone knew it ❤️
Shauna Lynch
May 21, 2024
Christy you were a true legend and really one of a kind who had such a profound impact not only on me but so many of my friends and family.

You were always taking the piss out of me and making me laugh. It was only last week you were messaging to say I was dressed like a picnic table and I'm devastated that that was that last joke we'd share. You really filled every conversation with laughter and fun.

Whilst you were a source of fun, laughter and hilarious piss taking, you were a fantastic friend, the most caring man, a listening ear and a genuine real one. You always had genuine care for everyone you associated yourself with whether that was checking in if people were okay or looking after people and making sure they were safe at the pub.

You were a great friend and will never be forgotten, Love & miss you loads already xx

May 21, 2024
RIP Christy, a true gentleman that the angels have called home too soon.. Fly high you beautiful soul.
Claire Brolly
May 21, 2024
a lovely guy who made you feel so welcome, heart and soul of the pppps, will be greatly missed! rip christy
dave Savage
May 21, 2024
Christy brown what a gentleman had the crack with you Saturday when we beat the huns always smiling nothing ever to much , miss you pal hail hail Jmck
John McKenna
May 20, 2024
First got tae ken Christy when our Coventry Emerald Celtic Supporters Club took up the 4p's as our home base. A much Loved an Respected guy, funny, helpful wi a Heart o' Gold, a privilege tae call him a friend, still canna believe this, the 4p's will no feel the same wioot Chrsty an ehm gonnae miss his usual "2 Worthies Tam ??" as soon as me an Lynn walk in. Sleep tight Christy we'll never Forget you, 💚🍀🙏🇮🇪🙏☘️💚
Tam Adams
May 20, 2024
When I was involved with St John Fishers fc, Christy always made time to come and talk to me and made me feel so welcome. From the start it was like you knew him as he always had a smile a hello and a story to tell you.
Even though I didn’t know him that long, I had the up most respect for him and again I say it, he made you feel so welcome. Rest in peace Christy gone to soon. ❤️
Andy Lee
May 20, 2024
Christy was always a lovely guy and couldn’t do more for our football team on a Sunday. He always made sure we felt like the P’s was our home. Sundays won’t be the same, no day in the P’s will be the same without Christy. On a personal note I’ll miss our chats and laughs greatly.

Rest in Peace.

Love the Four P’s FC.
Tommy Winter
May 19, 2024
Myself & my friend met Christy during covid when they started opening pubs. We went to the 4P’s & he was getting us shots for us out drinking the men on surrounding tables. When we said that we didn’t want to be too drunk as we wanted to make sure we’d be able to get safely into a taxi, he promised to make sure that happened.
He & Alex made sure ever time since that night & we got into a taxi safe. We chose & choose the 4P’s for our night out because of these wonderful people. It’s such a loss & a shame that you left so soon Christy, such a gent. I’ll get Olympia that s**t shot every time we’re in the 4P’s in your memory.
Rest easy, it was an honour mate xx
Joanne Kennedy
May 19, 2024
Christy Brown, you really were one of kind. Although you would usually come out with the likes of “who decided you were allowed to play the music” or “don’t get your hopes up mate you’ll still be getting a cab home on your own”, we all knew that if you were rinsing us, we were somehow in your good books! Having drank in the pub for several years you really did become a good mate, someone who we as a group relied on a lot. You were always there to listen to us moan and just waffle shit if we had been having a rough time. All I can say is thank you for all the great times, we’ve all had a beer down here for you today my mate, rest easy. We’ll keep filling that dance floor (even if you did hate having to tell us how good we were every now and again!) ❤️
May 19, 2024
To my old mate Christy, you will be truly missed. Although I didn't know for as long as some, we had some great times in the late 2000's and into the 2010's where our lives revolved around football, the pubs in Earlsdon and dodgy clubs, and you practically living in our flat on weekends. We had great banter with you over the years, notably the sh*t beard, the plain burger, enjoying Villa beat Liverpool at Wembo in the Villa end, and FIFA competitions with Kev taking home that wooden spoon every Sunday night. Waking up to find you on my sofa snoring your head off on a Sunday morning in your boxers was part of the fun in hindsight. You were always the one we could rely on to get someone home who went too hard, usually Kev, Sam or Jimbo. I know how close you were to your family and those who became family, thoughts with them especially at this difficult time. Take it easy mate, Dan
May 19, 2024
Glad I got to talk with you one last time. Always good to see you. One of the good guys. 💚❤️
Pete Spelman
May 19, 2024
A true gentleman and friend, my heart is broken beyond repair, r.i.p mate x.
Derek Moir
May 19, 2024
Christy… the Four P’s Will never be the same.. it was tough watching Celtic lift the trophy yesterday, knowing you’ll never pour me a pint again. Will truly miss you xx
Dave Moir
May 19, 2024
To my mate Christy Brown... i am so thankful for being part of my life and the honour of calling you a friend. I would like to initially say how you were a part of the usual jokey banter of loserville where we all recognised that being a loser was cool... as a bar man and pub man your banter was second to none! I loved the way you could walk into the pub in a abit of mood and then you'd see you and realise i can't be that bad, look at Christy! But that was the thing, it was always a front... once you got past that initial front you'd get greeted with a one liner or quip where you'd go 'who put 50p in Christy' particularly that was prevelant when you'd just of said hello, an hour later had passed and id say the same joke/story for the 4th time and you'd see Christy's head pop up and go 'same story Lynch' you bastard! Ill miss this! But more importantly was the real Christy Brown... the one where during some dark days over the years id wander over the pub he would be there for you, great listener, tell you you were an ejit almost like a confessional box, confess your problems and walk away a lil bit free-er.
I think back to two of the best lads trips i have ever been on and it was a 4ps trip to Dublin but also for our 30ths a trip to Boston for St Patricks day followed by a drive to New York via Coventry, Rhode Island... some of the greatest of memories that cannot be taken away where you were such an integral part of why they were so great!
In summary whilst i am very sad and will miss you I realise how lucky i was to have known you and got to call a mate.
Rest in Peace mate, ill keep telling those stories x
May 19, 2024
Christy I will miss you so much, from coming here as a young boy eating all the bread and sausages then leaving an iou 😆 to popping in on a Monday for a gossip or going for lunch. you have always been such a big part of our family. I'm so glad I spent time with you on Monday and I could give you a kiss and a hug not knowing it would be the last time. RIP Christy and give Denis a hug from me xx
Donna Doherty
May 19, 2024
Christy brown, my brother from another mother. We followed each other through life always seeming to be in the same kind of places at the same time, always just a text message away or a pop into work to say hello. I hope you knew just how much you meant and just how devastating loosing you has been. Rest in peace my dear friend.All my love xxx
Louise brown
May 19, 2024
It’s so hard to put into words quite the impact Christy had on my life. I first met Christy working at the 4p’s on New Years Eve 2016 and he quickly became a close friend and confidant. In the years to follow after I left the pub, Christy was always there whenever I needed him and supported me through the darkest time after losing my Grandad and went above and beyond to organise his wake at the pub to ensure my family could have a ‘normal’ send off during COVID. Walking up the steps (or shoved through the back door depending on how busy it was) to the pub, Christy was always on hand with a smile and a £1 for the pool table!! Christy always took great delight in telling me I never wore anything other than a polka dot top on a night out… he wasn’t wrong! Things will never seem quite the same again and words will never quite articulate the loss I feel. Thinking of Tom and the rest of the family at this incredibly sad time.
Thank you for everything Christy, your friend, Beth (Phil) xx
Beth Smalldon
May 19, 2024
A great friend of Coventry Bears and will always be grateful for your time and efforts working our games at the BPA and talking rugby in the 4 provinces. Thoughts with all the family and Tom our heart goes out to you. From Alan and all the Coventry Bears
Alan Robinson
May 19, 2024
Christy,you were YOU and that's what people loved. You will be missed by many my friend ... RIP my mate "Crispie"
Eric Richardson
May 19, 2024
Rest easy little couz ❤️
Lauren Davies
May 19, 2024
One of a kind, I am going to miss walking up those steps and seeing your face as I walk into the pub. Working with you and being part of your life was truly the best and I am so lucky to have had such a person like you in my life. You loved winding us all up but you were always there for us no matter what, always the listener and being there for everyone. Your hugs were the best and our waltz dancing either when I would be drunk or grabbing the chance when we would be working. Popping into our house for a cups of tea and catching up from the weekend, letting me cook your favourite dinners and you looking after our Freddie🐾. You are our best friend and I will never forget you. I love you and miss you and wish I could have one more hug 💚💚
May 18, 2024
It feels weird writing this. It still doesn’t feel real. I’ve never known anyone so selfless and so caring. Whether it was making sure I got home okay, a little gift to cheer me up, a parked car therapy session or saving the day when I broke the front door - the list would fill the yellow pages. You were always there for me. You were there for everyone. It’s like you had the gift of knowing exactly what to say and how to then immediately take the piss and crack a joke. The king of sarcasm and a massive wind up merchant. You were one of a kind Christie. We’ve had so many memories over the last 10+ years and I’m so grateful that I got to have you in my life - even if it was cut too short. You were a coworker, a cinema buddy, a housemate but so much more, you were family. Rest easy Chicken Nugget x x x
Rachel Scott
May 18, 2024
Way to young mate. I love your shit banter but we had a right laugh. Cheers for always being there. We're all miss you.
Sam Richardson
May 18, 2024
The driest of humour, the kindest of souls. You made a big impression Christy in your far too short time on this earth. Rest easy and love to all the family. Xxxx
Hayley Malone
May 18, 2024
RIP Christy, thanks for all the memories ❤️ you will be missed by many xxx
Erin Fenton


We will come together to remember and pay tribute to the wonderful man that was Christy. Your presence would mean a great deal to us during this time of remembrance and reflection.

The service will start on Sunday 16th June. Leaving from The Four Provinces, for the reception into St Osburg Roman Catholic Church at 5:00PM.

Monday 17th June at 11:15PM the requiem mass will take place at St Osburg Roman Catholic Church. 

Followed by the committal at Cannon Hill Chapel, Canley Crematorium at 12:45PM

Reception to be held at Coventry Rugby Club, Butts Arena. 
St Osburg Roman Catholic church 
Monday 17th June at 11:15AM


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