Chief Anthony Chukwudi Benye

May  19th, 1956 April  1st, 2024
Born in Ikot, Ekpene, Awka Ibom
Chief Anthony Chukwudi Benye

This page is dedicated to our beloved Father, brother, Grandad, Uncle, Husband and Friend, Chief lived a life filled with love, purpose and remarkable memories. His presence was a blessing to us all. His legacy will continue to live on.


In loving memory of Chief Anthony Chukwudi Benye (Akajugo1 of Umudim) passed away on Monday 1st April 2024 having undergone a protracted illness.

 He was born to Mr Thomas Chukwuma Benye and Mrs Philomena Ojigolo Benye on 19th May 1956 and grew up in Onicha-Ugbo in Anioma Local Government Area of Delta State.

He was a man whose heart overflowed with love, unity and peace, a beacon of warmth and guidance to all who crossed his path. His passion for spreading these values touched countless lives, leaving an indelible mark on everyone around him.Family was his cornerstone, his wife and children the center of his universe. With a spirit as vibrant as the sun, he lit up every gathering, regaling all with tales of his past adventures and boasting proudly of his cherished children and grandchildren.

Beyond his profound teachings, he shared a love for food and fine drinks (in his words choice drinks), gathering people around the table in celebration of life's simple joys. His legacy of love, laughter, togetherness and gastronomic delights continue to inspire and nourish us all as he will forever echo in our hearts.

He is survived by his beautiful wife, Mrs Stella Okwuonyeku Benye and his six children, Collins Chukwudi Benye, Anwuli Vivian Benye, Franklyn Ndubuisi Benye, Nneka Jane Ogbuja, Nelson Osadebe Benye and Ifeoma Linda Benye, his step daughter, Ifeanyi Dorothy Keshi and he was wonderfully blessed with 9 grandchildren.

Please join us in celebrating his life, his Journey and his legacy.

Please check the Timeline for dates. 

Burial Ceremony

June 26th
Vigil Mass/Wake-keep
Time - 5 PM
All saint’s Catholic Church

Onicha-Ugbo, Delta State
June 27th
Funeral Mass
Time - 10 AM
Interment follows immediately at the family compound, Agba Quarters, Onicha-Ugbo, Delta State 
June 28th
Rest Day

June 29th
Rest Day

June 30th
Thanksgiving Mass
Time - 9 AM
All saint’s Catholic  Church

Onicha-Ugbo, Delta State


Memory wall

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June 15, 2024

When I was asked to send my tribute a few weeks after the news of your passing, I couldn’t bring myself to do such as I’ve been in denial all these while. The reality started to set in when I saw videos of our people gathered in your Lagos compound and having your wake keep, I was gripped with fears of the fact that I would never see you again until eternity.

Brother Tony, you were one of a kind, very calm, loving and caring, accommodating, very patient and so peaceful, you were our family peace maker and even our late father Thomas Benye, did recognize these special gifts in you.

I could say so much about you but one that sticks out to me was when I was living with you at Ojo Road in Lagos, I would always stay awake during the night at weekends to watch true movies. Whenever I became scared, I would come wake you up from your sleep. You never once complained, rather you would stay awake in the living room with me to watch these true movies.

Our family will never be the same without you and that bleeds my heart but I am grateful to God for blessing me with a brother like you. If I could choose a brother in my next life, I would gladly choose you.

Your life was a blessing and your memory a treasure
We love you so dearly and would miss you beyond measure but God loves you more, rest on brother and no more pain nor suffering for you 🙏🏽❤️💕🌷🌹👏🏻

Francesca Nkeonye Benye
June 3, 2024
You are UNIQUE and IRREPLACEABLE. We appreciate you, but God cherishes you even more, and I believe that he has you peacefully resting in his eternal embrace.Thanks for all the loving memories and being there for myself and my mum and I when growing up. We love you unconditionally. Rest Easy Uncle. Rest in Eternal Peace.
Thelma Ajudua
May 28, 2024
To our beloved Grandpa,
Grandpa, you are more than just a figure in our family; you are the cornerstone upon which our fondest memories are built. A man of extraordinary character, unwavering strength, and infinite love. We will miss the phone calls you routinely made to check on us and share your wisdoms with us. From the stories you shared of your adventures to the lessons you have imparted with quiet patience, you've shaped us in ways beyond measure. Your strength in the face of adversity, your unwavering integrity, and your boundless compassion have left an indelible mark in our hearts, inspiring us to strive for greatness and to always walk the path of righteousness. We your grandsons will continue to proudly carry your legacy to future generations.
With all our love and admiration.
Shane Chukwudi, Jeremy Okwuchukwu, Zeke Odinakachukwu, Joshua Chukwubuikem and Toby Chukwuebuka Benye.
Your Grandsons
May 19, 2024

Uncle, you lived well, friendly, yet firm. Humorous but wise. Attentive yet never bored.
You were a loving, kind and caring Uncle.
It hurts so much that you are gone, you will never be forgotten but I know you are in a better place with Your maker. We love you but God loves you most. I am convinced that you and my mother (your Sister) are in eternity with Christ.
Adieu great Uncle as we expect to see you on the resurrection morning.

Your niece
Mrs Nwafor Azuka
Nwafor Azuka
May 16, 2024
MY Hero! My Father!
Here is to you, Dad, my rock and my guide, you exited this world on the day you brought me in 47yrs later (My birthday). While my birthday may never be the same again moving forward, it will be a stark reminder of celebrating you and remembering you and your goodness always. This has to be the most difficult speech I have written but I take solace in the many beautiful memories, lessons and teachings you left behind. Dad though words do fall short to express my sincerest gratitude, know that in my heart, your legacy is imbued. For every laugh shared, for every tear shed, for all the love given, in your footsteps I tread. So many worthy memories and words of wisdom to share but this stands out to me and that is family togetherness. I remember our humble beginnings in Ajegunle even with so little you taught me and my siblings the importance of sharing. I remember growing up there with Uncles and Aunties and cousins and all others who came through for holidays. Your selflessness I admired a great deal.
For the man who shaped my world in ways both big and small, whose strength was a beacon, never wavering at all. You forged a legacy, steadfast and robust. In you, I glimpsed the wisdom of ages, guiding me through life’s unpredictable stages. You're not just my father, but my hero through it all. As I celebrate your life, I also want to seize the opportunity to say thank you in so many ways. Thank you for loving me, thank you for always being there for me. I will miss the advice, the encouraging phone calls, and history teachings of our family lineage. Though time may march on, and seasons may change, Your essence remains, steadfast and unchanged. A towering presence, an anchor in the storm, In your embrace, I find comfort and warmth.
Dad, I offer my gratitude and praise, for you my beloved father, in countless ways I will pass down your legacy to your grandsons and the next generations. Forever and always, in my heart you ‘ll reside. My pillar of strength, my joy, and my pride. You have fought the good fight, you have finished the race and now you have gone to be with the maker our good God. Continue to rest peaceful until we meet again.

Your son
Collins C Benye
Collins Chukwudi Benye
May 8, 2024
In loving memory of our dear father, whose warmth, wisdom, and unwavering love shaped our lives. Your presence is deeply missed, but your love lives on in our hearts forever. Rest easy, love you always
Nelson Benye
May 3, 2024
uncle Tony, its with a sad and heavy heart I write this tribute, you were a man of great virtue and prestige, you were a father to many and had an open heart, yourself and my Late father were not just friend but more like brothers, I admired your friendship and enjoyed hanging out with you guys, I am really glad I came to see you in 2020 and we spoke at length, we all are sad that you had to leave sooner than we expected but I know you are in a better place and I pray God grant you eternal rest and may the souls of all the departed continue to rest in peace.
ikechukwu Mosindi
April 29, 2024

It was a sad and very excruciating moment that fateful afternoon when the news of your demise hit the airwaves like a thunderbolt. I was sorely stricken and terribly pained by the reality of your passage but had to firm up, knowing full well, that we are all mortals and must exit this sinful and wicked world someday, some time to the great beyond.

Oh! my great Akajiugo of Umudim, the Akaji Pounds as you are popularly known in Onicha Ugbo, my very special brother - ACB as I fondly called you. You had always had enough resources, in cash or in kind, at your disposal to do charity. You were always known to wine and dine with the mighty and lowly. Your residences at home and in Lekki, Lagos were always a behive as family, friends and other well- wishers always throng to make merry and share fun times. To say the least, Tony Nwenem, you impacted lives, including my family and I. You were always there for us, even during your trying time of illness. Many thanks to you as I doff my hat in obeisance. May the good Lord richly bless and reward you with eternal life, Amen.

My very special brother, words cannot adequately express and extol your great virtues of humility, love and kindheartedness, hence you had vast expanse of friends and cared for the welfare of humans of varying strata.

May your good deeds go with you to the judgment throne of Almighty God. May He benevolently and graciously show you mercy through Christ, our Lord, Amen. May your gentle soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in perfect peace, Amen.

Adieu great son of Thomas. Chukwuma Benye (aka EZIOKWU BU NDU).

Your Younger Brother, PETER OKEY BENYE
BENYE Peter Okechukwu
April 22, 2024
I grew up with a childhood memory of you back then in the village, anytime you're around at Onicha-ugbo, you always light your environment that even a visitor will know you just came in. May Almighty God remember your good deeds to humanity and make heaven your final Abode.
Emmanuel Ikem
April 22, 2024
Chief you will greatly be missed by all who have come in contact with you! For the past two years I have missed your conversation, words of encouragement any time you called me or any I called you.

Any time I called to inquire how you are doing all this while, my prayers and wishes were for you to bounce back stronger, but God knows best! You told me that in any situation I find myself I should never give up and to always let go of the past and forgive whoever wrongs me. These words of yours always ring a bell in my mind, your preach of peace and unity will never depart from me.

I have lost a great uncle and a friend! Uncle T no more pains, rest on peacefully in the bosom of our lord.

Jude Onyemaechi Benye
Jude Onyemaechi Benye
April 21, 2024
Daddy was not just his biological childrens dad, he was their friends dad too. A complete gentleman, loved all around him. He was my husband's friend, they will gist and gist that everyone will be wondering what they always talk about, a good dad has gone to rest. I know you are in a better place, you fought to the last, may your soul rest in peace and please continue to watch over mummy and all your children. We miss you and will always miss you daddy.
Blessing Yahaya
April 19, 2024
An outstanding gentleman, whom I am glad I had the pleasure of meeting and learning from.

Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him.
Oyíndàmọ́lá Medeiros
April 19, 2024
You were a beacon of love, strength, and compassion. Your unwavering commitment to fostering bonds and nurturing relationships is what I admired most about you. Your love for people knew no bounds, extending far beyond the confines of kinship. Whether through a shared meal, a heartfelt conversation, or a simple gesture of kindness, you had an extraordinary gift for forging friendships and leaving a lasting impact on everyone you encountered. We are reminded of your unalloyed commitment to maintaining family togetherness—a legacy that unites us with love and strength and that knows no bounds in place or time. Daddy, you fought the good fight of faith and held on strong like a warrior until the very end. We miss you. Continue to Rest in the bosom of our Lord.

Your Daughter- in –law
Ogochukwu Benye
Ogochukwu Benye
April 16, 2024
We the OPU Women’s Wing Lekki branch send our condolences to our member Mrs. Stella Benye on the death of her beloved husband Late Chief Tony C. Benye to eternal Glory.
Late Chief Tony Benye was a kind, generous and compassionate man who, despite the inconveniences of having his Towns meeting in his compound, gave us a space to be using for our meetings every month when we had difficulties in securing a new place for both the men and the women for a good reasonable period of time . That singular gesture, shows that he is a man of the people, and his love for his Home Town Onicha-Ugbo, cannot be overemphasized. We cannot forget this great act of service without appreciating him. We will surely miss him and his warm welcome to our members.
We pray that the good Lord will grant our sister and mother, Mrs. Stella Benye and the entire family he left behind the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable and great loss. May the good Lord in his infinite mercy grant him eternal rest.
May the Soul of late Chief Tony Benye and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in perfect peace. Amen

Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!!

Signed: Mrs. Patricia Ofuasia (President)
Mrs. Nnebuogor Okocha(Secretary)
OPU Women's wing Lekki Branch
April 15, 2024

A tribute to a mentor, father, friend and my boss.

Chief Anthony Benye( aka ) Akajiuko 1

In every person’s life, there comes a time when they encounter someone who leaves an indelible mark on their path. Someone who selflessly imparts wisdom, provides guidance and becomes an unwavering source of support.

I just want to apparate God for all your support, and how you taught me to survive on the streets of Lagos. My meeting you was ordained by God. I will never forget the moment we share together.. I still remember when you came back from London, you gave me a very expensive wrist watch and your favourite perfume ( JOOP) I still remember how you advice to marry early.
words cannot express your love for me and my family

Rest in peace

Christian Dike
Christian Dike
April 14, 2024
Thank you Uncle for the opportunity to learn from you because it influenced me to become the best version of myself. You taught me the true meaning of selflessness, family, and most importantly, indiscrimination. It saddens my heart as I write this because I think about the memories we shared and the role you played in my life. I am forever grateful and promise to do my part to carry on with your legacy of Love. I pray that your soul has found solace wherever you are until we meet again. Adieu Chief Tony Benye(Aka Ji Ugo)
Chukwuma Benye
April 14, 2024
May your soul find peace with your maker in Jesus name.
Rest in peace sir.
Olufemi Awogbami
April 13, 2024
My Dear Uncle, My Mentor, My Piller, My Adviser, My Guidian, The Man that exposed me to Life and the way to Excel, Words have failed me, my emotions has suddenly taken over me as I write on this wall, you thought me the key principles of life, i remeber how you took me into your house without any discrimination the only Uncle that will never refer to me or introduce me to his friends as his nephew rather he will call me his son, you saw the potentials in me when I was much younger and kept on pushing me to be that great man you are, from giving me money to enroll in University of Benin, to supporting me in any idea I present to you and most importantly improving my cooking skills which have today earn me a lively hood that gave birth to WOODS Restaurant and Lounge, I remember when I first traveled out of the country and you called me into your room then in Ago Palace way Lagos and you prayed for me and adviced me, in your own word I quote, (The only thing you have as a man is family, friends will come and go in all stages of life but family would remain, as you plan on life consider the money in your pocket as the last you have as you don’t know what tomorrow holds for you, as you travel to a western world ezuné Oshi, egbuné madu, emejunà Ibei, mana agbana akà nuà) for those that understand ibo will understand what this great advice means, on arriving back to Nigeria with my fiancé to plan my marriage, I brought my wife to you in your home in lekki, I could see the smile and fulfilment in your face when you said yes one of my branches has yet blossomed, you thought me to give not to gain favour but to give because you understood what it means for one not to have and be in need, you made me understand the importance of unity, you were always happy to see people progress in their endeavours, you are the true definition of umuné ububu ayekwé kà ububu daluani, you stood for everyone even in your last days on earth, you were a philanthropist, a father to all and a goal getter who fought and won many battles but lost the battle to death because it’s inevitable. I will forever miss you all the days of my life Adieu Uncle T, till we meet again…… 😭😭😭

Lord Carl Benye (Mr. Woods)
Lord Carl Benye (Mr. Woods)
April 13, 2024
It is with deepest sorrow and sadness that I write this tribute to you. You were an uncle in a million;(Ojigolo) like you
usually call me misses you deeply. From when we were little until down you taught us that family should always come first in everything, friends will go, but family still remains in trying times. We did not expect it and wish we had more time to continue to appreciate you. God in His infinite wisdom knows best.

May Our Lord comfort and sustain your family, your wife and children now and always. May God Almighty keep you safe resting in perfect peace till resurrection day, Amen.!!!

Edith Nkechi Abolo
Edith Nkechi Abolo
April 12, 2024
You are a father like no other, an uncle like no other,
I can't remember seeing you get angry 😞, alway there , you wanted everyone together, your love for families can not be over emphasize
You are a father, uncle and a friend, yes a friend
You will be greatly missed
But my joy is that you have gone to rest
Ifeyinwa Evelyn Nwokolo DADA
April 11, 2024
'Ah-Daddy", Ah-Daddy",
As we fondly call you from when I was just a little boy.
You would alway say "Make sure you do well in school so you can move my dear Sister out of Ajegunle forever. We sure did.
It is sad to know you who holds the entire family to a strong bond had been called home to Glory to join your dear Sister.

I remember the last time I came to Nigeria,we sat down together and shared a drink.
In your words you said..I am proud of the Man you have become,now that you are about to get Married, put God first and work smarter not harder,everything will fall in place",.
My wife and I appreciated your prayer of Blessing during our Marriage Ceremony.

Everything is falling in place,it is with a heavy heart that some of your Grandchildren (my kids-Nathan and Eliana dint get to meet you.
We will Miss you dearly and always.

Onuwu Sir
Your teachings on family bond will continue to be and dwell in our Hearts.

Rest Perfectly in Peace.
Francis Chimezie Obeleke..Flex
April 11, 2024
To the pillar of our family, my forever husband, You were my rock, my strength through every storm, Together, we faced life's trials and joys hand in hand, Raising our six children, our legacy, our form.

We had a grass to grace story because of your vision, when i look back now i can also smile because we did it well.
I never thought I would be writing this now because you told me we would be together until we were in our late 90s.
I have always believed you because you were a man I trusted and have learnt to rely on your own instincts, when you lead I have always followed, you were my backbone and strength all through our lives together.

Your love for our family was what guided our way, In my moments of doubt, you were always there, With unending support, whatever the circumstance, In you, I found strength beyond compare.

Though you're no longer by my side, Your presence lingers in every corner of my heart, Your legacy of love, unity, family, peace and sacrifice will abide, In my heart, your memory will forever roam.

Thank you for being my partner, my confidant, For sharing life's burdens and blessings alike, Your absence leaves a void, But your spirit remains, a beacon of light.

Rest in peace, my lover, my dear husband, my forever friend, Your love will guide us until we meet again.
Stella Benye (Wife)
April 9, 2024
My Father,my Friend,my role model,my mentor.
I dont even know where to start from,but so many memories.
Back in the days you use to play old school ,R&B,highlife and slow jamz,early in the mornings before we go to school.
I guess thats was where i got my love for music. and your music collections was extra ordinary,indeed you were jolly good fella.
I remember you took me and my older sister to our first clubbing in Lagos.
That was lovely and a day never to forget.

You always told us about family sticking together through tick and thin.
Dad your generosity was felt by many

You were there for me from my childhood to my adulthood,in my struggles and in my celebrations.

You are the real unifier,we miss you DAD.
I know you will be at peace now
No more pain.

Franklyn Ndubuisi Benye
April 9, 2024
In the tapestry of life, there are certain threads that shine brighter than others. One such radiant thread was woven into my life the day I became part of your family. I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude for the privilege of knowing you.
Your legacy is not just in the memories we hold dear but in the lessons you imparted through your actions. You taught me and everyone the importance of resilience in the face of adversity, the value of compassion in a world often lacking it, and the power of love to heal even the deepest wounds.
Your presence in our lives was a blessing beyond measure, and though you may no longer walk beside us, your spirit will forever illuminate our path. We take solace in the knowledge that your love will continue to guide us, even in your absence.
Though words cannot fully express the depth of my sorrow, they serve as a humble tribute to the remarkable man you were. Thank you, dear father-in-law, for the countless moments of joy, the unwavering support, and the endless love you bestowed upon us especially your grandchildren Chinua and Munachi May you rest in peace, knowing that your legacy will live on in the hearts of all who had the honor of knowing you.
With eternal love and gratitude.
Obinna Ogbuja (Son in-law)
April 8, 2024
My Father
My Gist Partner
My friend
It is with a heavy heart that I write this but as the saying goes we cant question God.
You were Cheerful, Generous, Humble, Life of the Party and also a Big Spender I always used to tease you about spending too much and you will say I don’t drink smoke or take drugs let me enjoy my money.

I remember when I was in primary school and one of the teacher flogged my legs and you marched to the school to give the teacher a stern warning on never to flog me on my legs and spoil my fine legs(in your words lol) My father always had a big smile whenever i walked into the room saying “Ify Baby” one of his many nicknames for all his children
or was it when we do something and he says “ahh i know all my children”. I miss hearing my nickname from you.
I will forever cherish those moments as your last child.

I am glad you got to meet my Son, even though it was short lived I will forever hold on to all our memories and the few pictures I have of you two. I will teach Kobi Humility, Kindness, Togetherness, Family Orientation and i will always tell him how great of a man you were. His smile reminds me of yours so I know i always have you with me.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Father.
Thank you so much for being the best dad a girl can ever ask for.
I love and miss you everyday but I know that you are in a better place resting in the Lord.

Please continue to watch over us especially Mummy. Till we meet again to part no more.
Ifeoma Benye (Daughter)
April 8, 2024
April 1st 2024, a day I will always remember. It's been a few days Daddy, but I don't think I have accepted that i won't see you again. This is not how I imagined you leaving us at all, and it pains me to realize that you won't be there for us your children to take care of you after struggling to bring us up, or to see more of your grandchildren.

Since you left us, I have been going down memory lane and I am proud that I was given the opportunity to call you my Father. A man who loved his family deeply, A man who worked hard to take care of his family, A man who brought us up in the way of peace,love and unity. A man who was always willing to lend a helping hand, A husband, A father, A friend, A man who was and is my number 1 role model. I never thought there was anything you couldn't do if you wanted to Daddy, well except avoid death.

There are so many memories to speak about but that would need more than a book to write it in. Although I remember when you used take us out in your car when we were younger, you would put in a Tracy Chapman CD, you made me love most of her songs even as young as i was back then.

A lot of tears has been shed and are still falling since your demise Daddy because a lot of us can not still believe that such a thing has happened and it is the only way we know how to mourn.

You are irreplaceable Dad, If you were not, people aside from your family would not feel so much sadness and grief at your demise but that is not so because you are one of a kind and we are all sad that this one of a kind man was taken from us.

I am writing this tribute with tear filled eyes and a heavy heart, but the Lord comforts me daily with thoughts of the life you have lived and the fact that you are no longer in any pain, a life worthy of emulation. I believe above all things that you are in the Lords bosom and I only ask for you to watch over your family.

Rest in peace Daddy till we meet to part no more.

Nneka Benye-Ogbuja
Nneka Benye-Ogbuja
April 8, 2024
My grandfather used to share his food with me before he got sick. I remember a time when I was sick I had malaria all my mom did was put me in a chair but my grandfather payed more attention to me I later got better the next week.
My grandfather used to help me with my homework whenever I go to visit him, especially my CCA and English.
He also bought me and my sister big toy cars, my sister got a Bentley and I got a Mercedes Brabus. I love my grandpa very much.
Chinua Nathan Ogbuja
April 8, 2024
I love my grandpa so much, my grandpa always shows me love. He always calls me fine girl!. All my aunts and uncles are great and good.
Munachi Nessa Ogbuja
April 8, 2024
My dad was so kool that i remember the first time i ever went clubbing was with him..he actually took me clubbing...who can ever say that they have been clubbing with their!...I remember as a teenager and i was dad actually cried...he called me and once i take change o....we would talk for hours and hours and he would regal me with stories growing up..
When i was getting my law degree, its crazy but i just couldnt wait to give my dad my degree, that was how much i wanted him to be so proud of me.....All i can say is I had the best dad in the cap! I feel blessed to have been a part of his story....All i wish is that he is happy wherever he is and pray he watches over each and every one of us.
Anwuli Vivian Benye

Family tree

Mr Thomas Chukwma Benye
Mrs. Philomena Ojigolo Benye
Mrs Stella Benye
Collins Benye
Anwuli Benye
Frank Benye 
Nneka Ogbuja
Nelson Benye
Ifeoma Benye
Mrs Stella Benye
Collins Benye
Anwuli Benye
Frank Benye 
Nneka Ogbuja
Nelson Benye
Ifeoma Benye
Chief Anthony Benye


What was Chief Anthony's favorite Food or Dish?
Onugbu (Bitter Leaf Soup)
What was Chief Anthony's favorite Music / Song?
Jim Reeves - The World is not my Home
What was Chief Anthony's favorite Travel destination?
O’Farm - Onitcha Ugbo

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