Christiana Eniola Omosebi

April  2nd, 1946 April  30th, 2024
Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
Christiana Eniola Omosebi


The family of Christianah Eniola Omosebi is saddened to announce her passing on the 30th Of April at the age of 78 Years.

She will be lovingly remembered by her husband of 50 years, Engr. Kunle Omosebi; children: Oladotun, Olusola, Olutayo, Olumayowa, Taiwo and Kehinde; and grandchildren: Morayo, Moyinoluwa, Damilola, Nifemi, Jadesola, Funmilayo, Oluwadara and Oluwaferanmi; brother: Adenipekun Haastrup; sister: Olori Bosede Ilesanmi; as well as numerous relatives and friends.

Mrs Christianah Eniola Omosebi was born 78 years ago into the family of Pa Elijah Oke and Madam Beatrice Obasola Oke, nee Owopetu, of Ikoti Street Ilesa, Osun State. Her father worked in the wood processing industry, while her mother was a businesswoman. Being the eldest female child in a large family, Christianah had both interesting and challenging times during her childhood. This humble beginning must have stirred up an instinct of hard work and excellence in her in all aspects of her life.

Her Education
Her Primary School Leaving Certificate was obtained in Ilesha town at Methodist Primary School, Oke Ese. She then proceeded to Atakumosa High School, Osu in Atakumosa West Local Government of Osun State, where she graduated in the year 1963. Here, she was the Games Prefect and amongst the first set of graduates. She was also a sprinter during this period and led on Track & Field, excelling particularly in 100-metre races and the last leg of relay races. She represented the school at Sporting events, often being at the forefront of sporting activities. Her favourite subject was Arithmetic.

Her Life and Career
Upon completing her Senior School Certificate Examination, she taught for over three years at Ifewara High School in Atakumosa West Local Government of Osun State.

Not satisfied with her level of education, she proceeded to study nursing and practiced as a nurse for some years. Yet, while she felt inclined towards the nursing profession, she decided to move to the accounting profession and began working with National Bank, Ibadan, as her first posting. She worked in several locations and departments of the bank across the length and breadth of the country, and carried out her job with such joy, putting smiles on the faces of colleagues and friends who still attest to and appreciate her efforts till today. An accomplished and consummate professional, she was very passionate about both her job and her family.

Having put in numerous years of meritorious service in the banking profession, she bowed out gracefully and retired from National Bank in 1994. Retired but not tired, she made the astute decision to register and begin her own business in Gbagi market, Ibadan, one of the biggest fabrics markets in Nigeria. Here, she sold and distributed different types of textiles and accessories far and wide. Her hard work paid off as the business was hugely successful and experienced rapid and significant growth. Not forgetting God’s help and that of providence in her life, she engaged in silent philanthropism and gave of herself to all those around her.

Mrs Christianah Omosebi was happily married to Engr. Kunle Omosebi, an accomplished engineer and business owner. They are blessed with children and grandchildren who are equally blessed in their own rights. An ardent lover of God, church, family and friends, with several other talents/skills, Mrs Omosebi’s life and legacy certainly will continue to be a source of inspiration to many.


Born in Ikoti, Ilesa, Osun State
Primary School
Started Primary School at Methodist Primary School Oke-Ese, Ilesa Osun State
Secondary School
Started Secondary School at Atakumosa High School, Ilesa, Osun State
Graduated from Secondary School
Married Her Husband - Engr. Kunle Omosebi


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July 6, 2024
Mummy Omosebi, you loved us and our children genuinely. You were always happy to see the best of our children, IniOluwa and TiwalOluwa. You often asked after them, tracking their activities to ensure they succeed in life. You never called me by name but rather, Mama Ini with respect despite the age difference. You kept inviting us for lunch and other functions thus socializing with us at a close range. Your death really pained me, but God knows best. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen .
Mrs Ayileka
July 3, 2024
Adieu Grandma – Grandma, as I fondly called you of late, you were an epitome of love and had a large heart. Growing
up, you made my siblings and I feel at home. We could see our sisters at will, especially during the holidays and you
always looked after us well. Fast forward and suddenly, age caught up and I began to really appreciate the woman
that you are. We were together just last February, and I never knew it would be the last time. Thank you, grandma, for
all the beautiful memories, thank you for the bond of love that you created amongst us all. Adieu grandma.
June 26, 2024
It's a shock for me to learn about the demise of Mrs Omosebi, a pleasant and highly respected and responsible woman just some days after a ceremony in Iperindo. She radiant as usual. She would be remembered for for playing a good role in the life of her siblings. Her death is painful to say the least. May the Lord comfort the family. When comes another avatar! May her soul rest in peace.
Adedeji Haastrup
June 23, 2024
Mum, the last moments we spent together kept playing in my mind whenever I am going through your pictures. You were telling me what to ask God for whenever I prayed but I wasn't patient enough to ask you, 'why those things?' I still refer to those moments as the last time I saw you alive.

I knew you for your kindness, compassion and generosity to everyone that crossed your path. I remember the day I returned from Uni with friends I wanted to help get to Lagos, not knowing that Ibadan was the destination for that night. Despite the impromptu appearance, you still accommodated all of them and fed them like you were expecting us before.

As I pause here, I am overwhelmed with emotions because I never knew I will refer to you in past tense so quickly.

As I bid you goodbye, I will never forget you, for you are the mum I was privileged to have. You brought me into this world, and I would say it was a privilege being your son.
David Omosebi
June 20, 2024
Dear Mummy,
I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that you are truly gone. You are beautiful, generous, and powerful. Your loss is a void that no one can fill. Thank you for your support and love throughout the years. You will be missed! Adieu Ma.
Toyosi Omosebi
June 20, 2024
Grandma! Grandma!! Grandma!!!. The news of your death came as a rude shock to me..
You were full of life... And so passionate about humanity at large... I pray God gives you eternal peace 🕊️...Rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ . Amen 🙏
June 19, 2024
Elder Sister Omosebi, a quiet, simple and easy-going Coordinator of Group 23 is a highly revered member of the Elders Forum of Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministry. She was a diligent and God-fearing leader of class among leaders. She interacted with her member as Brothers & Sisters in true Christian fellowship. A philanthropist of an exceptional character in action and material things. She was a giver in accordance with the injunction of Christ in mind always. She loves all and always desire to be a helper of others in need. A leader who was always in search of her Group members to ensure their welfare is in order and that their Christian life is not compromised. A great listener and proactive action taker to her compatriots in the Elders Forum. She was an obedient, efficient, and passionate servant group leader. She was very dutiful all through her service years in the Forum. Our dear Sister, we will miss your faithfulness in service to the Lord among us, but we believe that we will meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ in His Kingdom to part no more.
Your Fellow Elders (MFM HQ Onike, Lagos)
June 19, 2024
Sweet mummy, it is very painful you left us so sudden; if it were possible to stop death from taking you away, I would have done that with every ounce of strength and power I had. You were truly a virtuous woman hard working who loved and cared for her children, family and all the people around you and you were also so loved. I still hear your voice when we discussed "Pele Funke, se alaafia ni". It is well. We loved you but God loves you more. Keep on resting in the bosom of our Lord until we meet to part no more. Good night beautiful mummy.
Olufunke Dawodu nee Owopetu
June 19, 2024
It is with a heavy heart that I write this tribute. Mummy, your departure has left a huge void in our lives. It was indeed a black Tuesday when we heard about your passing, but your memory will certainly forever remain in our hearts. You were a woman of remarkable strength, kindness, grace, and poise. Your stern demeanour hid a heart of gold filled with kindness and love. From the moment I joined the family, you welcomed me with open arms and an open heart. At first, I thought you were too stern, but I have come to realize that the sternness we all saw was just your way of hiding your soft heart. You treated me not as an in-law but as one of your own. When I was trying for a second child, your concern and prayers knew no bounds. You were always calling with prayers, offering comforting words, and sending me Manna water. You were indeed a Proverbs 31 woman. Your dedication to your family was unmatched. You were the pillar of the Omosebi family, always putting the needs of others before your own. Your love for your children, grandchildren, and extended family was evident in every action you took. You were also a woman of deep faith and conviction. You loved God and served Him until the end. You touched the lives of many, and your absence will be deeply felt by all who had the privilege of knowing you. As we bid you farewell, we take comfort in the many beautiful memories we shared with you. Your acts of kindness, your prayers, your telephone calls to check on me and the children, and even the occasional scolding and words of wisdom will live on in our hearts forever. Although you are no longer with us in person, your memories and legacy live on. Thank you, Mummy, for the love and legacy you have left behind. We will always cherish the time we had with you and look forward to seeing you on the resurrection day. Rest in peace, dear mother-in-love. You will be forever missed and forever loved.
Bolajoko Haastrup
June 19, 2024
Our mother of inestimable value, your demise is very painful. Moreso, with the circumstances of your sudden death. You were with us at our coronation at Kajola Bowaje Ijesa on 27/02/2024 as your usual practice as a mother figure; radiant, hale, and hearty. The announcement of your death on 30/04/2024 was most unexpected and devastating. Mama, as Christians who have hope, we shall meet again!
Oba Abiola Ilesanmi
June 19, 2024
Tribute to my loving wife - It has been difficult to describe appropriately the level of anguish the sudden death of my darling wife threw everybody in the Omosebi family into. She and I started as ordinary acquaintances between the sister of a friend in the adjacent and parallel streets in our hometown Ilesa. And with time, the relationship graduated to being closer and gravitating towards each other. And behold, we finally got married, to cut the story short. It became quite simple and easy thereafter to discover each other’s disposition to life, coming from same environment with same cultural background. My late wife, Eniola, was a supportive and caring wife, a loving mother, an intercessor, a caregiver, and a strategist. She was, though, a disciplinarian at home and at work too and our children got to understand her line of thought more when they later grew up and were on their own. For example, each of them, (male or female), was capable of preparing ANY type of food including our common favourite, pounded yam with “efo-riro” thereafter, as husband or as wife, just for the sake of previous thorough home training from their mother. With my type of job, when we were still young, where the employer posted me around to any part of the country at any time, she took effective control of the home front. The extended family on both sides were equally well managed to the satisfaction and amazement of some who were full of appreciation. The children did not lack any basic requirement as a result of my absence throughout those tough times. She was very hard working, even up to an advanced age and hated idleness. She was heavily involved in church activities, even in those churches she belonged to before finally relocating to Lagos and rose to the rank of a Co-Ordinator in our MFM Onike church till her death.

Her flare for hygienic environment and high standard in all facets of her life was very high. She knew and told you when your shoes did not match, or your dress or your cap do not relate to the style and colour of your outfit, all in her soft and usually friendly and convincing manner. Her kitchen must be meticulously clean, and the house maid would have to wash her hands many times during cooking. She also kept the washing machine very busy. She tried her best to impact so many lives in the area of humanitarian activities. Among the people who may mourn her more are those who may miss her assistance in paying school fees, those friends who usually waited for and enjoyed her largess in provision of small basic food items when in dire need, and those who rely on her for reimbursing their yearly rents, etc. She has been my pillar of support all along our marriage and since I had health challenges. She was the one arranging medical check-ups inside and outside the country for both of us. She ensured strict compliance with medical directives for me and her. She was the one representing the family in all activities and functions in which we were compulsorily committed. She was my Next-of-Kin in all my sensitive documents, etc. Now, I have to continue to live as a lonely widower till God allows our meeting again in the life beyond. What a great loss to me as her husband of fifty years, more so when there is no solution in sight and there may never be any? I will definitely miss her presence and companionship for the rest of my life. Adieu my darling wife and partner and may your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Engr Kunle Omosebi
June 9, 2024

Though our time together was fleeting the memories we made will forever be etched in my heart.
My confidant a woman with a sweet heart. Ever since I know you our relationship has been like a blood sister. She carries me along and we deliberate on her decisions. Anytime I visited you we talked and talked I will sit on your bed and gist.
One thing I like about you, you will tell me look at that place take that prayer points for either manna water or power must change hand. Am going to miss you a lot. I love you so much but God loves you more. Sleep on my Beloved Eniola till resurrection morning
June 7, 2024
Dear Sister, I never figured l would lose you this early.
It came to me as a shock when I eventually found out that you had gone to rest.
A fe yin sugbon Jesu fe yin juwalo.
Sleep well till we meet to part no more. May the Lord keep all that you left behind in Jesus name,amen.
Wuraola ibitoye (Nee Oke)
Wuraola Ibitoye
June 7, 2024
A great woman who has impacted lives all around the world with her kindness, wisdom, and love. She had no limit of warmth and giving. Mummy truly loved God and all things about God.

You left an indelible print in each life you touched and we will always remember Grandma for her love and kindness.

Rest in peace, Grandma Omosebi.
Titi Adediran
June 3, 2024
Oooh Mummy! It’s hard to believe that you’ve left us! The love of God radiated in you and gravitated to all of us. You loved my wife - Bolanle - very deeply, and you transferred that love to me and the children eventually. You were very pleasant, simple and compassionate. Above all, you love the Lord very dearly. We will all miss you, but our consolation is that you lived a good Christian life worthy of emulation, and we will still see again on the resurrection morning. Good night ma!
Oyekunle Oyediran
May 30, 2024
Mama Ibeji,

I was shocked to hear of your passing. I had been sending messages to you on Mother’s Day and other occasions, assuming you were just busy when I received no response.

In recent months, we had already started talking about our planned summer holidays as we did annually. We would spend hours on the phone talking in the summer months and sharing our holiday experiences.

Who are we to question God? He giveth and He taketh.

We have come so far, known each other for about 35 years, dating back to when you used to travel from Ibadan to purchase fabrics from my shop in Lagos Island.

We then went on to share the same designer; Palm Springs Fashion in Ibadan, and you would often help by taking my clothes there and bringing them back to Lagos. That is who you were. Always willing to help. You were always so selfless and willing to help anyone and everyone in need.

We began attending and worshipping at MFM church together at the headquarters in Yaba-Lagos, spending time before and after services talking and enjoying each other's company. We would always pray for our families asking God to continue to bless and protect our families.

Ahh Mama Ibeji, I can't believe you are gone.
BUT I thank God for your life and that of your family. I am grateful for our friendship and will always cherish it. I will miss you greatly.

May the good Lord comfort your husband, children, grandchildren, and all your loved ones.

I pray that the good Lord grants you eternal rest and peace.

Amen in Jesus name.
Mrs Adetutu Talabi
May 28, 2024
O God, sister mi, it is not hear say that you have gone forever..An epitome of beauty, loving compassionately, caring to a fault, always felt pains of others, a woman with heart of Gold. You took me from the blood, caring and catered for me, stood by me come rain or sunshine. You passed on before I came I could not receive a word from you, it pains me so much, who am I to blame God, I take solace in the Almighty God who will uphold the children and family that you left behind. I pray that your children will continue to reap what you had sown. My sister-sleep well Eniatimo-o daro o. Adieu-a prayer warrior. Olri Olori Bosede Adeleye Ilesanmi, (sister).
Olori Ilesanmi Bosede Adeleye
May 27, 2024
Dear Grandma, it was a truly sad day that I heard the news of your demise, I couldn't bring myself to believe that you were truly gone, what a rude shock! I had spoken with you 3 days prior to your demise and had promised to call back again only for me to learn that you were unreachable and shortly after, gone.
Though it's painful for me as it is for everyone of us, I rest in the fact that you are resting in the bossom of your Lord and Saviour, the one you loved and served all your life. Our prayer warrior, matriarch and philanthropist, you were so loving and accommodating, caring and disciplined. You were my best example for godliness and service, time management and maintaining family values. Thank you for the memorable childhood you gave my brothers and I at Ibadan. Your loving and caring nature was such that you would always check on me from time to time, praying for me, asking questions about my progress and giving motherly advise. You would call almost every hour whenever I was on a journey, and thanks to you i never felt the void that was created by the absence of my grandma. You were always quick to help out in my difficult situations and was overjoyed during my Call to the Bar. You never left anyone the way you met them, you were a true source of hope and help to many. All these are a testament of your motherly love, service to God and to humanity. The void you have left is deep but we know that God will comfort us in this difficult time. Adieu grandma, till the resurrection morn!
Barr. Ololade Ilesanmi
May 27, 2024
Words will fail me to explain the much I have seen of mummy, a beautiful soul inside out, a real mother to all. Grandma, your death is painful for all of us to bear but we are consoled with the beautiful memories you left us and the great impact you had on us all. May your loving soul rest in peace.
May 27, 2024
As I reflect on Mummy's life, I am overwhelmed by a cascade of memories, each one a testament to her boundless love, her unwavering strength, and her unyielding spirit.

From my earliest days, mummy was the rock of the family. Her love for her family was the cornerstone of her existence. She dedicated her life to ensuring that we were nurtured and supported.

She taught me the true meaning of unconditional love, through her actions. My mother faced life's challenges with grace and resilience. She taught me that strength is not just about physical endurance but also about emotional fortitude.

Though, the world feels a little dimmer without her light. Yet, I find comfort in knowing that her legacy lives on in the lives she touched, the values she instilled, and the love she shared. Her spirit continues to guide me, and her lessons remain etched in my heart.

To my beloved mother, thank you. Thank you for your love, and your sacrifice. Thank you for being my teacher. Your life was a blessing, and your memory a treasure. You are missed beyond measure, but your love will forever light my way.

Rest in peace, dear mother. Until we meet again, know that you are loved, cherished, and remembered always.
May 26, 2024
Words have failed me since I heard of your demise, but I just have to pull myself together to put something down. I thank God for your leadership role in the family, in binding us together in love and in unity. You were always ready to recieve us into your home anytime we have reasons to be in lagos. Of note was when I finished my University Education and youth service, you were instrumental to getting a teaching appointment with the Lagos state government in 1986. You housed me and fed me until I was able to stand on my own. Mummy, I cherish your love, your help and the relationship I had with the children back then. There is no way the vaccum you left can be filled but we take solace in God, the Father of all spirits and the God of all comforts to comfort the entire family you left behind.
I love you but God loves you most. ADIEU, my aunty and my mummy.
May 26, 2024
Little did I know that Wednesday 28th of February would be the last day I will see you. Your cheering smiles hid everything from me. I never suspected that your gooddye that day was total good night.. The most painful aspect of it all was not the news of your death, but that we were not given the opportunity to rally round and take care of you during your very brief illness. DEATH, DEATH, DEATH YOU ARE WICKED. You took away the Gem of our family. You werel loving, passionate and caring. You werel a bridge maker and a great unifier to us. The vacuum created by your exit will be very difficult to fill. The only consolation we have is that you died in CHRIST. Adieu, Sister Eniola, sleep on in the bossom of JESUS your Lord and Savior, till we meet to part no more. Good night dear sister, friend, and confidant. Apst. John Olusesan Ajirire.
May 25, 2024
What a pretty and God fearing mum,it is well ,may your soul rest in peace ,mummy Lekki ,mummy Omoseebi
Balogun Taiwo
May 25, 2024
Dear grandma, thank you for being so kind and always giving sweets. I will miss you very much and will always remember you forever and ever.

Love from Darasimi

May 25, 2024
Dear grandma, you were greatly appreciated and so fun to be around. You worked hard everyday and still made time for your family and friends. You will always be missed terribly by the family and no one could ever replace you.

Rest in peace, Dami

May 25, 2024
Mama!!!!!! Hmmmmmmm ......I didn't know u will return to ur maker so soon😭😭😭,it's so painful that u didn't bid me goodbye,u were one of my godmother's in church(MFM International headquarters),u really inspired me a lot .....u were staying @Lekki while I'm staying in Surulere yet u will get to church b4 6:30am to keep seat for me besides u,u were really a praying mother,a prayer warrior and and also a prayer champion.......I will sincerely miss u but I take solace in God that u r in ur resting place where u will continually be an angel over ALL of us including ur immediate on ma till we meet to part no more🙏...... thanks for the time and love u showered on me😘.......Goodnight mama rere😭😭😭
Onitiri Adekunbi Oluwakemi
May 25, 2024
Grandma was the best. She was so kind and amazing, and she made my mum and her siblings who they are today. She was a wonderful person in my life. I'm thankful for her and I will miss her so much.
Abby Lawal
May 23, 2024
GOOD NIGHT, MUMMY MI COCOA HOUSE! It took me quite some time to pull myself together to write this tribute to you - Mummy mi Cocoa House! I still remember clearly how I was always excited to be around you, and how you used to pamper me, as a little girl. Mummy! You had a very large heart. Your doors were always open to all of us. I used to enjoy spending my weekends and long vacations with you, both in Ibadan and Lagos. I learnt a lot from you, especially how to be a good mother. Grandma Ring Road, as my children always called you, I cannot thank you enough for how you used to check on me and my family. I will definitely miss your calls and prayers. Our extended family will also miss you greatly for the important roles you played in the lives of all of us. We will all miss you. My consolation is that you left this sinful world as a great soldier of Christ - a prayer warrior. I love you so dearly! Sleep on Mummy! Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ, until the Resurrection Day, when we will meet again to part no more.
Bolanle Oyediran (Nee Owopetu)
May 22, 2024
Still speechless!
"You were just you"!!
Rest on!!!
May 19, 2024
That was the nostalgic name my kid Sister used to call Mummy Eniola Omosebi when we were growing up in our family house at Ibadan.At every long vacation she will cry that she wants to spend the holiday at her Mummy cocoa house, 'Cocoa house'was housing the branch of the defunct National Bank where Mama Omosebi works in the 1980s and while my junior Sister enjoys her holidays with our elderly cousin we boys were mostly jealous in those days. But I grew up to know Mummy Omosebi as a pillar in our family and in the Owopetu descendants family (her maternal) side she will be greatly missed, infact she is irreplaceable.Mama Omosebi always looks for opportunities to show her love and kindness at every available opportunity and there is nothing we do in the family that she will not play a leading role.When I was a bloody corper in 1995/1996 any time I get to Mummy in her shop in Ogunpa or her house at Ring road she must bless me with money and when we moved into our home in Ibadan she is one of my first seniors in the family to visit us with so many packages for the children.
Our dear Cousin/Sister and Mother we love you but God loves you best.
-From;Owopetu Olalekan Oluyemi (Family Secretary).
Owopetu Olalekan Oluyemi
May 17, 2024
My dear mummy, whose presence was as warm and comforting as her embrace. Your strength, kindness and wisdom touched the lives of all who knew you.

I will miss your prayers, your words of encouragement and all your advice. Rest on mummy, knowing that you will forever be cherished and remembered
Olayinka and Doyin Adeyemi
May 16, 2024
Grandma, though you are no longer with us, your spirit lives on in our hearts and memories. We remember your kindness, laughter, and love which touched all who knew you, leaving a legacy that will never fade. We cherish the moments we shared and find comfort in knowing that you are at peace. Thank you for making my aburo your daughter and help her blend well into the family. It is well indeed. Rest in eternal peace Grandma until we meet again.
Modupe Awosika
May 15, 2024
The news was a shocking to me still finding it hard to believe. She was always concern about my health due to my fragile look . After my parents demise, mum usually call to after me to ask after me and my siblings welfare and gives me her motherly advise She was a caring and loving mum. Cannot forget the pet name she called me. I remembered the video recording for her during her birthday, mum called to thank me, although she told me she shared briefly her testimony on her recovery from the illness.

All I can say is it is well.

Rest in peace mum.
On behalf of Engr Popoola's children

Rest in peace mum.
Fasida Toyin
May 13, 2024
Although grandma has passed we will remember her in all the good memories and all the happiness that she has brought to us over the years.

She had an amazing life working so hard to provide for her family, and being able to build an admirable home.

I know she was highly thought of, not by just me but by her whole family who loved her and still loves her a lot, she will be missed dearly.
May 13, 2024
Grandma, In the time that we have known you, we appreciate how you showed us so much love, care and always looking out for us. We love you!! May you rest in Peace.
May 13, 2024
Mummy, this loss came as a shock to us all, but who are we to question God? We shall never forget your care and prayers for us. abiyamo tooto.

I am thankful to God that you lived to see us all accomplished. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen
Titi Omosebi
May 9, 2024
Mummy, you were an embodiment of Grace, Candour, beauty and uncommon charisma. You walked the land like an Angel on a mission and your carriage in life and mode of transition into the Great beyond is a huge testament of how blessed you are, even by your Creator.
You always have messages of comfort and encouragement no matter the situation and that endeared you greatly to my family.
You have fought a good fight and it is now time to rest eternally.
Sun re o Mama daadaa
Oyegbenro Oyenekan
May 8, 2024
May God grant Mummy eternal peace and give the family the grace to bear this irreparable loss! Iwaju ti mama ko'ju si a dara, eyin ti won fi sile ko ni baje!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
May 7, 2024
You were a good and caring mother to everyone around you, always looking out for others and lending a helping hand. Rest on mummy, we will miss you greatly
May 7, 2024
Mama, I've always admired your caring & selfless nature. It was a unique pleasure to be around you one of the times you visited Canada.

I'm sure your loving & caring spirit will be missed by many like me who didn't get enough opportunity to spend more time with you.
Mama may your kind soul rest in perfect peace,Amen!
Tochi . N
May 6, 2024
I am privileged to have known you mummy. Your light shone so bright. Ha! This loss is immeasurable. I truly pray for strength for the family and all her loved ones. The Holy Spirit, the Comforter, will grant divine comfort and peace to you all.
Dele M
May 6, 2024
Mummy, I was so shocked to hear of your passing. It is difficult to accept. I will always remember you for who you were, not just to me, but to everyone around you. You were such a blessing. You will be sorely missed ma. Sun re o. Rest well.
May 6, 2024
It was a shock to hear of your passing, what a great loss. Mummy, thank you for your words of encouragement and all that you did in my life. May the Lord grant eternal rest IJN, amen
May 6, 2024
Dear mum, you were such a blessing to so many people and touched so many lives. Your impact will be felt forever. I will miss you dearly, rest in perfect peace.
May 6, 2024
Mama Dotun's demise came as a rude shock.
I asked Hashie (Adenipekun) how Mommy was doing when I saw her picture on his Whatsapp profile, and he gave me a shock for an answer. Mommy passed!
Then came torrent of pleasant memories of my encounters with her, in Ibadan, Ilorin and Ilesa, cascading into clear visions. Your good deeds linger on, Mommy.
May your gentle soul keep resting in the bosom of the Lord Jesus. Amen.
Adeyemi Oba (Big Guy)
May 6, 2024
My second mom… I can’t begin to say … I just know from when I could remember you and my mom were together… your kids are my brothers and sisters … it’s just surreal to think I won’t see you again … Rest in peace mommy dotun … you will be missed
May 6, 2024
You were a caring and loving mother.May God give the family the fortitude to bear this great loss.
Olusola Akande
May 6, 2024
Those who knew my mum know how hard she loved and how compassionate she was. She gave her all and we truly felt protected. She was so loving and present, but above all she was kind. Always ready to help and support anyone in need. To her children, she was everything. Never afraid to voice her opinion but always pure in her intentions and true in her actions. She was our biggest cheerleader, and would always encourage us to dream big and achieve beyond our own comprehension.

Pressing forward without her is going to be very difficult, but we know that she has fought a good fight, finished her course, and kept the faith. We will seek, by God's grace, to take up and carry the torch that she has laid down.

We love you so much mum, rest in peace. Till we meet again. Adieu.
May 6, 2024
Mummy, you were such an inspiration your encouragement, have gone a along way you mummy and rest on
Obasemola gbemisola
May 5, 2024
Dear Mummy, we will greatly miss you and i pray your soul rest in peace. I love you and will never forget the times you have rescued me...
Damilola Oniru
May 5, 2024
My dear mummy, love you soo much. You will forever hold a special place in my heart, we will miss you mum. We will miss your guidance, care, love, attention, and everything that you stood for. Indeed, we know you are at rest till we meet again. Love you and sleep well ❤️

Family tree

Elijah Oke
Beatrice Oke
Engr. Kunle Omosebi
Late Olasupo Oke
Olori Bosede Ilesanmi
Adenipekun Haastrup
Late Olasupo Oke
Olori Bosede Ilesanmi
Adenipekun Haastrup
Engr. Kunle Omosebi
Christiana Omosebi


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