Allen Christopher Schamp

October  1st, 1985 December  29th, 2023
Dearborn, MI
Allen Christopher Schamp

Grief never ends… but it changes. It's a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith… it is the price of love.


Allen Schamp entered this life on October 1st, 1985, in Dearborn, MI. He departed this world 38 years later, December 29th, 2023.

As I reflect on the man I knew, I'm reminded of a quote from the movie Serendipity, in which a character reminds us, "The Greeks didn't write obituaries.  They only asked one question after a man died, "Did he have passion?"  Did he have passion?  

Allen was passionate about many things - his Marlboro Reds, his distaste for actor, Michael J. Fox, his extensive collections consisting of Zippo lighters, vintage decorative glass/swung vases and other vintage Mid-Century items; Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars, and Ghostbusters toys among others; his fur-babies - Godiva (aka Mattie), Miss Bones, and Cooper; his "old man car" - a '90s Mercury Grand Marquis, The Sopranos TV show and Sopranos: The Commission FaceBook group (of which he was an admin for over 40,000 members); plants of the Cannabaceae family, his home and yard; Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, "National Treasure" Britney Spears, and most of all, the many, many people who shared a part of his life.

As a child, Allen attended schools in Dearborn where he made many friends whose friendships started as early as 2nd grade, and continued well into adulthood. He is remembered as being quiet and a bit reserved, always helpful and caring, funny, and a great friend. After he completed high-school at Dearborn High School, Allen went on to complete his Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Wayne State University.

Though, not one to say he was well-traveled, Allen fondly recounted stories from his visits to Canada, to Boblo Island and Battle Creek, Michigan; Bradford, PA;  Nashville, Gatlinburg, and Memphis, Tennessee, road trips through Kentucky, Arkansas, and Ohio; and many places in and around his home in Texas.  He looked forward to flying to Europe to visit the Netherlands, France, England, and Ireland.

Never "looking the part of a hopeless romantic", Allen was Incredibly sentimental.  He saved, and purchased, many things as reminders from the happiest and best times of his life.  Throughout his homes in Michigan and Texas, there were items depicting elephants which helped him to feel closer to his grandmother.  Black cats made an appearance everywhere as a tribute to his late cats, Scoundrel and Godiva; his childhood toys/stuffed animals, and pictures and souvenirs of the people and places that held space in his heart.  He could tell you exactly when, where, and why he held onto something, and one could see the emotion in his eyes as he relived the memories.

In recent years, Allen developed a love for Elvis Presley, having seen many documentaries, biopics, and following vintage lifestyle groups.  On his honeymoon in 2022, he toured Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, along with a V.I.P. tour of the grounds, private plane, and cars.  His future plans included converting a guesthouse, at his home in Texas, into a replica of the Jungle Room!  

Allen's humor and quick wit, were unsurpassed. He had a way with words that would consistently catch one off guard and have you aching from laughter.  Predictably, unpredictable, you could count on him to say or do something that would make you smile, you just didn't know what it would be, or when.

Allen did not subscribe to any particular religion or belief, though he attended a Lutheran church in his youth.  He was what one would call, spiritual.  He had a strong belief that everything in life happens for a reason, that we all have lived many lives before this one, and will continue to live additional lives until we have fulfilled whatever it is we were put on this earth to do.  Often, he could be found sitting on the bed or at the dining room table with his tarot cards spread about hoping to see what the universe had in store for him.

Highly superstitious, Allen would immediately follow a statement about future plans, or a negative thought with a quick tap on something made of wood.  He took on the habit of wearing mojo beads, like one of his rock idols, Jim Morrison, as a form of protection against negative or bad energy.  He was fascinated with the use, and study of, rituals and spells.

Music was an integral part of Allen's life and personality.  Never one to sit in silence, he had a playlist for any and all occasions.  His favorite playlist contained music from all genres and eras, though primarily from the late 60s and 70s, with songs by The Doors, Johnny Cash, John Prine, George Jones, and Bob Dylan.

Allen was a beautiful and troubled soul. He lived his life with the wide-eyed anticipation and excitement of a child with every new experience and opportunity laid before him.  This world is not kind to child-like innocence.  Allen recognized this at a young age.  He employed ways to survive that would ultimately leave all those who loved and cared for him, with our memories and hearts to mend, and a darkness that can only exist having been previously lit by his presence. 

Allen Schamp entered this life on October 1st, 1985, in Dearborn, MI. He departed this world 38 years later, December 29th, 2023.  Did he have passion?  Yes.  He had PASSION!

"Isis, oh, Isis, you mystical child. What drives me to you is what drives me insane. I can still remember the way that you smiled on the [9th day of September] in the drizzling rain." 



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May 14, 2024
Anyone who has spent time with Allen knows what a coffee lover he was. He and I collected coffee pots of all sorts, mostly mid-century. Some of his favorites included the stovetop, old-school moka pots.

Well, one day he was in the kitchen getting everything ready to make us some espresso with the moka pot, got the can out, made sure to check everything, stood in front of the stove, went to open it and BAM!!!! That thing exploded like can of silly string with coffee grinds spewing in all directions. It was like a scene from a movie....I freaked out, "Oh my GOD!!! Are you OK?!?!?", then in slow motion he dropped his hand holding the can from in front of his face to reveal him wearing a virtual mask of espresso grind. We were both laughing while at the same time trying to figure out how to get the coffee off without it getting in his eyes, "close your eyes, hold still...wait, no, don't close your eyes, don't breathe!", lol. We finally got everything cleaned up and had our coffee and all was right with the world.

A weeks later, I saw him getting out another new espresso can to make coffee and this time he had swim goggles on, looked at me and said, "I'm not making that mistake again!"
Patti Schamp


What was Allen's favorite TV show?
The Sopranos
What was Allen's favorite Travel destination?
Memphis, TN
What was Allen's favorite Music / Song?
What was Allen's favorite Color?
What was Allen's favorite Food or Dish?
Tex-Mex, and steak
What was Allen's favorite Movie?
Apocalypse Now
Fun fact about Allen: Allen wanted to be a firefighter!


In honor of Allen, I invite you to contribute to an organization that was near and dear to his heart -  Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit,  In addition, please consider a donation to the Michael Leonardi Foundation,, to help with the education, prevention, and awareness regarding opioid and fentanyl use which is taking the lives of our children and loved ones every 11 minutes.

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