Carol Mary Hokanson

January  24th, 1946 February  21st, 2024
Aurora, Colorado
Carol Mary Hokanson


Carol Mary Hokanson, 78, of Ogden, Utah, passed away on Wednesday, February 21st. After living with kidney disease for decades, she recently faced pneumonia. 

She was born into the family of Ted & Rose Galovan on January 24, 1946, in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and grew up with 3 brothers, Peter, Jim and Ted.

Carol's journey was one of vast experiences and formidable challenges. She navigated life's ups and downs with a resilience that became her hallmark, characterized by her independence, sharp wit, and infectious never-ending sarcastic humor.

Carol's approach to life was unmistakably unique, instilling in those around her the virtues of self-sufficiency and the courage to persevere against the odds.

Her enduring legacy lives on through her daughters, Kelli & Wendy, who embody the essence of determination and the spirit of humor, Carol was loved for. Her laughter continues to echo in the memories she shared with her daughters, grandchildren and friends, leaving behind an abundance of joyful and humorous moments.

A video-taped memorial was produced, in her honor, in Ocean Beach, California. This was a place close to Carol's heart, where she lived carefree near her daughters, often walked the beach to the pier, and welcomed her first grandchild. The 15 minute video link is provided below, under the Service section.

In lieu of flowers, those looking to honor Carol's memory are encouraged to contribute to a charity of their choosing, in celebration of her life and the indelible mark she left on those she loved.


Birth in Sudbury Ontario Canada
Carol married Russell Hokanson (9 year marriage)
Ogden, Utah
Attended Community College of Ogden
Birth of daughter, Kelli
Ogden, Utah
Moved to Orange County, California
Birth of daughter, Wendy
Long Beach, California
Moved to Phoenix, Arizona
Carol raised Kelli & Wendy
Moved to San Diego, California
Carol wanted to be closer to her daughters
Becomes a Grandma
Carol becomes a Grandma for the 1st time - she was at the hospital in San Diego, to welcome Jade!
Becomes a Grandma again
She becomes a Grandma for the 2nd time - the family welcomes Connor!
Moved to Aurora, Colorado
Carol lived together with Wendy, to help raise her grandchildren
Becomes Great Grandma for the 1st time - the family welcomes Logan!
Passed away peacefully in Aurora, Colorado


Memory wall

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April 30, 2024
I am so sorry for your loss! I miss Carol, it doesn’t seem real. She seemed indestructible! I will always miss her sweet, low chuckle. We met in our elderly years, and loved talking about our kids, grandkids, and for her, great-grandchild! The tribute is beautifully done, Straight from the heart, just beautiful.
Sharon C.
April 27, 2024
I would like to send condolences to Miss Carol's family and friends. I was Carol's caregiver for about 6 months and she was a joy to be around. She always talked about her daughters and how much she loved them and looked forward to being around them. Carol had the best humor. Her and I laughed and talked about everything. She loved Taylor Swift and would say you probably dont care but here's her daily news. She gave great advice. I'll always remember how she loved flowers. May she rest in paradise. When I go to Ocean Beach, I will have you in my heart Miss Carol.
Tanya Jones
March 2, 2024
Would like to share this with all Carols Close Family and friends who loved her dearly, I know she is Happy and in a better place ,
The night before Carol passed away, she was in my dreams I saw her walking down her appartment stairs, I said to her Carol be careful you are going to fall! when she was down the stairs, I saw her wearing a white gown, I said again Carol !! she turned around and looked at me with a big smiled, she was floating and then started running fast, she looked back at me again and started laughing, and yelling !! I am free I feel no pain I can run! I am Happy !a lot of people was looking for her, but she kept running and hiding, until, I found her,she hold my hands and she said I don't want to go back again I am Happy I don't feel no more pain I can run! Then I woke up and new it was her time to leave .
For me that dream meant that she was saying goodbye and that not to worry she was ready to leave and she was Happy!

Marisol Vizcaya
March 2, 2024
My sincere condolences, to family and close friends of Carol , I was personal care providers for Carol for almost 7 years she was not only my clients she became a very good friend and and saw her like one of my family, she was a very grateful person she would always send me a text after I left her home thanking me for the great job, I felt very blessed to have known someone like Caro Hokanson. I miss her so much.
February 29, 2024
My sincere condolences,& sympathy. Carol & I had almost 20 yrs of a friendship.
She lived above me. She was like the mother I never had to me. She helped me out of many predicaments.
I enjoyed our times going to the gym, going out to eat attending church meetings etc. She is missed. RIP Carol

Barbara J Brown


Please click on the link to the right, for the 15 minute Memorial Video that we created, to honor our mother. 

Ocean Beach, CA
See Memorial Video link below
Memorial Video

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